Arge Chapter 137: The Lord of Front-line

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T.N: I finished it faster than I thought.

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Arge Chapter 137: The Lord of Front-line


『…So, in the end, we also came along』(Arge)

『Yes, we already went through all kind of trouble to get here so far』(Felnote)


What Felnote-san said was reasonable.
The purpose of our trip is to send Richelle-san safely back to her territory.
For that reason we came to the Demon Continent.
If anything happened to her, all our hardships would be for nothing, like water bubbles.

That’s why all members included Zeno-kun came with Mutsuki-san outside the castletown.
Zeno-kun said that when the battle started, he will evacuate with a horse in the castle town.


『For now, I will be sleeping over there』(Zeno)


To be honest, Zeno-kun is in a quite envious situation.
I also wanted to sleep like that until the battle ended.
Even if I wanted to complain, but Kuzuha-chan told me.


『Arge-san is reliable when we get hurt, so, it can’t be help』(Kuzuha)


Just as Kuzuha-chan said, my recovery magic is powerful enough to cure any kind of wound beside death.
I knew the reason why I must come along but that troublesome things is still troublesome after all.


『Anyway … Are you really planning to fight alone?』(Arge)

『The king himself goes to the front-line and fight the enemies alone… Don’t you have any other way?』(Felnote)

『It’s not that I don’t have, but I could do it alone. I’m saving other people’s strength into other jobs』(Mutsuki)

『… Well, I want to see the power of the “Lord of the Crimson Sky” from the rumors as well』(Felnote)


As she said that, Felnote-san turned her sight  from Mutsuki-san to the front.
She was looking at a vast grassland that spreading far away.

There are many short grasses, it’s almost no obstacles at all.
It’s a place suitable for deploying a large army, and we were just waiting for enemy arrival with 5 peoples.


『My uncle, looks like they came』(Richelle)


Right after Richelle-san with excellent visual reaction reported so.
There are countless number of shadows appeared from behind the grassland.
They are all 2 meters to 3 meters tall, a flock of giants.

Their silhouette is close to humans, but their size is big.
They have similar twin black horns, their faces are big, and from their muscular body, we can see their power is overwhelming.


『They are really big, aren’t they?』(Kuzuha)


While Kuzuha is muttering, the number of shadow increases.
In a blink of an eye, the grass was filled with those black shadows.
All of the demons are armed with swords and bows, wearing armor on their bodies.
Their weapons made to match their body size, which suited for killing.

They arranged their formation and stopped moving.
It seems like they were planning to stop there from the beginning.


『About 2 hundreds …, right ?』(Arge)

『Arge-sama. To be precise, they are about 253 peoples in total』(Richelle)

『It doesn’t matter even 2 hundreds or 3 hundreds … Well then…』(Mutsuki)


With carefree tone, Mutsuki-san came to the front.
He casually looked over the flock of demons.


『Do you guys really want to do it?
If you change your mind and turn back now like your former chieftain, I will spare you all』(Mutsuki)

『BRING IT ON!!!』(Demon)


An answer with a loud voice came back to the question of Mutsuki-san.
Just like Mutsuki-san, one of the demon stepped forward from the demon group, it’s the biggest demon from the group.
Perhaps this is a fight to regain honor.
The other demons also cried loudly as if to cheer him.


『I’m not a weakling and coward like the former chieftain!
Because I’m now the chieftain, I won’t tolerate the humiliation any longer!!
Our demon clan will conquer your clan and in the end I will control the whole Demon continent!』(Demon)

『Hmmm … I see』(Mutsuki)

『What’s with that “I see”,… are you looking down on me!?』(Demon)


The demon seems to be frustrating with Mutsuki-san’s attitude.
His face distorted and became scary, the demon chieftain roared with his voice.
Meanwhile Mutsuki-san just shrugged his shoulders with a cool face.


『Such a line, I already heard about 500 times while I live on the demon continent.
You are such a fool to live with your dream, look at the reality a little.
Just like your father, the former chieftain…』(Mutsuki)

『…kill you!!』(Demon Chief)


The demon was moving before Mutsuki-san finished speaking.
The demon moved so fast for a body that big.

As he got closer to Mutsuki-san in a moment.
He swung down his big sword at Mutsuki-san head.

Even though I called it a sword, it has the thickness and length as much as human being, it has the power of an iron mass rather than the sharpness of a blade.



『My father and you are already relic of old age!
I will show you now!』(Demon chief)

『Mutsuki-san… !?』(Kuzuha)

『Oh, don’t worry, Kuzuha-chan. It’s okay』(Mutsuki)


Mutsuki-san calmly reassured Kuzuha-chan as he looked at the Demon chief.
At that moment, the sword was already swung down.


『Zueeeeeeeeii!!!』(Demon Chief)


There was no sound of the sword hit the meat.
There was only the heavy sound of it got blocked by something, the force was strong enough to cause a shock wave around it.
I wonder even the body will remain if anyone got hit directly.

But even that tremendous…


『Gii~…!?』(Demon Chief)

『Well, is this all?』(Mutsuki)


Mutsuki-san stopped it with one finger. How average (unusual).


『Wh… at …is …this』(Felnote)


Felnote-san was so surprised that she spoke like a broken recorder.
Kuzuha-chan was also surprised.

