Yuna Manga Chapter 1: Bear Equipment Set Get.

Yuna Vol 1 Cover.jpg

Tranlator’s Note:

My bad, everyone. I didn’t know that Yuna manga is already translated by X & M.

I already search google for it before translating but only find the Novel so I thought no-one translated it yet.

So of course I will not continue, X & M have better translator, cleanse, re-draw than me after all.

By the way, anyone happen to know if Maou-sama no machizukuri manga (Author’s English name: “The Devil is making city”) is already translated?

Edited: Thank you very much, readers. I won’t pick up it then.

Sekai-Saikyou-no-Kouei-Meikyuukoku-no-Shinjin-Tansakusha ( “The world strongest Rear Guard” ) manga ?

It seems like no group picked it up yet, so I will pick it up.

Feature: Cute Loli in suit. Good drawing style and good battle scene.

Various other things: White Collar Japanese worker oji-san MC? who care

Office Lady heroine? who care

Twin tail Blonde Tsundere? who care


Author: Kumanano

Yuna Manga Chapter 1: Bear Equipment Set Get.

Page 01Yuna Chapter 1 Page 01.jpg

Page 02Yuna Chapter 1 Page 02.jpg

Page 03Yuna Chapter 1 Page 03.jpg

Page 04Yuna Chapter 1 Page 04.jpg

Page 05Yuna Chapter 1 Page 05.jpg

Page 06Yuna Chapter 1 Page 06.jpg

Page 07Yuna Chapter 1 Page 07.jpg

Bear Set.jpg

Page 08Yuna Chapter 1 Page 08.jpg

Page 09Yuna Chapter 1 Page 09.jpg

Page 10Yuna Chapter 1 Page 10.jpg

Page 11Yuna Chapter 1 Page 11.jpg

Page 12Yuna Chapter 1 Page 12.jpg

Page 13Yuna Chapter 1 Page 13.jpg

Page 14

Yuna Chapter 1 Page 14.jpg

Page 15Yuna Chapter 1 Page 15.jpg





  1. You kmow the guys at Champions Scans are searching for translators for the Mile Manga. You could look for a coorperation with them.


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