Mira Novel Chapter 53: Isuzu Federation

Mira Vol 4-2
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T.N: Over 4500+ words this time, why is Mira chapter always so long?

By the way, there were some sentences didn’t make sense in 3rd POV so I keep the chapter mostly in Mira’s POV with “I” or “We”

Some dialog is very long so I break them into many dialogs to read easier.

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Mira Novel Chapter 53: Isuzu Federation


The woods are wrapped in the darkness of the night and the nocturnal creatures start to move.
Even in the darkness of woods, Blue and White lit up the way with the lantern, and Mira was also producing light with her art, it was bright enough to move so they didn’t really mind the darkness.


『Speaking of which, your combat method using both summoning art and martial arts. It was just like… um …』(White)

『Dunbalf, the one man army Sage, right?』(Blue)

Mira Vol 1-4

『Yes, that’s it. Maybe Mira is a fan of that hero』(White)

『He is my mentor. That’s why we use the same battle method』(Mira)


Mira Vol 1-3

Two members of the Isuzu Federation believe it as a little joke, and chatting with each other with a light feeling.


『That’s interesting. Then, my mentor should be Kagura the Seven Stars』(Blue)

『Then my mentor should be Meilin the Steel Grip』(White)

Mira + Sages

Blue and White said so and laughed, Mira, shrugged her shoulders lightly.


『That’s an overstatement』(Mira)

『So harsh』(Blue)

『Because you were losing』(White)


The two of them didn’t seem to believe that Mira is a disciple of Dunbalf.
But she laughed it off lightly without minding it.
For the time being, Mira collected some information from the two before arriving at the relay camp.
Blue and white also answered happily.

And what she got from their conversations is:
Chimera Clausen has recently emerged around the kingdom of Arkite.
We still couldn’t grasp the detail information about that organization, but they seemed to have quite a lot of members.
They all have special weapons to deal with the spirit.
We still don’t know their purpose for killing spirits.
It was a great deal to capture one of them this time.
Maybe we can receive a reward.

The relay camp is near the river which has a clear water, enough to see the bottom of the river.
Several lamps were lit and you can see two big tents in line.
The tents were using the four trees as a pillar, so they have a splendid and sturdy impression.


『Oh, you are back.
Huh? Who are those two?』(Man)


There was a simple kitchen placed between the two tents, and a table of six tripod stands with six chairs around it.
Sitting on one of them, the man who was smashing a meat noticed us and greeted us.


『 This girl is Mira-san, my benefactor and the other one is a Chimera Clausen member that I succeeded to capture with Mira-san’s help』(Blue)

『Chimera!? You are really amazing!』(Man)


The man stood up vigorously.
He is a middle-aged man, he wears a light green metal-like armor with two swords on his waist.
He has a shaved head. He grows the beard around his mouth.
His eyes are light brown, his skin is dark.
He is a humanoid race named Garridia with Strength far beyond human.

At first glance, he was intriguing, but he was frank and seemed nice.
After looking at the face of the Chimera Clausen man, he looked back at the two with a mysterious look.


『This is quite extraordinary, is he still alive?』(Man)

『He was paralyzed but he has high paralysis resistance so he should have recovered already. But we already used sealing cloth to tie him up just in case』(White)

『Wow, you guys are really amazing』(Man)


Hearing White said so, the man looked again at the man of Chimera Clausen and checked the state of paralysis. And then he looked at Mira.


『I am Red, although it’s a fake name and it seems to be rude for our benefactor but please forgive me for that
And allow me to thank you for your help』(Red)

『I’m Mira. Please don’t worry about it. I was just happened to be there.
And I also had something to deal with him in the first place』(Mira)


As Mira answered so, Red felt awed.
He appreciated it from the bottom of his heart, he grasped his hands unconsciously.


『It still didn’t change the fact that you helped Isuzu Federation…
Anyway, I will bring this guy to the captain.
Mira-chan, don’t you mind waiting for a while?』(Red)

『It’s okay, I don’t mind』(Mira)


When Mira answered so, Red was like《I’m saved》and glanced at the Chimera man.


『Blue, you need to come with me and give your report.
We have good meat available. White, can you grill it, please.
We will give Mira-chan a treat』(Red)


As he said that, Red pointed toward the meat on the kitchen.




After he heard White answered, Red and Blue took the Chimera man to the tent.


『Well then, shall we have a taste.
I was interested in it from a while ago』(White)


As she said so, White rushed to the bowl, and quickly handles the lump of meat that gives off a nice fragrant smell.
After a while, the overflowing oil started to drip and make a good sound and smell. And White started beckoning Mira as if she couldn’t wait any longer.


