Sei Manga Extra 1-1

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Extra 1-1


Page 1Sei Manga Side Story 1-1 Page 01 a.jpg

Page 2Sei Manga Side Story 1-1 Page 02 a.jpg

Page 3Sei Manga Side Story 1-1 Page 03 a.jpg

Page 4Sei Manga Side Story 1-1 Page 04 a.jpg

It’s no use blaming me for how short it is, the mangaka stops here

Sei 2
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  1. huh? oh.. wait, did i? no, there’s no mistake. you might want to change the title above page 1 to Extra 1 – 1
    thanks for translating.


  2. Thank you.
    This author likes to leave his fans in suspense.
    Perhaps it is appropriate to start thinking about reading the novel (I’m self-advised to read it).


  3. Hmm, is this web manga series? I can understand the short pages if it’s a web manga. A weekly magazine manga typically have 18 to 20 pages and the monthly one have 40 to 50. On the other hand a web manga have more lax page requirements and sometimes depend on the author. The web manga’s is geared towards faster release so usually they have minimum count panel per chapters.


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