Mile Novel (Cliffhanger 2/9) Chapter 194: Mysterious Kidnapper 2

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Mile Novel (Cliffhanger 2/9) Chapter 194: Mysterious Kidnapper 2


Pauline-san headed to the guild with the innkeeper, and others headed for the kidnapping site with the guidance of Meselia-chan.

The innkeeper’s wife stayed at the inn with her sons.




Scared. Everyone was afraid of the silent Mile.

No, Rena, Maevis, and of course Dafrel’s father and daughter are angry with the kidnappers,
but they were overwhelmed by the negative aura that radiated intensely from the whole body of Mile.


『Rena-san, what is the purpose of the kidnappers?』(Mile)


『Eh, I can think of ransom purpose, human trafficking,
toying with children if they are twisted persons who enjoy torturing or killing.
And I wonder if they aim for Faril-chan because she is a half-beastkin』(Rena)


Because Mile, who was silent before, suddenly talk to her, Rena replied in a panic because the negative aura from this Mile seems to be weakening.


『They targeted her because she is a half-beastkin?』(Mile)


『Yes, you should know, there are some people or fanatics who may think so…
The beastkin is considered a lower creature,
Cross-breeding of children between human and beastkin are said to be a blasphemy against God who created human beings,
They are the opposite of you, Mile, you love beastkin … Hii~iii


『Please don’t lump my love for kemonomimi with a maniac!』


…So scary. Mile right now was so scary.


『But maybe it’s most likely that they kidnapped Faril-chan because of her beastkin’s blood,
rather than human trafficking or any other purpose …』(Mile)

『『『Huh?』』』(Rena, Mevis, and Dafrel)


As they heard Mile said, Rena, Mevis, and Dafrel raised their surprised voice.


『Eh, why do you think so?』(Rena)


『Because Meselia-chan said that when the kidnappers appeared, they shouted out loud to Faril-chan 《This is the one》
That means, from the beginning they already intended to kidnap Faril-chan.
If their purpose was ordinary ransom, human trafficking, etc,
Isn’t it normal to kidnap Meselia-chan as well?
Besides, they left without harming anyone other than Faril-chan.
Usually, they will seal the mouth, eliminate the eyewitness testimonials to delay the discovery of their crime,
It only took a few seconds to use the knife to silence a kid.
Nevertheless, they may be quite decent people for not doing it.
…Or at least, for those other than Faril-chan who was their main target』(Mile)


『Mou…mouth seal!?』(Dafrel)

『…with a knife!』(Meselia)


And now, Dafrel-san and Meselia-chan have noticed how dangerous the situation Meselia-chan was in. Their face became pale blue.






Everyone ran over ten minutes from the inn and arrived at the grassland where Meselia-chan was playing with Faril-chan.
Because it’s a foot of a child, it isn’t so far.

Dafrel-san tried to carry Meselia-chan on his back.
But she refused. Well, a child around 6 years old who ran by herself is still faster.


『Here, it was around here, those men were …
Faril-chan tried to resist and shouted out loud, Meselia also clung to the men and tried to stop him, but Meselia was shoved down to the grass』(Meselia talks in 3rd POV)

『… Olfaction, Visualization!』(Mile)


Suddenly Mile said something with unknown meaning.


『『……what?』』(Rena + Maevis)


Naturally, Rena and Maevis raised their voice of doubt.


『It’s the magic to visualize the olfaction』(Mile)


… just as they heard.


『That does not explain anything!』(Rena)


Rena-san protested. well, that was an average (a normal) thing. And then Mile gave out a little more detailed explanation.


『If we have a dog, we can let it trace after Faril-chan’s smell
But there’s no trained dog nor a sample of Faril-chan’s smell.
That’s why I will follow her smell with body strengthening magic.
Odor usually sniffs with a nose, but I have no ability to discern the intensity or direction of smell with my nose.
So, instead of sniffing with the nose, I convert the olfactory signal to sight.
So with that, I can 《Detect scent with my eyes》』(Mile)


『『『… … …?』』』(Rena + Pauline + Dafrel)


They don’t know anything about it at all. Of course, Meselia-chan is out of the question.