The attack of the demon chief was definitely strong enough that could be called a deathblow.

You can’t survive if you get hit by it, and even if you can take it, it’s impossible to come out unscrathed.

It’s impossible, he shouldn’t have anything outside of vampire standard that even Elsie didn’t have.
It looks like his fingertip that blocked the sword was glowing.


『You are certainly stronger than the previous chieftain.
Your weapon, attack, speed, and robustness are also better.
I admited, you guys are much stronger than the previous demons』(Mutsuki)

『What, what are you saying …?』(Demon Chief)

『But it seems like you didn’t listen to your father story.
Have you not ever asked your father?
Why didn’t your father say stupid thing like conquer the Demon Continent?』(Mutsuki)


The reason why my skin was tingling was because there was strong magical power leaked from Mutsuki.
His atmosphere which was laughing with a carefree tone, had changed.
The overflowing magical power wasn’t from casting a magic but was draining into him instead.

The surrounding air changed, and the earth felt like magic pulse.



『This feeling … No way…』(Kuzuha)

『…This land itself… is his Magical Artifact…!?』(Arge)

『That’s how it is. Hey everyone, look at the the moon』(Mutsuki)


Hearing his word, everyone looked up at the sky.
The moon floating in the sky became as red as blood, a scarlet moon.
The scarlet moonlight illuminating the earth made a menace atmosphere.

It’s also a fantastic and dazzling sight, Mutsuki-san started exposing his vampire’s unique fang and laughed fiercely.


『Come, come to《The Scarlet Moon Garden》
Bow down before me, intruders, this is my country』(Mutsuki)

Arge Remilia Scarlet Moon 2.jpg

With my dynamic vision, I could see Mutsuki-san moved, but in fact he was moving even faster than demon chief could react.
He thrusted his 5 fingers straight into armor and crushes it in an instant.
A shock wave that exceeding the one from the big sword swung, and the demon chief was blown away like a tree leaf.


『Because you are kind of strong, I will allow you to leave』(Mutsuki)

『…Mutsuki-san, just now …』(Arge)

『It’s my Magic Artifact 《The Scarlet Moon Garden》
Its effect is simple.
It add all the status of everyone other than my enemies within range to me』(Mutsuki)

『Wa … isn’t that too convenience!?』(Arge)

『The effect range is decided beforehand, it’s the ground itself.
But of course, it only works in my territory.
That’s why, as long as I have a lot of strong people in my territory.
I will not be defeated』(Mutsuki)


He has a carefree tone as he declares that, just states the fact.
And then Mutsuki-san stared at the army of demons.
The demon army seems frightening.


『You are strong. With your strength, you may be able to fight well.
If you are not satisfied with this… any demon who believe in their strength, just like that chieftain. Just come forward, I will take you all』(Mutsuki)


There was no one dare to respond.
It was obvious at that point that the victory and defeat was completely decided.

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  1. we already went through all kinf od trouble to get here so far (kind of)

    I’m not a weaking and coward like the former chieftain! (weakling)

    His have distorted and became scary, (face)

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  2. Suggestion:
    『Yes, we already went through all {kinf od}->{kind of} trouble to get here so far』(Felnote)

    『My uncle, {look}->{looks} like they came』(Richelle)

    They have {a uniform black double horn}->{similar twin black horns}

    With {light}->{carefree} tone, Mitsuki-san came to the front.

    『Do you guys really {}->{want} to do it? If you change your mind and turn back now like {the}->{your} former chieftain, I will spare you all』(Mutsuki)

    Because I’m now the chieftain, I won’t tolerate the {humility}->{disgrace/humiliation} any longer!!

    『What’s with that “I see”,… are you looking {}->{down} on me{!}->{!?}』(Demon)

    His {}->{face} have distorted and became scary, the demon chieftain

    Even {}->{though} I called it a sword, it has the thickness and length as much as

    『{Mitsuki}->{Mutsuki}-san… !?』(Kuzuha)

    listen to your father story.
    {Haven’t}->{Have you not} ever asked your father?

    His atmosphere which was laughing with a {light}->{carefree} tone, had changed.

    『…This {earth}->{land} itself… is his {Magic}->{Magical} Artifact…!?』(Arge)

    {Heard}->{Hearing} his word, everyone looked up at the sky.

    It’s also a fantastic and dazzling sight, {Mutski}->{Mutsuki}-san started exposing his vampire’s

    『Come,{}->{come to}《The Scarlet Moon Garden》{Bow}->{everyone bow down} before me,

    He has a {light tone}->{carefree tone as} he declares that, just states the fact.

    Just {coming}->{come} forward, I will take you all』(Mutsuki)


  3. Mutsuki quote:
    “I, Mutsuki, Lord of the Crimson Sky! With the power of bonds shall control the demon continent!”

    “I believe in power of bonds”

    -The Scarlet Moon Garden Incantation-

    I am the embodiment of the demon continent itself
    The land is my body and Crimson Sky is my blood
    Created bonds In the past
    And will create more in the future.
    At present, I have created over a thousand bonds
    Have receive all of their bonds to fulfill their wishes
    Yet, these body will never hold any wishes for itself
    So as I pray, The Scarlet Moon Garden.

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  4. O.O
    Thanks for the chapter and the hard works!

    …and looks like it’s still long before arge actually able to take her precious nap..

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