Cathia Chapter 3-1: To the Mining City

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Cathia Chapter 3-1: To the Mining City


It is the third day after we left Raza town.
At the mountain road leading to the next town. We were surrounded by a group of monsters.
“Iron Pill bugs” , it’s a large Dung Beetle type monster.
Its size is a little bigger than small dog, and it looks pretty unpleasant.
Its outer shell was made of iron, it could roll its body and using a rigid outer shell to rush or attack.
When a black wave came down like an avalanche from the top of the hill, I even doubted my eyes.


『Haa, haa, Cathia-chan, are they still coming?』(Fina)

『The momentum has gone down, so it’s only a bit more』(Cathy)

『Why, why are there so many … it’s still not the breeding season yet』(Neil)


The two of them are somewhat tired.
The number killed is not even counted to twenty yet.
Major of them ignored us as they escaped from something and went passed by, but some of them attacked us.
I wish that all of them went through as they were.

As a way to fight against these, it is common to attack while avoiding the hard outer shell.

Neil-san aims at the soft abdomen and shell knot, handling one by one using thrusts.

Following that, Fina turns over the insects with wind and water.
After that, she use wind blade to kill them.

As for me…


『Kathia-san, they are coming at you!』(Neil)



Two, no, three monsters.
They rushed to me by rolling, they created heavy sounds and smoke as they moved.
I lower my body and take a natural stand.
I stopped breathing, and adjusted it with my body rhythm.
Timing to counter the rolling insects with an Iai using my right hand.
One cut down, two cut down, three cut down.
The metal outer shells were cut through and the insects’ body fluid was scattering around.
The outer shell was cut by the high density of the aura and the performance of the sword.
I also have a Main Gauche on the left hand to defend and cope with unexpected enemies sometimes.


『As always, …haa~… fuu~, what a strange way of fighting … 』(Neil)

『Right? …Haa~ …Fuu~, Neil … is that Kathia amazing or is that the sword amazing?』(Fina)

『I think both because … even if I have that sword, I can’t do the same thing』(Neil)

『Fuu~ haa~』(Fina)

『Both of you,
It is a great help if you stop talking and fight』(Cathia)

『Oh, sorry sorry』(Neil)


It will take a lot of time if I do it alone because there are many monsters.

And finally, when the number of monsters went down that can be counted with one hand.
Fina-san use magic to kill the remaining of monsters.


『Oh, it’s finally over! So tired, I used all Magical power』(Fina)

『Ze ~e…, ge… hoggeho~… , wa… water please!』(Neil)

『Oh, yes, here you are, and Fina-san as well』(Cathy)


The two of them were out of stamina and sat on the ground.
Even Neil-san who is accustomed to fighting, as a vanguard lost more stamina in fight than the rear-guard like Fina-san. At a result, both of them are tired about the same.

I took the water from the luggage in our horse and handed it to the two.
Because we travel in the mountain this time, we only took horse.


『Thanks. Why is Kathia-chan still doing fine? You defeated much more of them than us』(Fina)

『Thank you very much. And yes, why are you not even short of breath?』(Neil)

『Well, I’m used to it, since monster extermination was a daily routine until I got out of the mountain』(Cathy)


If you get used to it, you can use your power properly without any waste movement.
Besides, it’s quite nice to have subweapon to fight against many enemies.
I just simply use sword in one hand and use dagger in the other hand.
But I don’t think that dual-sword is cooler.

Because I also had two people helping out this time, so it wasn’t that tired.


『Get used to it, right …
But isn’t it too soon for Kathia-chan’s age?
Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to an adult』(Fina)


Because Fina-san sat down, so she looked at me from below.


『It … it’s just your imagination』(Cathy)


However it’s partly true, because my mental inside of me are different from the body. Or you can say that, my mental age is higher than average.
With my life experience in the previous life, so my thinking is somewhat more mature.

Sometimes, Fina-san says something like she looks at the inside of me.
Is that her insight high, or is that her intuition good?


『Muu, but I’m the big sister(onee-chan)!』(Fina)



That line …?
I wonder if Fina-san want to emphasize the big sister (onee-san) part.
However, that remark is rather childish.

Even if she doesn’t say such a thing, I still respect her properly.


『Besides that, Neil-san,
More Iron pill bugs have come out …』(Cathy)

『Wha… there are still more!?』(Neil)

『That’s right, they will be coming soon, from the mining area』(Cathy)


The next destination is the city of mines and smiths, Kise.
The Dung Beetle type monster earlier is the habitat of this mines where plenty of iron is produced.
I heard that the outer shell becomes hard as iron because they eat soil containing iron (iron ore).
And they are also the evidence that we are approaching the mining area.


『I wonder how the group of insects appeared back there?』(Fina)


Fina-san murmured while kicking a stone.
As I heard that, I recalled the Iron Pill Bug’s ecology.


『Well, I remember that it wasn’t the monster to make a group like this』(Cathy)


In the past, when I started hunting monsters in the mountains, I learnt some details about monsters from grandfather.
Of course, he teached me about monsters that weren’t near Kaisa village as well. And Iron Pill Bug is one of them.


『I also knew about it from demon illustration book that I read before, it’s certainly different』(Neil)


And Neil-san said so.
Is there a thing like a demon illustration book?
I want to read it if I have a chance.


『Ah, behind you, Neil!』(Fina)


Fina-san shouted to inform Neil-san.
Behind Neil-san, the rest of Iron pill bugs are approaching.


