Asley Chapter 3: First town, Faltown

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Author: Ichino Sei

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T.N: Asley magic chanting is “Hoi Hoi Hoi no Hoi” , it can’t be translated because it has no meaning.

PS: This is 100% Novel, I just insert manga picture. Pay no mind if the dialog arranged different compare to the manga.

 Asley Chapter 3: First town, Faltown


***Entrance to the Fall Town Highway***


What … this is … It’s almost like ruins …
The place that seemed to be a huge outer wall was… almost collapsed, and even the gate wasn’t working properly.
The stone house in the back and the wooden house beside it were also collapsed.
The others houses were also badly damaged, and there were even houses with no roof that you can see the inside.
Both I and Pochi were surprised with round eyes.

Rina looked at me with a sad expression.

Well, was this the reason why Reed said this place is『Not much as a town』?

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 01 a.jpg


「Asley-san, the warriors left in the Fall Town are only 3 of us.
Other children aren’t old enough to do any works yet so we must also do the guard duty.
Merchants didn’t come here anymore, the merchant guild erase our town from their traveling route」(Rina)

「We repeatedly asked for relief with a carrier pigeon, but there was no reply from the country nor the guild…」(Mana)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 02-1.jpg

Rina tried to calm Mana exposed anger towards the country somehow.
There was no reply from the country.
What’s that … what do you mean?


「There used to be a lot of fighters to stop monsters approaching the town.
We were doing okay even if we got attacked by a group like a little while ago
…but the situation is getting worse, food and water became fewer…
All the men that we can depend on were already dead while protecting the town,
So, right now this town, the people left are mostly elders, females and children」(Reed)


This is the first time I saw a town where the guild isn’t functioning.
This was a terrible situation even for someone like me who lived by doing whatever I wanted.


「Asley, I would like to see the chief, can you come together please?」(Reed)


「I get it … I will watch the gate」(Pochi)

「Sorry, I will bother you then」(Reed)

「We are also here, Aniki and Asley can just go and talk with the chief」(Mana)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 02-2

When Mana said so, Rina began to sit beside Pochi.
I entrusted the defense of the gate to Pochi, and went to meet the『chief』of this town with Reed.
As I walked, I looked at the gate on the far side of the town.
It’s still a little damaged…
It’s not something I can say when all I do are living in a dungeon, but this’s certainly not a place that people can live in.

The house of chief was surprisingly near, it’s just a few minutes on foot.
I thought that it is clearly the most in the back, but if the warrior number is small, it seemed reasonable to live in a place close to the gate.
Although it was a big house, it’s just like a colonnade, if I am told to live here, I would refuse.
Reed knocked lightly on door.
It was surprisingly the voice of a young woman answered from inside.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 03-1.jpg

「Come in」(Female Voice)


When Reed opened the door, a beautiful blonde lady was standing there.
She has a slender body on top of her exposed garment.
I guess I can call it a leotard with many decorations.
It was less cover than even me wearing this tattered clothes.
She has beautiful long eyelashes.
Line with sharp chin in blue eyes.
If I have to describe her, she is a beautiful woman just like a statue in the temple.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 03-2.jpg

「Reina, I’m back now.
This person wanted to meet the chief and I also wanted give my report」(Reed)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 04-1.jpg

「Is that so?」(Reina)


A girl called Reina stared at me with her pupil eyes that looked like to suck me in if I stare at her too long.


「This is Asley, he is a magician, he helped us when we about to be killed」(Reed)

「My name is Asley, Good evening」(Asley)

「Ooh … How rude of me, please go inside now」(Reina)


Reina quickly apologized and told us to go inside the house.
There were not many other rooms, the inside of the house was pretty much a big room.
In the back of that room, there was a person sat on a desk chair.
Furniture reflected in the sight was considerably broken, even the inside of the house also ruined down.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 04-2.jpg

「Welcome, I heard the story.
First of all, thank you for helping Reed’s siblings」(Chief)


That man, whose age would have reached the elderly but he still had a stately and intimidating feeling about him.
The chief rose as soon as he saw me and bowed his head deeply.


「My name is Ryan, thank you for everything …」(Ryan)

「I am Asley, I’m on a journey to hone my skills as a magician and to spread my view」(Asley)


For these people my journey will look like a luxury thing.
However, in front of these people, I don’t want to lie about self-introduction.


