Sei Manga Chapter 4-4

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 4-4


Page 1Sei Manga Chapter 4-4 Page 01 a.jpg

Page 2Sei Manga Chapter 4-4 Page 02 a.jpg

Page 3Sei Manga Chapter 4-4 Page 03 a.jpg

Page 4Sei Manga Chapter 4-4 Page 04 a.jpg

Page 5Sei Manga Chapter 4-4 Page 05 a.jpg

Page 6Sei Manga Chapter 4-4 Page 06 a.jpg

Page 7Sei Manga Chapter 4-4 Page 07 a.jpg


Sei 2
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  1. If only other scanlation sites/group uses this format where people can see all pages in one go, there will be less people going through sites that provide manga without said group’s consent.

    And thanks for the chapter. I like your translations style.


    • I can’t REDRAW, so I avoid to delete thing as much as possible.
      Sei manga have dialog that inclue part of picture in it, so I have to put the translation out of the talk box/bubble.

      Well, the purpose is just make people to understand the manga anyway.
      It doesn’t feel right to cleanse the picture too much.


      • wow, you’re doing this all alone? I can make zip files and send them to you to post if you like. So far I downloaded manually chapter 1, planning to do that for the rest and thank you for translating this manga, it’s so much fun and I’m also reading the novel translations too.


  2. @LOLI, you ever thinking of teaming up with the novel translation group and work together to translate?


    • GUEST_EDIT sensei is a great help.
      He always help me edit with-in less than a day.
      That’s why I can release at daily speed.

      But we also have a big problem with that.
      Just thinking, one day GUEST_EDIT is too busy with real life that he can only edit once a week for example.
      If so, You can only read edited translation with 1 week delay.


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