Mile Chapter 190: Kamen Girl Again 1

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T.N: This chapter is mostly Mile’s POV.

So please pay no mind, if some parts are Mile’s thoughts with “I”

and some parts with FUNA-sensei POV with “Mile”

Mile Chapter 190: Kamen Girl Again 1


『Should I get back to the captial …』(Mile)


Mile has fulfilled her wish 《meeting the fairy》on the first day of a 5-days vacation, she thought that she would take her time leisurely walk on the way home.
Because she didn’t know how long would it take to achieve her goal before, so, she ran over quickly, and seriously yesterday.
To reduce the air resistance, and to prevent her clothes from torn off or sudden combustion, she has changed to a Pichi Pichi suit (see below) made of special material.

Of course, she couldn’t expose such a figure to the public eye.
Mainly, because it was embarassing.
So, she was running with magic optical camouflage.


However, right now I have too much time to go back.
And when I departed yesterday, I did say to everyone《I will use this 5 days vacation to achieve my long-standing wish》
I just can’t ​​return after only 1 day.

Okay, I will do something to kill time until the final day…
Besides, I already checked with Nano-chan, it’s possible to get back faster than going here.
So, I can even get home easily on the last day.


And with that, the second day of the holiday, Mile’s trip started.


This area is quite far from the capital, close to the border with the neighboring country.
Well, as it is a place where fairies live, it is natural to be remote.

Mile walked with a light footstep, on a road that people rarely passed by.

Occasionally, a traveler passed by waved his hand to Mile.
Although Mile can be seen about 12 years old, but she has hunter equipments and it’s not a brand-new one.
The equipments must’ve been used a lot, and her body moved quite well with it.
That’s why the traveler didn’t seems to worry about Mile.
Because even a child can become a hunter when still very young,
but if that child has what it takes to survive several years since becoming a hunter,
then that child must be a well-versed hunter, and know if she is strong enough to act alone like this.


(……Hmm?) (Mile)


When Mile passed near a small village that she didn’t know the name, there were a lot of people arguing.
There are 2 groups with only few meters away, facing each other.

(On the blue corner) one side is farmers with about 20 peoples
(On the red corner) the other side is soldiers, around 10 or so.

The soldiers still were not taking their swords out yet, but the farmers were raising their hoes, plows, sickle in their hands.

However, this is obviously a dangerous situation.
It has nothing to do with me, but I shall not let this pass. Besides I have plenty of time right now.
Well, if it’s too much to handle then I can just go away later.
However, right now I still don’t understand the situation. I will check the situation for now.

And then Mile immediately disappeared with optical magic and gently approached the group.


『Get out of the way! We will not discuss anything unless the lord accept our request!』(Villager)

『Do you know that this is a rebellion?
If you keep it as it is, it will be irreparable, do you understand that!』(Soldier)


Apparently, it seems like the village didn’t get attacked by the invasion of other countries or deserted soldiers.
I don’t know the reason, but it seems that farmers are making some request to the lord side.
Maybe the tax was too heavy to live or the lord-side gave unreasonable request…


『In the first place, your demands are totally absurd to reduce taxes in this village!
The tax on this territory isn’t much different from other territories in the neighborhood, and it’s by no means exorbitant
And it wouldn’t be possible to reduce taxes on only your village.
If we do such a thing, how can we explain to other villages?
And there’s no reason to do so in the first place.
Why in the world did you ask for such a thing?』(Soldier)


Apparently, it seemed like the villagers were the side starting all this.


『Shut up! We will not retreat until you accept our request!』(Villager)


As the villager was saying so, he and other villagers started swing their agricultural tools in hands.
And, the soldiers who were trying to calm the villagers down, started putting their hands on the sword inevitably.

It was inevitable that the battle would begin as it was.
Mile looked around, chose a branch tree that seemed right and jumped up on it.
And then she took out the mask from the item box and wore it.

Yes, the mask that she has used before.
After wearing the mask, Mile released the optical magic, stood on a big branch and shouted to both soldiers and farmers.


