Arge Chapter 140: Vampire-san is fully enjoying lazy around.

Arge Felnote
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Arge Chapter 140: Vampire-san is fully enjoying lazy around.


『Arge, how long did you plan to sleep?』(Felnote)


Arge Emo 15

It’s the first morning, the hammock is turned over and I was dropped on the floor.
The cool chilly plant floor is cold, another charm beside the hammock.
I wanted to sleep twice the time as it is, but I was forcibly woken up.


『Uuu…? Felnote-san, Good Morning』

Arge Emo 21

『…NOT, it’s already afternoon』(Felnote)

『Oh … my “timing” to wake up is counted as the morning. That’s why I’m still “safe”』(Arge)

『Your society is completely “out” …!』(Felnote)

(T.N: Timing, safe and out are in English)


It wasn’t like I don’t understand it, I ignored it because I don’t feel like fitting to society
We have come to the Dark Elves territory for a few days.
Richelle-san said that I may stay forever,
I was completely pampered.

Everything is comfortable. Unlike the surrounding jungle area, the settlement is well maintained, which is easy to spend time.
Moreover, bedding is a hammock type, and it is also good to be swinging by.
I can sleep as much as I want.
There is a lot of natural source of food, and it’s delicious.

This place has a “three meals plus sleeping anytime I want”
What’s with this super comfortable place. Perhaps this is where I was looking for.
I know that Devil Continent is a dangerous place, but so far there wasn’t any incident or raid.

Occasionally, there’s someone who seems to be the messenger from Mutsuki-san coming over.
But since responding it is Richelle-san’s job, as the lady (lord/chief), I can relax every day without the need to worry about anything at all.

Zeno-kun seems to have gained some profit, not only from Mutsuki-san but also in the territory of Dark Elf, and he seems to be busy every day.


『Honestly … every day, every day, all you do is sleeping. Just how long do you want to sleep?』(Felnote)

『I wanted to sleep for at least thirty hours a day, so my goal is at least sleep for a little more today』(Arge)

Arge Emo 35.jpg

『 Don’t say strange things with a serious face …!』(Felnote)


By the way, back then when we live together in Arlesha, we also had a similar conversation.
As I remembered about the old things, I wear my cloak.
Meanwhile, Felnote-san had a tired face. She took out a wooden comb to fix my messy hair.
While I’m still thinking, the feeling of her breasts hitting on the back of my head is soft. For the time being, I thanked her.


『Thank you, Felnote-san』(Arge)

Arge Emo 24

『It’s okay, I’ve gotten used to it already…
But Arge, you should know you cannot stay here forever』(Felnote)


Arge Emo 22

『At least, for now, it seems to be no problem yet,
But Richelle was once kidnaped, war and fight may happen on a daily basis.
You, weren’t you saying that you would not look for someone in this place?』(Felnote)


Arge emo 36.jpg

『Surely this is a nice place, but Richelle will also someday feel disturbed because you are staying here for too long』(Felnote)

『It may be so ….』

Arge Emo 26

『… Arge, are you listening?』

『That’s true』

Arge Emo 22

『… Shall I feed you something?』(Felnote)

『Oh, is it okay? Please, It will be a pleasure!』(Arge)

Arge Emo 33

『Do not just listen to the good thing!』(Felnote)


Just when I heard something good, My head was pulled.
It hurts.

As tears appeared in my eyes, Felnote-san had a big sigh and shook her head, her chest was shaking along with her body.
She had a disappointed face like giving up


『Zeno and Richelle are working neatly, and Kuzuha is also helping hunting in the territory.
Arge, why don’t you decide what you should do too?』(Felnote)

『Well, I’ll think about it from tomorrow』(Arge)

Arge Emo 30

『Yo… you …!』(Felnote)


She seemed to get angry more seriously, so I decided to leave the room.
I hear her calling voice from behind, but I’ve heard enough of the sermon already, so let me do it tomorrow.

… where …where should I look for a place that I can take a nap peacefully?

Although it’s a small settlement, there are many unexpected nap spots.
There are several places like wind trails. Sleeping there is quite comfortable.

Several days have passed since I came to this territory, but recently I live like this every day.
Woken up by Felnote-san, I will take a nap if she preached so much.
I understand what she wants to say, but it’s useless because this place is so comfortable.
As I feel very comfortable, I can not make up my mind to go out.
Or rather, I even thought that I want to find the host person here if possible.

Looking up at the sky, the sunlight passed through from the gaps in the trees, the wind that seems comfortable on my skin and makes the silver hair fluttering.
Yes, it’s better to take a nap here today.

