Cathia Chapter 3-7: Awakening

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Cathia Chapter 3-7: Awakening


The control of demons has disappeared.
The worms have been released from the control of that man and are scattered in all directions.
However, the engaging worms still surround Neil-san and Fina-san.
I rush back to those two.
Please, please stay alive!

I go into the herd of worms surrounding them.
Suppressed my un-easy feeling, strengthen the aura and breaking through the thin place of the herd.
They are standing!
Both of them are still standing firmly and fighting!


『Are you okay?』(Cathia)

『Cathia-chan, are you okay?』(Fina)



I’m glad, I’m really glad.
Both of them have sweat on their foreheads and tired but doesn’t seem to be injured.


『Cathia-san, you defeated him!』(Neil)


The man who controlled the worms, I have killed him.
Somehow, I gritted my hand tightly.


So, it should have solved worms control as well』(Cathia)

『… …?』(Neil)

『Oh, the motions of the worms have slowed down!』(Fina)

『Can both of you still move? We will push them back!』(Cathia)

『Of course!』(Fina)


『Let’s go!』(Cathia)


The battle heads to the end.
Worms that lost control are weak and don’t pose a threat as long as they blow up liquids apart.
Most worms fled without fighting, so the numbers are not too serious.
This is the last one!


『This is it!』(Cathia)


The worm stops moving while overflowing its body fluids.
Finally, it ended.


『Ha~a, it’s over, we managed to do it thanks to you Cathia-chan.
We are alive, all of us!』(Fina)

『Yes, thanks for your hard work, Cath… Cathia-san?』(Neil)

『Oh, …yes …what?』(Cathia)


I didn’t listen.
Was I exhausted through the battle?


『What’s wrong, Cathia-chan? Do you feel strange somewhere?』(Fina)

『Yes, why don’t you let go of your sword?』(Neil)



I didn’t notice.
I was grasping the sword tightly on my right hand.
Moreover, my right hand is now trembling…
Neil-san and Fina-san seem to be worried from the looks of their faces.


『… Neil, will you come and check out the surrounding?』(Fina)

『…Yes, Fina-ane. And Cathia-san … 』(Neil)

『Okay, leave it to me』(Fina)


Neil-san went away.
Fina-san grasped my right hand gently.




My body is stiff.


『It’s over, Cathia-chan』(Fina)

『But, my hand is trembling』(Cathia)


It didn’t stop.
Even though It’s my own body, it didn’t listen to me.


『I’m sorry, I’m sorry that you have to do it on your own,
But let me carry that burden with you,
Please don’t take it alone by yourself』(Fina)


It seems like Fina-san was already aware of what happened.


『Uu, I… !』(Cathia)


That is what I did on my own.
Fina-san should never hold responsible!


『If I did the same thing as Cathia-chan, so will Cathia-chan leave me?』(Fina)

『There no way I could …』(Cathia)

『Yes, so, please let me know why are you having such a painful face?
Why are you making such a face like you are about to cry so much?』(Fina)


Saying so, Fina-san hugged me.
So softly as if holding a young child.
The sword began to separate from my right hands and made a noise when falling to the ground.


『I do not feel upset』(Cathia)


『The feeling when I slashed his head,
the feeling when I cut off a life… forever in my hand …』(Cathia)


『The face just before being slaughtered floats on my mind a number of times over and over again.』(Cathia)



She gently stroke my back.
She doesn’t reply or do anything special.
She just listens to my muttering.
I wonder why my heart is thirsty.
Why is my heart broking down so much?


『Fina-ane, as expected …』(Neil)


It seems that Neil-san came back.


『… I see, good job』(Fina)


I can’t think of anything.
Oh, somehow, my consciousness is fading…


『…ia-chan! Cathia-chan! Hold it together!』(Fina)

『What’s wrong, Fina-ane!?』(Neil)

『I don’t understand! She suddenly …』(Fina)


I hear a voice.
Did I know so many words like this?
I know a lot of words.
Where does this knowledge come from?


『Cathia-san! I’m glad, you woke up, you made me worried!』(Fina)


Who is it? This onee-san is…
A blonde beauty, with beautiful colour eyes.


『Cathia-san! Did you get hurt anywhere?』(Neil)


I also don’t know him.
A man with gentle eyes and brown hair.


『Cathia-chan? Somehow, you seem to be different than usual…』(Fina)


Did she help me?
My father and mother died, then they were buried in a dark place.
Then, that’s right!
Who is that Onii-chan?
The Onii-chan who told me that he will protect me.
He jumped into my heart and then …


『Aaah, my head hurts!』(Cathia)


My head hurts, it hurts, it hurts!
Something flows in my head, a large quantities.
I crouched down with the intolerable pain.


『Cathia-chan! Hang in there! Healing!』(Cathia)


Fina-san applies healing magic.
The pain relieves.

… That’s right, that’s right.
Onii-chan kept his promise, protecting me properly.
I’m so happy.
No, he becomes an Onee-chan now.
It might be a little interesting, tee hee hee.

