Cathy Chapter 2-11: Intermission, Fina Raza

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Cathy Chapter 2-11: Intermission, Fina Raza


The story this time is from the viewpoint of Fina.


『Onee-chan, what kind of person was our mother?』(Neil)


So the young Neil asked me about our mother …
It was when I was looking after Neil in a playroom for children.
I think at that time Neil is about 5 years old and I am 7 years old.
At the time my mother died, I felt really sad.

And with time pass, I finally got over it. I tried to recall the memories of my mother to tell my brother.


『She is really kind! Uhm, was mother kind like Onee-chan?』(Fina talk with Neil in 3rd POV)


Unfortunately, my appearance is not similar.
Mother was a beautiful person, but I was concerned about being told that I was somewhat scared when I had an expressionless face.
That’s why I tried to keep smiling and I became a person with a bright personality.


『No, my attitude is similar to our father.
I wonder if our mother is like Ren-nee-san?』(Fina)


On the other hand, Ren-nee-san is someone who made children of the same age cried and in a way, her face is about the same as mother.


『But I’m afraid of Ren-onee-chan because Ren-onee-chan often gets angry』(Neil)

『Ahaha … certainly, her atmosphere and character are not similar.
But her face is the most similar to mother among our siblings』(Fina)


Ren-nee-san seems to have thought that Neil was the reason our mother lost her physical condition after giving birth to Neil.
That’s why she often angry and hit him.


『How is she different?』(Neil)

『How different …?』(Fina)


I was frozen when I was asked.
How is the different between Ren-nee-san and mother?
Even if I remember the fact that Ren-nee-san’s face was most similar to our mother, but I can’t recall our mother’s face.



『Sorry Neil. Onee-chan can only remember a little』(Fina)


I asked the maid to take care of Neil and left the room.
I didn’t remember.
Was it because I couldn’t remember?
No way! I should be able to remember immediately if I looked at something…
I entered mother’s room and pick up some relics.
Mother’s makeup tool, clothing, cloth and knitting yarn used for handicraft which was her hobby …
The glove that I knew she was about to give to my father and knitted happily was still incomplete.

And It gathered dust without being handed over to father.
Even though I can remember the fun time spending with her, I can not remember the face of my kind mother…
Why!? Why is that?
A room where the time has stopped, like a crushed shell without the owner.
I couldn’t bear to stay in that room anymore and I jumped out of the room, went away from my house.


I went, no, I ran without even knowing the direction I was heading myself.
Until I somewhat felt calming down, I ran to the park of the town, running until I was out of breath.
The park in the city is quite close, as for now, I can reach it really soon.

However back then, for a child, it’s a pretty far place. It was also my first time to went there.
When I tried to catch my breath, I finally realized that there was another person there.
And that’s how I met a strange person.


『Mister, what are you doing?』(Fina)


To tell the truth, I was not in the mood for talking to people.
But he was acting strangely, looking into something like a black box with one eye.


『Uhm… Oh, what’s wrong Young Elf lady』(Mister)


I’m actually a half-elf …
Because I was often mistaken, so I didn’t feel like correcting it.


『What is that box?』(Fina)


That person also has a strange appearance.
A black hair that people rarely see around here.


『This is a thing called camera, an instant camera』(Mister)


『Ah, how should I say this, … cut out the landscape …no no…』(Mister)


『To put it simply, this box draws pictures instead of people draws with hand』(Man)

『What a picture like?』(Fina)

『It looks like what you saw with your eyes.
Well, when you use it now, the picture will be kept in the film…
And you can view the past again, I guess?』(Man)



And then, the Mister gave me a strange piece of paper different from paper draw with pencils.
The picture there was …


『Beautiful! What is this flower? And, who is this person?』(Fina)


A colorful pink flower.
Then a beautiful handle, a black-haired woman standing under the flower in mysterious clothes with matching eye in front of her chest.
It was a mysterious picture like standing at that place now.