『Hey, hurry up or I will eat everything before you come back returning』(White)

『 Don’t you think you are unreasonable?』(Mira)


Mira still sat calmly while White was beckoning.
But as she kept seeing the grilled meat on the table, she started to lose herself in temptation.


『Do you dislike meat?』(White)

『No, I don’t dislike it』


Mira doesn’t have a problem with meat.
As White heard that, she doesn’t seem to care about “unreasonable” part at all and started to cut the meat with a knife in hand.


『 Don’t worry, there are plenty left for seconds』(White)


After placing a dish with meat on the table in front of Mira, White took her own portion and ate it happily.




Every time she ate meat, White raised her voice.
In that situation, when the cuisine was placed in front of her and her stomach ringed, Mira gave up and used her fork to eat the grilled meat.

The meat was so tasty made her chewed slowly to taste it as much as she could.
This is a dish that fully satisfied with meat.
With such an extraordinary high-quality tasty mean, Mira did not even mind her《manner》anymore, she used her fork to pick the grilled meat one after another.


『By the way why were you in such a place?』(White)

Mira eating

While saying that, White put the last piece of meat into her mouth.
Even though Mira was also eating together, about 80 percent were now in the White’s stomach.


『I went to take a sample. A friend of mine asked me to come and pick it up』(Mira)

『I see. So, did you get it yet?』(White)

『Well, I already got it』(Mira)


Because right now Mira had nothing to ask White, so she just sat on the chair and answered White’s question.


『But to think you are a first-rate Art user. It seems like I can’t judge you by appearance』(White)


White is also an Art user, so she is somewhat interested in Mira’s abilities that she caught a glimpse before.
And Mira had told White about her main class is the summoner, but her Combat Art wasn’t like an average person.


『Well, that’s right. However, my main class is summoner』(Mira)

『You are truly amazing that you already mastered the 《Indwelling Art》 at that age.
I didn’t hear much about summoner recently.
But there aren’t many Art User as strong as you are』(White)

『Well, there are various reasons for this.
But, what is 《Indwelling Sense》?
I don’t remember acquiring something like that…』(Mira)


From the flow of the talking, the word 《Indwelling Art》seems to be used occasionally.
However, Mira was completely unaware of this.
Then, It must be a skill discovered within the last 30 years,
but when did I learn something I didn’t hear about in the first place?
Mira was wondering, she tried checking her memory, but she couldn’t remember anything about it at all.


『Well, your support class is a Combat Art Class, right?』(White)

『Is that so?』(Mira)

『Because you have already awakened the《Indwelling Art》of another Art Class, you used it as a support class, didn’t you?』




The knowledge of the two of us wasn’t matched.
Because there was a big difference in recognition of the first place.
Then both of us were just staring at each other, silence tilting our head.
We tried to think of where did we go wrong.


『First of all, could you please tell me something  about《Indwelling Art》
After getting the general idea about it, I will know what’s wrong』(Mira)

『Well, let’s do that』


White nodded and started explaining from the beginning what 《Indwelling Art》is.
It’s similar to Mira’s second-class and it’s a new skill developed within 30 years, just like Mira expected.


《Indwelling Art》 is a skill that can only be used by a person with multiple Art talents. The other Arts awaken after are kind of weaker and were treated as the support class for the main class.

The Art talent represents the flexibility of magical power, and choosing the main class will decide the form of magical power.
And the form of magical power is also helping the Art user to master their skill and techniques earlier.
There are various methods depending on the condition.

The person was born with only 1 Art talent can also use this method to decide his form of magical power to master his skill sooner.

And then when you master your other class to a certain extent, a portion of magical power and skill from that class will be reconstituted to your original Art talent. That was the《Indwelling Art》.
In order to convert a part of the magical power and skill, the effect of the main art is slightly lowered.
But in return we can use the skill from other class, it’s possible to broaden the range of tactics.
Of course, because it’s only part of magical power, the skill from support-class is also less effective than main-class.

However such method is still very popular, with a little sacrifice from the main class and you can use the skill from another class.


Mira thought for a while after hearing the explanation of White.
However, there isn’t such demerit in the second class that Mira is acquiring.
It is simply a statement that you has already learned another class.
If you want to say about demerit, it must be difficult of mana management from having many skills.


