Mitsuha Chapter 32: Visitors

Mitsuha Mangaka signture
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T.N: As usual, this chapter also Mitsuha’s POV with “I”

and FUNA sensei’s POV with “Mitsuha”

Complain all you want, I still want to add Mitsuha pictures.

Mitsuha Chapter 32: Visitors

Additional edit by TheDefend

After becoming the Viscountess, I have been using the cat’s teleport ability many times.

Mitsuha Cat.jpg

It was quite easy. I just needed to lock the room and told the servants that I need to walk alone for inspection.

Even though I told the servants I went out for inspection, I just went back to home in Japan.
In order to modernize my private room in my lord’s house, I went to consult with the electronics manufacturers.
Well, it’s the second time so we will deal with it quickly.
The person in charge of the manufacturers is the same person as before.


Oh, first of all, email and postal items.

Mi-chan will go home for the vacation? Yeah okay (hai hai, the joke from chapter 2-3)

Mitsuha Mi-chan.jpg
Oh, the mail from the store manager…
Is there any work for another beautiful girl yet?
No, not yet.

Mitsuha Otaku Manager.jpg
I might as well ask her to make Sabine’s dress.
The payment is in gold coin.
The gold coin seems to be better than the yen.


Great news on the net, and…


Huh? 《Finally discovered the dragon》…?

Oh crap!!
I flew to the mercenary team in a hurry.


And about that, I got a total of 60,000 gold coins.
Because many more aristocrats donated than I expected.
I give Wolf Fang the gold coin payments a few days after.

Of course, the extras were put on my gold coin saving hole.
I have become one step closer to my ambition.

Everyone from Wolf Fang asked me before《We want to be called Dragon Buster》and 《We want to RELEASE THE DRAGON》(T.N: Sorry for the cap)
I agreed with the condition that they must keep my information secret.
The situation is quite convenient.


Everyone seems to think that I was a princess of another world,
I could use magic to cross between worlds,
I came to this world and learned knowledge.
Judging from me being able to speak every language,
everyone thought that I used translation magical things, a language magic for worldwide communication.

Furthermore, they thought I’m not the same age as my appearance, but that I’m actually about several hundred years old…
Too bad! The correct answer is I’m not the same age as my appearance. (ED: Her being a loli despite a…. 16? 15? whatever)

This is a big deal, I wonder if everyone just wanted to show off to other mercenary groups or something…


And when I went to their base, I asked the captain,
The Dragon wasn’t there anymore,
it was taken to the laboratory of some research institutes

Last time, the scientist, who was interested in the horn rabbits gave Wolf Fang his contact address business card.
As Wolf Fang called him, he came flying immediately. After he saw the actual thing, he contacted researchers from here and there with great excitement,
and it seems that scholars from all over the world swarmed there in the blink of an eye.


Everyone explained it exactly as our agreements in advance.
The Wolf Fang was summoned to another world with weapons, vehicles, and was asked by a princess from another world.
To defend the citizen, fight against armies of monsters, and then came out victorious.


After that everyone returned to Earth safely.
The dragon which was piled on the truck had also transferred together.
Because everyone else in the Wolf Fang also thought it was true, so there is no lie in their explanations that can be detected by lie detection machine.

It seems that the researchers really believed that everyone supposedly went to a different world for that one time. The Wolf Fang just didn’t tell the researchers that I can come and go freely even now.

Just in case, The Wolf Fang changed my name slightly to《Princess Nanoha》
No no, they don’t need to talk about bombardment or magic shooting stuff,
then it isn’t strange for people to have a similar name.

Someone, there is a Japanese maniac geek inside the Wolf Fang group. (T.N: Japanese maniac in English)(ED: No idea how to fix this line)



Anyway, no matter how absurd their story is, there’s a corpse of a dragon in reality so no one can refute it.
Although there was a plagiarism that a publisher specialized in certain fantasy novels thought to use it as a start of the promotional video for the new movie.
They caused a ruckus about copyright infringement, and also spreading that this is《not a fiction, but a story of reality》because it was an actual thing.

No no, they didn’t make it into a movie, right?

Well, putting that aside, this dragon might be a great discovery such as scale analysis and DNA analysis.


Oh, the two Wolf Fang mercenaries, who were unable to participate while they were on vacation, were crying and regretting it.
Because the others felt sorry for them, it seems that the gold coin payment wasn’t distributed by the participants but put into the group’s vault income.

But participating members got a《temporary bonus》so they still got more than the two who didn’t participate.

Of course, The Wolf Fang didn’t distribute the whole amount, there was several hundred million yen equivalent left in the vault of the group.

It will cost money for weapons and equipment, and for those who retired due to injuries, diseases, age etc.

