Mitsuha Manga Chapter 18: Adventures

Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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Official English Full name: Saving 80,000 gold coins in the different world for my old age

Mitsuha Credit Page.jpg

Author: FUNA

Novel Author. “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the different world in preparation for the old age” and made a debut post as “Become a novelist”. Other works, “I said that the ability is average value!” , “Survive with a potion”.
This time, a very ordinary girl, Mitsuha, that can teleport between the worlds.
No, where in it is “ordinary”! (^ ^) /
Mitsuha has child-like body, but her brain is apparently beating other girls in the comic world! No, I like her already !! “(FUNA)

Novel Illustrator: Tozai.

Covering and drawing illustrations for “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the other world for old age”.
“Character information, pictorial information, thank you for enjoying the work with both.” (Tozai)

Mangaka: Motoe

manga artist. Born from Aichi prefecture. In 2007, won the 8th Sirius Rookie Prize.

In his book “Oya dances at a martial arts association” “Hamamura Nagisa’s calculation note” (original work / Aoyagi Akito).
“A child-like girl Mitsuha is a story about doing business while playing with young girls in different worlds and fighting enemies with modern weapons.
I hope you enjoy the powerful Mitsuha chan.
A handsome little man and a lot of old men will also appear! “(Motoe)

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 18: Adventures

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Page 19

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  1. ?? what wrong with ppl upload on mangadex? if loli mamoritai care enough about that, just claim you group name there and set restricted upload.. i’m sure anyone think it okay to upload at a site like plus you didn’t say anything in post about ppl not allowed to upload/host to any site.. seriously you need make it clear.


    • I ONLY don’t want to upload in OLD BATO.TO where readers insult my TRANSLATION.
      I mean, I know I’m bad at English and is still learning at that time.
      Yes, I love BATO.TO and often read comments for fun.
      But about 50% of comments is insulting my work.
      SO BACK THERE, I don’t want to upload on BATO.TO

      I prefer people to WAIT AT LEAST until Guest_Edit proof-read and I edit as his suggestion.
      It was just life a draft without a proper edit check it once.


      • Your translations are fine. I don’t really see much of an issue with them. Keep up the good work! ^^


  2. well srry about that .. as I’m the one asked my friend to upload there. I didn’t know loli mamo do not want his stuff to be host anywhere (he never said anything ” do not ” upload etc) so i assume that he okey with it,


    • Yes, I’m okay with it but I want you guys at least waiting after GUEST_EDIT checking.

      I have TRAUMA from OLD BATO.TO that about hundreds comments insult my Bad English translation and manga format.

      Unlike other reading site only uploading finished worked, I upload un-proof-read, un-edit one here, wating for GUEST_EDIT to edit it.


  3. Page 2:
    Suggestion: “These members!” -> “These people!”
    Correction: “These equipments!” -> “This equipment!”
    Page 4:
    Correction: “I was boring for keep watching the store all alone” -> “I was bored from watching the store all alone”

    Page 6:
    Correction: “Thank for the tea” -> “Thanks for the tea”

    Page 8:
    Correction: “Recently, , there are only a few rural disputes and war, we don’t have enough works. There seems to be some mercenaries followed the bandit path” ->
    “Recently, there are only a few rural disputes and wars, we don’t have enough work. There seems to be some mercenaries following the bandit path”

    Page 9:
    Correction: “…We have been working serious but we didn’t earn enough…” -> “…We have been working seriously but we don’t earn enough…”
    Correction: “To replace weapons that have been damaged, let’s alone living properly” -> “To replace weapons that have been damaged, let alone living properly”

    Page 10:
    Correction: “…not contradiction” -> “…not a contradiction”

    Page 12:
    Correction: “Sven-san and other” -> “Sven-san and others”

    Page 13:
    Correction: “…kind of person treats” -> “…kind of person that treats”
    Correction: “…few demerit” -> “…few demerits”
    Correction: “and request fee” -> “and the request fee”
    Correction: “Beside” -> “Besides”

    Page 14:
    Correction: “…have of treat” -> “…have a treat”

    Page 17:
    Correction: “A lot of baggages” -> “A lot of baggage”
    Correction: “No, compare with a flashy color fluttering dress” -> “No, compared with a flashy colored fluttering dress”

    Page 18:
    Correction: “…strange built” -> “…strange build”
    Correction: “ranged weapons” -> “ranged weapon”

    My quick overview of corrections.

    If you ever want me to look over the release before it’s out you can email me at I’d be happy to help.

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    • Thank you very much.
      Attually I prefer to upload it here right away.
      Because I want to keep up with the daily released chapters instead of waiting.
      Just posting the EDIT on comment like this is a GREAT HELP.



    • Page 1: (miss)
      Conquest the demon king {catsle}->{castle} i’d like to try it, unparalled isekai

      Page 2: (improved)
      {A party with these kind of members}(this is okay, but if you want to change to peoples)
      {a group with these kind of peoples}(you can use this because we don’t know at first if they’re one party at first time it just an assumption)
      (Party-member / group-people)

      And {these equipments}->{those equipments} as well (it is plural, swords, armors)

      Page 12 : (miss)
      Next time you go out hunting, i want you {}->{to} bring me along

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  4. The kind of equipment for an outing, which on this side of the world would freak out quite many people who saw them… Awesome 😀 Thanks for the chapter.


  5. They go ga-ga over the equipment but totally miss the load bearing vest lol.
    People just don’t get how radical such a simple thing was for load carrying. I guess it’s because it evolved gradually but compare it to the packs used by their soldiers, it’s a huge leap forward since it keeps all your critical equipment ‘at hand’.


  6. i want to read the manga where this mercenaries got their common sense destroyed by mitsuha…hehehe….


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