『Stop fighting!』(Mile)

『『『『『『……Huh?』』』』』』(Villagers + Soldiers)


All of sudden, a (wild) little girl appeared on the tree out of nowhere, with a suspicious mask.
And the men stopped moving and looked up on the tree.




A soldier who seems like the captain of this soldier group, was surprised.
The farmer side seems to be pleased while the soldier side seems to be troubled.
Normally (common sense), people who made such way of appearance, should be the ally of the weak’s side.
And this girl seems full of confidence, regardless of appearance, she must be pretty confident with her abilities.
It was no wonder that the farmers were pleased with unexpected reinforcements.




Mile jumped off the tree with a shout and stood in the middle of the soldiers and the farmers.
Then she turned to the farmers and said.


『I am a person who helps the dominant people, people called me 《Dominant Kamen》!』(Mile)

『『『『『『What’s with that!?』』』』』』(Villagers + Soldiers)


The minds of soldiers and farmers who should be enemies have now become friends as one.

Mile had been always thinking about this while reading novels, manga, anime in her past life.
She wondered why the hero always gets on the side of those who are likely to lose.
If you help the dominant side, the battle will end soon and there will be less people dead, less wives who lost their husband, or less children who lost their father.
But if you help the disadvantaged side, the battle will continue, the deaths of both sides continue to increase.

Well, it will be different in case the soldiers from another country invaded, or the bandits attacked a village.
However, this is an internal conflict in the same country.
Peoples may have《their own justice》respectively, but you might trouble people by increasing the extra dead.


The soldier side also has their families.
They were only working seriously about their fine job of soldiers.
As they were soldiers, they must obey the lords and follow order.
It’s all for their families that they are doing their best.
Even if the villager is the right side, the one who must take responsibility is the upper level, not the people in the field.


And the hero happened to have a relationship with one party by chance, a more reason such as being asked by a beautiful heroine from the inferior side, prolonged the battle and increased the dead.
That was such a stupid thing to do .
For the time being, let’s finish the battle quickly and check if the lord side is rotten. Isn’t it better to destroy those guys later?
Mile always thought so.

There are many means, such as poisoning officials, surprise attacks when going out, sniper, arson, trap etc.

Anyway, in this state, many farmers will be killed and the rest will be caught. The soldier side will have several dead and injured people.


That’s why it’s far better for farmers to be captured intact.


Besides, if Mile were to help the farmers chasing the soldiers away. Next time, the lord will bring out more soldiers. And each time, Mile defeat them, more and more soldiers will become. The situation will get worse and worse.
And Mile didn’t intend help the villagers confront the lord for such a long time.

If she did such a thing, she would become an inquirer and lost her hunter qualification.


And if her identity was known, as a nobleman of another country, it could become an international problem.
To make it simple, it’s necessary to capture all the farmers and prevent them from being label as rebels.


『Military personnel, you have done well your role, Good work.
This one happened to be good at capturing the opponents intact.
Just leave the rest to me, the Dominant Kamen!』(Mile)

『Ye… yes…』(Captain)


The captain nodded to Mile.

Then, as they knew the suspicious masked girl, who they thought, was on their side,
was actually on enemy side.
The farmers couldn’t hide their upset.


『Attack, our opponent is just (an average) a mere little girl!』(Villager)


The farmer’s leader cried so. And it’s usually the speech of the villain side.


『Here I go!』(Mile)


Mile said so as she held a wooden sword in her hand.

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      • But it’s over 9000 series make the hero go help the weak side without consider anything.

        Straight plot, the Lords and Soldiers are all bad guys.

        Plot Twist, after a while, reveal the Lords and Soldiers that the Hero killed/harmed are actually a good guys. Hero got tricked by the weak side.

        If you read from the beginning to the end, you will the her logic arranged properly.

        See conflict + have time = can involve

        Too much to handle = give up

        Don’t know situation = listen first

        The Villager is the one started all this + the soldiers just try to cam the villagers without using force
        = The villagers is the bad one, soldiers is a good one, DON’T KNOW if the lord is good one
        = help the soldiers + capture the villagers
        = no-one die + will destroy the lord later if they are the bad guys.

