Cathia Chapter 3-3: Blacksmith Van

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Cathia Chapter 3-3: Blacksmith Van


『Geez, I hate him! Cathia-chan』(Fina)


We are currently walking towards Blacksmith Van
…while listening to Fina-san’s complains…
It’s not as much as the daytime, but the city is still busy in the evening.
We got accustomed to the crowd a little, so our walking speed is faster than before.


『Why was his personality so warped?』(Fina)


The content of complain is about Nanashi-san.
It seems Fina-san doesn’t have any good impressions about Nanashi-san.


『Or did he really even have one?』(Fina)

『Is there something wrong?』(Cathy)

『Perhaps, I don’t like how he erased his personality』(Fina)


Erase Personality?
But isn’t it a necessary skill as someone in the information department?
It should be advantageous for intelligence activities.


『Personality, right?
I myself have met only a couple of people from the information department,
But this is the first time I meet someone with thin presence』(Neil)


Oh, is that about presence different?
Since I have only met Nanashi-san in the information department, I couldn’t compare him with other agents like Neil-san.
Certainly if everyone from the information department is all at that level, they are likely to win the empire in all intelligence fights.


『If we meet and talk, you may understand what Nanashi-san said, but you won’t notice him even if we pass each other in town』(Neil)

『The only characteristic feature is his sarcastic tone,
but I can’t understand what was he thinking in his head…』(Fina)


But why does Fina-san hate him so much simply because his personality is so thin?
If we are talking about Fina-san, then it should be about picture.
Maybe the fact that she doesn’t like him, was some relates to a picture?
And then, I decided to ask a suitable question.


『What would Fina-san do if you was asked to draw Nanashi-san in a picture?』(Cathy)

『About that…! I can probably draw if I see the real one as model』(Fina)


She is quickly change her mood.
From her reaction, It seems that she might already consider about it.
Of course, there’s no way she would actually paint the agents in the information department.
That would be like killing them in a way.


『But even if I can just draw his picture, I still feel like I couldn’t draw that person properly…
Well, sorry about that』(Fina)


She was talking about the human nature just before.
Could it be, she only want to draw a picture that of something she understands from  the inside …?
I can’t say for sure. Because I am not an artist.
However, maybe I can now understand why Fina-san doesn’t like Nanashi-san.


『Well, Nanashi-san’s work requires not to stay in the memory of the peoples and enemies.
When Fina-san’s picture is …』(Cathy)


As an artist, her job of making something memorable in someone’s memory.
In other words, they are completely opposite.


『I see.
Our way of life is exactly opposite, isn’t it?
His life and my life.
I can understand it』(Fina)


We can’t do anything about our feeling aspect.
However, I think at least Fina-san is somehow convinced.


『Actually, you don’t really have to care about him, even if you hate him or not』(Cathy)


『Does Fina-san hate Nanashi-san enough that you want him to get hurt?』(Cathy)

『I hate him, but I still don’t want him to get hurt』(Fina)


… Well, then it’s still okay.


『If you don’t deny nor want to hurt him, then you shouldn’t not mind even if you hate him.
If you want to hate someone, do it with the empire』(Cathy)

『Geez … I guess so.
I think Cathia-chan’s way of thinking is good, quite at ease.
Yeah, I don’t dislike him! Is that okay?』(Fina)

『I think it’s good』(Cathy)

『It’s good, isn’t it?』(Fina)


I guess it’s okay.
She loves a lot of people. Because someone is unnatural, she feels unpleasant.
But I guess there’s no problem as long as she doesn’t want other to get hurt.


It was the street around where we went through in the daytime.
When we turned at the crossroads according to Nanashi-san’s guidance,
We saw a building, that I could find at the first glance, it was larger than other stores.
A waterwheel using a canal is running and it was rather authentic workshop.
The store faced the street and the workshop is built behind it.

The mark of the shop is attached to the signboard, and the crest of this axe seems to be the sign as a blacksmith.


『A big store』(Fina)

『Yes, but what is Van-san’s problem?』(Cathy?)

『Well, it’s no use for us to think about it here, let’s go inside』(Neil?)


