Cathia Chapter 3-9: Circumstance

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Cathia Chapter 3-9: Circumstance


『Is it the ability to read the surface consciousness?』(Nanashi)

『Yes, he can read his opponent’s purpose, fighting ability, thoughts, mental statue, etc』(Cathia)

『Hmm, it’s a nasty ability,
but if you think about it, it’s an excellent skill for a reconnaissance soldier.
But he said it himself that his purpose was hunting, right?
I don’t think that ability would be suitable for that purpose』(Nanashi)

『 That man seemed to have an aggressive and distorted personality.
To put it clearly, he is not a person to be used as a subordinate …』(Cathia)

『In other words, because they can’t handle him, they put him against their enemy.
That is certainly reasonable』(Nanashi)


Right now, we are reporting to Nanashi about what happened at the tunnel.
This place is a room of the inn Nanashi-san chose.
Perhaps this is the place where information department used as a base, there is rarely any people walking nearby.

Yesterday, right after leaving the tunnel, we reported to the soldier guild and get the reward.
Then we were invited by the people from the blacksmith Van and went to the party but it seems like they were lacking ale.
However, it was impressive that ale would be reduced like vaporing …

They didn’t seem to stop. Is it true that blacksmiths are such drinking beasts?


『I wanted him to be captured alive if possible …
Are you sure it was impossible in the situation back then?』(Nanashi)


As for the information department, they must have a lot of things to want to hear from that man.
But in that situation …


『Yes, if we didn’t kill him back then, we might be already dead, it’s impossible』(Cathia)

『Is that so』(Nanashi)

Do you want to complain or something?』(Fina)

『No, I will not dismiss the judgment of the site.
It is a remark simply coming from the difference in position.
Can we continue?』(Nanashi)

『Yes, please』(Cathia)


Just like usual, Nanashi-san and Fina-san.
They don’t get along with each other.


『About the Ocarina this time. It’s the same as what the man we captured in the town of Raza used』(Nanashi)

『Because we can’t hear any sound, so I can’t say for sure,
But that white-haired man was actually moving his fingers while blowing,
So, it seems that he can issue complicated instructions as well』(Cathia)

『Indeed, we need analysis quickly as well』(Nanashi)

『I agree』(Cathia)


The last time, when we caught that man in Raza town, it wasn’t long since then.
It will be a while before we can analyze the Ocarina.
Until then, the soldiers have to do something.
And there’s Ocarina this time as well, isn’t that enough to prove that the Ocarina is the tool to control monster?


『Another question.
Were the worms stopped after Cathia-dono cut off that white-haired man’s neck?』(Nanashi)


Nanashi-san asked me a question.
Is it kind of a report?
When I tried to open my mouth to answer, Fina-san quickly raised her hand to hide my mouth.


『That’s wrong, it was the three of us who did it』(Fina)


Fina-san …


『But, the cut neck and torso …』(Nanashi)

『It was THE THREE OF US! Right, Neil!』(Fina)

『Ah, about that, Nanashi-san,
I guess you should back down this time.
It is important for us.


Neil-san lowered his head.
I don’t know what kind of face I should show the two of them.


『… Ha~a
The accuracy is accurate for information』(Nanashi)

『Then, is it okay?』(Cathia?)

『This time only, I will write so in the report』(Nanashi)

『Thank you very much … Everyone …』(Cathia)


The fact that I kill that man doesn’t change, but this is certain make me feel relieved.
I think that the existence of these two, who helped me carry the burden in this way is more reliable than anything else.
Then, the next time, I will never get lost.
In order to protect them, I will not hesitate anymore.




『Oh, so you come!』(Van)


Since we finished reporting, we visit the blacksmith Van like promised.
It was late in the afternoon, we would prepare for the trip to the next town in the evening later.
We will leave the mining city tomorrow.
In the workshop, we can see the setting sun is red.


『It’s done. It’s a Bastard sword using wootz steel』(Van)


Van-san told us about the result with a good voice.
He drank so much yesterday, but he can talk normally now.


『Thank you very much! Can I see it?』(Neil)

『Oh, please check it out. I’m confident in this one』(Van)


Neil-san received it delightfully and looked at the sword.


『Uwa, what is this pattern?』(Fina)


Fina-san also raised her voice mixed with surprise and doubt.


