How dare you set cookies on my site, wordpress?

I never asked for this.


I see, because my site is not paid site?


Are there anyone know how to delete cookies?

I can’t find it on my admin page setting.


I don’t undestand what to do with this code (solution find on google)



  1. Thank God for ADblock addons like “uBlock Origin”.
    But this solution is only for us-viewers from our computers, NOT you from site-admin side.

    Even if a website has an annoying thingie (up or down the screen) that moves with the scrolling, we can still manually do a “block element” on it. Just make sure to click “preview” first


  2. Well, I think it’s not really a big deal for readers if the ads is put at the end of the chapter. As long as the ads is there, it should be fine


  3. Do you… know what cookies are / what they’re for?

    From the WordPress people:

    If a user wants to block cookies from their end, they can do so through their browser or extemsions, but a lot of your website functions rely on cookies, so I don’t think you really want them gone.


    • As for the ads, you can upgrade or host somewhere else. Have you ever heard of using a service for free? How would they make money?


      • They spare me for more than 1 year, all of sudden they pop off out of nowhere.
        The cookies ads block my “Edit” button, which makes me taking more time to edit the chapter now.

        I hope the cookies don’t annoy readers too much.


  4. That code shouldn’t do a thing.
    unset() should remove the cookie and
    setcookie() would usually set a new cookie but in this context, it doesn’t because of
    “time() – ( 15 * 60 )”. That part of setcookie() sets when the cookie is going to expire. time() is the time right now.
    The fact that a number is subtracted from that means that the time when the cookie expires is set to a time in the past.


  5. The PHP code is something that only works if you make it part of the html just adding it as text doesn’t do anything.

    Having said that, the message looks like something wordpress is doing to annoy you into buying a paid plan.

    You said in a previous reply that it blocks your edit button. Can you see if the button still exists if you look at the html code (right click -> inspect element where it should be and look around the nearby code)
    Because you might be able to use adblocking software to specifically remove that message if it’s just a DIV element layered over your edit button.


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