Theresa Manga Chapter 3

Theresa Cover
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T.N: Say “Section Manager” everytime is tiring and long so I will keep the Japanese word “Kachou” from now on.

Theresa Manga Chapter 3

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 1

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 2

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 3

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 4

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 5

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 6

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 7

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Theresa Chapter 3 Page 16

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Theresa Vol 2 Cover
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  1. Well that was fast that they seem to come to a consensus about the manages, this most definitely will be dropped next chapter. So will we ever know what 10 points of damage means is it a 10% or are the stats just that low. Named monsters alwasy a quick way too get yourself killed.


    • So I just reread the first sentence and im clarifiying here, it’s that the manager showed feelings about MC quickly but this development was physicaly displayed with implicit words that could have a lot of meaning so this development will be forgotten.


    • my translation of skill already point that out.
      10 additional PURE DAMAGE

      Pure damage is fixed damage that ignored defend.
      As you can see “Named monster” / boss monster has very high defend, all attack will be “It has no effective”
      But it will plus with 10 pure damage. Cause 10 pure damage in total.

      And it effects on hit counts, the more hits the more damage.

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  2. Suggestion:
    Page 17:
    I must not {forgot}->{forget} it …!

    Page 19:
    …my personal problems… And end {of}->{up} hurting other peoples including you…

    Page 29:
    Can’t {appologize}->{apologize} to you… Even after i was reborn…

    Page 31:
    Don’t {appologize}->{apologize}, because i {}->{am} the one who {must}->{should} say it.

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  3. Wo-class Theresa is coming, the admiral Atobe really are support class only to his party. Will he rescue valkyrie class Igarashi from sinking (death).


    • Yes
      Don’t worry
      This is SHOUNEN BATTLE MANGA even the setting is an Isekai
      no-one will die, no-one overpower, everyone is “NAKAMA” (comrade) that fight with other while leave their lives on their NAKAMA’s hands.

      Just read any SHOUNEN BATTLE MANGA and you will see.
      After this, MC and theresa will save Kachou.
      Kachou join the party and Kachou’s skill will be needed in next battle, without Kachou, they can’t win.

      After that, they will recue the Twintail, Miko and thief girl.
      The 3 girls joined the party.
      Next boss will need the new girls’ skills to win as well.

      After that they rescue a goddess, the goddess gives her blessing which is the key event for the next battle.

      After that they also rescue a dog, the dog join party and saves MC life once.

      Even the title is “the world strongest Rear-guard” but there’s almost no other rearguard so of course he is the strongest.
      Kachou is the strongest Valkirie
      Miko girl is the strongest Miko
      Thief girl is the strongest Thief.
      There are other Rogue so Theresa isn’t strongest
      There are also other swordsman so Twintails girl isn’t strongest.


  4. Bad new yado-inn translate this manga, now we have ch 5 you can see in manga rock. Are you drop teresha manga?


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