The mercenaries also would like to offer retirement payments.
But those two didn’t want money, what they want is the title 《the dragon buster, helping the princess from the different world》and made a fuss about it.

Don’t go crying to me, I don’t know…



******One day******



There were visitors.

From the Butler report, there are three males.

They didn’t seem to be related to my land.
It seems like they just came to see the new emerging aristocrat.
Will it be request or bribery?

Mitsuha Pondering

When I was wondering whether to meet or refuse, however, I heard that their titles were a scientist, a mercenary, and a merchant.

This is strange.

If they wanted to take advantage of me, shouldn’t they apply to the title like a financial bureaucrat? Did they come all the way to such a countryside village like this just to meet me?
Anyway, I agreed to meet them in the drawing room.

Eh, the audience room?
There is nothing like that.
This is not a royal palace.
However, it is a scientist…

Translation language said that in my head, so it shouldn’t be wrong, right?


In the drawing room, only Mitsuha was seated, Anton the butler and Kate the maid chief stood beside her.
3 maids and 3 male servants lined up along the left and right walls.
Because we still didn’t know the 3 males’ identities.
If they are suspicious persons, we can capture them immediately.

And of course, Mitsuha is equipped with Gun Belt just in case. The under armpit Walther is unsuitable for instantaneous shootings.

The table was big enough so that there was enough distance between Mitsuha and the guest’s chair to ensure enough time to pull the gun out.


『Please come in, this is the Viscountess Yamano』(Maid)


Guided by the maid, three men went into the drawing room.


『I’m sorry for the sudden visit, I …』(Male 1)


The first male entered the drawing room, he was greeting half-way and he suddenly stopped.


『Hey, what’s wrong…』(Male 2)


The second man too.

The third man stood without saying a word.


『『Mitsuha-chan!』』(Male 1+2)

『Eh, Aren’t you mercenary-san and merchant-san?』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha Surprised.jpg

I should remember their name soon.


『Why is Mitsuha-chan…』(Merchant-san)

『Because I’m the lady (lord), Viscountess Mitsuha von Yamano』(Mitsuha)


『Not the Viscount’s daughter?』(Merchant-san)

『No, I’m not』(Mitsuha)


3 peoples were dumbfounded.


『If so, then why were you riding on a commoner carriage?』(Merchant-san)

『Because there was no other vehicle』(Mitsuha)

『Why did you travel alone?』(Merchant-san)

『Since I have neither vassals nor subordinates』(Mitsuha)

『『『………』』』(3 men)


After I asked the servants to prepare tea and sweets, I asked the 3 peoples about the main subject.


『So, what are the three of you doing here?』(Mitsuha)


『Oh, we just happened to know each other in that carriage and came together.
But we are coming here with a totally separate matter, we aren’t companion』(Merchant-san)


The other two also nodded to the merchant-san’s reply.

Oh, that’s right.
This is a rather remote place, the carriage is only coming once every 10 days.
And there were people coming here to find work.
It isn’t strange for people to ride the same carriage if they all move after hearing the news about a new lord.


『Well, please do in turn』(Mitsuha)

『Then, allow me to go first…』(Merchant-san)


The Merchant is quite surprised to hear that Mitsuha is a lady,
but he has been talking normally with Mitsuha for several days traveling,
so, the merchant calmed down easily and starts talking.


『I am a merchant named Pez,
In fact, I would like to talk about the product circulation with the new lord this time …』(Merchant-san)


I have called him as merchant-san all the time, so this is the first time I hear his name.


According to Pez-san’s story, the former lord seems to have prevented all of the products in the territory from being sold to the outside and held everything by themselves.
And he also forbade other merchants from doing business in the territory to prevent the cash in the territory from flowing out.
However, he heard that the lord has been replaced. So, he thought he should visit to open up new sale channel on this occasion.

Although it might be painful to carry goods all the way only to the Yamano territory,
Fortunately, this place is close to the Bozes territory, so if he doesn’t get the deal, he can take a little detour to go to the Bozes territory.
He just wanted to explore new sales routes.

It seems that the young merchant, Pez-san wanted to keep doing business for a long term with Yamano territory.

Yeah yeah, we will grow, my land will.
Alright, I also thought that a merchant that has a connection in the Capital is necessary for my land as well, I will depend on Pez-san, as he has a trustworthy personality.

Speaking of which, aren’t I also a merchant of capital as well?

No, because I’m a merchant dealing with things from another world.

What will happen if I’m selling the things from the earth in here?