As I helped Richelle-san went back home, I was treated as a benefactor of this territory. When I was walking around, peoples spoke to me from here and there.
I properly replied back to them as I walked toward today’s nap spot.
I walked for a while and came to a small hill, one of my favorite places.


『…Ara( Oh my), Arge-sama』(Richelle)

『Richelle-san? What happened? Why are you in such a place?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 28

It was a familiar face that sat on the grass at the top of the hill.
That was Richelle-san, the lady of the land.
She used her hand to put her hair behind her long brown ears, and she tapped on the grass, beckoning me there.
I went to her and sat down, we lined up next to each other.

… Ah, a nice wind.

Arge Emo 5
This is the place I used for a few naps in the past few days, it’s really nice.
The passing wind contains moisture, the sweet smell of fruits growing nearby. It’s really comfortable.
As I close my eyes in this comfortable, I start to become drowsy.


『Fumi ~ya~a…』(Arge)

Arge Emo 34

『Arge-sama, you look sleepy』(Richelle)

『Well, I’m always sleepy … Today is still, uhm … I probably only need to sleep for about 15 more hours』(Arge)

Arge Emo 29

『… I think that’s enough.』

『There are individual differences in satisfaction.
Hey, how about Richelle-san try to eat just only normal people portion?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 23

She nodded to me with great momentum, It’s nice to have someone on the same page.
All of sudden, Richelle-san pulled my head down at her thighs.



Arge Lap pillow.jpg

It’s a lap pillow.
Looking up from below, even her chest is as great as Felnote-san but it’s still bulge and soft.



『… Richelle-san?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 11

『If you are okay with my lap. Uhm … rather than using the ground as a pillow, I think this is better』(Richelle)

『… I see, then I will take your offer』(Arge)

Arge Emo 31

She’s a little embarrassed, but Richelle-san somehow smiled gladly as well.
I can sense her fingers passed through my silver hair.
A soft feeling is transmitted to my head, and it is comfortable.
As I close my eyes in comfortable, sleepiness takes my consciousness to a dream.


『I do not mind letting you sleep, I will wake you up at dinner』(Richelle)

『Is that so…
Then, thank you … munya…』(Arge)

Arge Emo 16

『… … If Arge-sama wants, … always …』(Richelle)


I could hear she whispered something, but before I understand the meaning of her words, my consciousness gets dark.
From slumber to sleep.
From reality to a dream.
Gently, but surely, I fell asleep.

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  1. Suggestion:
    『There are individual differences in satisfaction.
    Hey, how about Richelle {eating a like}->{try to eat just only} normal people {portion}?』(Arge)

    She nodded to me with great momentum, It’s nice to {have a common recognition}->{have someone on the same page}.

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  2. Thanks for the update!
    Personally, I don’t think you need to add images from the manga if it’s too much of a hassle.


  3. Thanks for the update.

    Personally , i think the pic is little disturbing , because it came after every several sentence.

    (did i spell it correctly?)


    • Easy, Legal Imouto-sama.

      As I always say, I’m not good at Japanese and English.
      What word I don’t know, I use MTL-ed.

      MTL-ed give me “Vampire will enjoy GASTRONOMY”
      I don’t even know what “GASTRONOMY” means
      and search google give me “is the study of the relationship between food and culture”

      As I read further in the chapter I can see “There is a lot of natural source of food, and it’s delicious.
      This place has three meals plus sleeping anytime I want”

      So I thought it might be true.

      And that’s it.

      Unlike you, have the better understanding about Japanese and English.
      I made a lot of mistakes.
      I never made excuse and always admit my mistakes in both Japanese and English.
      I always listen to people’s suggestion to fix my mistakes as soon as possible.


      • Just because you admit that you don’t have good understanding of Japanese and English doesn’t mean you can just keep releasing shitty translations.

        Like I said, getting the “lazing around” part is as easy as pasting the words into any online dictionary, or using the easiest machine assisted translation of tool, the “rikai”. But instead, when finding a word you didn’t understand, you just relied on google translate. Google translate is terrible and you shouldn’t rely on it.

        And it’s not just that, the number of times, you removed sentences from your translations, and the words you make up. I just don’t see enough effort in your translation.

        If you put in effort, to be Learn the basic structure of the japanese language for just 30 minutes, you could potentially increase your translation quality by 500%, and this is true.

        Please read this important article writen by Estellion.

        And lastly, translators spend hours to finish a single translation because they put effort into it.


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