Sei Manga Chapter 3-4

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 3-1


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Sei 2
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  1. This is very good and goes at a great pace. Does this only go up to 5-5 and is the end of the series or is that just the raws that are out and more are planned?


  2. Ty update

    And preserving my “personal” opinion, other chance to sustain economichally herself

    She would can (if she decided go to other country as I sugested) open a restaurant or fast food shop and sell these magic drugged foods. EASY MONEY


    • Unfortunately, people in this world aren’t all nice like the knights in this kingdom.

      You still want to continue this?

      As you can see, Sei have Aura to cleanse small monsters that’s why the knights don’t meet any small monsters.
      But medium monsters still okay, large monsters and strong monsters are still okay.
      For the plot armor, Sei can solo an army of monsters that no armies can stand a chance,
      but of course she can’t win even a weak bandit (she is just a girl after all).
      And you should read, “Black Healer”, to know how church, noble people, villains would treat a saint without THE COUNTRY AND THE KNIGHTS TO PROCTECT HER.



      And if you want, I can start another Novel / Manga about the Twin Saints that run away from the country summon them and encounter all kind of trouble.
      They are of course don’t fear any kind of demon lord armies but are in danger with simple bandit, noble, demi-human, … (many many times more than I can count) and have to rely on other good people to help them.


      • Can tell me the name and or the link about htese twin saints? I’ll see for curious

        And I read the Black Healer manga version. Sadly both Black healer and No cheat WN version have been eliminated.

        But precisely the last translated chapter (17) has a key point of my opinion. In most stories, even if the church has power, they can’t force a particular person to do something against his/her will, at least “officially”

        In my opinion, this MC is the most posible reasonable in her current circumstances work as adventurer and healer, to gain incoming and practise her magic, till get a clue about how return to Earth. If the church try to force her to go, peacefully refuse, and if some church’s ruffian try to take her by force, torture him and force to confess

        They are all my opinions, and I don’t want to impose my vision. I would like to say more for the translated novel chapters but I dont want to spoil

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        • Don’t you read the chapter the noble capture the black healer?
          If the knights don’t go to rescue her, what do you think will happen?
          Next time she get captured is even worse.
          She even got TRAUMA for LIFE.
          I even thought that Author might want to add Tragedy, NTR and horror to black healer.
          I stop reading raw from the TRAUMA myself.

          Don’t lump up SEI with random Isekai mangas.
          You can read many other mangas / novels with Protag go on adventure.

          But SEI is different. She is the Saint, more important person than the King.
          If Bandits know => get kidnap (and other worse things) just like USA president travel alone in Middle East.

          If Commoners know => get surrounded and disturb like a like USA President /
          World Top Super Star walking in middle of city without disguise and body guards

          If Nobles know => get captured for personal profit and use.

          I repeat,
          What you said is just like saying “if you became the USA president and got kidnap to Middle East, you will walk without bodyguards in Middle East to have a peaceful sight seeing tour”

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      • Yes please continue this manga. I am already looking forward to the updates and the adventure Sei goes on while trying not to get smitten by handsome knights lol.


    • Irina, do you stay in a country with a border to another country? Could you start demonstrating to us how long you would take to walk from your home to the other country?

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      • It has to exist merchants and mercenaries travelling between the countries

        I’m just describing if I was in MC’s place, but I think that a potential route would can be first try to get all the information about the summoning of this country, and once done, travelling with some merchants to other country, trying to get the needed knowledge to return

        Idea inspired in the novel “Isekai Mahou”

        But if she has chosen to discard her real life. As I say her life her route

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        • This country is the only country can summon and worship the saint like USA and USA president.
          If you got kidnap to became USA president, Will you leave USA and travel to Middle East alone to find more information about USA president.
          In this manga, Merchants and Mercenaries have horse and carriage to move.

          The Author already made herself clear in the first chapter.
          I swear you are just a “Selective Hearing” type.
          You ignored the Author’s info, MC’s info, everyone’s advices for your ideal.

          I swear you would also think If you got kidnap by USA to become the USA President. Because you can’t go back to your home anymore, and hate to help the USA, you will leave, travel by foot alone to other countries, hunt wild animals, dismantle, start fire, cook by himself.
          And you would also say USA tourists can merchants can buy ticket for airplane to travel around the world, why not the USA president?

          “ISEKAI MAHOU” !?
          No-one care about him, he can travel anywhere, he overpower even the demon lord himself, who in that world can harm him?
          Just like USA Superman in disguise can travel around the world easily but not the USA president.

          You can read about 50% Isekai with same setting as ISEKAI MAHOU.
          Got summon to ISEKAI, got overpower cheat, travel around the world as adventurer.

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        • If it ever happens to you Irina, stay in the city. One of the things needed to survive in the wild is a good appreciation of the dangers and a certain flexibility to problem solving. I don’t think you’ll survive, too casual to the dangers and too inflexible.

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    • I think you should go read the light novel version of this manga to further understand the reason why Sei chose not to travel out of the kingdom and go all ‘let’s join a mercenary guild and earn money being super OP’. Her reason for staying inside the country is explained in detail. And you have to take account of Sei’s personality and age too. She’s a mature working woman who knows the harsh truth of the adult world. The usual MC’s in shoujo isekai, are in their teens so they have an ambitious ‘let us earn lots of money’ and naive mind as well as an overly cheerful optimistic personality. For the isekai targeted towards men, those kind of stories travel to collect women for their harem. The light novel version of this manga can be found if you Google ‘The Power of the Saint is All Around Novel Updates’. Sei is a very lovable character!


  3. As you say

    It is clear that we don’t see the things of the same way, so I won’t insist

    You comparison with USA president has given me two points
    a) I think that any kingdom/country is reasonable enough to know to be useless to give a big responsability job to an unwilling person
    b) Your comment remember to me to Other WN recently licensed in USA “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom”. Even the MC itself has expressed once the things has calmed, he will abdiced of the throne

    About Black Healer’s kidnapping, she was captured because she was threatened that her friend was killed,and the aim was and can be in the future either consider to be a spy or wishing to use her, the former easy to induce for the relations with the knights and the prince, so she should stop to relate with them

    And your comment about “Because you can’t go back to your home anymore, and hate to help the USA, you will leave, travel by foot alone to other countries, hunt wild animals, dismantle, start fire, cook by himself”
    YEA, I would prefer try to survive for myself somehow than help the country that has kidnapped me

    And in a second volume’s side chapter, the king propose to give Sei a noble rank, in my opinion to be sure that she is in the kingdom. IN other words, he is imagining the chance that she escapes to other country


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