Mile Chapter 182: Litoria 2

Mile Vol 6 Page 11
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T.N: Readers, would you mind if I change “Red Oath” to “Crimson Oath” or “Scarlet Oath”, “Scarlet Vow” or “Crimson Vow” for more chuuni?

赤き Akaiki (JP) can mean: red, crimson, scarlet

誓い Chikai (JP) can mean: Oath, Vow

Mile Chapter 182: Litoria 2


『Wha…what are you saying…』(Baron)

『Eh, if I want to stay and act together with my friends who are the hunters, then, I have to take a hunter qualification test and join them…』(Litoria)


Litoria replied lightly to the Baron.


『『『『No, no no no no, no, wrong, that’s wrong!!』』』』(Red Oath)


《Red oath》shook their heads and right hands as they were saying that.


『I told you before, Hunter is a dangerous business, we may also die.
It’s a job that doesn’t suit for a noble lady …』(Maevis)

『Oh, that’s right! It’s such a dangerous task, a hard work, that was too much for Litoria…』(Mile)


Both Maevis and Mile desperately tried to stop, Litoria was a little taking back however…


『Eh? But both Maevis-san and Mile-san are also noble ladies, aren’t they?』(Litoria)

『『Uuu』』(Mile + Maevis)


Speaking of which, although they didn’t declare about it, but in order to have the baron’s trust, both Maevis and Mile were acting like aristocrats, and they were obviously judged to be aristocrats.

They also didn’t hide the fact that they were former nobility or the active aristocracy on a journey…

In order for the Baron to trust them, it was necessary to show that they have proper status, the person with wide range of knowledge after undergoing advanced education. So it can not be helped

Although it was really helpful, however it become backfire here…


『Hunter must have enough fighting power and strengh to defend yourself, and you can’t do it yourself without disturbing your friends.
You can’t carry heavy luggage on your back and crossing the forest, plains and steep mountains
We must also fight against enemies…
Unless you have great sword skills like Maevis, good memory for magic like us, or special skills like Mile, you won’t be able to keep up』(Rena)


Although Rena tried to persuade Litoria to give up by saying so.


『Eh, but I am good at magic.
Because my body is weak and I can’t go out of the house, so it isn’t well known, but I can use both fire and water attack magic』(Litoria)

『Wha… what’s with that』(Rena)


There are rarely such beautiful girls in nobility.
Yes, as far as Mile knows, there are only Marcella trio, the《Wonder Three》that Mile has trained and raised,
well, she did it with《power leveling》though.

Even if you search throughout the country, you won’t be able to find aristocratic girls who can use attack magic.
In addition, a beautiful girl, no lover, no fiance, or interested in anyone.
Yes, you won’t be able to find such girls.


If peoples were to know about the existence of Litoria, her talent, while her illness and body were completely recovered, there is no doubt that they would come flying.
Moreover, since there are a lot of older brothers and older sisters, so there’s no problem to take her as a bride because she isn’t a heir.
She is just the daughter of a baron, quite low rank for a noble to go against other high rank noble.

She is already 14 years old, she could already be engaged for the time being…


『And I got better from a few days ago. Now, I feel like I can go back and forth to a neighboring town holding a barrel…』(Litoria)



Rena, speechless.


『So, Lord Baron, if the news about Litoria-sama’s magical talent and completely recoverd from illness spread to the nobles of other houses…』(Mile)



Hearing Mile’s words, the baron instantly realized everything and turned pale.


『Don’t do that! Litoria, I don’t want you to become a bride of anyone!』(Baron)

『No, my father, I do not want to become a bride, but a hunter …』(Litoria)


And they kept repeating the circle for a while.


『…and as we said, we are all C rank hunters,
even if Litoria become F rank which is a brand new hunter,
Our rank will not match, you can’t enter the party…』(Mile)

『Uuu, is that so…』(Litoria)


It is a big lie.

Even if 4 out of 5 people are rank C and one of them is rank F, the party rank can be maintained as C.
More than that, if you can use attack magic,
you will probably start from D rank.
Of course, even if you can use attack magic,
you will never become a C rank right away but a D rank, who is still an amateur.
Unless you can use storage magic…

They may have realized about Mile’s lies, but of course the barons and the butler never mention it. Definitely.

With such combination, the ambition of Litoria was stopped in advance.




『Nomination request completion, A evaluation …』(Felicia)


After carefully watching the certificate received from Maevis, Felicia glanced at the face of the《Red oath》with eerie eyes.