『Well, I understand it now. I mean, I just happen to be able to use it as I am』(Mira)

『This is interesting. To think you have mastered without even knowing the name』(White)

『Well, sometimes thing like that happens』(Mira)

『Well, maybe it’s really possible』(White)


As White lightly nodded to Mira’s answer, she stared at her magical girl style costume.
Although White was somewhat jealous, Mira was just calmly looking at the forest to relax without noticed it.


After a while, Blue and Red came back from reporting.
Then Red ran to the kitchen as if to search for something, and when he turned around looking at White.


『You ate everything …』(Red)

『It was very tasty』(White)

『Umm, sorry. It was surprisingly good』(Mira)

『Is that so …I see It was good …』(Red)


Without having even one piece of meat left, Red sat on a chair, he was feeling down.


『Mira-san, a moment please』(Blue)


Blue didn’t move away from the side of the tent and spoke to Mira as where he was.
When Mira looked back at him, Blue had a beckoning gesture, opening the entrance to the tent.


『About the headquarter matter, Our captain wants to talk with you directly』(Blue)

『Okay, I understand.』(Mira)


Mira nodded and entered the tent as urged by blue.
Behind her, White was taking out the hidden meat and handed over to Red.
Red happily said his thank to White. It seems like he cares about that meat all the time.
And White is… having a dark smile.

(T.N: Don’t ask me if this word doesn’t make sense, Raw is 黒 Kuro = black/dark)


When Mira entered, the giant who sat on the front seat stood up.
There are three simple beddings in the awning, a chair, and a table, and a tool to maintain weapons at the corner.
In something similar to a cage near that, the Chimera Clausen is lying in a trance state, it seems like he had smelled some sort of medicine.

The height of this man is even higher than red.
However, contrary to its potentially strong figure, he was wearing a white gown.
It’s the clothes that engraved with God’s design, the clothes that Sacred Art User prefers to use.


『I am called Silver, captain of the 5th Multi-colour platoon of Isuzu Federation.
First of all, allow me to thank you for helping Blue』(Silver)


As he said it with a low and passionate voice, the giant lowered his head to show his appreciation.
He wore a Circlet with gems and a short coat.
His face is engraved with astringent, he looks like a monk who already attaining enlightenment.


『If I didn’t encounter that man in the first place, Blue-san and White-san would not act separately. And if it’s two to one, they should have won easily』(Mira)


Although she already helped, Mira thought it was her fault that Blue fight that man alone in the first place.
But Blue shook his head.


『 This time we got something more than just victory.
If that Chimera man knew he was disadvantageous, he could just run away.
So, if the two of us fought with him from the beginning, he would surely run away and not even the two of us could catch him.
It had to be one to one.
And after I was paralyzed, that man seemed to judge that he would be able to deal with Mira-san from your appearance.
Even I was surprised that you had such a power.
The success capturing this time was from that miscalculation』(Blue)

『Hmmm, was that so?』(Mira)


As Blue said, Chimera Clausen members were thoroughly disciplined.
So, until now, they have never been caught.


『Thanks to young miss, we got a valuable source of information.
And I heard from Blue, you want to go to our headquarter.
Could you please tell me the reason?』(Silver)


Of course, they would ask so. Mira honestly spoke the reason to them.


『I’m looking for someone.
And the other day I met a spirit in the forest near Karanak.
According to her story, it seemed like a shikigami user helped her when she was attacked by Chimera Clausen.
I am currently looking for the shikigami user who helped that spirit.
And then, I met with Blue-san and I heard from their conservation that there’s an organization opposing the Chimera Clausen.
And I thought that she might be in your organization.』(Mira)

Mira Nyan Maru.jpg
『That Shikigami user’s name is Nyan Maru.
Have you ever heard of her?』(Mira)


After listening to Mira’s story, Silver and Blue were thinking for a while.
But it seemed like they couldn’t think of anything about it, so they replied with apologetic.


『Sorry, I do not know』(Silver)

『I also don’t know』(Blue)


They apologized so.
As for Mira, she didn’t expect much so she didn’t really sad.
She nodded with 《I see》and thought that it’s still too early to expect anything before going to the headquarter.