It might be rude to enter the workshop immediately, so we go in from the store side for now.
There are a variety of weapons in the shop.
There are many kinds: swords, lances, axes, sticks, shields and knuckle are lineup

The axe crest is engraved every weapon.
Well, somehow it looks strange to engrave an axe crest on sword or a shield.
The weapons are abundant not only with quantity but also quality as well.
The accuracy of mass-produced weapons seemed high.
I tried taking the same sword from 2 shelves and compared but I almost didn’t feel the difference.

When I was overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of weapons, a clerk called out to me.

It’s a woman dwarf, she looked up to me.
Sorry, I am too tall for a dwarf.


『Excuse me, are you the one the information department mentioned about?』(Clerk)


It might be rude to crouch, so I took a step back, to make it easier for female dwarf to look at me.
It seems like the information department already contacted before this.


『Oh, yes.
We were told that Van-san had some trouble and were asked for help』(Cathy)


As she heard that, the clerk’s face changed.


『As expected, because you have the same features from that I heard』(Clerk)



Ah, I have bad feeling about this.
Specifically, when we involved with Nanashi-san.


『Well, it’s somewhat hard to say … but I was told that …
A female red hair swordsman with a flashy appearance,
a male brown hair swordsman with a loose face,
and a flat-chest female elf wizard will come』(Clerk)

『The second half is awful』(Cahy)


I think that it’s still fine with only red hair feature.


『I don’t have such a loose face …』(Neil)

『It’s only about bad thing of me! Nanashi!』(Fina)

『Sorry, I’m sorry.
But I’m not the one who say it』(Clerk)

We already had a commotion before I started my request.
Because he was familiar with that explanation, it may be so.
This is definitely Nanashi-san, the information department agent.

Oh, the clerk was flustered.


『Ah, excuse me, could you please allow me to enter the workshop?』(Cathy)


We won’t progress as it is so I decide to take initiative.
It is a secret that I thought the small (legal-loli) dwarf girl that flustered in trouble is a little cute.


『Yes, this way please!』(Clerk)


We were instructed to go through the back of the store, this is probably a passageway for communication with the workshop.
As we enter the workshop, the craftsmen are moving around busily.
The craftsmen are from various races.
They noticed we came in, and turned their eyes looking at us suspiciously.
But as they realized the clerk was leading us, they immediately returned to their work.

As we pass near the furnace, I can feel the hot air blowing to us.
I wonder if the fuel is fire magic, and wind magic instead of tatara (traditional Japanese furnace)
I guess it somewhat difference from the previous life?
I am not familiar with blacksmith to that extent, so I don’t know any further difference.
The studio seems to be fully operational for mass production of weapons.

Although it’s the back of the workshop, it’s a the place which we can’t overlook the most.
But there’s one furnace that is quiet as if the fire had completely disappeared.
One old dwarf is idly watching the work scenery of the workshop.


『Master, you have customers』(Clerk)


The clerk said so to the old man.
The old man didn’t notice even when we got close, and only noticed when the clerk talked to him.
Because the clerk called him master, I think that this man is Van-san.


『Are you the ones that the boy from information department told me about?』(Old man)


An old man Dwarf was just sitting when looking as us and said so.
He has somewhere lethargic eyes.
First of all, I should introduce myself.


『Are you Van-san? My name is Cathia Myer』(Cathy)

『Yes, I am a van. I heard that if I look at you, I will feel like making weapons back again』(Van)


Van-san stared me.
If I think about it, I still have no explanation about this person’s trouble.
I tried to come as I was told, but what should I do?
Van-san suddenly opened his eyes wide as he looked at my waist, where I equip my sword.


『Please show me that sword!』(Van)

『Oh, wait a moment』(Cathia)


He held on my black sword like snatching.
And then he instantly removed it from the sword belt. He must be used to sword handling, such dexterity.
Van-san looked at the sword removed it from the sheath.


『this is, … what is this…
…I see, so it’s something like that?
This sword must be used well, by someone will great skills …』(Van)


He muttered something.
Van eventually closed his eyes and had a big sigh.
When he opened his eyes again, Van’s face has already been different from the previous one.
There are vital, energy, enthusiasm in his eyes. It was no longer tired eyes.


『Thank you very much.
I see, that boy was right』(Van)


I received the black sword and put it back in the sword belt.


