Mile Chapter 183: Avenger 1

Mile Vol 5 Page 02
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T.N: Okay then, I will keep it as “Red Oath”

Mile Chapter 183: Avenger 1


『Are they still following us?』(Maevis)

『It seems like they are still following…』(Rena)


Rena replied to Maevis question.

Today, 《Red oath》came to this forest, thinking about hunting Orc or Ogre in the forest because there was no interesting request.
The Ogre would give really good rewards and achievement points, while Orc is good enough to sell as a material.
If this is an average hunter party, they should withdraw after defeating an Orc.
Even if it’s a party of 5 to 6 people, they could only carry as much as one Orc worth of materials.

Majority rewards from an Orc is the material sale price, it was payment for carrying materials from the forest to the city, not reward from killing.
It was Reason-able.

…However, such a thing does not matter to the 《Red oath》party which has Mile.
So they normally get above average earnings.


Of course, it’s not limited to Orc and Ogre, anything can be prey because monsters are always in permanent hunting quest, and the material can be sold.
So, the girls wandered around in the forest and relaxed, and they decided to go with 《encounter battle》with the prey they met.
It’s not fun to use enemy search magic everytime.
Because everyone is paying full attention to search for prey, they will not suffer surprise attacks either.

Rena didn’t have enemy search magic like Mile, but she perceived with her intuition… someone was following them, there were doubtful signs.

Rena could tell the tailing person seems to be an amateur going alone.

Mile didn’t use search magic also because she thought that it’s not good for everyone to rely on search magic every time.
And of course, it’s also because this time the opponent seems to be an amateur.

Rena also probably guessed that’s what Mile is thinking, because Mile didn’t give out information immediately.

Anyway, the girls will not rely on Mile for enemy search magic.


『It’s a waste of time as it is. We should deal with them first, we can’t hunt in a state where there’s someone tailing us』(Rena)

『Elimination of obstacles, isn’t it?』(Pauline)


Pauline responded to Rena.
Even if the tailing person is an amateur, their bow and arrows, throwing spear may be top notch.

The girls can’t battle with Ogre while exposing their backs to that possibility.
Besides, there’s also a possibility that the tailing person feint to be an amateur on purpose.
Because there’s only one person, that possibility is very low, but it’s never zero, so the girls couldn’t ignore it.


『We can ambush in that big tree』(Rena)


Rena pointed to a big tree and three girls nodded with Rena’s word.


(……Eh?) (???)


The follower was upset for a moment.
After the girls went behind the tree, their sight was completely lost on the next moment.
They should appear again on the other side of the tree, but the girls didn’t appear even after a few dozens of seconds.

As the follower tried to check the back side of the tree, while carefully keeping the distance, there was no one there.


『Where, where?』(???)


A follower leaked her voice unexpectedly rushed to the side of the tree where she lost sight of her targets and looked round.

However, she couldn’t find anything.


『Where in the world…』(???)




Surprised by Rena who suddenly jumped off the tree, the follower screamed unexpectedly. It’s a girl around 10 years old.

Following after Rena, Mile and Maevis jumped off the trees, quickly got behind the girl and surrounded the girl with Rena.

… Pauline could get on the tree with Mile’s lifting, but as she wasn’t able to jump off like everyone, she was slowly crawling down.
After all, Pauline didn’t expect this to receive special training of jumping off the tree from Maevis. Pauline had an unpleasantly face as it’s《not cool》


『Who are you?』(Rena)

『What do you want with us?』(Mile)

『You should speak honestly, cute little lady (kawaii ojousan)』(Maevis)

『The joint …it hurts, my thigh …』(Pauline)

Mile 08

A girl raised her eyebrows on Pauline who broke the atmosphere, and her cheeks blushed as she was staring at Maevis.

And Mile could see it.


『Somehow, I wasn’t surpised about this…』(Mile)

『So, why were you following us?』(Rena)

『Well, I don’t know! I just happened walking around here!』(Loli)


Although she was still deny it, but of course the girls wouldn’t let it pass.


『Ohh, a little girl is going alone, in the forest…
Then, I wonder why did you in a hurry after losing sight of us?』(Pauline)



Apparently, the lolita thought that she couldn’t escape anymore, and she stared at Rena.