        Liked by 7 people

      • I prefer the rational story.
        If helping the weak but you’re actually helping the shitty person it’ll be More shitty stories.

        Mile will deciding enemy not from appearance, I appreciate it.
        As for Another rational story, maybe Shiraori (kill Hero for Planet), Kiritsugu (Kill Minority for saving Majority)

        Liked by 3 people

        • But SJW are always in the right and it’s the government that is in the wrong or owes the people more than what those people are getting. Isn’t that the real life logic in play for decades now?


  1. everytime author explains modern politics and stuff and compare it to a very alien situation without even as much as gathering information
    I just feel like saying..
    she could’ve just entered by halting the fight and mediate for both parties instead lecturing us with modern logic as if its making her look more intelligent.

    Liked by 3 people

    • For example this chapter.

      Mile finished her long-standing wish in just 1 day instead of 5 days like she expected.
      Now she has too much free time, she is just going around to kill time and will return on the last day. Nano-chan guarantee she can go back in time.

      As she walk, she saw 20 villagers argued with 10 soldiers.
      She jumped on the tree, took out the mask and shouted to the group. “I will help the soldiers, people called me Dominant Kamen”

      And Mile jumped in between both group, offer to help the soldiers.
      The villagers angried and attacked Mile.
      Mile readied her wooden sword “Here I go”

      And that’s it. Just like you wanted. Do you still want to read something like this?
      Explanations are the world builder and what make us understand the characters.
      Skip it and what we have left?

      Liked by 5 people

      • @LOLI O MAMORITAI I don’t know if you are aware of this but the links for the chapters below 50 translated by raising the dead are broken. they changed their site to the average ability chapters they subbed are reposted on the new site as the old site is shut down and the domain name for sale.

        Liked by 2 people

    • technically isn’t it past logic? this is 99% likely to be earth thousands if not millions of years in the future.


        • I feel like that’s going to eventually become a big plot point, but who knows. miles averageness may win out and prevent her from getting involved in anything weird.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. So moderation is too much common sense for Mile, but hero of he people is too much of a template. Do I like where this is going or not.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I must disagree with her logic strongly. Not having enough people die just means the conflict will arise again in a few years.
    Conflicts arise not from scarcity of resources or anything, but from simply having too many bad people alive. Killing a lot of people also helps people to remember and not repeat past mistakes.


    • For example, soldiers “just following orders” instead of actually thinking are part of the problem that allows orders to override thought.


      • Yeah yeah, see the GOOD COPS “just following orders” try to calm the RIOT without using force or killing the rebellions.
        You will go with the RIOT, killing the GOOD COPS ?


      • Fuck yeah. There is nothing “good” about supporting that tyrant of a noble who set taxes so high that “just 30%” is considered low.
        I bet he also randomly executes people and eats babies.


        • just so you know 50% is AVERAGE and is NORMAL of this world.

          30% is SO BELOW AVERAGE and DIRT CHEAP tax rate.

          Don’t use Mordern tax rate to compare with middle age when still have slave.

          Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, just like Mexico.
      When peoples have different, they are killing each other, both good guys and bad guys die.

      Not killing anyone so that we will not kill any good guys.
      And then give the bad guys the punishments way worse than dead.

      I wonder if you really read any Mile chapters before where someone battle with Red Oath or how the bad guys were treated.


      • Yeah, Red Oath are pretty good at delivering inhumane punishments. I say it’s better to kill people off than to torture them like that.


    • Probably someone instigating it from the outside, seems a little odd they would be so set on a demand the seems that silly on the surface otherwise.

      Thanks for the translation


    • Because the peasants are taxed heavily (remember that 30% is considered low?), lack any other options to influence the government (see that the lord immediately sent dumb soldiers instead of any person with decision-making capacity), and don’t get anything out of the relationship (the lord does nothing for the peasants except oppressing them with soldiers and arresting and torturing people who try to help them).


      • As I said, don’t compare “Mordern American Freedom” with “Middle-Age Earth-like world with Slaver System”

        Just check Earth History for once, to see how the tax rate “Before Chris”


      • Don’t bother checking Earth History’s taxes. Just check peasant uprisings and evil nobles getting killed.

