Kaoru Manga Chapter 7-2

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Kaoru Manga Chapter 7-2

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Kaoru Vol 1
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  1. I have no idea how this manga is so popular on mangadex even when it’s uploaded before it’s complete. Also, I like how Kaoru could have learned all about the merchant tax problems from the merchant’s son instead of somehow knowing taxes work on another world.

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  2. How come the bubbles and boxes in Page 36 are blank? Is that how they were in the original?

    Thanks for the chapter!


    • I don’t mind they upload my works, because I want to share the manga I love with many people as possible.

      What I don’t like is they upload before I edited with GUEST-EDIT help.


      • That’s why you can close it, wait until GUEST-EDIT helps, and then upload it to Mangadex afterwards yourself.

        Everyone will just rush as soon as it comes out and people will just complain. Thanks anyway for the hard work!


  3. This really needs proofreading… more than usual, to be honest. There are a ridiculous number of grammatical issues…


  4. Suggestion:
    Page 22:
    Fabio I will {let}->{give} you the right to ask the question, please about it carefully

    Page 25:
    You have {the introdution}->{been introduced by/the introduction from} good-natured person Alain san, so i will give you a big service…

    Page 26:
    For {farmer}->{farmers}, merchants and all other taxes about 20-30%

    What wouldn’t the tax revenue fall if {}->{the} tax rate was lowered

    But just {thinking}->{think about it} if the tax rate was lowered what would happen then?

    Page 27
    Then the tax on merchants are also {reducing}->{reduce}

    Page 28
    Merchants {}->{who} carrying goods must pay {enter}->{entry} tax when entering {territorry}->{territory}

    They also must pay tax when {leaveing}->{leaving} the territory

    Page 28
    Or triple {the amount}->{number} of merchants paying tax

    Page 30
    And then when the merchants sold everything they brought in, we would {get also}->{also get} profit from the sales tax

    Page 31
    Well {aggricultur-e}->{aggriculture} out of the short-term condition

    Well do you think my {consultatio-n}->{consultation} is sufficient for 5 silver coins price

    Page 32 [i know it is just a pun]
    Isn’t she just {an average}->{a normal} waitress from {an average}->{a normal} dining hall?

    Page 33
    But it {simple}->{simply} takes the profit from neighboring territories

    Also there is no doubt that the other lords will protest {again}->{against} you because you take their profit away

    She has awareness and wisdom {when}->{even though she} is still this young…

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  5. The scenes FUNA writes always feel so unnatural.. kaoru is the worst one too, i cant help but cringe xD
    Mile is better but still pretty bad. Say, translator, what do you think about it? Do you feel the writing to be natural? Or is it forced plot all the time..


    • First, FUNA sensei ‘s works are all AVERAGE + SCIENCE + LOGIC => break the world common sense.
      FUNA sensei often write from 2 to 10+ chapters about 1 plot.
      And that plot might be forgoten right after that.
      So of course the plot will never natural, never repeat (copy paste) like OTHER NOVELS.
      OTHER NATURAL WRITING NOVELS, I just need to read the first chapter to know what would happen in the last chapter. The plot will flow like a river and always end at the sea. I just read to know how story un-fold.

      For example, Isakai reincarnator, MC killed by truck-kun, get cheats from god, meet main hereoine (maybe gain a harem).
      Go on an adventure with no plot or to kill a Demon Kings.

      The end: Kill the demon king / end of with main heroine.

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  6. Funa sensei should seriously give you royalty for helping to spread her work beyond the Japan market. Fu fu

    If it wasn’t for your translations I wouldn’t know about this author.


    • Sorry but my common sense had been broken after translated so many FUNA’s chapters.
      I’m now define Average as “real average” , “normal” , “Overpower” , “Epic” , etc


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