Cathia Chapter 3-10: Master Blacksmiths and Young Swordsman

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Cathia Chapter 3-10: Master Blacksmiths and Young Swordsman

Novel Author’s Note: This chapter will be Master Blacksmith Van’s POV


The sword that I made after a long absence was good.
A bastard sword using wootz steel.
It will never break or bend unless there’s an extraordinary force.
I also afraid that my skill is rusty after a long absence, but there seems to be no problem.


『So, what do you want to talk about, Neil?』(Van)


I thought that this is something he didn’t want others to hear.
That’s why he asked Cathia and his sister to return first.
Even though it’s not a place to have guests, but I decided to listen to him at the warehouse of our workshop.


『In Van-san eyes, … how do you see me … as a swordsman…?』(Neil)

『 Wasn’t the soldier guild also doing something like evaluating swordsmen?
… Okay okay, it’s a joke.
You came all the way to ask me, was that because you want to hear my opinion?』(Van)

『Yes, I would like to hear it from you, Van-san』(Neil)

『I hate the beat around the bush so I will be straight. You were troubled and worried about what to do.
so for now, tell me all out all of it』(Van)


I can easily see that once I look at his face.
I’m not living this long without any experience.
I also noticed that he had a dark face for a moment when he was looking at my sword a while ago.

Although Cathia might have noticed, other people didn’t seem to notice.
She can see the surroundings even for someone her age.
It seems like Tim had taught her well.


『As I thought, you were aware』(Neil)

『Oh, you should talk faster』(Van)

『Clearly speaking,
I wonder if I’m worthy enough to fight alongside with Cathia-san …』(Neil)



It isn’t strange for him to think like that.
Actually, I doubt there will be anyone who can fight with her side by side.


『Unlike the impurities material of this sword,
Even I struggled to settle my differences, but it was all in vain. I’m not able to become one unity myself, I am worried』(Neil)


I see. This must be why he can’t ask me in front of everyone.

If Cathia is a man, he might be able to accept the difference in their power and seek advice from her himself.

But she is a girl.
He didn’t want to show his weakness to the opposite sex. Men have their pride.
He must really hate it.

It just like I’m looking at myself when I was young, his clumsiness and struggling.
I must do something.


『Oh, that’s right』(Van)


I came up with one.
I also have business there so I might as well bring him along.
“He” also knew about my young days when I was stuck.




He is in doubt
However, it is better to move to the action than explain.


『Come with me, for now, 』(Van)

『Eh, where are you going?』(Neil)

『You will know when you reach there, let’s go!』(Van)


There is a house about five minutes on foot from here, another big factory.
Our destination is there.


『Oh, sorry for disturbing you!』(Van)


I didn’t knock, I and this guy know each other well.
He was there, sitting on a chair, he now wore glasses because of his age.

It seems like he was reading books.
For a blacksmith, the atmosphere of this place is elegant.

If you talk to him, you will understand this old man’s habits and personality.
However, I was familiar with that.


『Wow, if it isn’t Van, I was surprised』(???)

『 The house behind is Mark weapons shop … isn’t it』(Neil)

『Huh, I did not see you. Nice to meet you, I’m Mark』(Mark)


Yes, this is the former master of the Mark Weapons shop and the blacksmith Mark.


『Hello, nice to meet you! Neil Raza!』(Neil)

『Okay, the self-introduction is over. Now we need consultation on his problem』(Van)

『You are impatient as ever. Are you worried?』(Mark)


This is an argumentation.
However, he is better at consultation than I am.




I explained to Mark what Neil told me earlier.


『Hmm, I see.
The point is, your ability is still sluggish, isn’t it?』(Mark)


I also think that he has not reached the ability he is seeking.


『Mark, I wonder.
What were you doing when you were stuck as a blacksmith?』(Van)


Whether sword problems or not, we are just blacksmiths.
We could offer only a solution for a blacksmith.
How to make use of it for the sword problem is depended on Neil.


『I would try to find out what my problem is and crush the shortcomings, I have been repeatedly doing that』(Mark)


So it seems.
Is it called perfect seeking people or perfectionist?


『How is it, Neil?』(Van)


I have not seen his sword technique, but from his footsteps, I feel he has more raw strength than Cathia.
But his opponent is really a bad one, compared with that excellent swordsmen, I doubt anyone would match.


『In my case, my life-span is too short to use the method of overcoming my weakness by keep trying …』(Neil)

『You don’t have to say it that far. Mark, is there any other way?』(Van)


He is similar to me.
I was also full of faults as a blacksmith before.


『Aren’t you a better person to give advice about this than me, Van?』(Mark)

『Am I?』(Van)

『Do you remember? Back then when you just came here, my workshop was already big, but your was like a street vendor?』(Mark)

『Do you want to fight or something?』(Van)


It was the story when I left my country and came to this city.
The difference with him at that time was as large as heaven and earth.
For him who already had a big workshop and also had a famous name.
In comparison, my weapons back then were just like children toys. However, I keep making weapons, selling them, and then repeat doing it.
It was a memory of my young age of practice time.


