Asley Chapter 4: The assignment is resource and food

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Author: Ichino Sei

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Asley Chapter 4: The assignment is resource and food


***Afternoon, October 8***


Six days have passed since I arrived at Fall Town after I left the dungeon.
The minimum amount of water required for humans is a few liters per day.

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I add ice to the wells many times, but it does not solve the water shortage, it is in a state of rigidity at present.
Same goes with Personel, but there is a reason for not being able to do anything for the last 6 days.

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While securing food, everyone waited to recover from their fatigue.
I don’t know the degree of everyone’s fatigue but they were in extreme condition.
I judged that it would take time to heal both physical and mental fatigue.

In Fall Town’s central ward there is a dry field,
but there is no crop because of the water shortage,
the main food source is the flesh of the hunting animal and the flesh of monster.
There are also wild grass and wild vegetables that can be picked up from nearby mountains and forests.

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There are many types of monster meat that were delicious just like animal meat if you cooked properly.
Of course, you can’t eat Zombie, but the Marine Lizard’s meat is elastic with moderate biting, moderate lipid, high nutritional value and very delicious.
Some girls disliked the flesh of the monster, but as soon as I, Reed and Mana take the initiative and eat it, the meat was dwindling quickly.

Then, the stereotype around me also gradually changed.
Back then when I was living in the underground, the monster’s flesh was a regular meal, but as soon as it I went out to the world, that habit has gone away.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 06 a

Speaking of culture … I have a feeling that the culture level hasn’t grown much.
No, it may not be an exaggeration to say that it’s going backwards.
I have yet to know if only Fall Town is like this, but when asking Ryan, he told me that everything didn’t change much.
What in the world is preventing the growth of the world?

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 07 a.jpg

As Fall Town’s proper form of indication had collapsed, the surrounding people were in a completely defensive posture.
Ryan is the chief of the town, but he is also a warrior at the same time.
So it would have been unconscious only in the direction of protecting the town.
That’s why he joined forces with Reina and help the town with variously works instead of just giving order.
I thought that human beings who are desperate to live can feel vitality from a living wish given to them, that is, work.
Giving work as a living, helping people, and give power to life.
It is unknown whether this work will run smoothly, but the life of a town that can’t be called a town, about a thousand people, will start here.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 02 a.jpg

「Master, I came carrying several trees from the forest」(Pochi)

「Okay, please take it to the square, I will dig the hole outside of the town today, be careful with the remaining amount of MP」(Asley)

「Leave it to me」(Pochi)


The giant Pochi carrying several trees jumped over the collapsed outer wall and headed for the square.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 03 a.jpg
In the open space, the boys collaborate and dismantle the trees with sawtooth.
Rough dismantling is done by Pochi, but to further fragment it further from there in order to make it resource, you still need people helping hands.
Not to lose to young people, the elders also help gathering firewood, and womens help with dismantling big timber which is used for repair.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 08 c
In the field of Center Ward, Rina and Mana cooperate with other healthy girls, plow and plant seeds from the mountains.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 09 a.jpg

Fall Town is a town surrounded by flatlands.

However, it’s different for the South Ward, you have to go through the gates to the east, west and north to go North Ward.
The living space is in South Ward, but there are vineyards in a narrow central ward.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 10 a.jpg

And, in the east and the west of the center …

East, West and the North ward have become monsters’ nests.
Only a section like a triangle cut is a place where you can live.
The main route is due to barricades such as rubble, there is no invasion of monsters, but the sounds of monsters that sounds late at night seems to have scared the inhabitants all the time.


Of course, I want to ask Reed and Ryan to exterminate that situation, but with the situation right now, the gatekeeper of Southern gate is the utmost important as it stands now.
Now we should emphasize preparing the living environment first.
What I’m doing in the past six days is 『Hole digging』that I said earlier.
Drill a hole in the south of the town, and use the soil to make a high moat.

