Mile 189: Missing (Can not Un-average) 2

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Mile 189: Missing (Can not Un-average) 2


The next day after hunting the Orc, Rena’s trio took a rest.
Well, it’s a 5 rest days vacation for the party, so it doesn’t really matter.
The reason they decided to take a day off was because their body is tired and couldn’t move. It was only that…


***The third day***


『Let’s go… but this time, we will avoid hunting Orc!』(Rena)


Maevis and Pauline nodded.


『This time we will do collection quest, we will collect the medicinal herbs with high price. We will only keep minimal amount for the proof part of the hunting prey.
And we will be camping tonight』(Rena)


Again, Maevis and Pauline nodded.

Rena thought that they had sufficient combat capabilities.
And that was right.
If it was about fighting power,《Red oath》girls are capable of defeating most of monsters.
Even if they don’t have Mile.

Master Flame magic user, Rena.

Master of healing, supplementary magic and attack magic as well, Pauline.

And sword skill comparable to B ranking, with limit break that can temporarily exceed A rank. Now gained new kind of attack method:《Ki》,《Storm Edge》, 《Mage killer》

It’s unlikely for them to lose to any high-end 5-6 people C rank party.
They wouldn’t have a problem even if they must fight with several Ogres…
Their fighting power can afford to be B rank party.


However with the guild’s current rule, it’s necessary to have both achievement point and a required number of years in the current rank for promotion. And the time from when 《Red Oath》became C rank hunter party until now wasn’t qualified to take an exam for promotion yet.

Even their credit points are accumulating rapidly, but …

Anyway, right now what they need for theirselves isn’t 《battle training》but 《Mile training》
Rena realized that.


『Shall we start preparing for the camping now?』(Rena)



It’s the afternoon when the sun was almost set. Rena decided to rest, Maevis nodded.
To build a tent, the 3 girls search for a suitable place.

A tent is rather heavy, bulky, mostly thick, stiff cloth or fur with waterproof treatment, thick wooden pole or pile with sufficient strength.
For hunter girls, when you are carrying such a thing, you can hardly carry other things, or bring back any prey, collection.

So, the girls just brought the waterproof cloth, fur, and use the tree branch of nearby tree. As long as they can prevent the rain and enough space to sleep.

Mile’s Storage has nothing to do with the weight and the volume of the tent.
So, it’s not necessary to disassemble and assemble each time, it’s made carefully with considerable hands, but there are no other people who can use such things beside Mile herself.

The tents and equipment used by Rena’s trio this time are borrowed from the guild.
Because Rena didn’t think that they would work during holidays, so all the equipment for the party are with Mile. It can’t be help.
Various equipments are stocked in the guild, because they would lend to newcomers who don’t have money or provided at the time of an emergency request.
It was second-hand goods that the hunter donated to the guild when they bought a new equipment or thing left by the dead hunter.
But for now the girls are gratefully borrowing it.



『It’s getting dark now!』(Rena)

『No, just a bit more, here …』(Maevis)


It took a while to find a place that was safe and able to cope with the sudden change of the weather.
If it was Mile, she just brought out the tent from the storage.
But right now 3 girls of《Red oath》, who didn’t know well how to set up the tent from scratch, were struggling with work more than they thought.
Rena has a previous experience, but Maevis and Pauline aren’t so 《usable》

And when they finished setting up their tent at last, it was already completely dark.


『『『…………』』』(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


The preparations for dinner went smoothly.
For the sake of precaution, they also had prepared hard bread and dried meat, but fortunately, they got some horn rabbits and bird hunted on hands, so their dinner menu was centered with those.

If it is an ordinary hunter, those luxuries would be cash income when they brought home without eating, but Rena’s trio can afford the money.
And now that they don’t have Mile, the carrying capacity is quite low compared to other parties, they decided to eat and consume it locally.

Cooking progressed smoothly by using magic, such as Rena’s ignition magic, Pauline’s water, boiling magic, and so on.
There is no problem with this even if they don’t have Mile.

