Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1(re-translate) and 4-2

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Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1(re-translate) and 4-2

Translator’s Note:

Seiga.Nico upload chapter 4 and chapter 5 back again. SO I have the proper raw now.

This is chapter 4-1 re-translate and chapter 4-2

Page 1

Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 01 a.jpg

Page 2Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 02.jpg

Page 3Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 03.jpg

Page 4Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 04.jpg

Page 5Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 05.jpg

Page 6Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 06

Page 7Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 07.jpg

Page 8Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 08.jpg

Page 9Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 09.jpg

Page 10

Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 10.jpg

Page 11Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 11.jpg

Page 12Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 12.jpg

Page 13Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 13.jpg

Page 14Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 14.jpg

Page 15Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 15.jpg

Page 16Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 16.jpg

Page 17Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 17.jpg

Page 18Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1 Page 18.jpg

Page 19Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 04.jpg

Page 20Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 05.jpg

Page 21Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 06.jpg

Page 22Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 07.jpg

Page 23Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 08.jpg

Page 24Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 09.jpg

Page 25Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 10.jpg

Page 26Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 11.jpg

Page 27Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 12.jpg

Page 28Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 13.jpg

Page 29Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 14.jpg

Page 30Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 15.jpg

Page 31Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 16.jpg

Page 32Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-2 Page 17.jpg

Kaoru Vol 1
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  1. Suggestion:
    Page 5
    The sign of hungry, she {went to}->{came} to bring snacks

    Page 10:
    Painting, {Dest}->{desk/table}, chair, bookshelf, carpet

    Page 20:
    Furthermore the capital {}->{is} the place that i can gather information easily

    Page 21:
    But, Of course i needed {}->{to} traveling to the next town quickly

    The probability {}->{for} the baron’s men found me in his territory is too high

    Page 27:
    There’s no aristocratics {that}->{who} stupid enough to let their daughter

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  2. Why not create drops of potions, with silver or gold coins as the cointainers… she took all the trouble to sell items…


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