Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2

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Luckily, I finished translating Manga chapter 4-1, 4-2 and chapter 5-1, 5-2 before Seiga.Nico delete them again just today.

Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2

Page 1Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-1 Page 17

Page 2Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-1 Page 18

Page 3Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-1 Page 19

Page 4Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 04

Page 5Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 05

Page 6Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 06

Page 7Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 07.jpg

Page 8Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 08.jpg

Page 9Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 09.jpg

Page 10Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 10.jpg

Page 11Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 11.jpg

Page 12Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 12.jpg

Page 13Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 13.jpg

Page 14Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 14.jpg

Page 15Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 15.jpg

Page 16Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 16.jpg

Page 17Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 17.jpg

Page 18Kaoru Manga Chapter 5-2 Page 18.jpg


Kaoru Vol 1
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  1. That part with the maid I don’t remebr it in the LN if the manga is gonna add things like this more often then I kinda want you to catch up.


    • FUNA sensei forgot about this and the Mangaka added it in.
      That’s why I love Kaoru Mangaka and Mitsuha Mangaka, they made the manga WAY MORE AWESOME than the novel.
      Meanwhile, Mile Novel is best Novel but so-so Manga, the manga cut too much that I won’t even want to bother translating it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think it’s one of the extra chapters added when the light novel version was published. This happens a lot when they are light-novelized; like in the bookwalker version of average, there are 3 new very short chapters about the messes MIle made as Adele during school.


  2. Suggestion:
    Page 9
    That was very, very {impatient}->{unfortunate}

    Page 10
    He only looked down on {commoner-s}->{commoners/commo-ners}

    Page 17
    Later the {servant-s}->{servants/ser-vants} of the baron house talked about a rumor

    On the neighbor country there’s {a}->{an} “angel like” girl who saved peoples in trouble


  3. Seems like the maid part of this chapter happened during Kaoru’s “Eyes of Goddess” work in Gurua.
    Thanks little girl protector.


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