Fire magic is only used to ignite wood.
It was because the meat couldn’t be grilled well.
Even if they use magical flame, the outside might be grilled properly but the inside wasn’t.
And if they keep using magic until the inside was cooked properly, the outside might be burned.


『Mile, spices…』(Rena)

『『…………』』(Maevis + Pauline)

『Well, I have hot magic』(Pauline)

『No, I’m good』(Rena)

『I will pass as well』(Maevis)


***Evening on the fourth day***


Three girl came back to the Capital.
Medicinal herbs with a slightly higher price, proof parts of the hunted monster, they left a lot of prey’s materials which might sell with high-price.
It was really good for one day’s earnings… as an ordinary party.
However, the three were accustomed to earnings when they had Mile.
This is clearly 《not average》earnings.
Three people exchange money with a guild, share the rewards and look at the coins on their palms.


『『『…………』』』(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


We have to work hard a little.
So that even if we don’t have Mile, we can still be called a veteran C rank hunter party.
And should we keep relying on Mile…
No, Mile is the youngest member, even though she has special capability, but she is equal to everyone because we are one party.
It would be rude for Mile to do more things than us.
However, right now we can only support where Mile is incompetent with (T.N: common sense ^_^)
And for that we have to work hard.
So that someday, we can truly be reliable to Mile.

Maevis, Rena, and Pauline thought so.




『I returned』(Mile)


On the evening of the fifth day, Mile came back before dinner.


『Were you able to enjoy your vacation?』(Rena)

『Yes! I could finally fulfill my long-standing wish!』(Mile)

『While you weren’t here, the three of us went hunting for practice for a while.
We got some earnings and divided with the three of us.
I think you should know about it.
Well, it isn’t a lot of money, but…』(Rena)


She doesn’t want to keep secret, and someone may speak about it in the guild later.
In that case it would be better to say properly first.
Rena thought so.


『Oh, of course! Because we had decided to do so when we formed the 《Red oath》』(Mile)


Mile said that like a matter of course.


『Besides, since my initial plan was finished early, I earned a little more in another case. Well, it’s about 20 gold coins…』(Mile)

『『『Ehh……』』』(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


Gigigi, Pauline turned her head and stared at Mile’s face.
Rena had a dumbfound face.
And, Maevis is… having a “Yare yare” face.


(Not yet…, our goal seems so far away…) (Maevis)


***A few days later***


『Mile, I have a favor to ask…』(Rena)

『Me too』(Pauline)



When Rena and Pauline told that with serious face, Mile was somewhat taken back.


『I want you to teach me the storage magic』(Rena)

『Me too!』(Pauline)



Item box that Mile has been using as a storage magic can’t be used unless the users have 《Authority level 3》which allows them to communicate with the nanomachines.

And storage magic that can be used by ordinary people is difficult to use if they don’t have talent.
It’s natural. If hunters can learn that magic easily, it won’t have such rarity value.
It’s the magic that must keep invoking all the times without distracting.
The hurdles are high both mentally and magically.
Or rather, it was too high.


『I do not mind teaching, but it’s really difficult, are you okay with that?』(Mile)

『『It’s okay, I will make sure to remember!』』(Rena + Pauline)


***And a few days later***


『『Why!』』(Rena + Pauline)


Rena couldn’t even open a subspace in the first place.
And for the sake of making money, Pauline gave her best with magic beyond the ordinary people, could open the subspace for the time being, but when she’s distracted, everything she stored from the subspace was coming out again.
Moreover, the capacity is only several tens of kilograms.

With this, she is only at level《storage magic can be used》
At best, she can only《keep baggage in storage until when she goes to bed》
But at least, she is now able to use storage magic for the first time…


『In this case, even if I train more until I can use it, it won’t have much pratical use…』(Rena)

『The load is useless!!』(Pauline)


And, Maevis who was looking for the past few days had a “Yare yare” face.


