Cathia Chapter 3-8: A nearby and faraway presence

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Cathia Chapter 3-8: A nearby and faraway presence


『Please explain! Cathia-chan!』(Fina)

『That’s right, why were you hiding your power?』(Neil)



What should I do!
I wonder if there is anything useful for this situation in Onii-chan’s memories?

There is nothing, nothing at all!
Onii-chan is crummy at lying.
mostly already exposed!
why is his origin as a man not exposed?
Very mysterious.

Very mysterious.
But I have to talk about something or anything.

Yes, that’s right.


『Uhm, it seems like…
There are times I can do it,
but there are also times that I can’t do it …
Something like that』(Cathia)

『But, weren’t you confidence and used magic back there?』(Fina)

『Uhm, when I can use it, I just know it somehow!』(Cathia)

『Fu~mu~, like the witch of ice』(Neil)

『A witch of ice?』(Cathia)


Who is that?
It seems like there isn’t any information about this person in Onii-chan’s knowledge.


『Eh, you don’t know? One of the old heroes in this country,
Her magic is in perfect condition when it’s cold!
But her magic is rather weak if it’s hot』(Neil)


Fina-san is in perfect condition when she has a sharp look, but when she has the frown face, it will be a constant failure.


『Well, magic is easy to be influenced by the environment in the first place,
but the witch seems to be particularly extreme』(Neil)

『So, Neil wanted to say that Cathia-chan is in reverse version and her magic is in good condition when it’s hot』(Fina)

『There seems to be a small number of such types of people specialized in single magic,
And it seems that there have been a few such types
And according to one theory,
It is said that such phenomenon often occurs because it is close to the four major elements.
That witch seems to be good at manipulating ice and water magic as well』(Neil)



There was such a person.
Also, is it hot here?
But I’m still fine even if it’s hotter.

But, since I’m different from Onii-chan, I shouldn’t do it as I like.
He may feel uncomfortable when he returns.


『I think that I am different from that』(Cathia)


Onii-chan’s memory is not useful, so I use something from his knowledge instead!
Well, Uhm …, it’s hard to tell a lie if I mix the truth.


『When my aura gets out of order, my magic suddenly becomes better』(Cathia)


Without Onii-chan, just me alone, my body can’t use aura well,
Uhm, this is the real thing, right?


『Fina-Ane, Aura has a direct mental state, if so, the event just before must be a shock …』(Neil)

『Well, well, I will not ask anymore,
Let’s take a bath as soon as we get home,
then celebrate the completion of our mission』(Fina)


I don’t know well, but it seems I got it right.
Onii-chan, please praise me!

… That’s right.
I can’t meet him as it is now.

Ha~a, I want to see you, Onii-chan.
I wish I could be closer to you than anyone.

Oh, didn’t he say that I was “delicious” ?
Isn’t that right?



『Cathia-san, why did you have a Doya(smug) face …?』(Neil)

『Cathia-chan, you really look different from usual』(Neil)


But somehow Onii-chan is still sleeping.

The sound from the entrance isn’t reaching here yet.
We can’t move until they clear the way.

I wonder if I can naturally pretend to take a rest now.
Onii-chan, won’t you get up already?


『I’m sorry, I am a bit tired, may I sit down?』(Cathia)

『I will keep vigilant of the surroundings』(Neil)

『Yeah yeah, You can lie down all the time.
Onee-san will give you a lap pillow』(Fina)

『Yes, I’m in your care …』(Cathia)

『Eh! Cathia-chan is too obedient! Absolutely strange!』(Fina)


Fina-san is kneeling properly while saying that …
Unn, this is how Fina-san wants to help Onii-chan, so, isn’t it fine?

I decided. I will call her Fina-chan!
Fina-chan is kind.
Neil-san will also be called Neil-chan next time.

Her thighs are soft and pleasant.
The time Onii-chan wakes up is closing.
After all, for this body, I’m no longer…


Uhmmm, I felt warm and soft feeling in the back of my body.
What was I doing?

I’m no longer feel discomfort and I felt rather relieved.
Besides, this soft feeling under the head.
What is this, I wonder?


『…Mm~, Catia-chan … please don’t touch me there …!!』(Fina)



I twisted my head and saw the top.

My eyes met.
… she has a red face.
Her distinctive long ears are also red.


『Eeaaa! I’m sorry!』(Cathia)

『Oh, it’s usual Cathia-chan』(Fina)


For now, I should understand situations, grasp the situation!
This is a man’s dream, a lap pillow from a beautiful girl!
Oh, I woke up impulsively, how regrettable!
I wanted to enjoy more!


『Are you okay? Did you feel refreshed after you slept?』(Fina)

『Oh, yes』(Cathia)


Have I fallen asleep after that?
I wonder why was I asleep.

But… something?
It seems like I have forgotten something important.
Such frustrating feelings remain.


『What’s wrong, Cathia-chan?』(Fina)

『Oh, I… I feel like I forgot something important …』(Cathia)

『Oh … Cathia-chan, do you know this story?』(Fina)

『Eh? What is it?』(Cathia)

『If there are unpleasant things,
It’s better to fall asleep when there was a hard time.
Because the Fairy-san will carry disgusting things and painful things away』(Fina)

『Fairy-san, right?』(Cathia)

After waking up, you should thank the Fairy-san.
“Thank you very much, I will try hard from today”』(Fina)

『Is Fairy-san satisfied only by being thankful?』(Cathia)

『Fairy is disappearing when she is forgotten by everyone,
So, please remember her from time to time and appreciate her help』(Fina)

『Is that so?』(Cathia)


I don’t really understand.
But I certainly feel like to say thank you.
My feeling after getting up isn’t bad.
Thank you very much, Fairy-san.


