Mile Chapter 193: Mysterious Kidnapper 1

Mile Vol 5 Page 03
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Before reading this arc, I must warn you.

This is a


Read it at your own risk.

Reminder, this is Mile’s Novel, there’s no death.

Unlike Kaoru or Mitsuha.

There are only painful experiences.

Mile Chapter 193: Mysterious Kidnapper 1


One day, the 《Red oath》finished their work and returned to the inn.


『I’m back, Faril-chan … eh?』(Mile)


There was no figure of Faril-chan, who is always at the reception desk.


『Is she in the bathroom?』(Mile)


Well, there are times like that. Because a Beastkin is Human there is a necessity for such things, Mile thought.


『… Oh, it’s just you girls…』(Innkeeper)


Somehow, the complexion of the Innkeeper who is coming out of the kitchen isn’t very good.


『What’s wrong?』(Mile)


As Mile asked, the Innkeeper replied with an anxious face.


『Ah, Faril still hasn’t come home yet …
Usually, she should have come back long ago.
Well, she is playing with her friends, maybe she just forgot the time.
Her friend, unlike Faril, she still hasn’t helped her family business yet.
So, she might play until right before dinner when she has to return』(Innkeeper)


Even so, he seemed worried.

Well, Faril-chan is a small girl, it’s reasonable to worry.
She might just play with her friend, but he is still worried.
When letting a child go out, parents often tell their child what she should do: wear a hood, be careful when walking around, don’t get caught up in playing and get an injury, etc.

But Faril-chan is a beastkin child.

There are demi-human like elves, dwarves, and beastkins in the human city even if there are just a few.
Therefore there is no discrimination or persecution.
But unlike the elves and dwarves which are likable races, there are some people who might discriminate against beastkins, but of course, they won’t do it in the daytime.

In the upper part of the country, each territory would also want to avoid full conflict with the beastkins, so they don’t agree with beastkin discrimination.
If anyone dares to harm the beastkins with a serious injury or affect their lives in any way, that person will be caught as a criminal.

Beastkins often live in the forest.
A war with the beastkins would not be a direct confrontation militarily but rather a 《hit and kill with anyone who entered the forest》,
so to speak, it looks like a guerrilla war.

The hunters (animal hunters/woodcutters) will not be able to enter the forest anymore, and the human economy would get affected as well.

And the routes that go through and or near the forest would become dangerous routes as well, and the merchants won’t be able to pass through and must choose another way, which is longer.

The traveling and escort expenses would rise, as will the prices of goods as well.  If you do something wrong, the merchants will not go to your territory anymore.  Your territories will experience a goods shortage.
Therefore, no-one would want to be hostile against the beastkins.

Yes, if under《normal》circumstances.

There are idiots and perverts in any world, and there may be people who want to encourage war between humans and beastkins.

Yes, weapon traders, mercenaries, agents of other countries…


『Shall I pick her up? In which area does she usually play …』(Mile)


When Mile said that, the door was forcibly pushed open.

And a man around 30 years old holding the hand of a loli from 5 to 6 years old with his right hand rushed in.




When the Innkeeper is still wondering, Dafrel-san cried out with a sorrowful voice while lowering his head.


『I’m sorry! Faril-chan has been kidnapped!』(Dafrel)

『『『『『Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek~~!!』』』』』(Red Oath + Innkeeper)

『A little while ago, my daughter ran back and cried
When I asked what happened, she kept saying sorry, telling me that Faril-chan was forcibly taken away by strange men!』


The loli just keeps crying as she tells everyone about what happened.
A few men suddenly appeared at the place where they were playing together, saying 《This is the one!》and forced her away.


『Uu, Faril-chan bit …on the finger of one man,… desperately resisted,
But… they pushed a cloth into her mouth, …tied her up and …took her away…
I also tried to help.
But, I was pushed away by them…
I’m sorry, I’m sorry …』(Meselia)


Meselia-chan started crying again after saying that.


『Wha… what should I do …』(Innkeeper)


The innkeeper was confused, he couldn’t respond.