『From what I heard in your story, I can’t be sure about it, but there’s a high chance that Shikigami User is really in our organization.
Well … Blue told me that you were at the scene so we couldn’t hide about our organization.
I will place my trust in Young Miss and tell you more details』(Silver)

『First of all, Our Isuzu Federation is a secret organization that oppose Chimera Clausen and we have four main group』(Silver)

『 Our department is Multicolor Corp.
We are the squad with the largest number of people and responsible for observing Chimera Clausen’s movement and Protecting of spirits』(Silver)

『Next, Bellerophon Corp. (T.N: English katakana)
This is a battle group specialized to fight against the Chimera Clausen and will be dispatched from various strongholds to various places at the request from the headquarter』(Silver)

『The 3rd one is an information Unit which served as a connection between corp’s members.
There is one person in each country, and each of them would send the information they got to the headquarter』(Silver)

『Lastly, it is “Hidden”. (T.N: English katakana)
This person didn’t form a team and was working individually.
This person’s ability is prominent, with independent action as basis』(Silver)

『If the Shikigami user that Young Miss tried to find is really a member of the Isuzu Federation.
Then she most likely is the “Hidden”, because she alone could use Shikigami to drive Chimera Clausen away』(Silver)


Silver was sincere with Mira,
even it’s true that she witnessed fight against Chimera Clausen and help Blue,
but he didn’t really have to disclose information of Isuzu Federation with just that.
He was really appreciated for her help and told her about “Hidden”

With Silver’s story, Mira felt it would be necessary to ask the higher up person who knows more in the headquarter.


『But you still can’t get more information without going to the headquarter.
Only high-up members have information about “Hidden”
And they won’t even tell us the information if we ask from here』(Blue)


As Blue said that, he turned his eyes to Silver.
Strongly appeal for Mira to visit the headquarter.


『Although I also wanted to accompany you.
We will not be able to leave here now, because some of Chimera Clausen’s members might come to look for their companion who has disappeared』(Silver)

『That’s true…』(Blue)


As Silver said that, Blue was somewhat reluctant.
Not to mention, there is still a spirit in the forest.
Whether another Chimera Clausen member would come to search for his fellow or anything else. Once they saw the spirit, they would spare her.
Mira can understand that.


『That’s right, what about that guy.
What would you do with him, would you use him as a bait or take him to the headquarter?』(Mira)


Mira glanced that the man sleeping in a cage-like box.
Her purpose coming here was to ask the captain, whether she would be able to accompany them to their headquarter.


『 The situation is also important, I will contact the information unit somehow and ask for an escort team. If they knew we caught a Chimera member, they would surely come flying』(Silver)

『How long will it take?』(Mira)

『It will take three or four days from now』(Silver)

『I see』(Mira)


If it was just tomorrow, Mira thought of accompanying the escorts, but she couldn’t waste her time in this place for days.
So Mira suggested another method.


『Then, how about you tell me the location and I will go there alone?』(Mira)


If I know the location, I can go alone.

But the headquarter is an important place just as Blue said.
They will not tell her about it easily.

And of course, it would be faster to get there on Pegasus than to accompany the escort, but Mira couldn’t do it unless she knew the location.
And it’s okay even if they can’t move from here now, she can just go alone.


『Well … When Blue talked about you, Young Miss.
It seems that Blue really trusts you a lot, and I also think I can trust you.
But I can’t still tell you about our headquarter yet.
I can’t work with emotion alone…』(Silver)


Because he has responsibility as a captain, he can’t work with emotion alone.
Silver responded to Mira who rescued his colleagues as best as he could while conflicting.


『Well, was that so?』(Mira)


What Silver says is understandable.
Rather, if she happened to lead a group, she might answer so as well.
However, this is the only clue that she came across.
Mira tried to think if there was any other way.


『But it was all thanks to Mira-san that I was able to capture this man』(Blue)


Blue was somewhat frustrating as he said that to silver.
He wanted to repay his benefactor somehow.


『Oh that’s right …
If you have a proof or something with trustworthy …
With both my emotion and trustworthy proof, I think other members would also trust the young lady as well…』(Silver)


Trustworthy proof.
In other words, it is a substance that identified the reliability of a person called Mira so that anyone can check it in public.
Silver was trying his best to think of another possibility proposal.
And then Mira remembered about something she received from Solomon.


『Okay, can this be used for proof?』(Mira)


That said, she took out a medal.
It was a silver-brilliant decoration engraved with the national emblem of Arkite Kingdom and number 9 and a ring pattern on it.


『Hmm…, could I have a look at it?』(Silver)

『Well, I do not mind』(Mira)


At first glance at the magic pattern engraved on the back side, Silver judged it to be some sort of medal…and then.




Silver’s expression changes instantly.
He opened his eyes wide and checked it over and over again to make sure if it’s genuine.


『I saw it for the first time …』(Silver)

『How is it, can it be used?』(Mira)


Mira asked Silver when he was admiring the medal.
Silver nodded in response to that word.