I also remember his memories now.
My body was controlled by Onii-chan, it recorded his memory to this day.
There are also some unknown knowledges as well.


『Thank you very much, Fina-san』(Cathia)


For the time being, I got up and trying to say that I am already fine.
Uwa, huge, this body has really big assets.
It’s so heavy.
The front of this body is really heavy.
I can’t balance unless I hold my spine properly.


『Uhm… Are you all right now?』(Neil)

『Yes, I’m okay, Neil-san, I’m sorry to make you worry』(Cathia)



As he protected these two, Onii-chan’s heart seems to be tired and slept.
So for now, I will pretend to be Onii-chan. I can’t leave until Onii-chan gets up again.

I will not say that this body is mine.
At that time, I think that I had been dead if Onii-chan didn’t come.
Because I almost gave up living.

So, this body already belongs to Onii-chan.
But I guess my soul has returned to my body somehow.
I’m in trouble because I know who he is through this body’s memory.

My only wish is: I could talk with Onii-chan.
But somehow, I understand that it’s impossible for me to be here once Onii-chan wakes up.
So, someday.
Someday, I hope it will come true.

And there are noisy sounds come from the entrance.
According to the memory, it seems like help would come if we wait here.
So, I should inform these two.


『The rescue seems to have come』(Cathia)

『Well, but isn’t this vibration too much?』(Neil)


Because he responded normally, is it okay like this?


『This … this is ?』(Neil)


It seems that the noisy sound is really large. There’s also the sound of fallen rocks.
So my body can feel it?


『The worms came!』(Neil)

『Ah, enough already! But this is really the last time we deal with this!
We will leave it to other soldiers afterward』(Fina)


According to senses of this body, it seems to be sensitive to sound and vibration.
A large number of worms approached, they are about twenty.
But I can’t use a sword like Onii-chan…


『Cathia-san, what are you doing? You must not…』(Neil)

『Neil-san, I just tried to use magic!』(Cathia)

『Magic, you mean fire magic?』(Neil)

『Because this cave is wide, we won’t be lack of air,
But Cathia-chan, aren’t you only able to use it intermediate level?』(Fina)

『That’s right… intermediate level only be able to roast one person the most…』(Neil)


Muu~ … don’t make a fool of me!!…
My body aura’s talent is from Onii-chan, I have magical talent.
So, I can’t use the sword well, but the magic is another level!
The same goes for Onii-chan, he can’t use my magical talent well.


『Please watch!』(Cathia)


I released the flame magic in my body from both hands.
Burn it all!
The fire swirled, going around the ground and going up.
The worms were wrapped in red crisp, reaching the ceiling of the cave.


『No, this is』(Neil)

『This isn’t an intermediate level, perhaps, it even stronger than advanced level』(Fina)



I did it now.
Even though I was just trying to pretend as Onii-chan, but he couldn’t use magic this much!
I regretted it after the worms turned to ashes.

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  1. Suggestion:
    However, the {in combat}->{engaging} worms still surround Neil-san and Fina-san.

    Both of them have sweat on their foreheads and {are fatigue}->{tired} but doesn’t seem to be injured.

    『Can both of you still move{}->{?}, we will push them back!』(Cathia)

    『There no way I could …』({Fina}->{Cathia})

    『Yes, so, please let me know why {you are}->{are you} having such a painful face{}->{?},

    Did she help me?
    My father and mother died, then they were {shed}->{buried} in a dark place.
    Then, that’s right!

    I also remember his memories now.
    My body was {used}->{controlled by onii-chan}, it recorded his memory to this day.

    trying to say that I am already fine.
    Uwa, huge, this body has really big {asserts}->{assets}.

    I released the {hot power}->{flame magic} in my body from both hands.

    The worms were wrapped in red {crimps}->{crisp/crimson}, reaching the ceiling of the cave.


    • Suggestion:
      『Ha~a, it’s over, we managed to do it thank{s to} you Cathia-chan.
      We {are }alive, all of us!』(Fina)


  2. Two soul in one body, the tired guardian already asleep and the little flame that almost died out before has become big and it has unleash a crimson firestorm in its wake.

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  3. Wow, this chapter just make this novel go on another level now. I wasn’t interested in it as much before but now i’m quite curious as where this story will going

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  4. Er… were the worms self destructing/blowing up or were they just spitting acid? ‘Blow up liquid’ is simply too unspecific about what is happening.


  5. Thanks for chapter….
    『Oh yeah, intermediate level, however, is it really my utmost?』(Cathia)

    Of course, I’m not stupid?

    sou ssu yo chuukyuu ja ippiki yaku no ga sekinoyama ssu yo (this is Neil’s dialog based on his accient)

    muu… baka ni shinai de yo ne!!

    That’s right… intermediate level only be able to roast one person the most…

    muu… don’t make a fool of me!!…

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  6. Thank you for the chapter! This just went to a whole nother level. Can’t wait to see where it goes next.


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