Sei Manga Chapter 4-1

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 4-1


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Sei 2
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  1. “my skin have also become healthy color.”
    “my skin *has* also become *a* healthy color”
    though that’s still a fairly strange way of phrasing.
    “my skin also looks more healthy” would be the more organic way of translating, even if not entirely word for word accurate.

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  2. Yes, ever since Sei came into the world, her skin was rejuvenated and her eye sight getting restored little by little. Also, roses have been growing around her as if to make a portrait out her at every opportunity.

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      • Black Healer was NTR? Thought it was too fluffy for NTR.
        On the other hand, I think we might have to clarify what does NTR mean to you….



          an ASS-HOLE VILLAIN will steal a kiss from Main Heroine by force and about to rape her before 2 peoples come to rescue her.
          It leave a bad taste on my mouth that I drop from that chapter.

          NTR mean Netorate, which means main villain sexual interact with main heroine (with or without her consent)


        • Ok, only a kiss, that’s quite mild for NTR. Personally, I’ll only get worked up if he actually succeeded in raping her. Kissing is only ‘outrage of modesty’.


  3. Her potions are already overkill for almost anything short of instant death, she should be looking for other types of effects instead of stronger healing. AOE or constant Regen would be more helpful then healing at this point as her adv potion bassicly full recovery.

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  4. Suggestion:
    Page 3:
    It’s {ingredien-ts}->{ingredi-ents} for skin toner

    Page 4:
    I can also make it from {flowers}->{flower} called {roses}->{rose} too

    Page 9:
    I heard that the royal palace library {}->{has} more books than the institute so i went there.


  5. Wow! So far I’ve not been able to find any “glaring” flaws in your translation on this chapter nice work LOLI O MAMORITAI !! keep up the good work!

    also I am a bit a happy that Sei is living healthily and getting a bit prettier as a bonus lets just hope it doesn’t bite her back in the future, who knows what might happen.


  6. Thank you for the translation. I find this story midly interesting. It have potential but some executions are not really good. But the art is gorgeous so it somehow balanced it out. The next paragraph are my rants. Sorry if it’s long rant 😌

    After reading this far, how unreliable and ignorance the kingdom official are. They late to realize Sei’s potential and neglect her. Her magic or cooking maybe not have instantaneous effect like heal but it have more mass use since lots of people can use it conveniently.

    I also don’t like how the story move the reason of neglect of Sei and the conflicts that can occur to the background. It’s waste of conflict potential to spice up the story. We only get the stupid red head prince on first chapter and he disappeared into oblivion. Maybe the interesting conflict will appears soon?

    Well, at this point of the story, we can conclude its plot geared toward slice of life and silence awesomeness of Sei. Maybe it will build up and her awesomeness will spread soon.


    • Yes, the only bad guy is the Red head prince.
      The King and the Prime Minister still got reports about Sei
      The country realized how overpower Sei is but wanted to keep a secret to protect her.
      The manga skipped it but Novel mentions about country arranged secret knights to protect the institute.

      By the way, they don’t want to take advantage of her power.
      They wanted to get on her good side.
      All they need is the saintess to be here to purify the misasma.

      Lastest chapter that I read, the King was really hesitant when asking for her help with purify other territories.

      There’s no plot twist nor mastermind here.

      It’s all about how overpower Sei is and how this kingdom suffer to deal with her overpower and protect her.


      • Thank you for your heads-up. Too bad the kingdom or others reaction not really shown or used as pov. Maybe in future chapters? Are we on the last manga chapters?

        And how about the other priestess? This story really need others pov to broaden the perspective.

        Reading reviews in novel updates, some say the light novel have better plot development than the wn. I think i will start reading 🤔


  7. After reading the LN, the story become decent and the neglect is reasonable. I hope the manga adaptation can stay true to LN 😆


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