Mile Chapter 181: Litoria 1

Mile Vol 6 Page 11
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Mile Chapter 181: Litoria 1

(T.N: Mile’s POV?)

After a few days later.
It was about time we needed to go see Litoria again, to see whether those multi-vitamin tablets have an effect or not. If it’s really effective, we should see the change.
If it wasn’t so effective, we had to change the method. But we had to confirm first.


There’s young girl suffering, the girls couldn’t waste too much time.
That’s why《Red oath》party, went directly to the Aura family first thing in the morning.
Of course, this time, they are just walking.


Even though it’s a visit without appointment, however the girls don’t have worry about permission from the baron.
Because, they just need to meet Dunbine or any servant.
Even if they couldn’t go inside, they still could just ask about Litoria’s condition, so there is no problem.
The grocery store and the fish shop also don’t have appointment before visiting.
It’s pretty much the same.


『Welcome young ladies! Lord Baron will meet you immediately, in the mean time, please come to this place!』(Dunbine)


But it wasn’t the same.
As soon as 《Red oath》 told their name to the gate keeper, butler Dunbine came like flying to greet them.
And then the girls were guided by him to Litoria’s room.
And what the girls saw when they entered the room urged by butler Dunbine.


『Ah, long time no see, everyone!』(Litoria)


Litoria was exercising actively with light squat, no it’s Hindu squat.


『Wha, what…』(Rena)


Rena was letting our her surprise voice while the other three didn’t make an noise.
It seems like Litoria was already getting better.


『I…I’m sorry to keep you waiting』(Baron)


When the《Red oath》were still surprised, the baron came.


『Not only her lower paralyzed limbs and frail constitution have been recovered
but her physical fitness also improved as well.
She also has appetite now.
It’s way beyond what I can hope.
We are really appreciated this』(Baron)


As he said that, the baron who lowered his head.


『No, please raise your head!』(Maevis)


Even though she isn’t commoner, but it’s still somewhat uncomfortable to have the Baron bowed down many time.

Maevis said that to the Baron in a panic.


『But, this is … ….』


Even what she wore is a sleepwear type of pajamas rather than negligee,
But it’s still not something a young woman should show to the gentlemen
For a weak and frail girl, right now she is a bit too powerful.

(T.N: Powerful/Paowafuru in raw. Negligee is correct, it’s a woman’s light dressing gown not underwear)


『Somehow, my body is light and it’s fun to exercise.
This is the first time I experience this!
Is this what we call 《Health》?』(Litoria)

(… Nano-chan?) (Mile)


(What does this mean?) (Mile)

《Yes, I gave her a little service, special ingredients in the tablets …
Also, I instructed others to help her improve the constitution》(Nano-chan)

(As expected!) (Mile)


Mile expected that there was something like that.
Otherwise, no matter how good the medicine, it can’t show this kind of effect so soon.


『Uhm, if you are already getting healthy, why did you still wear clothes for when you sleep?』(Meavis)

『『『Eh……』』』(Baron, Dunbine, Litoria)


As they heard Maevis’ question, Baron, Bandain, and Litoria were somewhat stiff.


『Litoria is always wearing that, it’s kind of natural to see her like that…』(Baron)

『The sleepwear fit well with Lady Litoria, I can’t think of any other clothes…』(Dunbine)

『This is easier so to move…』(Litoria)

((((Hey!!)))) (Red Oath)

『This lazy young girl, change your clothes quickly!』(Rena)

(((Hey, hey hey!))) (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)


Rena used “young girl” (onna) instead of senpai.
Although Rena wasn’t in position to say that, from other people’s point of view, Rena is younger.
Moreover, she said it in front of her father, who is a noble.

But both the baron and Maevis just had bitter smile. And then the Baron left the arrangements for clothes change to the butler Dunbine.
Meanwhile, he and the《Red oath》moved to the guest room.


『As you can see, the request has been completed, thank you very much』(Baron)


Immediately after they went into the guest room, the baron handed out a request completion certificate taken out from his pocket to Maevis.
Apparently, he wasn’t got fool by Rena’s attitude, he seemed to have found that the leader was actually Maevis.
No, it may be because he simply thought that Maevis is the oldest, or a noble.
From her looks, Rena is only around 12 to 13 years old.
No, no, he should remember from the last time, he was already heard about the introducing, the leader was Maevis, certainly.

