Mitsuha Novel Chapter 31: Great Cleaning

Mitsuha Mangaka signture
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T.N: as usual, this chapter is also Mitsuha’s POV.

Whenever you see “I” which means Mitsuha thought.

Whenever you see “Mitsuha” which means FUNA sensei’s narrator.

By the way, I cut apart Mitsuha’s Mono-inner-thought to many parts to understand easier.

And sorry everyone, it seems I made a mistake with Rank. Mitsuha is a Viscountess, not a Baroness.

Mitsuha Novel Chapter 31: Great Cleaning

Additional edit by TheDefend

I entered the town on foot.
As I walk for a while, I can see the sea ahead.
This is rather rare for a rural town to have streets for travelers.
However, why does everyone look at me, is it so rare to see a traveler?

Ah, is it because a loli in one piece dress appeared alone in this place?

Mitsuha Walking.jpg

Anyway, my stomach is empty. For now, let’s eat in a restaurant, or any shop available.
I will also need to collect information.
So, I will not eat at home (on earth) today.
I will order a 《full set meal》 properly.

Mitsuha Eating.jpg

At that time, when I heard the name of the town, I thought it was a《town》.
I see. Then it just changed name into Mitsuha?
But if it’s this small, isn’t it just a 《village》then?

Mitsuha Pondering.jpg

Because this is a seaside village, the《full set meal》here is just mainly fish.
Yeah, it’s more like a《fish set meals》
There’s no other impression.

It is a small restaurant in a rural place, and it isn’t dinner time yet, so there are no other customers.
For now, I should talk to the owner and listen to the reputation of the former lord, but the mouth of this woman is… too big. (T.N: talk too much)


[Well, the former lord is a disgrace, his family was crushed…
And then no-one knew how the next lord would be…
It was unlikely that a good lord would come to a rural territory like this…] (Shop Owner)


Something like that.
But this is not something that you should talk to an unknown person.
This owner seems like a casual person.
Well, I gave up listening to her blah-blah-blah and left the store after asking where the lord’s mansion is.


The mansion is at the outer edge of the town.
Because this village is quite small, the buildings are sparse. So, I reached the place quite fast.
Un, I won’t call this the lord’s mansion anymore.
Well, I wonder if I should call it my lord’s house then.

Mitsuha House.jpg

Haaa, I felt bad about the lord things, the shop owner, and the lord house.
First of all, I will put down my baggage on my shoulder then I will knock with this door knocker.

And then…


『Who are you?』(Maid)

Mitsuha Maid.jpg

A (wild) maid-san around 16 to 17 years old appeared and asked Mitsuha so.

Yes, the former lord was stripped of his noble title, but the servants weren’t. The next lord will also in need of servants, and he couldn’t just bring employees from his former territory easily, even his vassal as well.
Those servants normally wouldn’t want to leave their families, their friends, their hometown and go to another land.

And as the new lord isn’t familiar with this land, he will not be able to recruit good servants in a strange land.
For that reason, except for the old servants who want to leave themselves, most of them would remain in the lord mansion to serve the next lord.

Of course, after seeing the next lord, they can quit if they don’t like the new lord.
Also, on the contrary, the new lord may not want to hire the servants he doesn’t like.
And of course, those who dare to say《 the previous lord was better》are most likely to be kicked out.
That’s why, most of the servants will still remain, and they will welcome Mitsuha as the new lady.

Anyway, this is my servant.
At least for the moment.


『Ah, I’m Mitsuha』(Mitsuha)



Maid doesn’t seem to know about Mitsuha.


『I became the lord here, Mitsuha von Yamano』(Mitsuha)

 『Eh, ah, yes. EEEEEeeeeh!』(Maid)


Well, of course, the maid will be surprised.
To think the new lady would walk alone and carry luggage by herself.
Not to mention, it’s a girl whose appearance looked like 12 years old.


『Please call all employees soon.
I will do a greeting to all of you on my arrival』(Mitsuha)



The maid ran like flying away.


