Cathia Chapter 3-6: Balance of Life

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Cathia Chapter 3-6: Balance of Life


『Well, well, I know that you would move, if you know that there is a culprit here,
You would send the elites!
It is my role to hunt them』(Psychopath man)


The skinny old man spoke fluently.
And the edge of his mouth raised.


『Here, I’ll give you this』(Psychopath man)


As he said so, the man casually threw something toward us.




It seems like something left of a worker who was working here until the corruption began.
He probably was late to run away.
It is too cruel.



『Fina-ane! Don’t let him provoke you!』(Neil)

『You are unexpectedly calm, aren’t you? Well then』(Psychopath man)


That man looks at the situation after throwing a corpse.
It seems like he still has something to talk.


『Who among the three of you are the strongest?
It’s not you. You seem like only have a bit strong with magical power』(Psychopath man)


『Your magic attributes are wind and soil
No, it’s more like wind and water.
As expected, you have the capability of an elf』(Psychopath man)


He spoke about Fina-san and her abilities.
What is this man?


『Well, you are different.
But you are just a power fighter with high aura amount』(Psychopath man)

『What… why …?』(Neil)


Is this about Neil?
What skills did he use to measure his opponent’s combat ability in this short time?
It’s creepy.


『Well, then the only one left is you.
A swordsman and using a superior aura.
A very strong woman』(Psychopath man)


『Yeah, I don’t know what kind of method he used,
but it seems that he has just grasped our strength at this place』(Cathia)

『Hey, you will die if you don’t concentrate!』(Psychopath man)


That man takes out an ocarina and blows in.
Then …


『Cathia-san, the worms are coming!』(Neil)


A tremendous number of worms that waited behind the guy was charging at us.
It’s the number that makes a loud noise.


『We will fight!
The loud noise should be heard from outside!
The reinforcements will come if we can endure!』(Cathia)


Can we endure in this situation until the reinforcements come?
Or can we defeat the worms or the man manipulating the worm?


『Can you do it? …heh heh heh』(Psychopath man)


A flock of worms comes.
The worms weren’t much of a threat.
Their movement is slow, skin is soft, too.
But when that man blows the ocarina, the front worms started blowing up all at once.
It was hard to escape the “Carpet bombardment” dissolution liquid.
If we get hit even once, our skin will be burned, get numb and it will be a fatal injury.

The only defense measure is Fina-san’s wind magic.
Block the dissolution liquid with wind magic.
After Fina-san’s defensive magic, Neil-san and I charged into the flock of worms and desperately reduced their number.
Fortunately, it seems that the worms can’t blow themselves up rapidly.
Repeat defense and attacks over and over again.


『Ha~a, Ha~a, Cathia-chan, my magical power …』(Fina)


There’s almost no wind flow in the cave.
In order to make wind flow from nothing, the magical power consumed will be much more than outside the cave.
The limit of Fina-san’s magic power is running low
To begin with, the burden on Fina-san is too great.
However, there are no other effective defensive measures.

Neil-san shouts out.


『Cathia-san, please go ahead!
If you defeat him, the control will be disturbed!
The dissolution liquid can also be avoided without relying on magic!』(Neil)

『Ha~a, just like he said, it will be easier! Cathia-chan!』(Fina)

『… Please bear with it for a while!』(Cathia)

『Leave it to me!』(Neil)

『You should also be careful, Cathia-chan!
That man has mysterious power!』(Fina)


I don’t have time to waste here.
I will believe in the two and rush to that man!


『Get out of my way!』(Cathia)


I started charging and clear the way with my black sword.
As I was advancing, I kept slashing the worms in sight.
I increased the density of the aura to block the liquid spilling at me.
As I proceeded through the herd of worms to push them apart, I finally saw that gray hair man.

There he is!


『It is an amazing power, worms are nothing more than paper-waste!
Good, I will be your opponent!』(Psychopath man)


With the momentum of the rush, I slash down to that man.
The man takes his mouth off the Ocarina, pulls out the sword and blocks it.
He can block my attack?
This man, contrary to his appearance, he knows how to use sword …!
And even after he stopped blowing the Ocarina, the control of the worms has not stopped.


『Do you realize it yet? The worms will not stop unless you kill me.
The instructions have already been given』(Psychopath man)

『If that’s the case then…!』(Cathia)

『Will you be able to kill me, have you ever killed a person before?』(Psychopath man)



I don’t know why but it seems he knows about it.
Come on!
Dan-san also talked about it!
Now is time to kill!