        Their society is horrible, and fighting to end it is a noble and progressive pursuit that more otherworldly protagonists should do.


        • Yeah yeah.

          Then I tell you, my city used to get a GREAT DISASTER, nearly all house was destroyed, my city president lower the tax to 1% and help us re-build our houses on that years, supply us with food and many things.

          Now, go make a Riot in your country, demand your governments to lower your tax to 1%.
          Point your guns to threaten your “EVIL” governments because they don’t lower the tax to 1% and don’t help you build your house, nor supply you with food..

          There’s a limit of how much of an idiot people should be.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Suggestion:
    『{How}->{} should I get back to the {captial}->{capital} …』(Mile)

    Mile has fulfilled her wish 《meeting the fairy》on the first day of a 5-days vacation, {thought of a leisurely}->{she thought that she would take her time leisurely} walk on the way home. {}->{Because} She didn’t know how long would it take to achieve her goal {}->{before}, so, she ran over quickly, and seriously yesterday.

    To reduce the air resistance,{}->{and} to prevent {the clothing}->{her clothes} from {breaking}->{torn off} or {burning}->{sudden combustion},

    Mainly, {with shameful problem}->{because it was embarassing}.
    So, she was running with magic optical camouflage.

    then that child must be well-versed hunter, and {}->{the passing traveler} can judge if {it’s}->{She is} safe enough to act alone like this.

    {a light}->{for a mere} reason such as being asked by a {beauty }->{beautiful} heroine from the inferior side,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Continue…:
      then that child must be well-versed hunter, and that child can {judge for}->{be judged that} she is strong enough to act alone like this.


  5. Rules and taxes are something we find everyday in our life. With rules we uphold order so everyone will have a good life and taxes are used for everyone and public benefit.

    But corrupted rules will make everyone suffer

    Taxes with use for own benefit and no public benefit, will make peoples don’t want to pay them, they feel betrayed because their collected tax are not use for public benefit.

    Even if the taxes are low but if it is not use for public benefits, it will turn down the people who pay for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Another example:
      You pay rent low to the apartment you live in. And everyone does, no one complain because it is low rate.

      But then the management didn’t pay land and building tax to goverment, the apartment will be sealed.

      Aren’t you will be disappointed with the management? Where the rent money paid goes? Why they don’t pay the taxes so the apartment going to be sealed?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I am agree,

        i just give a “legit reason” for farmers to raise a riot. They saw the lord more rich and prosper than themself. But it is always like that, ruler or lord always rich and prosper than the commoner.

        So why should we (the farmers) pay taxes if the lord more prosper than us? If we can, we want tax free.


      • Rioting people are by definition good, and riot-suppressing police and soldiers are by definition bad. Even though rioting is dangerous.
        And this time Mile joined the police. Well, she is crazy, so I’m okay with that as long as it’s funny, but she is still the bad guy.


        • Riot is BAD, THE WORST.
          IT WAS NEVER GOOD.
          Rioters is TERROTISTS, that must be killed or put in jailed forever.

          Don’t mistake a Riot with a Demonstrate.

          Public Demonstrate is good thing. They make government change to better.
          But Riot is just some CRAZY PSYCHO MEN that want to BURN, DESTROY AND KILLING PEOPLES when they have the change, when other peoples have problem with the government. (I have acquaintances were upright citizen and were victims of a Riot, they are just injured and already healed though)



          Liked by 1 person

        • Your company paid you 1000$ per month.
          You heard other company paid 4000$ per month.
          You called other people pointed guns to your boss demand raise to 4000$ per month without caring to find out why other comany pay 4000$.

          That was GREED, ENVY.

          But If you Blindly let GREED and ENVY control you, then you are not better than a beast.

          If you can control your greed and envy and use it as a motive then it’s good.

          Like you see other people get pay 4000$, you envy, you try your best to improve to get pay 4000$. Or greedy, you don’t want to stop at just 4000$ but want to try harder to get pay more to become a boss yourself.