(I should have reported it to another counter …) (Maevis)


Maevis was regreting, but Felicia beckoned and invited Maevis who tried to line up with other counters in fact.
Apparently, it seems that she decided the 《Red oath》is her own responsibility.
So other staff members were somewhat reluctant to do the report.
In the end, there’s no way Maevis can escape anyway.


『Given up by many doctors, the aristocratic daughter was bedridden with a mysterious disease,
And you just cured it in a few days, hey ….』(Felicia)

Ahem『Hey, is that a rule violation …?』(Maevis? or Pauline?)


As Felicia was told so, she obedient did the procedure.




As she said so, she placed a leather bag at the counter.

It will be a problem if you hand over too many coins and it isn’t good receiving a large amount of money at the place where there are other hunters’ eyes,
so payment over a certain amount will be handed over in a leather bag.

Some of the hunters, such as those with bad taste, those with money troubles, etc.

However, even if the amount is hidden, it doesn’t make much sense because the leather bag itself is already proving, it’s more than a certain amount, even if the money was put in the leather bag.

And the hunters here also knew that leather bags are only used for more than 30 gold coins.

In addition, because the size of the leather sack changes depending on the number of gold coins, for those who are observing, the approximate number of coins could be guessed.
Even it was a mean to avoid people knowing it, it’s backfired with extra stimulus.

Well, but the guild side thinks that is enough.


However, Felicia were different.
Yes, even with payment like several gold coins, she changed the whole amount to several hundreds of silver coin or several dozens of small gold coins and hand it over to the hunter in leather bag.
Also the leather bag isn’t free. The purchase is expensive.

It’s an act of wasting leather bags, but for some reason it has been ignored by guild master and other guild staff members
There’s no-one complain.
That is, of course, 《because it’s Felicia》
In this guild there was no one who would oppose Felicia.

And the hunter side who was given a large amount of silver coins in a leather bag is pleased with the good economic appearance, no one complains.

On the contrary, they were delighted as 《lucky》


Maevis looked into the leather bag and tried to check the number, but stopped halfway and handed it to the Mile as it was.
… Because the girls did not hear nor ask about the payment of the request from the baron,
Maevis noticed that there’s no point in checking the number now.
They couldn’t ask Felicia about it now.
If they do that, everyone will know that they received a request without deciding the request fee.

For some reason, Maevis felt that it was a very bad thing.


And Mile stored the received leather bag in the item box so that they could be seen by other hunters.

Of course, everyone seems to think that was an ordinary storage magic.
As a result, it was known that it’s impossible for pickpockets, to inform they needed to confront the 《Red oath》in order to take away gold coins.

Fortunately, there was no such hunters at all, but Felicia raised one eyebrow slightly, looking at Mile and Maevis that stored without checking the contents of that leather bag.


(Don’t you care about the number of gold coins?
or do you trust the guild so far?
Fufufu, Interesting girls ……) (Felicia)


Felicia lifted the edge of her mouth slightly, looking at the 《Red oath》which started walking away.


((((((Uwaaaaaaa))))) (Hunters)


They saw ridiculous things.
The hunters who saw Felicia at that time, felt fear.
Except only a few veteran hunters who can distinguish Felicia’s laughing face in good mood…

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  1. The girls dodged a bullet! But I feel a little bad for Litoria in the end. Maybe she can join the Wonder Three!? XD

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  2. I still like “Red Oath”, I like the way it sounds when I say it in my head, and personally, I think it is more chuuni than Crimson Vow. But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ your pick in the end lol.


  3. No reason to change it and if you were to change it then some alliteration like Crimson Creed would probably sound better.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’d recommend not changing “Red Oath”, because I think the Germanic-derived “red” sounds stronger than the Spanish/Arabic derived “crimson”. Red: “Red Blooded”; “Red Baron”; “Red Death”; “Red Meat”. Crimson: “Harvard Crimson”? “Crimson Tide”? “Crimson Blush”? Real Men eat Red Meat but who the hell would want to eat Crimson Meat?

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        OOPS, I mean, oops, sorry for the internet yelling but I just got so excited to see somebody take things down to that detail and come to the same conclusion I would. I was going to mention but the link you provided is better.


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    『{Do not}->{Don’t} do that! Litoria, I don’t want you to become a bride of anyone!』(Baron)

    『No, my father, I {want to become not}->{do not want to become} a bride, but a hunter …』(Litoria)

    for those who are {looking at}->{observing/watching}, the approximate number of coins could be

    {Fericia}->{Felicia} lifted the edge of her mouth slightly,

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