『Greeting, all servants.
I am the new lord of this land, Mitsuha von Yamano.
The size of this territory will not change, but from today it will be a Viscountess’ territory instead of a baron’s territory』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha Greeting.jpg

The employees are surprised.
Baron and Viscountess’ family are literally different.

They can expect some improvement in their treatment, payment, etc.
And even if they are the same in term of being servants, the《servant of the Viscountess》and the《servant of the baron》are still different.
Even when they change jobs and look for marriage partners,
the power of that name will be different just like a table knife and a shortsword.

Just the other day, the servants were informed that a new lord will be transferred from the capital soon, but they haven’t heard any information about their new lord.
Things like the rank, sex, age, appearance, etc.

The country did it on purpose. They didn’t tell the servants about the new lord in advance so that the servants would not hold prejudices or stereotypes base on that.
They could only know after directly seeing the new lord upon his arrival.

As a result, some servants were happy.

Their new lord is a Viscountess
A beautiful little lady.
They may drink the nectar if they do it right.
For now, they plan to get on her good side…


『That is why I would like to thank you for your understanding.
Because I don’t know anything about my first territory management, please tell me about various things.
As I mentioned earlier, I will interview everyone one by one in turn,
For now, please return back to work』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha Smiling.jpg

Mitsuha finished her greeting.
With gentle, polite words and manner.
The servants were reassured and rejoiced with a gentle new lady.

But amongst them, some peoples are smirk as well.
And some people are frowning thinking about the future of the territory.

There are various speculation in the mind of the 18 servants.




For now, it’s impossible to eat with the servants, that’s why Mitsuha sit on the table and eat meals by herself.
This is a seaside village, but only meat dishes are lined up.

Mitsuha told the chef that it’s delicious and ate without leaving anything left.
Because the chef didn’t know about Mitsuha’s appetite, so he chose to be too much rather than too little.
Mitsuha was clearly eating much more than she normally did.

After bathing, Mitsuha teleported to her bed on Earth and immediately returned to the bedroom of the manor house with a small box prepared.
And then, she left the bedroom, looked around the house, encouraged the employee’s work, and returned to the bedroom.

And of course, she doesn’t let her guard down. She took out various security devices from the cardboard box whose size is considerably small and installed it on the door and the window side.




Piii (SFX)


Hearing a small electronic sound, Mitsuha woke up.


That’s a warning sound when someone interrupted the laser wire of the security device installed in front of the door.
Mitsuha grabbed the Walther on her right thigh inside the blanket and looked at the door, and she saw the maid she met yesterday.

Mitsuha Walther PPS

『Good morning. Have you already wake up?』(Maid)

『Good morning … I slept well last night, would you mind preparing breakfast?』(Mitsuha)


Mitsuha took her hand off the gun and smiled at the Maid.


After breakfast, Mitsuha looked around the mansion again and then returned.
When she returned to the room, she locked and put the cloth on the door handle, covered the keyhole and removed several electronic devices from her pocket.

Ultra-compact recorder purchased at Akihabara.
Recording begins when sound is detected and stops when a certain period of time has elapsed.
It was the recording of what happened around the house last night. Of course, she already exchanged this with another one.


『Well well, Let’s see what was going on …』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha checking.jpg

Mitsuha smirked.

Yes, Mitsuha was playing a gentle and friendly lord.
Only showing the servants her smiling face, without ordering servants nor checking around the fishing village, mountain village, rural village in the territory.


The servants didn’t know whether Mitsuha was sick but they knew she often got to sleep in the daytime.

Some servants were relieved with Mitsuha’s actions, they resumed black dealings with merchants, etc. to get extra expenses.
They restarted what they had temporarily stopped until they checked the state of the new lord.

The others resumed pressing work on their subordinates and juniors to get out of the workplace.

Or those who were chasing the girls on the villagers, took out the things in the house secretly, etc.