          And don’t you know what are 7 deadly sins?

          Liked by 2 people

      • Saying greed and envy aren’t sins because they are the cornerstones of capitalism honestly just makes capitalism look horrible more than it makes greed and envy seem justifiable in the slightest.

        Liked by 2 people

      • > Rioters is TERROTISTS, that must be killed or put in jailed forever.
        There is one thing I REALLY hate. It’s when people attempt to redefine words to work in their favor.
        Like calling whomever you dislike “terrorists”.

        “Terrorism” is using separate acts of random violence against the civilians to scare them and get your way. The people protecting Donbass from Kiev’s nazi thugs are not terrorists. People throwing stuff at police are not terrorists. People killing politicians are not terrorists.

        I know this is an old problem, and that’s why copying enthusiasts are called “pirates”.
        But it does not make it any more justifiable.


        • Yes, and Rioters is using separate acts of random violence against the civilians to scare them and get your way.
          They just use “throwing stuff at police” and “killing politicians” as a reason and a chance to break in civilians houses / shops and kill the owner, steal everything they want JUST FOR FUN. That’s what Riot is.

          DO YOU EVER SEE any Riot that attack ONLY “Polices and politicians” ?
          NO, civilians are always get dragged in their mess, people are injured, are killed FOR NOTHING.


        • But don’t you see the problem here?

          THOSE IDIOT VILLAGES heard “if they become aggressive, the lord must accept their demand” and they do it. THAT WAS GREEDY.
          THOSE IDIOT VILLAGES heard “Officer, soldiers will not dare to kill them” they pointed their weapon at the officer and refused to talk.

          Why don’t you try to do like THOSE IDIOT VILLAGES to see how GOOD a citizen you are?

          My village tax rate at the GREAT DISASTER year is really 1%.
          You don’t need to care about your city don’t have any disasters, just cause a RIOT and demand your city president to lower the tax to 1%.
          Point your guns at Police Officers and Refused to talk about your reason.


      • >And don’t you know what are 7 deadly sins?
        They are pretty big-boobed ladies from the recent anime.
        Seriously, stop assuming everybody here is Christian and American.

        It goes both ways, undermining both Capitalism and Christianity. And that’s why I like this so much.


      • Look, I already understood that you have a personal history with riots. I have personal history with malevolent governments too.

        You know, it’s easy to avoid riots. The government just has to do a reasonably good job and respond to citizens’ needs. This way, everybody’s goals can be achieved peacefully and without collateral damage.
        Rioting isn’t the best way to get what you want. There would be collateral damage, there would be bad people who are using a riot as an opportunity to do some pillaging, people on both sides are likely to get hurt or die…
        But sometimes, it’s the only way.

        >And by 7 deadly sins I mean: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.
        Yeah, the basic things that make us human and allow progress. Personally, I admire sloth, the root of all automation, and wrath, ability to get rid of bad things and people.

        >And I don’t know that there are a series named 7 deadly sins.
        There two anime named “7 deadly sins”.
        One is a shounen battle anime with heroic guys themed after the sins they bear,
        The other is about busty ladies who are devils and embodiments of their sins:


        • I will tell you.

          China steal the islands group from us, Vietnam.
          Some Crazy Vietnameses angry with China government, they Riot and destroy anything that have China letter.
          My acquaintances just happen to run a shop sell China goods, those Riots break in his shop, injured him and steal/break the goods.

          Tell me, how can you avoid that Riots ?

          My government still do a reasonably good job and respond to citizens’ needs.

          In England, 1 police for some reason shot 1 people dead, and people angried, they Riot. Break car, break house, burn car, burn house… I remember there are report about injured and dead for citizen as well in that Riot as well.

          Tell me, how can you avoid Riot? The England’s government still do a reasonably good job and respond to citizens’ needs.

          1 police do things wrong, there is law to imprison him.
          How could attacking un-involved people, destroying un-involved things is any goods.

          The PURPOSE OF RIOTS isn’t demanding Government to do things for them like a desmontrate. They just act on their instict, from hatred…

          Well, put all that Aside.
          I don’t care about RIOT is good or bad anymore.

