Mile 188: Missing (Can not Un-average) 1

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Mile 188: Missing (Can not Un-average) 1


『Well, now that we have 5-days vacation and Mile has gone somewhere else…』(Rena)


That said, Rena looked at Maevis and Pauline.


『You two also have nothing in particular that you want to do in the next 5 days, right?』(Rena)


Maevis and Pauline nodded to Rena.
Five days are too short to go back to the Tyrus kingdom, the home country of Maevis and Pauline.
So, they weren’t thinking about returning to their parents house,
and in this country that they visited for the first time, they don’t have anything to do alone.


Actually, this time when the girls decided to take a free vacation, Rena was going to play with four people.
However when Mile said to them《I will leave the capital because there is something I want to do》Rena was surprised.
And, she couldn’t just tell Mile to cancel it at the moment.
It’s unusual for Mile to say 《I want to do something》, so Rena wanted to respect it and leave it as it was.

Anyway, they are always together as a party.
They can go together again next time they have vacation.


『Well, actually there are also things I want us to do with these five days』(Rena)

『Oh, are we doing it without Mile?』(Pauline)


Pauline’s question is understandable. 《Red oath》is the party with four girls together.

And the center was Mile.
Certainly the leader is Maevis and Rena is the one who always takes the initiative, but that is that. 《Red Oath》in the bottom of everyone’s heart, is always Mile.

Apart from her ability, she is the so called mascot, or central core of centripetal force…


『That’s right, we seem to rely too much on that girl,
So, sometimes I want us to try to grasp the feeling of 《Missing Mile》in preparation for the future…』(Rena)


Yes, even until now they have always been together. But who knows what would happen.
It is a daily routine for Hunter, such as the possibility of dying during work, sickness, and members getting out due to various other circumstances.

And in particular, there are many circumstances in the 《Red oath》
Life Poisoning, no, regardless of Rena,
Pauline concerned about the business of her parents’ house where her mother and brother are doing their best.
And Maevis wanted to become a knight and stand together with her father and brothers.

The other girls have a dream of starting up a business on their own, a dream of becoming a knight, and getting married.
No, if it is about getting married, Rena also has that possibility.

Yes, normal hunter girls will not keep hunting for the rest of their life.
(T.N: is Average = Normal ^_^)


And it’s also about Mile in question.
Currently she abandoned her territory. But she is still the aristocratic, the lady of that land.
She herself doesn’t seem to have any interest in title and rank, but Mile is still young.

There’s a chance she will take responsibilities with her ancestors, family name, territory that her grandfather and mother left behind and responsibilities with her citizen.
Beside, it seems like the royalty is also interested in Mile…


In other words, at that time《Red Oath》will also be dissolved, or members will be replaced someday.
To that end, it isn’t good for the whole party to rely on a specific individual.
Rena who experienced Hunter life much longer than the rest of members thought so.


『That’s true, I agree, how about Pauline?』(Maevis)

『I also agree, we have been relying on Mile-chan too much…』(Pauline)


All agreed, and the next action for the 3 girls was decided.


***Nearby forest, same day***


『…There is no prey, Mile, start searching…』(Rena)


Rena stopped talking halfway and kept walking.


『I am hungry…』(Pauline)

『Well, let’s eat soon, Mile, food ingredients…』(Rena)

『『Ah……』』(Maevis + Pauline)


Nobody brought food.
There was always plenty of fresh meat and vegetables, bread and fruits in Mile’s storage, so no one cared about the preparation of food, no matter where they went.
Now that they thought about it, they didn’t bring dishes and cooking utensils.
Of course, they also didn’t bring the camping equipment either…

No, they were only scheduled for a day trip and will return at night.
However, they should have prepared the minimum equipment just in case.
Because who knows what will happen in the forest.


『『『…………』』』(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


Everyone thought so.
They’ve gotten used to a convenient life too much.
Carelessness. Naive. Unawareness. And corrupted common sense.
It was an invisible enemy which will slowly kill the hunters over time.


And two hours later, the girls finally acquired three rabbits and tree nuts and were taking lunch with water boiled early for drink.
If the girls brought hard bread and dried meat, they wouldn’t waste so much time for a meal.
And, if Mile is here, she could just pull out the cooked meal from the storage…
Thinking that, Rena shook her head.


(No good! In the past, after everyone in the 《Red lightning bolt》died, I could do it alone, I has been doing it properly! I’m not this weak, I’m《Red Rena》!) (Rena)


Rena was shocked by her depravity, but Maevis and Pauline weren’t so.
Even though they also thought that the activities in 《Red Oath》is poisoned by convenient human Mile, this is their first time experiencing the hunter life, they don’t feel a sense of crisis like Rena.

Since there is no other comparative experience to compare, it seems that they are currently thinking on the basis.


(This is bad!
This is bad!
This is bad!
This is bad!
This is bad!) (Rena)


Regardless of herself, Rena was concerned about the common sense of Maevis and Pauline.
If it was like this, the other two won’t be able to do anything other than《Red Oath》activities with Mile.
Things were more serious than Rena thought.