I’m trying to prevent intrusion of monsters and make a huge lake with that hole.
Once this work is done, it will be possible to prevent intrusion of monsters from outside the gateway for the time being.
Of course, you will not be able to prevent the intrusion of monsters that fly in the sky, but in recent years, such monster seems to be seldom appeared.
Although I can not be relieved, the current situation is that I want a means to counter monsters approaching from land, so this is what I am starting with the highest priority.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 11 c.jpg

「『Hoi Hoi no Hoi! Digging! Soil Desertification』… Fuu」(Askey)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 12 a.jpg

「Ha ha ha ha, it’s a splendid thing whenever I see it.
The moat in the southwestern part was formed before I know it」(Ryan)


Ryan was watching me from the gate, spoke to me with a laugh.
Although he was laughing, I can tell that he was in the style that you can call it a drifting stone, not neglecting surrounding.
I thought that the information was still necessary, so I peeked at Reina and Ryan’s status the other day.
Of course, it’s a secret to that mischievous Pochi.



Reina is as good as I expected, but Ryan’s ability was really amazing.
I am surprised to know from Reina that Ryan was her leader, he was strong enough to solo most monsters.
If he wasn’t in Fall town, he would have been known as a famous warrior.
He can’t become famous in this closed environment.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 15 a

Special skill 『aerial dancer』is a sword technique that was popular around the time I was still living in the world. It was called as another name『Sky Dance』by warriors…
It is a sword skill that was loved mainly by swordsmen.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 16 a.jpg
It was a masterpiece when Ryan knocked down the 4 meter-class viper, Ancient Snake which appeared at the gate two days ago.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 17 a.jpg
Running through the sky, the slashing dropped from the air cut the body of the Ancient Snake in a blink of an eye.
I was preparing for battle but both I and Pochi were completely dumbfound.

Indeed, the main reason why this town wasn’t destroyed yet was Ryan.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 12 a

「It was also thanks to Reed-san and Ryan-san keep-watch in turn」(Asley)

「Aren’t you humble yourself? Then are you planning to make a lake…?」(Ryan)

「No, I think I will make the same moat here in the southeastern part.
Fortunately, right now we can manage the water somehow, that’s why I would like to raise the safety level next」(Asley)

「Well, there is a prospect of foresight, I thought I was going to ask you, but it seemed that wasn’t needed」(Ryan)

「No, if you have any doubts, please tell me more and more.
I think that there are plenty of wrong parts, because I only do everything with trial and error」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 13 a.jpg

Ryan answered with a smile.
He is really old so his wrinkles stand out, but when you see the smile of this person, you can feel the power comes up from the body.
I wonder whether that strength came out because of his old age experience , or personality.
I think that there is a kind of charisma.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 14 a.jpg

「Well, there’s nothing to point out … but, may I ask just one question?」(Ryan)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 18 a.jpg

「Yes, please do.」(Asley)

「… Asley, I want to ask your real age…」(Ryan)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 19 a.jpg

It was a wonderful question.
I was surprised as I grabbed my heart for a moment, and it was running through my whole body.
Only Pochi knows about my age, and there is no way Pochi speaks of it.
I guess this person came up with this question in his knowledge and experience.
And, as I am convinced, I could not utter a false word about me.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 20 a.jpg

「I think that it is foolish to return the question with another question, but I’d like to ask the reason why did you ask me this question」(Asley)

「…The citizen in this town are young so they are still lacking of  knowledge about magic.
But as I traveled around the world a lot when I was young, so I kind of confident about it.
Your knowledge and magic ability is not something can be trained in teen-age.
Even if your parents are famous magician and you are blessed with talent,
I really can’t believe that you can become magician this powerful at such young age.
As it would take days to years in order to read books,
the amount of knowledge that can be learnt in a finite amount of time is still limited」(Ryan)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 21 a.jpg

「Thank you … You understood well about this…
Just as your said, I was someone who live eternity…
Although I have only lived about five thousand years ago.
I’m a human being who has lived for much longer years than normal people」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 22 a.jpg

