Sei Manga Chapter 3-2

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 3-2


Page 1

Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 01 a.jpg

Page 2Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 02 a.jpg

Page 3Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 03 a.jpg

Page 4Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 04 a.jpg

Page 5Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 05 a.jpg

Page 6Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 06 a.jpg

Page 7Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 07 a.jpg

Page 8Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 08 a.jpg

Page 9Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 09 a.jpg

Page 10Sei Manga Chapter 3-2 Page 10 a.jpg

Sei 2
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  1. Page 2: [Use medicine herb for cooking]-> {Using Medical Herbs for Cooking} or {Using Medicine Herbs for Cooking}

    either of the two is fine though i would suggest the first as it sounds better and the word “Using” as it is used as she is doing the action of applying the Medical Herbs

    and the second word “Medical” is used as a verb for medicine in this sentence.

    I hope that helps you in future translations.

    Sincerely, A Random Pinoy with EN as a second Language

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  2. The Captain has a pretty-handsome-ish gentleman look in the manga while in the light novel he has that cold quite beauty look!!! I can’t decide which between the two is my favourite. Oh, but oddly Sei looks pretty much the same in both version. Even Jude and the Director looks a bit different in the two version…


  3. page 2 Am I now allowed? -> Am I not allowed?
    Page 2 This world have many things that resemble the earth -> This world has many things that resemble the earth.
    Page 6 because we have many ingredients I make sandwiches today -> because we had many ingredients I made sandwiches today


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