          In Mile case, Mile just saved their STUPID VILLAGERS from become CRIMINAL SLAVES or KILLED ON ACTION. And Mile also saved some soldiers that might be injured or killed. The problem is just that.

          IN THAT WORLD, 50% tax is common sense.
          IN MY COUNTRY 10% tax is common sense.
          IN AMERICAN ALASKA 1.76% tax is common sense.
          The US government is nice because they doesn’t raise tax to 2%,
          my country government is nice because they don’t raise tax to 20%,
          the lord in that chapter is nice because he doesn’t raise the tax to 60%.

          If any US citizen stupid, greedy enough they would riot to demand lower tax rate to 1% with no reason.
          If any citizen in my country stupid, greedy enough, they would riot to demand lower tax rate to 5% with no reason.
          If any villager in Mile Novel stupid, greedy enough, they would riot to demand lower tax rate to 30% with no reason.

          And those stupid peoples deserve to be put in jail.
          And Mile just saved those stupid villagers from be sold as Criminal Slaves.
          That’s it.


      • >In England, 1 police for some reason shot 1 people dead, and people angried, they Riot. Break car, break house, burn car, burn house… I remember there are report about injured and dead for citizen as well in that Riot as well.

        It depends on the circumstances a lot. If other policemen just stood there and laughed, this is a total breakdown of police system, and a sufficient reason to panic. If the government did not react fast and decisive enough, it means the government is in cahoots with the policeman and things are even worse.

        But from a more practical point of view, you probably just saw the explosion of racial tensions that were accumulating for a long time. To you, a simple TV viewer, it looks like riot happened suddenly, but everyone involved knew it was likely for a long time before it happened.

        > And Mile just saved those stupid villagers from be sold as Criminal Slaves.
        Are they not slaves already? The peasants wanted to stop working, but the lord immediately sent soldiers to oppress them back.


        • 1, Don’t want to argue more about this RIOT topic anymore. People have different ideas.

          2, The peasants didn’t want to stop working, they wanted to to stop paying tax.

          No one stop them from working, they didn’t working, they don’t have food to feed themselves, they don’t earn anything, they only need to pay 50% of what they have (nothing) as tax, which also equal to ZERO TAX RATE =50% x 0 = 0% x any number. But of course the peasants will die from starving.
          No one stop those peasants from leaving as well.
          As long as they don’t live in the lord’s land and not under the lord’s protection (a forest, a cave, …) they don’t need to pay tax.

          Quite different but peasants don’t want to pay tax when they are working on the lord’s land is just like: you stay at hotel without paying.
          Remember, that village is the lord’s land, not the peasants’ land.
          Those peasants live in the lord’s land is like us rending a house/apartment/store to live/work and we must pay the rent fee.

          Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t want to continue this discussion either.
        Let me end it on a nice note. “Land to the peasants, factories to the workers!”.


        • EVERYONE KNOW THAT because we are modern people.
          I also think 10% tax rate in my country is HIGH but I think 50% tax rate in middle age is AVERAGE.

          My country ONLY gives lands to peasants near the time I was born. (developing country)

          A Nice note from me to you too.
          If we ask “Land to the peasants, factories to the workers!” in Slave Middle Age time, we will be burn on cross like Chris Jesus or witches.
          History proves that.
          There are no witches, there are only researchers, doctors who were doing the right, who were helping the developing of the world that were burn in cross.

          YOU ARE AMAZING for knowing many NICE KNOWLEDGE from modern time.
          If we are discussing about modern time, I may call you professor with respect.

          But in the end, you just biased your MODERN KNOWLEDGE to a slave middle age time.

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Miles is trying to be deeper than this needs to be.

    One side is trying to figure out the reason
    The other refuses to explain themselves before taking up arms.

    Which side to stand on from a moral perspective (at least until you know whats actually going on) is pretty obvious. And its not an issue of the deathtoll either.


    • i guess it’s the latest chapter, so you won’t find [next] button yet

      (oh hey, it’s the latest chapter already!!? i just realize it myself, time sure fly fast)


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