「That is wonderful, although it’s not recommended under the present circumstances, please take it slowly…」(Ryan)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 05-1.jpg

「Did you know, it’s all thanks to Asley that we are able to defeat the Chimera!」(Reed)

「Were you talking about the Chimera that bothered us …?」(Ryan)

「Is that true?」(Reina)


Ryan and Reina showed a surprised and joy face as they heard what Reed said.


「Yes, it’s true!
Asley’s magic may be comparable to『Rokujin 』」(Reed)

(T.N: can be translate as Six Wisemen)

「Six … Wisemen?」


It was a word I didn’t hear about before.
Is it about the world’s leading magician ……?
Or does it mean that there are some people or organizations that hold such titles?

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 05-2.jpg

「Haven’t you heard of them, the world’s best magicians discharged by Magical University…?」(Ryan)

「They are supposed to be famous on a worldwide scale…
They are six hero even for those in warrior college」(Reina)

「Well, I have not known the information of the lower land for a long time …so, I do not know that, a ha ha ha」(Asley)

「Was it so… I did an unscrupulous investigation, please forgive me」(Ryan)

「No, the head of the town should not bow your head so much. And I am also excited about this…」(Asley)


Well, I’m not good at receiving rewards and apologies in the first place, but for today, I should get the reward and apology…

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 06-1.jpg

「Ha ha ha, is this the gift of your parents’ education? I don’t feel like talking to young people」(Ryan)

「Ahahaha, about that, I’m sorry」(Asley)

「No need for courtesy.
Welcome to our place.
You are such a rare and nice young man.
Reina, there should be a vacant house in a corner of the west place,
Please guide Asley to that place」(Ryan)


Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 06-2.jpg

「I will replace Pochi and guard」(Reed)


As he said so, Reed ran outside.
I said thank to Ryan and went to the west place with Reina.
As we were walking, Reina was surprised with the light source magic in the dark night.
We went out to the plaza, there was no sign of people around.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 07-1.jpg


「Ten years ago, I also enjoyed running around here.
Since the town was runied, people were searching for different ways to get water」(Reina)

「Different … ways?」(Asley)

「… Please look over there」(Reina)


There was a large old well at the direction where Reina pointed.
The bottle rolling around was bottomless, and the rope drooping from the pulley visible at the top was also ragged.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 07-2.jpg

「There is little water now … I remembered Reed says so」(Asley)

「Yes, now it was already dried. We don’t have any other ways besides getting water from a river 10 kilometers away.
And it was also dangerous to get water there.
So, Reed and Chief took turn to go and get water daily.
We also needed to go back and forth several times」(Reina)


Reina was looking very uncomfortable as she said that.
Mental fatigue accompanying physical fatigue…
I remembered Reed and Ryan’s face, they are probably not sleeping for days.
Their fatigue is immeasurable now.
As if to break the silence of Reina, Pochi came running to the square.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 08-1.jpg

「Master, I kept you waiting… Who is this?」(Pochi)

「Pochi, This is Reina.
Reina-san, this is my my familiar, Pochi」(Asley)

「I’m Pochi, Nice to meet you」(Pochi)

「I’m Reina, It’s great pleasure to meet you. It’s the first time I meet a familiar, you are so cute」(Reina)


She sat down on spot and talked as she smiled with Pochi. I also wanted to say Reina’s smile is also very cute … but I can’t say it.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 08-2.jpg

「Pochi, I’m sorry but you will be the gatekeeper today,
I would like to have Reed-san rest as much as he can」(Asley)

「Uwa, Master feels sorry for me!
It will rain hard in the morning!」(Pochi)

「Just go right now」(Asley)

「Ehehe, I got it」(Pochi)


And then Pochi was running back to the way he came from.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 09-1.jpg

「Asley, about that… are you sure?」(Reina)

「I don’t mind, Everyone supposed to get rest to recover or you can’t keep going」(Asley)

「… I’m sorry for everything」(Reina)


If there is such a person who can leave the town in such a situation, he must be a demon or devil.
I got angry with the country exactly.
I was guided by Reina to rundown house.Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 09-2
On the way, Reed, Mana, Rina came to give their gratitude, but I returned home early as I said that I wanted to sleep soon…
I heard too many 『thank you』today already.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 10-1.jpg

Humans should be able to act of compassion even if they are not looking for the town’s situation directly.
Those who don’t intentionally do it, they will be called『Devil』in my dictionary.
After that, it was an overnight to feel doubt about the guild and the way of the country.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 10-2.jpg

***next morning***

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 11-1.jpg

Pochi came down when he replaced with the Reed.