『Not only looks but also performance is above the usual steel』(Van)


The sword had a beautiful wood grain pattern.
Huh? It’s surely beautiful but it somehow looks familiar.
It was such a pretty knife for outdoor life in the past.
Its name is …

『It looks like Damascus steel, doesn’t it?』(Cathia)


Yes, it should be Damascus steel.


『Cathia, do you know the name of the wootz steel in the country of the dwarf?』(Van)

『Eh, is that so?』(Cathia)

『You don’t know!? Well, that’s fine, you might hear about it somewhere』(Van)


Is it the same thing?
I wonder if the name of wootz steel is also the same in the previous life.
However, there’s no way to confirm whether Damascus of the previous life is the same thing or not.


『About that, Neil-san, you are quiet from a while ago, what’s wrong?』(Cathia)


With his personality, he should jump around joyfully.
From my point of view, I think this sword is a masterpiece.


『… ….』(Neil)

『Cathia-san, he is just too happy that he can’t respond』(Fina)

『Eh … ….』(Cathia)


He was also in the same state when I showed simultaneous activation of aura and fire magic before.


『From old days, he is always like this, his processing of emotions can’t catch up』(Fina)

『How can you help him get better?』(Cathia)

『If you hit his head at 45 degrees diagonally, he will be healed.
Take this』(Fina)

『Ha~a ha~a, this is such an amazing sword!』(Neil)


Neil-san(.exe) rebooted.
He looks like an old CRT TV …
In my past life when I was small, the TV that we used in my parents’ house was also like this.
If I hit it when the screen broke, the screen will improve.
By the way, I was also hitting the branch chief of Raza’s soldier guild …


『I’m glad that you are pleased with it…,
Anyway. I guarantee the durability of this sword.
Wood steel is a good material』(Van)

『How is it different from ordinary steel?』(Neil)

『This wood steel’s feature is the key trace impurities in the metals.
The secret of that pattern makes it harder than pure iron』(Van)

『Eh… I thought that the pure one is stronger.
Well, It’s just an “imaging” though』(Neil) (Imaging in EN)

『Of course, high purity is useful.
However, it can’t draw out great strength.
Don’t you think it’s a metal with good taste?』(Van)


Oh, it’s words with connotation.
Is it also a creed as a blacksmith?
Other peoples in the workshop are also nodding with Van-san.


『Indeed … It might be a perfect sword for me …』(Neil)



He is smiling, but it seems like there’s a shadow on his usual expression.
I wonder what’s wrong.


『Van-san, thank you for such a wonderful sword!』(Neil)


However, it disappeared for a moment.
In such a short time, that others can’t notice.


『Oh, please use firmly and survive』(Van)


Can you use it firmly?

I can use it carefully, I can feel his words have the depth as a blacksmith.
My grandfather is a swordsman.
He also said something similar. But it’s surprising that Van-san also did it.



And then Neil-san said that he wanted to talk with Van-san. We broke up in the workshop.

I and Fina-san will just return to the inn and rest today.


『Cathia-chan, I make a new picture』(Fina)

『You are really working fast, as ever』(Cathia)


As I returned to the inn, I was doing sword training in the plaza nearby,
while Fina-san was in the room to paint a picture.
After working out, I went back to our room and Fina-san was called out to me.


『The second picture is this!』(Fina)


The place is in the tunnel.
A redheaded girl is standing with her hands raised ahead.
This is me.
In the picture, my hands released flame magic and the worms are wrapped in a big flame.
It’s refined and powerful, as usual, an amazing painting.




It’s an event I don’t remember.
But I do not think that Fina-san will draw something she hasn’t seen.


『What’s wrong? Didn’t you like it?』(Fina)

『I do not think so, I think it’s a good picture,
but I don’t remember doing this …』(Cathia)

『Eh, no way. You don’t you remember?
Cathia-chan, was there something wrong? Speaking of which, that situation was really strange』(Fina)


I think that I’m sick or anything.
This body is very healthy.
In addition to regular daily life, I was also doing moderate exercise every day.
So, this body is much healthier than how I was in my previous life.


『How was it strange?
If possible, can you tell me everything in order?』(Cathia)


I was lack of information.
I have to ask her for more details…


『It’s ok …
Well, after Cathia-chan solved the demon’s control and returned to help us defeat the remaining worms. And suddenly, Cathia-chan lost consciousness …』(Fina)


I sit on the bed in our room and listen to the story.
When I heard the story halfway, my heart began to beat faster.
I changed after killing that white-haired man and coming to help the other two, I feel drowsy and lost consciousness.