Even though the butler felt a sense of crisis and complained to Mitsuha about it, but Mitsuha was just smiling back.
He is a serious and a sincere butler. Different from the dishonest peoples who disturb the territory. Somehow he thought he has to…


One day, Mitsuha muttered.


『The time has come』(Mitsuha)


And Mitsuha called all the servants again.


『… and then, these six people will be dismissed on this date』(Mitsuha)


Those six people saw their name in Mitsuha’s sudden dismissal, protested in angry.


『What kinda stupidity is this!? Why me?』(servant 1)

『Are you kidding!? Even though you are the lady, you can’t one-sidedly fire us without any reason』(servant 2)


Even though those 6 servants were shouting, Mitsuha looked at them coldly with a calm expression.


『Stupid (Baka)? Who are the stupid ones here?』(Mitsuha)


『 Didn’t you hear me, I asked who are the stupid ones here?』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha Staring.jpg

The male servant didn’t think he would be scolded by Mitsuha and lost his words.


『Hans, I’ve always praised the dish you served everyday』(Mitsuha)

『Eh …, yes』(Hans)


The chef Hans answered somewhat reluctantly.


『I have praised that it was delicious every day, but the taste gradually degraded.
Normally, if your food got praised, wouldn’t you be more motivated to make it more delicious?』(Mitsuha)


The chef Hans was shivering.


『Do you understand the reason?』(Mitsuha)


Hans’ complexion gradually became worse.


『That was because someone thought that I don’t know the taste of cooking with my child’s tongue, that I didn’t realize the ingredients’ quality dropped.
And ingredients have become cheaper day by day.
But for some reason, the price of the purchase has not changed.
I wonder why. It’s strange, right, Hans?』(Mitsuha)


Hans became pale and silent.

And then Mitsuha spoke to the man next to Hans.


『Hey Gunter … You are the one calculating wheat, aren’t you?』(Mitsuha)


『The previous Wheat’s tax payment, the amount delivered from the village and bulk sale volume from the village to the merchant, the numbers have changed.
Someone rewrote it.
I wonder who is it the one who could do such a thing.
Didn’t anyone notice it at all?
The person in charge, who is it again?』(Mitsuha)


『So, Tilde, where have you been in the past several afternoons?
After pushing your work to a junior maid, where have you been going?
And don’t you have a lot of condiments at home and at the tailor’s shop in the town?』(Mitsuha)


The head Maid was facing down in silence.


『Do you also want to ask the reason?』(Mitsuha)


The remaining 3 peoples who were stared by Mitsuha, no-one could reply.
They thought Mitsuha was a beautiful, gentle and weak mentally.
However, right now her attitude and wording completely changed.


『Do you know why I become the lady (lord) of this land?
It’s not because I inherited from my parent’s lineage.
I became one myself through my own achievements, I am the first generation.
The first generation of Yamano family.
Do not look down on me!』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha Staring

The whole room became silent as Mitsuha said that while glaring.


『This is a punitive dismissal.
You will have trouble finding your next job.
I want you to leave within an hour.
After 1 hour passes, If you still stayed in the house, you will be caught and punished for illegal invasion at the Viscountess’ house.
Now, leave!』(Mitsuha)


Six men and women ran away as if they jumped out of the room.

Mitsuha talked to the old butler who stood by her side.


『I’m sorry to make you worry, Anton.
I will stop checking the document in the middle of the night.
I will sleep properly at night so that I won’t need to go to bed in the daytime anymore』(Mitsuha)


And then she handed out several papers from her pocket.


『This is the merchant who used bribes.  Tell him, he is out of the deal.
And, those are malignant peoples who are disturbing people in town, monitor them and deal with them』(Mitsuha)



Tears started falling from Anton’s eyes.


『From now on, the maid head will be Kate, I’m counting on you』(Mitsuha)


And then Mitsuha yawned.