『Okay! Please leave it to me』(Neil)


Neil-san takes a defend stand to stop the rolling insects.
But one of Dung Beetle jumped swiftly!




Neil-san fluttered and change the position of his sword to block the insect which jumped toward his face.
Although Neil-san somehow responded in time, and received all the momentum with his sword.
But at the same time, there was a cracking sound.
No way …


『It broke!』(Neil)


Neil-san’s Bastard sword was broken from the edge of the blade.
I hurried running toward Neil and kill the monster.
Fina-san also use magic to cover Neil-san who felt on the ground.

…It looks like he doesn’t get injury.
I’m glad.


『Thank you very much, I was careless …』(Neil)


Neil-san held his head in front of his broken sword.
He seems quite depressed.


『Uhm, that sword, is it an important sword?』(Cathy)

『No, it’s just an ordinary mass-produced product,
It was the sword I had for the first time…』(Neil)


Is it the sword that he had for the first time?
Regardless of the good or bad quality, it’s still an important thing.

And a bad thought comes to mind when I look at the broken part.
Even with the previous attack, the sword wouldn’t break that easily.


『About that, maybe because you threw me to the Wyvern back then…』(Cathy)


Well, if I just take a look on the blade, It looks like broken from the place I was on.
I felt bad.


『No, there is no such thing!
And even if it’s true, the fault will still lie with me. I was too immature that unable to cover the blade with an aura!』(Neil)


Ah, as expect, he would deny it.
He could use it to attack the Iron Pill Bugs properly just before. But it seems unlikely to be the cause of broking.
To be honest, I must have done something bad …


『Kathia-chan was calling me heavy before,
So why don’t you tell me your weight…


And Fina-san asked me question in a funny tone.


『Well, how much is your weight?』(Fina)


It can’t be helped because back then I need to fly at the Wyvern to fight.
But I felt that Fina-san just asked this for personal interest.
She had a mischief-like smiling face.
Did she hold a grude? It can’t be help if you jumped on my back and clinging on me.
If it’s normal I won’t say a girl is《heavy》

Fina pushes me to a place where Neil-san can’t hear us and starts talking.


『So, how many?』(Fina)

『It’s … 53 kilos』(Cathy)

『Eh, lie!? Kathia-chan has tall stature』(Fina)

『I’m just 170cm or so』(Cathy)

『The weight is way too good with your body shape, I can not accept it』(Fina)

『Even if you say so』(Cathy)

『Although I am lighter but my stature is.
There is something wrong! I thought you should be more heavy』(Fina)


It seems like it turned on her switch.
Apparently it seemed to be a number that she did not like.
What does she want me to do then?


『Uhm …excuse me, can we return to the story?』(Neil)

『Oh, yes, I am sorry, because of me, Neil’s sword is』(Cathy)

『No, it’s because I was really immature.
It’s okay, I planned to buy a new sword in Kise anyway』(Neil)

『Is that so?』(Cathy)


You may find a good sword if it is from a weaponsmith in this country.
However, if Neil-san just bought it himself then it won’t be a reimbursement …
I want to do something useful as it was partly my fault.
I hope I could do something for him.


『By the way, what should we do with the dead bodies of these monsters?』(Fina)


Fina-san, you should pay attention in your brother’s weapon…
Well, in this case…


『We should report to the soldier guild. And they will come to collect it, won’t they?
The movement of those iron pill bugs is also an abnormal situation, so we should also report it to the soldier guild, right?

『Yes, that’s right.
For the time being, we should put their dead bodies together in one place,
And hurry go to Kise』(Neil)


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  1. Suggestion:
    『Why, why are there so many {}->{?}… {it still isn’t}->{it’s still not} the breeding season {yet?}->{}』(Neil)

    As a way to fight against these, it is common to attack while avoiding {a}->{the} hard outer shell.

    Neil-san aims at {a}->{the} soft abdomen and shell knot, handling one by one using thrusts.

    『As always, …haa~… fuu~, what a strange {fighting way}->{way of fighting} … 』(Neil)

    {If}->{} it will take {time a lots}->{a lot} of time if I do it {}->{alone} because there are many monsters.

    Fina-san use magic to kill the {remain}->{remaining} of monsters.

    『Oh, it’s finally over! So tired, I used all {}->{of my} Magical power』(Fina)

    Even Neil-san {}->{who} is accustomed to fighting, {but}->{as a} vanguard lost more stamina in fight than {back}->{the rear}-guard like Fina-san. (Vanguard= Accustomed – lost more stamina
    & Rear guard = not accustomed – fight as usual, so same level of tiredness )

    Sometimes I feel like I’m talking {}->{to} an adult』(Fina)

    However it’s {some}->{partly} true, because {there are the}->{my mental} inside of me are different from the body

    『I wonder how the group of insects {appearance}->{appeared} back there?』(Fina)

    『Well, I remember that it wasn’t the monster to {mak a flock}->{make a group} like this』(Cathy)

    『Well, how much {are you weight}->{is your weight}?』(Fina)

    Did she hold a grude? It can’t be {}->{help} if you jumped on my back and clinging on me.

    You may find a good sword if it is {a weapons production base}->{from a weaponsmith} in this country.

    I hope I could {}->{do} something for him.


    • More coming:
      I took the water from the {luguage}->{luggage} in our horse and handed it to the two.


  2. I feel like you need to be assertive if you want a kind JP person like Cathy to start to like you. Unless you grew up together.


  3. LOL the illustration of the swordswoman at the end looks like she’s going “I am so done with this crap”


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