No, don’t tell me.
But, if it was really true.
Then there’s only one possibility.
My body, no, this body can be used by someone other than me.
And there’s only one person like that.

It’s her, right?
I want to believe so, both my heart and my head want to believe so.


『…and somehow you behave like little younger than usual,
And I was really surprised to see you shoot fire magic that would be advanced level』(Fina)

『Eh, aren’t you just exaggerated it? Was my power really that strong?』(Cathia)

『Yes, the fire pillar has raised up close to the ceiling』(Fina)


I see, there are ashes falling on that ground …
And what kind of figure did she look like when I saw her back then?
Recalling the first and last encounter at the moment.
At that time she was weak, but surely she was in the form of a flame.
If it was the essence of her power ……!
My suspicions must be true.
No doubt, it’s her!


『What’s wrong, Cathia-chan?』(Fina)

『Ah, no』(Cathia)


As I noticed I was standing up.
I am restlessly walking around the room.
… She is still alive. And she woke up once!

Her presence that I felt recently has become thinner maybe the sign of her awakening.
Normally her presence should be increased if she awakens,
But what if our souls which were fused had begun to separate, then everything is matched.

Anyway, I’d like to talk to her!


『Please calm down!』(Fina)



Fina-san called out to me, she seems to be rather worried.
For now, I obediently got back and got on top of the bed.


『Honestly. Did you notice something?』(Fina)


If I explain it, she might think that I’m crazy.
I have another soul in myself.
For now, I’d better keep silent about this, right?
At least for now.


『… Yes, but I can not tell you the details』(Cathia)

『Uhm, I thought it might be something like that.
I really want to know about it,
but I will let it pass for now because you make such a face』(Fina)


Such a face …?
To be honest, I also feel like talking to someone.


『It’s not a bad thing, absolutely』(Cathia)

『If so, let me know whenever you want to talk.
But you didn’t have health problems or anything, right?』(Fina)

『Ah, yes, that’s okay』(Cathia)


I can only say so
I don’t what kind of influence will happen to this body,
Like: Separation or soul exchange.
For the moment there seems to be no problem


『I wish you would open your heart more to me!』(Fina)


I will not be able to talk about myself to her and I left her in the dark.
I am a terrible person.
And Fina-san forgives me, I’m glad.
However, somehow it is impossible to talk to her.


『… Ugi~gi.
I don’t… mind… yes, I don’t… mind …
I want to… ask you … Umumumu …』(Fina)


Even the patient Fina-san also wants to ask about it.

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  1. “They didn’t seem like to stop.”
    Remove the ‘like’ doesn’t fit in the sentance

    “I will not be able to talk about myself to her and I let her in dark.”
    “I will not be able to talk about myself to her and I left her in the dark.”

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    • Suggestion:
      Just like usual, Nanashi-san and Fina-san.
      Both of them are somewhat {stingy}->{not get along}.

      He is smiling, but it seems like there’s a {shade}->{shadow} on his usual expression.


      • While i agree that stingy doesn’t fit, i like to add if your are going to use ‘not get along’ place a ‘do’ before it so it flows better to become ‘do not get along’

        Would incompatible fit instead of stingy though?

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  2. I’m not sure about the raws for “woody steel” but in reality the type of steel i think there referring to is called wootz steel which resembles damascus steel but was creation process was lost due to time.

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    • It’s not ‘lost to time’, real life is not a fantasy story, it just fell into disuse since modern steelmaking processes are a lot more reliable, consistent and better at bulk production. ‘Documentaries’ love to use it to make it sound like super tech from a civilization from outer space but reality is that the old hand forged technologies are massively inefficient, like using slaves to build buildings instead of cranes.

      Taking a hammer and hitting steel 100x is a lot less efficient than simply chucking a half molten ingot into a hydraulic press.


  3. Woody steel? Could it have meant wootz? ウーツ doesn’t seem to show up in online dictionaries and google translate says it’s “utsu”, which leads me to think that’s what it is.

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  4. FYI, pure iron has never been good for forging, they are too soft and bend easily. People forge weapons with steel (alloy of iron and carbon) which is much more durable.


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