『My bad, Anton. Even though I just said that I will not go to bed anymore in the daytime, but that was a lie!
I will go to sleep for a while …
Ah, from tomorrow I will begin full-scale development of my land. It will be busy.
Everyone, thanks for your hard work today, dismissed!』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha that was a lie.jpg

12 servants were left in place and stunned.
They were surprised to see Mitsuha’s change so much but their hearts gradually moved…
Beating fast? Funny? Excited? Interested? Anticipated?


[Ah, I see. Are we excited about this ourselves now?
I felt something interesting would happen.
I felt something funny would likely happen.
At least, tomorrow is going to be a fun day] (Servants’ inner thought)

『Kate, what are you laughing for?』(Anton)

『 Aren’t you also laughing, too?』(Kate)

Eh? Haha, that’s right. (Anton)


Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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  1. Why is baroness higher than baron? It’s just the female version (which traditionally is lower since males have been in higher standing)?
    And you accidently put the one of the images twice.

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  2. i read it as it’s rare that a women is granted the title of baroness as the head of the house. therefore servants with the title of serving a baroness have an advantage in their life

    Liked by 2 people

    • I got the same, but I think there were hints of relief of her looking like she would be easily managed too. I may just be seeing that because of some of FUNA sensei’s other antagonists though.


  3. In one the translators that I used, it translates 男爵領 as baron and 子爵領 (Mitsuha’s ranks) as viscount. I’m not sure if it’s correct, but that makes more sense, no?

    Liked by 1 person

      • I checked again and… 男爵 (baron), 子爵 (viscount), 伯爵 (count), 侯爵 (marquis) and 公爵 (duke)
        So, I guess, yeah… Viscountess it is. ;p

        And thanks for the chapter.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Huh, yeah. Google says they’re both baroness, but JParser says they’re ‘danshaku eri/baron territory’ and ‘shishaku eri/viscount territory’ respectively. Babylon has the latter as the odd ‘viscount candidate’s territory.’ Mecab says ‘ryou’ instead of ‘eri’ and this confuses me. The two usually agree so well.
      I guess that means there is no measly baron rank for our rad heroine.


  4. Suggestion:
    Also, on the contrary, the new lord may not want to hire the servants {they}->{} he doesn’t like.


      • Missed:
        This is rather rare for a {dead end}->{rural} town to have streets for travelers.

        I see. Then it was just {named after}->{change name into} Mitsuha?

        and it isn’t {time to have meal}->{dinner time} yet,

        But this is not something {something}->{} you should

        Well, I wonder if {should I}->{I should} call it my lord’s house then.

        A (wild) maid-san {from}->{around} 16 to 17 years old appeared and asked Mitsuha so.

        The next lord {also was also}->{will also} in need of servants, and he couldn’t just bring employees from his former territory easily, even {if he was a vassal}->{his vassal also}.

        it’s a girl who looks like 12 {year}->{years} old.

        For now, it’s impossible to {eating}->{eat} with the servants

        Mitsuha was clearly eating much more than {average}->{she normally do}.

        Mitsuha took her hand {of}->{off} the gun and smiled at the Maid.

        Even though the butler felt a sense of crisis and complained to Mitsuha {so}->{about it},

        One day, {Mitsuhar}->{Mitsuha} muttered.

        Normally, if your foods got praised, wouldn’t you be more {motivating}->{motivated} to make it more delicious?(Mitsuha)

        『My bad, Anton. Even {}->{though} I just said that I will not go to bed anymore in the daytime, but that was a lie {now}->{}!

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  5. Feel the power of science. Bad peoples(servants) whatever you do. Even if Mitsuha not awake, she still can know all of your bad deeds.

    Now, count up your sins

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  6. Royalty, Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount
    Slave, Peasant, Knight, Baron, Viscount
    Mitsuha is now officially average, though while Mile is average, Mitsuha decides what’s average.


  7. Mitsuha is kind. Had anyone betrayed me like that, I would have shot them in the head, then fired them and tell them to bring their own dead bodies out of my mansion.

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    • I think Vandaleu is the only isekai protagonist who can pull that off.
      On the other hand, his underlings don’t betray him, partly because he can pull that off.


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