Kaoru Manga Chapter 6-2

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T.N: This chapter is MTL-ED from Korean,

I can’t guarantee the correction of this translation.

Kaoru Manga Chapter 6-2

Page 1Kaoru Manga Chapter 6-1 page 17

Page 2Kaoru Manga Chapter 6-1 page 18

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Page 16Kaoru Manga Chapter 6-2 page 16.jpg


Kaoru Vol 1
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    • Finally, I’ve been raping the “F5” key since yesterday.
      Before this, I was thinking that this “share dance” was like the ones you saw from maid cafes. Good thing it wasn’t
      Thanks alot.


  1. Too smart standing out too much will not end well, unless you have no problem with constantly using your powers to make a new status quo.


  2. Suggestion:
    Page 3:
    The empire and the two kingdoms,
    Which {interferes with the trading}->{block the trade route} between them

    Page 12:
    And then asking the other {son}->{grandson} to choose 1 portion he likes

    Page 15:
    The villagers {has}->{have} been argued {whick}->{which} tree is higher how can we compare 2 {tree}->{trees} without climbing the sacred trees

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  3. It’s great to see how I imagined by reading the novel and the illustrated manga version. Love it, keep it coming!


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