『Thank you for coming all the way here, Pez-san.
If you can, I would like to ask you to sell the products from the capital in our territory, and buy goods from our territory on the way back. It’s not only dried and salted fish, I’m planning to develop more and later on』(Mitsuha)

『Oh, I can’t hope for more!』(Pez)

『Well, for now, I will take some assignment and will study more about it.
So, please come back again in a couple of days.
We will discuss the details at that time.
You can gather more information from the servants and villagers.
Until then…』(Mitsuha)

『Okay, for the time being, I’ll stay in this villag… in this town’s hotel』(Pez)


Oh, he did call this place a《village》after all.


『Next, Mercenary-san, please』(Mitsuha)

『Oh, My name William, just as you know, I’m a mercenary.
I just wanted to relax in the countryside, but it became harder to stay in a city when I only have the ability to fight.
As I heard about the new emerging nobility.
And then the area around Bozes’ territory, there is only a few countrysides.
All of them have few population, no vassal, knights, nor mercenaries,
they are pretty much defenseless.
I thought the new lord might in need of arms, at least I can be hired until the new lord have his armies or vassals ready.
Ah, I don’t hope to be a vassal,
so, be at ease』(William)


Well, he is an honest person.
And what he said, is exactly right.
It seems that my village might really be destroyed just by being attacked by bandits now… if I don’t help out…
Is it necessary to develop self-defense force as soon as possible?
To do that, we need key personnel.
Yeah, I’m counting on the cool middle-aged uncle.
Mercenary William-san.


『Okay, just like Pez-san, please come back again in a few days』(Mitsuha)

『I leave it to you, Viscountess-sama』(William)

『Finally, uhm …, the man who tried handing me over to the bandits, please』(Mitsuha)

『… …』(the man who tried handing me over to the bandits)


He was surprised, the man who tried handing me over to the bandits.
No, there was no other way to call him.

I don’t know either his name nor his profession, and it is slightly strange to say《 the man with age around 20, please》

Oh, somehow the Butler Anton, and everyone else’s face has changed in their expression. They were staring at the man who tried handing me over to the bandits with killing eyes.

He somehow broke in sweat, the man who tried handing me over to the bandits.


『…It’s Jork. I’m the scientist Jork』(Jork)


Oh, is that his name?

Mitsuha what business do you have.jpg

『Well then, Jork-san, please explain』(Mitsuha)


Jork-san began to talk.


『We are explorers who tried to find the truth of the world.
We are working, teaching, researching at the capital institute, Platidus.
And we heard that there’s a young lord emerging in this land.
We wanted the new young lord to gain an understanding of the new academic discipline and wanted him to be a supporter of our school in return.
I was ordered by the professor and came to see the new lord.
I want you to keep me as a lecturer for a while so that you can learn a part of our Platidus school’s wisdom…』(Jork)


Fu fu fu. Bad luck.

Mitsuha Bad luck.jpg

『One example of that wisdom, please』(Mitsuha)


Hearing my question, Jork-san started to talk with confidence after thinking after a while.


『For example, what do you think if I say 《In this world, the sun isn’t moving around the world but the world is what moving instead》?』(Jork)


Doya (smut) face?


『Oh, the world’s theory.
Do you want to say that the world is spherical and it spins around itself?
And with that, the day and night will come by rotating?』(Mitsuha)



Jork-san raised a surprise voice.

Mitsuha is that all.jpg

『What else?』(Mitsuha)

『So, then … why can a rainbow be made …』(Jork)

『You means when the light was passing through a very small water droplet that floating in the sky, it separated into many different colors.
That’s why rainbow can only be made when the sunshine comes out with rain?』(Mitsuha)



Jork-san doesn’t stop sweating.

Mitsuha what else.jpg

『Is that all?』(Mitsuha)

『Well, … then,
the mystery that the moon changes appearance day by day and reverts again after chipping…』(Jork)

『Oh, actually the moon isn’t really chipping or change shape.
Since the moon is moving around this world, parts of the moon which can be seen from this world has changed by days.
The moon repeatedly changed its shape was actually just the part that was illuminated by the sun changing?
It’s a waste of time』(Mitsuha)

『Sonna bakana (Impossible)…』(Jork)


Jork-san held his head in agony.

Mitsuha Cold Glare.jpg

『In the first place, I don’t want to have anything to do with people who tried handing over women, girls to bandits in order to save himself.
Much less allow you to teach me anything.
I might just get corrupted myself, too』(Mitsuha)


That being said, Mitsuha called the maid.


『 This visitor will come home alone, please take him outside』(Mitsuha)

『Miss, I’m surprised that you know so many things. You understood things too well』(William)


William told his impression.


『Merciless, Ruthless!』(Pez)


Pez just muttered so.
Well, even if he praised Mitsuha, he would still get nothing.

For now, they need to wait for a few days.
Of course, it’s waiting for the big cleaning to be over.

Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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