「What’s the situation last night?」(Asley)

「It was extremely cold!」(Pochi)

「Ah …I was also cold…then, the only bad thing was you stayed outside」(Asley)

「Master still had futons! I have been outside without anything!」(Pochi)


Pochi got mad with me.
But he is a familiar, that should not be influenced much by the temperature,
but it looks like he was cold in place without fire as well.
Was Reed always standing watch with this cold all the time… ridiculous.

Well, I know the cause of the cold.
Of course, one problem is the state of this house,
but the biggest problem is that fire can’t be used.
There is no fire resource.
It seems to be probably saving for cooking meals.
Ryan’s house also had a fireplace but it seemed not to be used for a long time.

It’s around 10 degrees Celsius and after we put out the fire for cooking, it will become cold again…

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 11-2.jpg


「What is it, Master? Why do you have such a troubled face?」(Pochi)

「I will be staying here for a while,
I will ask you to guard the surrounding,
I will do something for cold measures」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 12-1.jpg

「Well, in this short time,
you have grown up in a good way,
aren’t you quite different from before traveling?」(Pochi)

「Aaa, geez, I give you this futon, so keep guarding at gate.
And please tell people to gather in the square」(Asley)


I threw the futon to Pochi. He grinned as he held it and running out.
I sighed at the teasing expression of Pochi, stood up with a cane, left the house and headed for the square.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 12-2.jpg
Because my memory of last night was ambiguous so I got lost a little. Because I walked slowly, Reed and Reina were already gathering in the plaza.


「Asley, thank you for yesterday, I could sleep peacefully after a long time」(Reed)

「If you want to say thank, you should say it to Pochi, he told me it was extremely cold」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 13-1.jpg

「Ha ha ha ha, I also said my thanks to you because Pochi said the same thing to me」(Reed)


Ohh, it’s funny that Pochi has resembled thinking as me… Or, perhaps I might have resembled thinking as Pochi instead?
I couldn’t really tell even if we spent time for more than 800 years.


「By the way, what are you planning on in such a sad place?」(Reina)

「I am sorry to say this in front of Asley, our benefactor, but miscellaneous affairs are accumulating …」(Reina)

「In the morning, there are less movement of monsters and we are planning to go get water because it will be easier」(Mana)


Did Reina and Mana also plan to go…

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 13-2.jpg

「From now, we will stop taking water from the river, we will take water from here instead」(Asley)

「Ehh, but I have never heard of water magic attribute even for the six masters!?」(Reed)

「Actually, water magic can only be used at places with water, so we can not use water magic here. But if we are talking about magic
… 『Hoi hoi hoi no hoi! Icicle pillar!』」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 14-1.jpg

I drew the hexagonal star’s magic pattern over the old well and activated it.
A huge ice pillar appeared, and it dropped into the old well.


「Oh, this is the magic that you used yesterday!
But the well was filled up completely … It would take time to melt」(Reed)

「『Hoi hoi hoi no hoi! Sword Rain!』」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 14-2.jpg

Another magic pattern appeared over the old well, and an innumerable of slashing magic rained down on it.
I manipulated the slashs with the cane skillfully cut the ice pillar that filled the well.


「No way … You cut the icicle that penetrated the body of Chimaera?」(Mana)

「This is magic… No, Asley, was that really magic ….?」(Reina)


After that, I’m repeating the same process several times, countless ice crystals accumulated in the well.


「Ah, that’s amazing Asley-san! I’m impressed!」(Rina)

「I still have the final touch…」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 15 c.jpg

「Okay, here I go」(Asley)

「Eh, but if we wait like this, won’t it gradually melt?」(Rina)

「No, that would take too long『Hoi hoi hoi no hoi! Fire stamp & remote control!』」(Asley)

(T.N: the name is in katakana/English)


From the magic pattern with the same size of old well, a fire stamp slowly descend slowly by my control magic.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 16 c.jpg
The ices that had accumulated on the surface of the well gradually began to melt and drip to the bottom of the well.
The ice melted, sometimes cracked, and all dropped to the bottom of the well.
The bottom of the well gradually becomes muddy, forms a puddle on it, the powder and water of ice falling from above increased.
The surroundings were wrapped in silence.
And when I ended my work, I started sweating.


