Mile Chapter 187: Fairy Hunting 3

Mile Vol 6 Page 14
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T.N: Take this Guest-Edit-sensei, not even you would expect this AVERAGE RESOLUTION from Mile.

Mile Chapter 187: Fairy Hunting 3


And after a while.
The fairies finally calmed down and became quiet after Mile promised that she would not tell anyone that she met the Fairy here
and will release them as soon as she hear the story from the fairies.
Mile brought a tent out of the item box and carried all the fairies into it and decided to listen slowly.
Fairies seemed a little surprised with Mile that could bring out the tent casually.


『Undo these binding for us』(Fairy)


A fairy old man who seems to be the eldest, perhaps he is the village head, said so.
Of course, Mile can’t just go and do it.
Even though their body is small, but the fairies can fly quickly and even use magic.
No, Mile doesn’t really worry about herself.
She was worried that the narrow tent would collapse and bury the《petit》fairies under it when she prevented simultaneous attacks and it would be trouble to capture again.

As Mile honestly explained so, the fairies were silent.


『No, I will finish soon! I just want to ask a story! So, please be patient for a while』(Mile)


That said, Mile asked Nano-chan in her head.


(Can I block all of these fairies’ magic until the end of the story?) (Mile)

『If Mile-sama with authority level 5 instructed so, of course we will take precedence.
Fairy species are weak because their body is small and the output of thought wave is really weak, which can be easily offset by Mile-sama thought wave in such small place.
And apart from the ability to fly, they can only use a little magic』(Nano-chan)


If so, it’s safe.
No matter how weak their magic, Mile can’t afford to let them put a fire on a tent nor let them burn the restraining thread.


(Well then, please do it) (Mile)



『Well, I’m going to get into the main subject,
what I want to ask is about ancient civilization that is being conveyed among you』



The old fairy who seems to be the Village head was surprised.


『Well, you know, 《The country of the gods》…』(Mile)


Behind the village head, the fairies are… not able to use magic, there’s no fire, they make a lot of noises, but Mile doesn’t mind.


『Yes, since I have already heard the story from the elves and Ancient Dragons so
I know most of them.
But I’d like to ask you about the story that is conveyed in the fairy tales,
perhaps that there might be new informations…』(Mile)


As he heard that Mile was already listening from the elves and ancient dragons, the village head was dumbfound.
Well, regardless of elves, he has never thought that there are human beings who can talk with Ancient dragons.


『…I see, in that case, I will tell you…』(Fairy Head)

『Village Head!』(Fairy)



Several fairies tried to stop the mayor, but the village chief shook his head.


『There’s nothing that we have to keep secret.
On the contrary, both the gods and our ancestors would want to
spread this story.
The short-life-span like human beings, after a few generation they quickly forgot about it.
If tradition could revive among humans, isn’t it a pleasant thing』(Fairy Head)



And the village mayor told Mile.

The story that was transmitted among the fairies who have a much longer lifespan than humans.




…And there wasn’t much achievement.
Mile has already heard most of stories from the elf side, Doctor Kulereia and Ancient Dragon side Beldetes, there wasn’t any change.
No, actually the amount of information was even less than those.

Well, there is no help.
With this Mile has achieved her purpose for the expedition this time, meeting and asking the extent of information being conveyed among the fairies.

She has planned to do this in 5 rest days, now that it ended on the first day, it was good.
… And, the《Fairy friendship》was fun.
No, it would have been a nightmare for the fairies.

Yes, but she enjoyed her time and Mile was satisfied.


And then Mile looked at the fairies again, she suddenly realized.


((Fairy (Yōsei) of … larva(Yōsei)?)) (Mile)

Yes, that was the (Yōsei)fairy’s larva(Yōsei) …. no, mini girl (Yōjo)


『Will you come with me and become my Pe… I mean mascot?
It’s all-you-can-eat delicious food!
To the extent that you become overweight and can not fly』(Mile)


The eyes of Mile shone dubiously.


『Well, what should I do?』(Mini girl)


Delicious food, All you can eat, Fishing with the word, the mini girl(Yōjo) was wondering.
And then.


『『『『Who would let you take away?』』』』(Fairies)


Mile was yelled by the crowd.


『Besides, what did you try to say a minute ago! 《Pe…something?》』(Fairy)

『That…』(Mini girl)

『I tried to say 《Pet》but…ah!』(Mile)


Pe…, no, Mascot acquisition plan ended in failure.


『Well, I will release you now, thank you for everything』(Mile)



Fairies seemed surprised.
Apparently, it seems that they think Mile will not keep her promise.
Why is that so?
Because if people can take the captured fairies back to the city, they can get as much money to live for life.
Human will not miss this chance.