(Oh ho, the Innkeeper already broke! Then, we should …) (Rena)


Rena thought and when she tried to speak…


『IS~ THAT~ SO~』(Mile)

『『『『『『『Hii~i!』』』』』』』((Meselia + Defrel + Innkeeper + Red Oath Trio)


The innkeeper and his wife who just came out, Dafrel-san, Meselia-chan, and the remaining three of the 《Red oath》

All seven people raised their voice in fear.


『IS~ THAT~ SO~』(Mile)


That was the voice of Mile as if coming from the bottom of hell.
Mile was shivering in anger …


Mile’s anger had several definite stages.

Swollen with a pout: This is a bit of a self-hatred feeling, it’s just a little dreary, nothing serious.

Becoming expressionless: this is clearly angry.

Become cold and cool: will take severe countermeasures against the other party. This is like when she was coping with stalkers in the previous life and when opposed to bandits in this world.

And lastly: expression in anger: that is when her friends or important persons get hurt.

Yes, just like the time she became furious with the Ancient Dragon …


『Young lady, Will you show me where Faril-chan was kidnapped?
Will you show me …』(Mile) (T.N: Mile repeat it again)


Kokukoku kokukoku koku (SFX)
Meselia-chan desperately keeps shaking her neck vertically.


『Well then, shall we go …』(Mile)

(Scary! I am so scared!) (Meselia’s inner thought)


Rena, who isn’t the leader of the 《red oath》…
but she is truly the responsible person with the longest hunter history, there was something she has to do.


『Innkeeper, go to the guild with Pauline and ask for an emergency request.
And Pauline, you will accept the request right there!』(Rena)

『『『Huh?』』』(Innkeeper + Wife + Dafrel)


The innkeeper, his wife, and Dafrel-san raised their voice in surprise.


『Well, now it is not the time to do such a thing!
If it is money, I will pay as much as I can later!
Therefore, please find Faryl immediately!
With everyone’s power, please help me look for Faril!』(Innkeeper)


Rena explained to the innkeeper who was screaming desperately.


『Calm down! We will certainly do it with full power, even go to the end of this world.
But that’s why we need this procedure.
If we went to search Faril-chan, this is just a personal action.
Even if we find Faril-chan and fight against the kidnappers, it is just a private fighting treatment.
However if the other party was hired by aristocrats, rich people etc. We will get stuck.
If that happens, we will not be able to take back Faril-chan』(Rena)



Surprised by Rena’s explanation, the innkeeper was overwhelmed


『And if you make this an urgent request to the guild…
Announce the kidnapping incident extensively in the guild,
Ask the guild to arrange hunters to rescue Faril and the captive of the criminal.
If Pauline accepts it, this case will become a formal request through the guild.
Those who dare disturb us will be seen as directly opposing the guild.
And, you know what happens to someone who dares to make the hunter guilds their enemies, right?』(Rena)


Yes, just like the case of Pauline’s parents’ house. We need it to deal with great power like the church owner or the lord.
Of course, not only Rena but the other three also know about it, so they aren’t surprised by Rena’s words.

About this thing, it’s quite basic that was taught at a hunter training school.

The learning time at the training school isn’t just for show.


『In addition, even if we get stuck.
The guild will do a thorough backup if we get the work of the guild.
If it is the formal request of the guild, it won’t be a matter if our opponent is a nobility or a large merchant …』(Rena)

『… Eh?』(Innkeeper)


Rena continued talking to the Innkeeper who is still confused.


『For the peoples who dare lay their hands on Faril-chan
We will do it seriously and thoroughly until they think that death is the better option.
We will show them what will happen when they mess up with the 《Red oath》?
Those kidnappers will soon know that …』(Rena)


And Rena declared.


『Contents of the request, rescuing Faril-chan and catching the criminals, or annihilation!
If there was a black curtain, eradicate it all! 《Red oath》sortie!』(Rena)

『『『Oh!!』』』(Red Oath Trio)

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