『Well, just leave it alone for now!
Because time is urgent, please just keep silent and follow me!』(Mile)


That said, Mile started looking around.


『This is it! Let’s go!』(Mile)


Four people hurriedly follow after Mile, who seems to find some clue about Faril-chan and starts walking.


『Mile, do you know Faril-chan’s scent?』(Rena)

『Rena-san, do you think that I have been fascinated with Faril-chan all this time for nothing!?』(Mile)



Three people other than Meselia-chan were dumbfounded … again.


『Pauline-san is about to finish her errand in the guild
For now, I understood the approximate direction.
I think we will move in this direction for a while.
Maevis-san, would you please pick up Pauline-san at the guild?』(Mile)



And a while later, Maevis-san came back… together with Pauline-san, the innkeeper, and five more hunters.


『What, what’s with those people!?』(Rena)


Pauline lowered her head to Rena’s shouting.


『Sorry, as we processed the request at the guild,
These people happened to be there and were listening to the emergency request with the receptionist at the guild.
And they said that they would also receive the request,
They said that they will receive it, but … rather forced.
We also said that the amount of reward is only 1 silver coin, but still, …』(Pauline)


『They were staying at my inn before, and they know about Faril …
The reward of the request is only a silver coin as you told me,
but they said that they are okay with that
To be honest, I want a lot of help myself.
So, I asked them to work together!』(Innkeeper)


From the side, the innkeeper said so as he followed.
The girls understand the innkeeper’s feelings, they can also understand the feelings of the hunters who agreed to help.
They can’t refuse this.

Besides, the 《emergency request》 like this doesn’t specify the contractor in the first place.
Only the《appointment request》that designates the contractor,
And if it’s a nominated request it will not be an urgent request.


However, this time it was necessary to have 《urgent request》for their convenience.
The girls needed the guild to widely spread about this request.
Besides, 《Red oath》 can’t refuse it when the client, the innkeeper already agreed to it.
Pauline understands it well.
Rena also shrugs her shoulders like she has no other choice.


『Worry not, my juniors! For us, your seniors are here!
We, the five girls who have the blessing of the goddess!』(Firii)

『『『『The goddess’ servant!!』』』』(Telyucia + Tasia + Raselina + Willine)


Mile Vol 6 Page 12
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  1. Those five eh. Sometimes I want Mile to go crazy, but seems like the possibilities are sealed…

    Destroying some common sense will do I guess?

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      • MILE: and the only part of ‘common sense’ that makes sense is that stuff that apparently doesn’t make sense can throw it out of whack… despite that stuff being perfectly average… hmm… I guess it doesn’t make sense after all

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    • Well I found one nice possibility of yuri around here at least….

      『Mile, do you know Faril-chan’s scent?』(Rena)

      『Rena-san, do you think that I have been fascinated with Faril-chan all this time for nothing!?』(Mile)


      Three people OTHER THAN MESELIA-CHAN were dumbfounded … again.

      PS. Meselia-chan understands. 😉

      Yours truly,


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    So, I wonder how those 5 will react to Mile’s rage to the kidnapper in the future chappies, at least I know it’ll be “normal”.


  3. Suggestion:
    {As}->{because} Mile {}->{who} was silent {before}, suddenly talk to her, Rena replied in a panic because the

    But she {delined}->{declined/refused}. Well, a child around 6 years old ran by herself is still faster.

    Four people hurriedly follow after Mile, who seems to find some clue about Faril-chan and start walking {that started walking}->{}.

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  4. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Oh, those girls. i wonder how will they cope from their shatered commonsense after mile is done with rescuing Faril-chan~


    • It will be broken, at a very average speed… 1/2c

      How long until Mile and co leave them in the dust, just like Silver Claw or whatever their name was?


  5. Thanks for the update!! ^.^

    Not yet, those 5 commonsense’s not breaking yet ^.^ at least for a few moment later…


  6. adn then after this incident (and witnessing Mile’s rampages)
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  8. At first, I think that those 5 will just be another mob adventurers group. But reading how skilled are they, it feels like they will merge with Mile-chan’s group.


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  11. The moral of the story is.

    Don’t forget to sniff your cute loli, it can be useful when needed.


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