Sei Manga Chapter 4-2

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 4-2


Page 1Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 01 a.jpg

Page 2Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 02 a.jpg

Page 3Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 03 a.jpg

Page 4Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 04 a.jpg

Page 5Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 05 a.jpg

Page 6Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 06 a.jpg

Page 7Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 07 a.jpg

Page 8Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 08 a.jpg

Page 9Sei Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 09 a.jpg

Sei 2
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      • If you’re really evil, you can first upload a nonsense translation then take it down and put the correct one up lol. I suspect most of the upload sites use bots so it’ll just grab your post without checking.

        Bonus points for embarrassing self insulting texts hehe.
        ‘I rip off other sites without permission’
        ‘I don’t do basic checking’
        ‘Engrish is my 1089th language’


        • Well, but then, other readers in my site only get involve in that TROLL.
          I’d rather not hurt those honest readers.

          My translation might have many mistakes but at least I did my best. And I will try to edit it as soon as I have suggestion.

          Other sites that used bots will have the inferior version because they didn’t check.

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  1. Page 1:
    This bell {is at}->{, it is already} 3 o’clock

    Page 9:
    After that {captain}->{, captain hawk}


    • Ye I found where the LNs are being translated as well. Its very clear in those he likes her. It takes her awhile be she starts warming up to him as well 🙂


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