(Not yet…, our goal still seems so far away…) (Maevis)

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    • It would be more or less safe to raise them to level 2, but level 3 is the benchmark for talking to nanomachines, so her secret would be lost at that point.

      Liked by 9 people

    • Changing authorities of others seems like it’d be pretty high up on the privilege list, I dunno if a level 5 out of 10 would have those permissions. Even though 5 seems pretty high when all real authority holders are long gone…

      Liked by 2 people

      • She was able to take away the fairies authorities last chapter, giving them should use the same permissions to modify accounts.


        • Not really, her wave thought offset Fairies wave thought, like big wave consume the small wave. (need a small space)

          Just try Karaoke with maximum volume to see if you can whisper on phone with anyone.

          Liked by 5 people

      • Nanomachines were created by man, how could the authority to use them be a trait decided at birth? It just doesn’t make sense…


        • hahaha, well, just the fact that you trying to make sense of that are already wrong in the first place

          common sense? what’s that? is it tasty?

          well anyway, there’s indeed a way to raise it, i remember nano story where a human magician manage to reach level 3 at the very end of his life through unstoppable research


      • it can definitely change. there were sages who were able to here the nanomachines at the end of a lifetime of study and practice. and since humans and elves and other humanoid races begin at level 1 it means they can change. also it seems pretty normal for ancient dragon to move to level 3 at the least.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hardcore days for girls is over! Thanks for translate. P.S. Several of tens of Kgs storage – not good. Because only 1 orc have weight above 200 kg.


  2. I think the raw stated they got silver coins not mentioning that make the fact mile got 20 gold in the same span of time seem less impactful.


  3. Suggestion:
    The reason they decided to take a day off was because their body {hurt}->{sore/tired} and {I}->{it} couldn’t move. It was only that…

    We will only keep minimal {}->{amount for} the proof part of the hunting prey.

    Now gained new {news}->{kind of} attack method:

    achievement point and a {requireed}->{required} number of years in the current rank for promotion.

    If it is an ordinary hunter, those {premiums}->{luxuries} would be cash income

    There is no problem {witht his}->{with this} even if they don’t have Mile.

    No, Mile is the youngest member, even {}->{though} she has special capability, but she is equal to everyone

    It would be rude {to Mile have to}->{for Mile to have do} more things than us.

    So that someday, we can truly {shoulder}->{reliable to} Mile.

    The hurdles are high both mentally and magically.
    Or {rahter}->{rather}, it was too high.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It is Jojo :

    Rena and Pauline “Mile, we will make request for you, can you teach us storage magic”

    Mile”I refuse (Daga kotowaru) ”

    Rena and Pauline “?!!”

    Mile “you don’t need to request, we are friends, aren’t we? I will teach you if you ask me”

    2nd Jojo:

    『In this case, even if I train more until I can use it, it won’t have much pratical use…』(Rena)

    『The load is useless!!』(Pauline)

    “(Yare yare daze) my my…, our goal still seems so far away…”(Maevis)


  5. Why pauline thinks cap of several tens kg is useless? It can keep ingredients and belongings during the day and at least can help carry some of material back for sell either.


    • She thinks it’s useless cause it basically spits everything out the moment she loses focus it’s like having to remember to breathe. Basically she can either stay as she is as a healing/combat personal or drop all that and be a pack mule. And yes “spits it out” is the correct phrase so anything fragile like crates or and glass object would be thrown out on the floor so the risk of stuff breaking is higher than just transporting stuff normally that why it would be good as stated mostly for carrying hidden documents or contraband items.


  6. i think the autority level and acces is like this
    lvl 1 : nono-chan will support user to making phenomenon like using magick and anothe thing
    lvl 2 : nano-chan will assist user automaticaly like they do to maevis when she want to making fire breath
    lvl 3 : can interact with nano-chan and discuse something like making imagination more likely be able to be achieve like if you imagining make a sub-space to store something nano-chan will assist you


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