『That’s not what I mean.
How do you improve your blacksmithing technique back then?
Now, you are good to stand side by side with me.
Don’t you remember anything?』(Mark)

『Because I was clumsy back then. I have kept practicing until I got a sense of proper temperature control,
relying on my eyes to see the quality of the iron to make good weapon』(Van)

『And that’s it』(Mark)



What do you want to say?


『It means that you trained over and over just to feel the iron,
You are the opposite of me, and my way of strengthening strengths by breaking through one point』(Mark)

『How is it, Neil?』(Van)


It certainly was how I trained my smithing arms.
Is it even possible to use this method for swordsman?
Keep honing your skill and hit the enemy.
If you aren’t satisfied with your current ability, just keep polishing your skills.

The finest (product) swordsmen like Tim or Cathia is good, but I like to see this young swordsman overcomes his weakness to become stronger. (T.N: somehow He talks like with weapons)


『Do I have any power? Someone like me …!』(Neil)

『It seems like that to me.
You should realize and take care of it.
Extraordinary talent is sometimes unexpectedly lost to trained ability.
I was also often surprised by Van』(Mark)

With total score competition, was I better because I was winning』(Van)

『Remembrance isn’t cool, Van.
How about it, Neil? Is that helpful?』(Mark)


Oh, you looked awful before, Neil.
But you will be okay from now.


『Yes, both of you, thank you very much!』(Neil)


And then the young man went back.
The experience of the younger days is a treasure.
Go for it, Neil.


『So, is that the only business, Van?』(Mark)

『Oh, that’s right』(Van)


I still stayed at Mark’s house even after Neil came back.
Because I still didn’t say what I wanted to say yet.


『I have a favor to ask』(Van)

『This is rare. What is it?』(Mark)

『Since you retired, I have no competitor at all, it was boring.
Could you return to your business?』(Van)

『No, that was because you said that the one who lost in the next competition must retire …』(Mark)

『Was that so?』(Van)

『Yes, how could you forget about it? have you already lost your focus?
But if you say so, I will return』(Mark)


It was no use, I couldn’t recall such an event.
However, there will be a problem if I don’t have an opponent to fight against.


『In the end, I got my motive back, it’s all thank to your sword.
You really made such a masterpiece sword in the past?』(Van)

『You are naive to think that is my best sword ever,
but that’s certainly a heterogeneous sword』(Mark)


Well, that sword saved me when I was lethargic.
I finally got my motive back when I saw Cathia’s sword.


『It made me feel moved.
And when I saw it, I realized…
I just felt exhausted』(Van)


I was in a weird state when I thought about it again.

I don’t think that my sword is the best.
Its quality is the best, but a sword without a soul isn’t my sword.


『 That sword had been given to the royal family.
The inscription is certainly …』(Van)


Blood Sword.
It is the name of the sword that I had given to the royal family.
It was named so because it was finished in a vicious appearance with a red blade like blood.

That sword, who was the one used it?  (Is this last boss flag? Or a Rival flag?)


End Chapter 3

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    • “I also afraid that my skill is [rusty] after a long absence, but there seems to be no problem.”

      “Unlike the impurities material of this sword,
      Even I struggled to set my different but it was all in vain, I’m not able to become one unity myself, I am worried”
      “Unlike the impurities material of this sword.
      Even I struggled to settle my differences, but it was all in vain. I’m not able to become one unity myself, I am worried”

      “Men have [their] pride.”

      “My weapons back then just like child toys. However I keep making weapon and selling, and then repeat doing it.”
      “In comparison my weapons back then were just like children toys. However I keep making weapons, selling them, and then repeat doing it.”

      “If you don’t satisfy with your current ability, just keep polishing your skills.”
      “If you aren’t satisfied with your current ability, just keep polishing your skills.”

      For once i am the one with a list of corrections instead of Guest_Edit O.o

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        • I’m just an asian, english not my mother language but I just like to read and watch

          I always hone my english but it doesn’t mean i am perfect. Thus this is a perfect opportunity to have my hobby satisfied, sharp my reading ability and perfect my english.

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        • I am also an asian 😀 but in my case i was taught to speak Cantonese Chinese. While also read, write, and speak English due to growing up in the USA.
          End result can speak some Cantonese but can’t read or write chinese except for my name. Can read, write, and speak English, but am not the best at it. More so when it comes to spelling, i am horrible at it, doesn’t help that English doesn’t follow it’s rules sometimes <.<


  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    It seems that I was 1 chapter off reading the entire volume in a single day.


  2. IIRC Cathy’s sword is completely black right? So a red sword and a black sword, interesting.


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