『Uhm, I don’t understand…』(Cathy)


Yes, it was like I said
However, Van already had a radiant look.
Didn’t this problem get solved without me doing anything?


『Yes, please explain properly』(Fina)


Fina-san also wanted to hear it.


『No, sorry, it’s such an embarrassing story to explain.
Please listen from the boy in the information department later,
By the way, the boy with brown hair over there』(Van)

『Ah, my name is Neil』(Neil)

『I promise to make Neil’s weapons as a reward, so please excuse me for it』(Van)



Neil-san seems to be happy.
Well I can understand it, he will get the best craftsmen in this country to make weapon for him after all.
But in the end, I still have no explanation?

Neil-san and Van-san took a meeting about the details of the weapon.


『Hey, Cathia-chan』(Fina)


Yeah, I know what Fina-san wants to say.
I feel the same way.


『Yes, I also feel like we all dancing in Nanasi-san’s palm, it’s un-comfortable』(Cathia)

『Mou (geez)! I will have him tell us everything in advance from next time!』(Fina)

『However, the problem seems to be fine already…』(Cathia)


Even though I couldn’t understand the situation, the problem was solved if I showed the sword.
What was needed was not me but to show the black sword.
Even thought we have Neil-san’s sword as a thankful reward, but I don’t feel good about it.


『Ah, the young lady over there, are you Cathia?
Could you use the sword from earlier?
I will be thankful if you could show us how you use your skill with it if possible』(Van)


Van-san talked to me.
Have you two finished talking?

『I do not mind, but why?』(Cathy)

『I didn’t understand well before because I only looked at the sword,
Now that I have a look at how you stand, I can somehow understand,
Your skills aren’t inferior to that sword, you must be a good user.
I would like to see how that sword is used in combat as a smith craftsman by all means』(Van)


It’s a compliment, so I don’t feel bad.


『He is truly a master … to understand Cathia’s skills with her standing figure』(Neil)

『Cathia-chan, your face is red, are you embarrassed?』(Fina)


Fina-san seems to say something, but it’s probably my imagination.
I haven’t heard anything, nothing.
It seems my role is also necessary.
I feel better with this, because I won’t be useful if I just show the sword.
However, I would like to ask one more thing before doing it.


『Does that have an impact on making Neil’s sword?』(Cathy)

『Oh, I feel like working again from today.
However, even if it’s a little, I want some stimulation to give me more motivations.
If you please』(Van)


I see, so I can make up somehow for Neil-san’s broken sword with this.
I will be useful, even just a bit.


『I understand』(Cathia)


Okay, how should I do it? (T.N: maybe she means how flashy)

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  1. Suggestion:
    『The only characteristic feature is his {sarcasmatic}->{sarcastic} tone,
    but I can’t understand

    {You are changing to quick}->{she is quickly change her mood}.
    From her reaction, It seems that

    Well, sorry about {the sensational story?}->{that}』(Fina)

    There are many kinds: {sword}->{swords}, lances, axes, sticks, shields and {knuckle}->{knuckles} are lineup

    Well, somehow it looks strange to {engrace}->{engrave} an axe crest on sword or a shield.

    We already had a {commontion}->{commotion} before I started my request.

    Oh, the clerk was {fluttered}->{flustered}.

    We won’t {process}->{progress} as it is so I decide to take initiative.
    It is a secret that I thought the small (legal-loli) dwarf girl that {fluttered}->{flustered} in trouble is a little cute.

    {But}->{by} the way, the boy with brown hair over there』(Van)

    Even thought we have Neil-san’s sword as a thankful reward, but I don’t feel {food}->{like it}.

    However, even if it’s a little, I want some stimulation to give me more {motive}->{motivations}.

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  2. An explanation to anyone who is confused like the characters are, the master blacksmith lost his MOJO, meaning although he could make swords, they would lack a little something, like spirit, which would make them inferior to his previous works. After seeing her sword, been a master blacksmith, with his knowledge he could tell how it had been used, and cared for, seeing the high quality of ability shown by the sword he got some of his MOJO back, but he would like a demonstration of the skill of the welder to fully recover it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 『The second half is awful』(Cahy) –> 『The second half is awful』{Cathy}
    Thank you for the chapter!


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