And then, Mile realized.


(Now that I think about, I did a little of a terrible thing, a monster with the figure of their fellow was broken open with thread and arms came out. It was a little wrong…) (Mile)


It was not 《a little》. It’s only 《a little》with Mile’s common sense…


(But I left thing as it is, it may add bad reputation to humans even more  than before…
Bad, this is really bad!
I have to do something, this is something unbearable…) (Mile)


And Mile after thinking about various of ideas while moving her hand to release the fairies, was finally came up with a good idea.
As Mile put the tent back in the item box she…


『Dazzling magic Release!』(Mile)


Mile cried out so suddenly, but actually she commanded the nano-machines directly in her head rather than by the magic words she spoke.


(Ray refraction, scattering! Moisture condensation, cooling to crystallize, formation! Gravity neutralization, formation maintenance…) (Mile)


Yes, it’s been a while, 《Mile · Goddess Phenomenon》
The water vapor in the air condenses and freezes, and the ice crystal forms a pure white wing on the back of the Mile.
On the head is a circle of light, and sparkling light particle…


『What, don’t tell me, True-Ancestor-sama…』(Fairy head)

(Eh? Isn’t this a goddess instead?) (Mile)


Mile was slightly surprised by the word that the village manager leaked out. But, well, it’s not a big difference whether they thought she is a Goddess or a True-Ancestor.


『Umu, Ye had correctly inherit the tradition,
I come to see if Ye are living happily.
It seems to be Ye had lived spectacular,
I’m relieved.
Well then, may thy life fill with happiness!』(Mile)

(T.N: Thy=your, Ye = You plural Shakespearean English)

Hi ~yun! (SFX)


And then Mile disappeared with optical magic, after saying the appropriate thing.
And, for the fairie, it was just like Mile left.


((Alright, with this everything will be
《The work of a mysterious L-size fairy, True-Ancestor-sama who did the terrible thing》It will also mean that the information will not spread to the human!
It changed a bit from my plan to blame the goddess, but the result is Alright(ōrai), Big Star(ōraidō)!))

(T.N: L-size, Alright are in English/Katakana)

And Mile withdrew triumphantly…


『Oh, oh, no way. To think that she had been watching over us…』(Fairy Head)


Trembling and trembling, not only the village head but all the fairies.


『However, it was really out of average (strange) that a human would keep promise,
And she wasn’t really a human being but True-Ancestor-sama.
After all, it wasn’t a mistake that human beings don’t keep promises…
From now on, we must be more cautious to the human beings.
True-Ancestor-sama may have done such a thing for that warning…』(Fairy Head)


The opportunity to mend the human and fairy relationship was messed up.

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  1. Oh well, at least if she want to meet the fairies, now she can just pretend to be the “true-ancestor”. Actually, she can tell the fairies that they should try to be friends with humans again.

    Liked by 2 people

      • That is typical “X quality” of japanese novel MC’s, “Mile quality” in this novel is to make a mess as no one else can and have solution as no one even craziest else can ever think of. For reference in Kanna no Kanna “Kanna quality” of MC was to make powerful techniques with the samely powerful defects/drawbacks, there’s are ton of crazy protagonists and all of them crazy in treir own unique way xD


  2. Mile has now made the fairies even more wary of humans. I don’t know why but I think them brining up the dazzling magic is a flag, but FUNA does put up a lot of flags that don’t get resolved for another 10 volumes, like the fact that Karou is being hunted down by two immortal Loli friends, or the Wonder three going to look for Adel, (They should have caught up with her already with the powerful Adel simulator.) but whatever. Last thing I don’t think the human fairy relations whould have been repaired no matter what she did after what she did to them as an average human.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ask for little girl fairy to become pe… Mascot. It is contradict with her promise to release, even though at the end of it she keep her promise.

      Why she use her goddess mode?
      It makes fairies to think that this is “trial” for fairies to overcome and they failed miserably. They have to consider to be more cautious of their surrounding especially human. Mile failed miserably to mend human-fairy relationship

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Suggestion:
    If tradition could revive among humans, isn’t it a {pleasing}->{pleasant} thing』(Fairy Head)

    …And there wasn’t much {harvest}->{archivement}.Mile has already heard most of stories from the elf side, Doctor

    From now on, we must {pay more attention}->{more cautious} to the human beings.


  4. Well to be fair most humans would take advantage of them so it’s not wrong to be cautious but the generalisation for the entire species is bad.

    Liked by 1 person

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