「…Five thousand years … … No way, did you drink the legendary god medicine 『eternal drop』?」(Ryan)

「So, you are familiar with it. That’s right, it was a product that I accidentally refined.
I already drank it at that moment, but right now I couldn’t be able to make it again」(Asley)


Ryan’s face remained steep.
I can hear the hustle and bustle in the town, but there was a quiet silence in front of me and Ryan.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 23 a.jpg

「… Have you ever regreted?」(Ryan)

「It’s a fact that I cut off information with the lower land. But I have Pochi with and I don’t regret the current situation」(Asley)

「Is that so … but … maybe…」(Ryan)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 24 a.jpg

Although he said so to me, Ryan himself was consolidated there.
I knew the words ahead.
Probably Ryan wanted to say: 『Well, maybe I will regret it.』
The lower lands where innumerable information enters more than research is fresh for me, but how long can it be fresh?
How long can it be fresh in a human’s lifetime?
I’m immortal but not invincible. (T.N: Not aged but still can be killed)
I can decide when to die by killing myself but right now I think it’s still soon.
I will think about that later, but I stopped thinking for the moment.


「Well, it’s almost time for dinner, good smells have even arrived here」(Ryan)

「Okay, I will call Pochi to replace for you. So, please wait a bit.」(Asley)

「Ha ha ha, Please don’t mind it.
Occasionally you should give a day off to Pochi」(Ryan)

「Oh, yes, I take the advice, thank you. I will come and continue after meals!」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 25 a.jpg

I said so and left the place.
In the plaza, Today meal was soup which boiled the big cattle hunted by the Reed.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 26 a.jpg

「Oh, master, welcome home」(Pochi)


「Well then, I will replace Ryan!」(Pochi)

「Ah, you can go take a break and rest for today」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 27 a.jpg

The moment he heard my words, the expression of Pochi suddenly changed.
His form was collapsed as the Fall town.

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 28 a.jpg

「Who are you, Master can not say such a thing!」(Pochi)


Oh, it seems to be outrageous, but that’s right.
Even though we sleep and play together, I feel like I never ordered 『rest』to him.


「Just bring me some soup is good, I want to eat it soon」(Asley)

「Grrr, what a kind of demon is this!?」(Pochi)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 29 a.jpg

「It can even use Genjutsu (Mimicry)!」(Pochi)

「If you have time to keep track of your farce! Bring soup right away, you stupid dog!」

「Wha… you called me stupid just now, didn’t you!?」(Pochi)


This is an troublesome familiar. Why do you always make me get angry, just when I thought you are doing good?


「Yeah, I told you. Bring me the soup quickly, you stupid dog!」(Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 5 Page 30 a.jpg

「Oh, It’s really Master? No, you really made me surprised」(Pochi)


「Because only the master would make fun of me. Well, I’m bringing soup now」(Pochi)


…Did I make mistakes in raising?

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  1. Suggestion:
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    While securing food, everyone waited {for their recovery from}->{to recover from their} fatigue.

    initiative and eat it, the meat was {dispelled}->{dwindling} quickly.

    East {and west wards,}->{West,} and the north ward have become monsters’ nests.

    the gatekeeper of Southern gate is the utmost {}->{important} as it stands now.

    I am surprised to know from {Rena}->{Reina} that Ryan was {the}->{} her leader, he was strong enough to solo most monsters.

    I thought I was going to ask you, but it {seemd}->{seemed} that wasn’t needed」

    The lower {bounds}->{land} where innumerable information enters more than research is fresh


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  2. Pochi
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    「If you have time to keep track of your farce! Bring soup right away, you stupid dog!」

    「Wha… you called me stupid just now, didn’t you!?」(Pochi)
    “Ah… My body feel tingling, keep telling me those harsh word” Pochi innermind

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  3. Thank you for the chapter!
    Can you make a version without the manga pages, the text is harder to read with them breaking it up.


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