Mile Vol 6 Page 13

『You, Nii-sama’s enemy』(Loli)

『『『『Ehh……』』』』(Red Oath)


Rena has never killed a person since she met Mile’s group at hunter training school.
If she was secretly killing people around the time of a single action on a rest day, the story is different…
Those who was killed by Rena are supposed to be only the bandit group that killed the 《Red lightning bolt》
But that was a story of years ago.
Right now as《Red oath》, all bandits were caught and handed over to the guild.
Even if this loli is a bandit’s little sister, the bandit’s little sister is coming for revenge, such things have never been heard.
Besides, she should be thankful for the girl who only captured the bandits without killing.

Besides, this loli didn’t look at the Mile’s trio, she just stared at Rena.
And naturally, Rena was wondering about that as well.


『Why is it only me? If you hold a grudge, here, there’s a hungry black girl…』(Rena)

『Wh…what… what are you saying, Rena!』(Pauline)


Pauline protested to Rena, it intensify.
And as usual the atmosphere was ruined.


Mile was watching the girl while Rena and Pauline were busy dealing with other. Maevis still kept her eyes on the girl carefully.

This little girl is about 10 years old, isn’t wearing hunter leather armor, etc.
She wore clothes like an average town girl wearing, only equiped with a small dagger on her waist.
A dagger is necessary for cut plants and goblins or cobold-like monsters when they appear,
if you enter a forest, even if you aren’t a hunter, it is natural to have a dagger.
What if there are strong monster like Orc?
If a young girl decided to enter the forest alone, she must know and be prepared for it.

Her head doesn’t cover by hoods, bonnets, etc.
(Hair) Dumpling, is it?
Somehow her hair was make into 2 dumplings by dividing the hair in left and right,
Yes, with a hairstyle like Chinese girls wearing Chinese clothes in Anime, it’s a little unusual here.
Her hair is brownish, golden eyes… Mile feel like she has seen it somewhere before.


『It’s all your fault!』(Loli)


Maybe she was bothered by the murmur from 《Red oath》, the little girl finally shouted.


『Kyle Nii-sama has always hugged me tightly, but he stopped hugging me after a certain day!
Even when he received a hug from me, he suddenly became confused and pushed me away…』(Loli)


As she kept talking, the little girl started crying.

Mile Vol 6 Page 13

『Wh, what’s with that! I do not know, such a man!』(Rena)


Rena was screaming so, she didn’t understand.


(((Ah ……))) (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)


At this point, three girls, Pauline, Maevis and Mile got the person named 《Kyle》that this girl was talking about.

It’s only Rena that still didn’t know.


『What are you talking about!
Not only you hurted Kyle Nii-sama’s heart, you also forgot about it like nothing.
What’s a devil!
What’s an evil!』(Loli)

『Kyle? … Who is that?』(Rena)


As it is, the story is unlikely to progress.
Inevitably, Mile signaled to Rena with Choi choi and index finger, pointing at her face.
After Rena looked at her face, Mile pointed index fingers of both hands and put it on both side of her head.


『… … what … what do you imitate? Like a finger, like a horn,…』(Rena)


…Rena turned around looking at the little girl again.
Her line of sight was directed to two dumplings on the head of that little girl.


『Ah, it was something like that …
Then, why didn’t tell me clearly from the beginning!』(Rena)


And, that was about the devil boy who fought and was defeated by Rena, apparently this little devil seemed to be that devil boy’s little sister.
It seems that this little devil hid her horns with her hair dumplings and pretended to be human.
And three girls, Mile, Maevis and Pauline thought.


(((Well, of couse, he would have a trauma to be hugged by a girl…))) (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)


And of course this will be a big problem for woman who would become his lover in the future, as well as his bro-con sister. (T.N: Bro-con is shortern of Brother Complex)

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  1. Suggestion:
    {Major of the rewards}->{majority rewards} from an Orc is the {meterial}->{material} sale price, it was payment for carrying {meterials}->{materials} from the forest to the

    Rena also probably guessed that {}->{is} what Mile is thinking

    Following after Rena, Mile and {Mavis}->{Maevis} jumped off the trees,

    Although she was still {in denial}->{deny it}, but of course the girls won’t

    plants and goblins or {cobolt}->{cobold}-like monsters when they appear,

    about it like nothing.
    What’s {an devil}->{an evil/a devil}!
    What’s an evil!』(Loli)

    (((Well, of couse, he would {be}->{have} a trauma to be hugged by a girl…))) (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

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