『Yes, of course.
I wouldn’t dare to refuse if you have such a thing.
I don’t want to become Arkite Kingdom’s enemy』(Silver)


Silver returned the medal to Mira.
Mira was tilting her head to Silver thinking he was just exaggerating, but she was relieved to know that she could use it as a proof.


『We will tell you the location of our headquarter rather than just the branch one.
I will also write a letter of introduction, this is the best we can do now』(Silver)

『Eh, are the headquarter base better than a branch one or something?』(Mira)

『That’s right, it’s hard to say if you can obtain reliable information at just a branch base.
But if you have this proof, you can get all the information we have from the headquarter』(Silver)


It’s not a branch base but the headquarter.
In other words, it is a place where all the members of the Federation gathering.
And Silver even give her the letter of introduction.
That mean, she could get more information than she expected.
Satisfied with the result, Mira glanced at the medal and returned it to the item box.


(Somehow this thing comes in handy. It’s super effective) (Mira’s thought)

『Wait a moment and I will prepare it soon.』(Silver)


That said, Silver took out paper and envelope from the big bag and started writing the letter of introduction.


『Well, I’m glad it turned out good. Was this enough to repay you?』(Blue)

『What’s that. I said I don’t care about such a thing』(Mira)

『It’s a matter of my feelings, I feel restless』(Blue)

『You are going to struggle a lot with that personality』(Mira)

『I was often told so』(Blue)


The two of them were talking with a light feeling like joking.
Meanwhile Silver was about to finish writing the letter of introduction.


『Okay, I’m done. I also wrote a place on the map, and this is my introduction letter』(Silver)

『I’m saved. Thank you』(Mira)


Mira received the map and letter of introduction from Silver as she said thank to him.


『It’s nice to know that there are young people like young miss cherish the spirits.
I wonder if our encounter is a guidance of spirits?
Well, let us both keep the spirits safe together』(Silver)

『Why do you not join the Isuzu Federation, we will welcome you』(Blue)

『Well, I will think about it』(Mira)


Mira smiled a little to Blue and left the tent.
When the girl’s appearance disappears, Blue talked to Silver.


『By the way, Captain, I wonder what is that proof?
Could you tell us about it in detail?』(Blue)


As he heard Blue said that, Silver had a bitter smile, he answered while picking up the documents to put back in his bag.


『You should know because you have already seen her fighting with Chimera Clausen member.
It would be better for us to show our sincerity and co-operate with her rather than to hide it.
That young lady was helping the spirit, that alone should be enough to earn our trust it.
And more important, you also saw that medal, right? It’s very special.
This is the first time I see it, too.
But it has the national emblem of the Arkite Kingdom engraved, the figure of 9 representing the tower, and the emblem of the ring which is the symbol of King Solomon.
That means she is a member of the Ninth Tower.
Briefly, the owner of that medal has status guaranteed by King Solomon of the Arkite Kingdom』(Silver)



It means that girl is working directly under the royal family, and defying that girl, who has the medal is the same with opposing King Solomon.


『That young lady is in a position to speak directly with King Solomon rather than a liaison. So, this story is definitely transmitted to King Solomon as well』(Silver)

『Our existence is publicly confidential, so why did you tell Mira-san everything while you know that?』(Blue)

『 The accomplishment of capturing one of the Chimera members that we could not achieve until now, it will have a big impact on everything soon.
Even if that Chimera man is stubborn, he will spill out everything once we handed him over to the chief.
When that happens, our work will change greatly, we will not be able to stay hidden like before.
Stay hidden for working was never good in the first place, what we could do was really limited.
And you should know, the Arkite Kingdom is the country of art user.
If they were to know about our situation, they will surely give us their help…
Or at least, that girl will…』(Silver)


Silver was convinced that the achievement of this time is worth it.
As a result, there will be a change with Chimera Clausen soon.
Who are they, what they are planning while keep killing the spirit, who behind it or what country behind it?
That information will change everything.
Perhaps the situation will become more intense.
In that case, co-operation with the country will be indispensable.
Silver chose Arkite from the beginning.
No, he had no choice.
False testimony to that medal’s holder is like letting go of a country should become their powerful ally.
He must be sincere.

So he told Mira about their headquarter location and gave out the letter of introduction.
Silver was quietly happy hoping for his success
Blue who hadn’t thought about the current struggle, nodded with Silver and stared at the Chimera Clausen man sleeping in the box.

Mira and summoning
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