『It’s the flower from Mister’s hometown, it’s a sakura tree』(Man)

『Sakura? Mister, are you from a different country?』(Fina)

『Yeah, and there is a reason that I can not return home anymore.
And sometimes I look at this picture to remember about my hometown』(Man)


The Mister looked a little lonely.
It looks like he was watching somewhere far.


『What about this woman?』(Fina)



The Mister looked embarrassed this time.
Wife? Or a favorite person?


『Why didn’t Mister spread this amazing thing to other people?』

『I already brought it to a person who could mass-produce it.
But I was told that this tool might draw people’s soul when taking pictures!』(Man)


There is not such a thing, but the Mister looked like in trouble saying something.
Because it was the Japanese murmuring, I did not know the meaning though.


『Mister, Can I not draw a picture like this?』(Fina)


There was no particular reason, but somehow that word was talked with nature from my mouth.
When I said it, I felt good.
Yes, I would like to draw.


『Do you like drawing pictures like a camera?』(Man)

『Mister, will you go somewhere?』(Fina)

『No, I plan to stay in this town for a while』(Man)

『Well then, I will draw a picture and bring it here tomorrow!』(Fina)

『Ah … hey』(Man)


With a one-sided promise, I ran back without hearing a reply.
I didn’t know how to get home, so I went back to the roadside while asking people about the manor.

The next day, when I went to the park at the same time yesterday, the Mister was waiting.



『Oh, so you really came?』(Man)

『Please look at this!』(Fina)


I showed the picture of the mister as a model I drew when I came back yesterday.
It won’t be good as the pictures of the Ka-Me-Ra, so let’s ask what is different.


『… This is the picture you draw of me, young lady, how old are you?』(Man)

『7 years old!』(Fina)

『Haa haa haa, there is a thing called genius (Tensai)』(Man)

『Ten …?』(Fina)

『First, this one is really good.
But even mister has a camera, however, mister isn’t a painter specialist, would you still like to ask advice?』(Man)

『I want to ask Mister!』(Fina)

『Okay then, let me teach you what I know』(Man)


Mister taught me various things about the picture.
First, decide the composition.
Think about the ratio of things properly.
The most helpful thing was how to put out the depth and how to add light and dark.
I feel I approached the level of Ka-Me-Ra’s picture thanks to this.
According to Mister, the picture in this country seems to be flatter than the Mister’s country, the picture is not three-dimensional.
It certainly looks like it is decorated at home.

But there is something different from those picture.
I painted a variety of things, such as the landscape of the town and people.
Such days continue for about a month, and …


It’s the day the Mister leaving the town came.


『You has been showing pictures to me all this time, young lady. But why did you start drawing a picture suddenly?』(Man)

『Uhm, about that …』(Fina)


At last, Mister finally asked about it.
I wanted to keep my mother in painting.
If I could keep something as accurate as this painting, then I may have not forgotten.
I told Mister about everything I thought.


『I see, … it must be painful for you!』(Man)


As the Mister said, he sat down face to face against me.


『Here, laugh and laugh』(Man)


He asked for a smile while Mister made a funny face to make me laugh.
His clumsy face wasn’t funny at all, but the feeling that he wanted to change my dark face was totally transmitted.
I tried to smile as hard as I could.
The paper came out of the box after the sound which I never heard before.


『Is it okay, Mister? You can’t use the Ka-me-ra anymore …』(Fina)

(T.N: the Last firm, I guess)


He told me before, that he could only use the Ka-me-ra one last time.


『It’s alright.
To be honest, Mister somewhat feels bad.
I can’t return to my hometown in a distant foreign land, so I can only look at the pictures.
When the camera becomes useless, it’s like my connection with my hometown is gone.
But, I’m fine when I saw a young lady trying hard every day.
Thank you』(Man)

『Me too … thank you very much, Mister』(Fina)


It’s time to say goodbye.
To the Mister who looked after me for days in the past month.


『Oh, my Mister, this is the picture I draw Mister. I think I should show it to you in the end』(Fina)


I showed a new drawing to the Mister.
Though it isn’t as good as the pictures of the Ka-Me-ra, I think it’s a few steps higher than what I showed first.