『Both of you, the sound has come closer, they are almost here!』(Neil)

『Oh, Neil-san, thank you for your lookout』(Cathia)

『Cathia-chan, are you sure you can stand up?』(Fina)

『I’m sorry to make you worried. I am already fine. Thank you Fina-san』(Cathia)

『I do not mind if you show your weaknesses to me, because I’m your Onee-chan after all!』(Fina)


Uwa, that’s an amazing Doya (smug) face.


『No, geez, aren’t you also have a Doya (smug) face just now?』(Fina)

『Eh, is this the second time?』(Cathia)

『Yes, Cathia-chan did have it』(Fina)

『But when Cathia-san was doing it, it’s not particularly meaningful』(Neil)


Eh, when?
But, I have no memory of it.
For real?
While searching for memories, the rock that blocked the entrance crumbled.
Oh, I guess they cleared the way.
Several people come out of the dust.


『Okay, going through! Are you all okay?』(???)


There are familiar people that appeared with pickaxe.
The people that I know recently.


『Van-san! And other peoples of the workshop!』(Cathia)


It’s the elder dwarf with white mustache and his companions.


『How come the blacksmith peoples also here?』(Cathia)

『We heard that the blockade of the mine was cleared,
we could not wait and planned to come and pick up the ore by ourselves,
but when I heard that there are people trapped in the cave in the sixth tunnel,
We went to help you in a hurry』(Van)

『Thank you,
Did the soldiers clear the other tunnels while we were stuck here?
That’s fast! What happened to the remaining worms?』(Cathia)

『Oh, about the worms. There are only a few of them in 4th, 5th and 6th tunnel,
so the soldiers can easily deal with them, the remaining worms were pretty weak, they don’t even try to attack.
And most of them seem to have returned to the nest』(Van)


That worms were weakening because that man wasn’t here to control them anymore.
It’s a convincing story.

The other weak worms were just the discarding ones?
It seems like all healthy worms were assembled here,
After that man was killed, the worms were released from his control.

And then, the worm’s home is the underground.
If they weren’t controlled, they will not attack us.
Now that the control has been solved, the worm returned to the nest, they will not be a problem.


『Well, I will let you know the details later.
You are tired, aren’t you?
Let’s go out for the time being』(Van)


Just as Van-san said.
I’m really tired this time.
It is mainly mental.


『… Ah, Neil-san, Fina-san, about that … what should we do with that man’s body?』(Cathia)

『Just leave it to the information department, right? Neil』(Fina)

『Oh yeah, somehow, people in the information department is here!』(Neil)


The information department people? Someone like Nanashi-san sneaking away from behind…
Neil-san is explaining the situation to him.

And then it’s over,
It seems like we can finally go out.

There are ashes falling on the ground.
Have you used a fire or something?
But there weren’t any ashes when we entered this tunnel …


『Cathia-chan, let’s go』(Fina)

『Yes, I am going now!』(Cathia)


The story seems to have ended.
Fina-san is calling me.
I swept the ashes stuck on my clothes with doubt, and I went outside.

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  1. Since the author made them switch, they should be able to communicate and switch at will right? I’m definitely waiting for that moment to happen 😀


  2. Suggestion:
    Why wasn’t I born {}->{as} a boy in the first place? (T.N: she means she can’t understand how a boy would think)

    Fina-san {}->{is} in perfect condition {should be}->{} when she has a sharp {face}->{look},{}->{but when she has} the frown face {from}->{,it will be} a constant failure.

    Onii-chan, please praise {}->{me}!

    Oh, I woke up {with the momentum}->{impulsively}, how regrettable!
    I wanted to enjoy more!

    After waking up, you should thank the Fairy-san.
    {}->{“}Thank you very much, I will try hard from today{}->{“}』(Fina)

    『Oh, Neil-san, thank you for your {surrounding warning}->{lookout}』(Cathia)

    There are familiar people that appeared with {Pickel}->{pickaxe}.

    『We heard that the {closure}->{blockade} of the mine was {solved}->{cleared},

    The other weak worms were just {throwing away}->{the discarding} ones?

    Well, I will let you know the details later.
    You are tired, {do not}->{aren’t} you?

    The information department people? Someone like {Nanasi}->{Nanashi}-san

    Neil-san is explaining the {background}->{situation} to him.

    I {threw}->{swept} the ashes stuck on my clothes with doubt, and I went outside.


  3. Thanks for the chater…

    Onii-chan, lying is no good, right?
    But I must be talking my way out!
    Why wasn’t I born as a boy in the first place?
    very mysterious
    RAW :
    Onii-chan uso ga heta ppi
    daitai bare chatteru njan!
    doushite kore de moto ga otokonohito barenai darou?.
    tottemo fushigi
    Translate :
    Onii-chan is crummy at lying.
    mostly already exposed!
    why is his origin as man not exposed?
    very mysterious

    Liked by 1 person

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