『…Orc, alone and somewhat small!』(Maevis)

『It’s easy to win, so we will hunt without lowering the value of the goods』(Rena)


As always, Maevis could discover the prey good enough.
Even if there was no Mile, Orc is just a small prey for 《Red Oath》

Rena decided to use this Orc to《practice how to hunt without lowering its value》
And then Rena, Pauline cast spells in low voice.


『Ice · Javelin!』(Rena)

『Invisible to the eyes hot mist!』(Pauline)


The Orc was surprised with the ice javelin attacked it all of sudden.
And then an almost invisible fog drifted around the face of that Orc, made its eyes feel like burning, the Orc started rubbing its face in pain.
This is targeting on eye magic system, it’s not healing magic nor attack magic but a crowd control magic.

As expected of Pauline, the newly developed magic was still dirty.

And then, Maevis jumped out from hiding ruining the gap and cut the head of the Orc instantly.
Of course, she didn’t use the true god sword.
It’s a Special Move, its shouldn’t be abused until necessary.
Still, the Orc which was rolling on the ground, rubbing his eyes wasn’t a worthy enemy for Maevis.
The Orc was beautifully slashed by a single blow.

It’s only possible with Maevis that has been trained by Mile, combined with《Mile’s Blessed Mysterious Sword》
Normal hunters shouldn’t be able to do it. Because the Orc’s neck is thick and the bones are hard.


『It’s nice. There isn’t a single wound to the part that sells high.
We don’t even suffer any damage either. It’s perfect game.
Then, Mile, storage…』(Rena)

『『『Ah……』』』(Rena + Maevis + Pauline)


Three girls, and two of them are magicians with no physical power.
Even with Orc this small, its estimated weight is about a little less than 300 kg.
And there was no-one can use storage magic.


『Would you mind resting a bit …?』(Pauline)

『We just got a break just now!』(Rena)

『However, rather than doing the impossible, it would be more efficient to take a good rest』(Maevis)


As she was tired, Pauline cried. Rena protested and Maevis followed after.
Yes, the girls abandoned carrying the whole Orc and tried to carry out only the ears which is the subjugation proof parts and as many as possible of parts which can be sold with highest price.

Even if they excluded the head, wrist, ankle, bone, and the internal organs of the part not suitable for edible, it was still around 200 kg.
Even if the girls did their best, they could only carry less than half of that.

The good parts are meat, liver, heart and tongue.
Three people shared, Rena and Pauline took up considerably less amount than Maevis.
Maevis had no complaints because the other two are weaker than her.


『After we finish carrying this to the guild, would we come back here and carry the rest?』(Maevis)

『『…………』』(Rena + Pauline)


Rena and Pauline answered with silence to Maevis.


『No, I mean, I got it! You shouldn’t have such dead faces…
Besides, even if we return here, the remainings might as well be eaten by small animals and monsters!』(Maevis)


Even if Maevis tried to explain in a hurry, Rena and Pauline’s dead eyes didn’t change.

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    • Mile’s been careful not to spoil them overmuch.

      MILE has been paying attention to it.

      You know, the same Mile that thought using a fairy’s perfect doppelganger to capture other fairies was socially acceptable.

      How could you ever entertain the thought that she was succeeding?

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  1. upsss poor little girls, they need a little help from her mile, how this cold shower will turn up now???


    • No, I think they particulary Rena will ask how to use storage magic because this is the main problem here.
      Storage food and equipment
      Storage for hunted material.

      But may be will be give another kind of magic like gravity or ice sled

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      • This is also why hunter want magician with storage magic from the start. And Mile is special for her seemly unlimited storage magic. When hunters see her bring out her storage magic , she become wanted. There are Mile hunter everywhere she goes

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  2. Suggestion:
    『…There is no prey, Mile, {}->{start} searching…』(Rena)

    Carelessness. Naive. {Degradation of hazard detection ability}->{unawareness}. And {corrupt}->{corrupted common sense}.

    tree nuts and were taking lunch with {pure hot water}->{water boiled early for drink}.

    Rena was shocked by {his}->{her} depravity, but Maevis and Pauline weren’t so.
    Even {}->{though} they also thought that the activities in 《Red oath》is poisoned by convenient human Mile, this is {there}->{their} first time {}->{feeling the} hunter life, they don’t feel a sense of crisis like Rena.

    Regardless of herself, Rena was concerned about the {recognition}->{common sense} of Maevis and Pauline.

    Of course, she didn’t use the true god sword.
    It’s a Special Move, {its should}->{it should not} be abused until necessary.

    Yes, the girls abandoned carrying the whole {oak}->{orc} and tried to carry out only the ears which are

    Even if the girls did {your}->{their} best, they could only carry less than half of that.

    『{Afer}->{after} we finished carrying this to the guild, would we come

    Rena and Pauline answered with {the}->{} silence to Maevis.

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  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

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  5. Thanks for the chapter ^.^;

    Red Oath without Mile would be not Red Oath, it’s just a simple lucky hunter girl party…


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