『But, can I keep it?
So, I will not forget about Mister』(Fina)

『Oh, good, you got better』(Man)


He looked at the picture and Mister praised me.
I was delighted.


『Uhm, this is really good … At this rate, you might draw the picture as good as Mister’s camera』(Man)


Mister gave me back the painted picture.
He was laughing, smiling happily.


『I thought it’s about time to say goodbye. Stay healthy, young lady』(Man)


My tears overflowed as I saw that figure turned his back when said words of parting.
Geez, …I just couldn’t stop crying.


『Mister … Mister! My name is Fina! Please don’t forget it!』(Fina)


I gathered all my courage and told Mister my name.
Because both Mister and I have never told each other our name.


『Mister’s name is… Well then, see you later Fina-chan』(Man)


I inscribed that name deeply in my chest.
Never forget the name of the important person who gave me a chance to draw a picture.
And I kept staring at his back leaving in the blurred vision. (T.N: Blur from crying)


And now, there is someone reminded me of my mother’s memory right in front of me.
Her name is Cathia Myer.
Red eyes with red long wavy hair. With a height of 170 centimeters.

She changed to ponytail when active, relaxing hair when she relaxes.
A beautiful woman with a big chest, thin waist, and cute buttocks, low hip.
Not only she is beautiful but her words are polite.
She looks very feminine, but she doesn’t notice Neil’s feeling or how he changed, becoming tense, embarrassed when she gets close to him.

When she laughs gently, she really looks like my mother a lot.


『Uhmm… what is it, Fina-san?』(Cathy)

『Uhu, it’s nothing』(Fina)


If I kept watching at her for a while, she would somewhat feel trouble.
However, sometimes Cathia-chan seems like she was looking far away.
It isn’t looking back at home or looking forward to the destination from far away, but looking at the sky…

It overlapped with Mister’s face when he talked about his hometown lonely.
She is truly a mysterious child.
Although I have only met her for a short time, I love Cathia-chan.


『To~u!』(Fina) (T.N: mean like take this, I guess)

Marisa Hug Alice 2.jpg

There is no particular meaning, but I want to jump and hug her from the back.
Oh, her hair is smooth.


『Uwa, what is it, Fina-san!? You are hea…』(Cathy)

『Just now, you about to call me heavy! Take this』(Fina)

『It’s ticklish … please stop …』(Cathy)

『What are you doing, Fi-ane? Stop holding onto…』(Neil)

(T.N: Ane, aneki, anego is some of other ways to call big sister)


I would like to make it as bright as possible.
I don’t want to see Cathia’s dark face as much as possible.

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  1. Suggestion:
    On the other hand, Ren-nee-san is someone {who}->{} who made children of the same age cried

    I went, no, I ran without {ven}->{even} knowing the direction I was heading myself.

    And {that}->{that’s} how I met a strange person.

    And sometimes I look at this picture to remember about {my}->{my home/mine/my…}』(Man)

    It’s time to say goodbye.
    To the Mister who {looking}->{looked} after me for days in the past month.

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  2. Guess “Mister” was someone similar to MC (from another world that was probably Japan and Earth), except that he was transported with his entire body and possessions and not only his soul in another body.


  3. With the constant release of Cathia chapters I had to read from the beginning. Glad I did.

    Thanks as always for the chapters!!


  4. So the daugther of the lord, of 7 years old, is let go around by herself, alone, without a chaperone, guard, or maid in town ? What is this non-sense full of idiotic Japanes modern thinking who is a full oad of sh*t in a dangerous and medieval kind-of world ? Why do they ALWAY make this kind of big, glaring, and obvious error in all their work ?
    Like the literacy and book being everywhere, peace being obvious, and forcefully re-create their life-style “because Japaness food and way-of-life is the better of the world”. Seriously, between the Chines who make their MC become monster craverd blood and totaly heartless, and Japaness beta, harem lover, it’s alway the same rope, alway the same crap, alway the same mistake …
    Well, at last for now this one as not so many cheap rope for now. Hope it will remaind like that.

    And thank for the trad !


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