Maevis checked the request completion certificate that was passed to her, the evaluation was A.

Well, there can’t be any other evaluation.


『Thank you』(Maevis)


As the same time Maevis said that word, others also bowed down at the same time.
Everyone also has that kind of courtesy
It’s also like a kind of ritual.


『And, actually, I have a favor to ask but …』(Baron)


Maevis responded graciously to the baron who was saying so.


『A new nomination request? Could you tell us the contents …』(Maevis)


Even if it’s a request from an aristocrat, we will not accept un-reason-able requests or requests from someone looked down on hunters. That is the rule decided by everyone in the 《Red oath》

No matter how good a person the baron is, the girls will not accept it without asking content of the request.
However, the baron who heard the words of Maevis showed a hesitating, a little troubled.


『Request… will this be really a request?
No, hunter is certainly not a charity work.
If a noble ask of you anything, it will be job request…』(Baron)


The baron murmured something as he was feeling down.


『Please, become Litoria’s friends!』(Baron)

『I refuse!』(Mile)



It was an immediate answer, and unexpected said by Mile, the Baron raised his surprised voice.


『Wh… why …?』(Baron)


A baron who never thought that he would be refused with an immediate answer, asked Mile with somewhat upset.


『Friend isn’t something asked by the other party’s parent… in addition…』(Mile)

『In addition?』(Baron)

『Because Litoria is already our friend, so we can’t do it again anymore!』(Mile)

『Aa, eee…』(Baron)


And Rena’s group continued telling the Baron while Mile scratching her head from embarrassed.


『Well, that’s Mile for you』(Rena)

『『Other answers are impossible, don’t you think?』』(Maevis+Pauline)


It seems that Maevis and Pauline also completely read Mile like a book.
Until recently, including the previous life, Mile had a history without age equal friends, she earnestly wanted to make friend with everyone, people find it hard to refuse her
And that fact was well understood to all three other member, even they don’t know the detail about it.


『It’s easy to understand, after all Mile is…』(Rena)



Everyone could hear a surprised voice from elsewhere, and turned to the door.
Litoria had changed into an average indoor clothes, standing there with glittering eyes filling with surprise and joy.


『Fri…friends…my friends…』(Litoria)

(((Ah ……))) (Rena + Pauline + Maevis’ thought)

Even if she isn’t Mile, there’s no way I could not refuse this. (Rena + Pauline + Maevis’ thought)

『With this, I can also adventure with you all as a hunter!』(Litoria)

『『『『『『Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh~~!』』』』』』(Red Oath+Baron+Dunbine)


Everyone shouted together, not only the Baron, the 《Red oath》but also the Butler Dunbine as well.
Listening to the conversation between his master and the guests, butler Dunbine, for the first in age raised his surprise voice.

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    • if she doesn’t have something in her then she won’t fit in the long run…but then again lazy kouhai doesn’t sound bad as an additional…

      thanks for the chapter…


  1. Aaaaand the noble princess turned adventurer increase by one… Mile, what the hell is with you turning noble princesses into adventurer / hunters… how many is this already by now… 5? Marcella trip, Maevis (though technically Mile didn’t turn her into one….) and now Litoria….

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  2. And so, Red Oath disbanded because one of the member is not part of the Oath maker XD

    Thx for the chapte


  3. Suggestion:
    {A few days from then}-
    {After a few days later}.
    It was about time we needed to go see Litoria again,

    Even {}->{though} it’s a visit without appointment, however the girls don’t have worry {}->{to} about

    Even {when}->{if} they couldn’t go inside, {but}->{} they still could just ask about Litoria’s condition

    Even what she wore is a sleepwear type of pajamas rather than {negligee}->{lingerie},

    Mile expected that there was something like {}->{that}.

    {Mavis}->{Maevis} checked the request completion certificate

    It seems that {Mavis}->{Maevis} and Pauline also completely read

    between his master and the guests, butler {Bandain}->{Dunbine}, for the first {in age}->{time in his life} raised his surprise voice.

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