『Waste, just a wasted effort.
After all, words of other peoples can’t help you make your decision,
After all, they are meaningless unless you can make it on your own,
No matter what kind of advice you received』(Psychopath man)



He can read my mind this far?


『Yes, I can read your mind, this is also the power of God!』(Psychopath man)

『… ….』(Cathia)


Whether it’s true or not, the man has told me about his ability.
Even if it is true, it seems like he can only read my thought on the surface.
Otherwise, he should be surprised with my past if he can really look inside.
And he seems to chat too much, is it to make me thinking and read the necessary information?


『Oh, you have noticed, but it does not matter,
I just have to hold you down … then …』(Psychopath man)

『Fina-ane! Behind!』(Neil)

『I’m sorry, I lost concentration』(Fina)

『Fina-san! Neil-san!』(Cathia)


I can hear the two suffering voices.
The limit is close.


『They will soon be defeated without fail and your gentle heart will be broken』(Psychopath man)



I slash at him with my sword a couple of times.
However, because my attacks are all read, everything is prevented.
Tch! My aura is also disturbed!


It’s because of you, it’s your fault that the other two die!
Lost, despair!
Someone who still scared of killing
Broken the heart of someone like you are my favorite thing!
Even though you have amazing power, your heart is weak!
If you come at me with all your power, my reading is meaningless,
In the end, you still lose to me!』(Psychopath man)


My fault … …?
Because of me, Neil-san and Fina-san will die …?

My heart gets disturbed.

No, it’s not mine.
It’s this guy’s fault!
Then why can’t I kill him …?

Is it scary?
Even so, I choose not to die but to kill him in front of me.
Is it《life equal》?

… Got hooked by my own misunderstanding and suddenly got confused.

Oh, is that so?
In my previous life.
I grew up being taught that life is equal.
Everyone thought the same way, I believed so because I live in peace.
Life is equal, everyone that is alive should cherish it.

That’s why, I never thought that I would be stabbed by someone that I didn’t even know the name in the alley.
So I didn’t notice.
It’s murder.

There are people who look at other people’s lives lightly.
So without warning, I was stabbed just when I passed by.
It’s just an illusion that life is equal.
If life is equal, good people can’t die unreasonably!

Then …


『It’s easy …』(Cathia)

『Oh?』(Psychopath man)


Isn’t it easy if life is not equal?
Balance in my heart.
Neil-san and Fina-san’s lives on one side.
On the other side, the life of this guy in front of me.

It does not matter if there are one or two lives are on our side.
Even just Neil-san alone or Fina-san alone will still have the same result.
It does not change.

Balance tilted.


『Your life … It’s not worth anything to me』

『What…!? What… up until now … there’s no one who reacted like this …!!』(Psychopath man)


One step closer.
The man retreats.
Left myself to the dark emotion, I swung up my sword.
Casually with that thought.


『Stop it! Do not come!
Don’t come near me with such pure killing intent!』(Psychopath man)



Blood splashed.
The upper part of that man’s neck bounced and rolled on the ground.

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  1. Suggestion:
    {The solution}->{the dissolution liquid} can also be avoided without relying on magic!』(Neil)

    『If {that}->{that’s} the case then…!』(Cathia)

    『They will soon {collapse}->{be fall / defeated} without fail and your gentle heart will be broken
    (Psychopath man)

    It’s because of you, it’s your fault that the other two die!
    Lost, {stray}->{despair}!
    Someone who still scared {of killing}->{to kill}

    Oh, is that so?
    {Preceding creation}->{in my previous life}.
    I grew up being taught that life is equal.
    Everyone thought

    It does not matter if there are one or two lives are on {one side}->{his side}.
    Even just Neil-san alone or Fina-san alone will still have the same result.

    One step closer.
    The man retreats.
    Left {}->{myself} to the {black}->{dark} emotion, I swung up my sword.
    Casually with that thought.

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    • I think this part also need correction

      『Your magic attributes are wind and soil
      No, it’s more like wind and water.
      As expected, you have {capable}->{the capability} of an elf』(Psychopath man)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. … he ask for it… right?
    didn’t he ever consider that some people is easy to change their mindset?
    and moreover he provoke her even further… its just make it more easy for her to change her mindset and go for the kill.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the first place, only someone as naive as a JP protag would be affected by their mindset in the firstplace, even after years of training and killing monsters.


      • not only JP protag, every normal human beings would be like that,
        only people who has something wrong with their brain that suddenly go killing people when they never killing another human before….

        Liked by 1 person

  3. TY for the chapter! Cathy be a BOSS! Also the pics are cute do they come from anything in particular or just random ginger’s you found laying around?. xP


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