「How is it, the old well has become well now?
If we drop ice on a regular basis, it will melt spontaneously.
So, It’s only big work for today and I don’t want to do it anymore.
Haa~ haa~ haa~」(Asley)



Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 17-1.jpg

「「「「UOoooooooooooo !!」」」」(Everyone)


Everyone raised their cheerful voice in the plaza, that may even enough to break my eardrum.
Some people held other people’s hands, some laughed, others cried and were pleased with the well’s resurrection …, and that was my memory so far.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◆

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 17-2.jpg

When I got up, Rina, Mana and Reed were kneeing around me.


「Huh, what happened to me?」(Asley)

「I’m so sorry」(Reed)


As I got up, Reed lowered his head against the ground and apologized.


「Why did Reed apologize to me as soon as I wake up?」(Asley)

「Oh, So you can’t remember!
Sorry, I’m too joyful and your neck…uhm… became like this…」(Reed)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 18-1.jpg

I see, was he keeping in that state ever since? Reed is in Dogeza.


「I felt like I was in pain, but I already get better for a moment」(Asley)

「I, I don’t know what to say…」(Reed)

「Asley, my brother had bothered you, I’m really sorry」(Mana)

「Ah, Mana-san, please stand up, I hate that kind of thing.
And please do not worry because I’m all right now.
More important, Is the water still fine?」(Asley)

「Ah, yes. Everyone can use it without problems. Thank you so much」(Rina)


Rina and Mana also say their thank to me.
Originally, ice magic such as icicle pillar would disappear after a certain period of time.
However, the water that melting from『Ice』don’t have time limit.
The Information I read in old literature is useful.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 18-2

「That’s good, please tell me when the water volume decreases, I can refill it at any time」(Asley)

「That… do you mean you plan to stay here for a while?」(Ridoo)

「I think that it may seem like hypocrisy.
But I thought that I can not leave this town in such a situation.
And if you have Pochi, you will almost lose your burden」(Asley)

「… Thanks …」(Reed)

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 19-1.jpg

Tears started dropping down as the Reed trembling said his thank.
I diverted my line of sight from embarrassment, but even before that Rina and Mana also shed tears.
The human spirit is so fragile and perhaps it’s only as thin as that.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 19-2.jpg

When was the last thing that I shed tears …

I spent a long time for researching to absorb a lot of knowledge, but I wonder if I had lost many things at the same time as well.
What I felt last time was really embarrassing … I wonder if I could be acknowledged as a human now.

Asley Manga Chapter 04 Page 20 c.jpg
From the fight with Pochi, I had barely anything from memories beside feelings of anger remained.
This may become a journey to regain my 『lost things』

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  1. Suggestion:
    「Well, I have not known the information of the lower {bound}->{land} for a long time …so, I do not know that, a ha ha ha」(Asley)

    uncomfortable as she said that.
    {Spiritual}->{mental} fatigue accompanying physical fatigue…

    On the way, Riido, Mana, Rina came to {reward}->{give their gratitude}, but I returned home early as I said that I wanted to sleep soon…
    I heard {to}->{too} many 『thank you』today already.

    Humans should be able to {act naturally}->{act of compassion} even if they are not looking for {such things}->{the town’s situation directly}.
    Those who don’t intentionally

    「I will be staying here for a while,
    I will ask you {for surrounding guards}->{to guard the surrounding},
    I will do something for cold measures」(Asley)

    「Ha ha ha ha, I also said to {my thanks to} you because Pochi said the same thing to me」(Riido)

    「From now, we {still}->{will} stop taking water from the river, we will take water from here instead」(Asley)

    Another {the}->{} magic pattern appeared over the old well, and an innumerable of slashing {}->{magic} rained down on it.

    When I got up, Rina, Mana and Riido were kneeing {arround}->{around} me.

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    (shows chapter1, but can forward to chapter2 by NEXT button. Ch3 not showing unless clicked from the main website. Hyperlinks lead to “novel” table of contents.)

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  7. Tears started dropping down as the Reed trembling said his thank. -> Tears started dropping down as Reed tremblingly said his thanks.


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