Mitsuha Chapter 33: Territory Reform

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I cut apart Mitsuha’s full chapter length mono dialog to many parts.

And Memi Mori Onii-chan, at least please tell me that you translated again.

By the way, Memi Mori Onii-chan, you didn’t happen to be in the middle of translating Mitsuha chapter 35, aren’t you?

Please give me a comment, I can’t start to translate chapter 35 yet because I don’t know.

Mitsuha Chapter 33: Territory Reform

Edited by : TheDefend 21/6/18

After the purging of the servants was over, Mitsuha continued to act at once.

First of all, absolute ban on entering Mitsuha’s private room.
She keeps doing “ordinary document” works in the office as it is, she also instructs thr employees and subordinates about it.
However, “important documents” works will be done with her personal computer, the ban is a necessity.


[Besides, I also have to make sure about my own safety.
I kicked out 6《harmful peoples》, but that also means《six peoples now hold a grudge against Mitsuha》
I need information in order to fight against bandits or people who hold a grudge against me] (Mitsuha’s Inner thought)

Mitsuha Pondering

[As for the remaining employees, I can’t feel safe just because they still didn’t betray me now.
But who knows what they would do, if there is money involved or when their families were taken hostages in the future] (Mitsuha’s Inner thought)

[For that reason,
I set up things around to keep  safe all the secret inside the PC in my room,
and carefully set up the crime prevention types of equipment
so that I can sleep peacefully at night] (Mitsuha’s Inner thought)

[Well, I can do everything by myself like cleaning my room.
Although I have quite the devoted maids] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


[And the next thing is to improve the living environment.
However, I can’t bring in the bathtub, cooker, water storage tank or a pump from Japan.
Yes, because all the servants will do it] (Mitsuha Inner thought)

[Eh, why can’t I bring those things in?
If I do so, then the servants who are in charge of it will become unnecessary and may get fired.
Even though they are《people who worked seriously and do nothing bad》
I do not want to increase the number of unemployed people in my own territory selfishly] (Mitsuha’s Inner thought)


In the end, it ended with only installing a power generation system for AV equipment, a small refrigerator, a light stand of LED etc in security facilities of the room.


[Next, replenishment of personnel.
Because I dismissed one-third of employees, we lack personnel.
Defense personnel is also necessary.
The employees should be from within the territory.
I didn’t lack personnel to the extent to need to withdraw citizens from other territories
And if I recruit free citizen from other places such as the capital, I will not be able to make it in time.
Let’s consult with the butler about it] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


[Tentatively, there are several people that can be trusted.
I plan to increase it.
I will spread my hands in various ways.
Let’s recruit people who have expertise even in the capital] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


[As for meals, I still have the young chef, the senior chef has been driven out, so it is still fine.
During the former lord’s time, the senior chef was in charge of the food for the Lord’s family, and the young chef seems to have been responsible for the servants’ food.
Yes, he can do it alone as a cook.
Since servants also eat in the house, they should be able to cope with each other.
I don’t need luxurious meals and I can prepare it myself] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


And, as I’m doing these works, there are visitors.
Yes, mercenary-san and merchant-san.


[I did not forget about it. Well, probably] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


『I’m sorry, I have kept you waiting for a long time.
Even though 《time is money》for merchants and mercenaries …』(Mitsuha)

『『No, there is no need to rush. It will affect our future as well, we are willing to wait a few more days…』』(Mercenary + Merchant)

『Ah, that’s right』(Mitsuha)


Pez-san and William-san reply so.


[Well, for now, let ‘s talk about work] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


For the time being, I consulted with Pez-san about handling items and taxes.
Taxes vary by territories.
Because the places, conditions, transportation means are different for the countryside and big territories.


[For example, I need more favorable conditions to attract Pez-san to my territory instead of the large Bozes territory where there is also having a good politic conditions] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


I decided the sales tax should be 20%.
A remote place like us, the transportation expenses are higher than other places.

Our peoples are still poor, in order to make it possible for our people to purchase, I need to lower the tax to lower the price of goods as well.


The trade route is from the capital to Bozes’ territory, and from there to Yamano’s territory, and then back to the capital.

[There are towns and villages in the middle of the trade route.
Before he returned to the capital, he has to sell all the unsold goods that he had purchased from the capital in Bozes’ territory and Yamano’s territory even with a lower price.
And then he will purchase in the middle of town to fill the vacant space in his carriage] (Mitsuha Inner thought)

[Since he will go through the same town on the way back, he’d better sell it as soon as possible and purchase goods there to sell at the capital.
It will be difficult if I don’t do something《to give profit to the merchant》in order to bring more good products to our territory.
Even if the goods are expensive, it can be sold if the tax is quite cheap.
But if the taxes are too cheap, the tax revenue of the territory will not rise and there is also a tradeoff with other territories so I can’t be too unreasonable] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


[Well… ] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


『The sales tax will be 20%
And about the un-sold goods that you don’t want to take home.
How about a commissioning sale?
Because the sale is done at our store, no store or personnel is necessary,
In other words, zero cost expense』(Mitsuha)

『Also, I will show you goods made at my secret studio.
Whatever you want, you can also consign it for sale
Pez-san, will you take a commission in a form?』(Mitsuha)



[Pez-san is surprised.
Well, of course, he will be surprised if it is such a favorable condition …
the taxes are cheaper than Bozes’ ​​territory, but the most attractive is to cash all unsold goods at zero extra expense] (Mitsuha Inner thought)

[In any case, with unsold products, it’s unlikely that it will sell because he will go through the same towns and villages after only a few days.
It is meaningless to take back things stocked in the capital] (Mitsuha Inner thought)

[And if he can sell all the goods in my territory, he won’t have to worry about unsold goods and purchase a small number of goods.
Moreover, it’s consigned sales without a fee.
It’s like getting a branch in my territory] (Mitsuha Inner thought)


『By all means, Please!』(Pez)


[Pez-san acknowledged with an immediate response.
Yeah, about the secret factory, of course, it is a lie
I plan to give around 100 items from Japan with cheaper price than the goods of the general goods store Mitsuha] (Mitsuha inner thought)

[If we can make sufficient profit this way, the value coming directly to Yamano’s territory will increase drastically and the number of visitors may also increase.
However, this is only a temporary solution.
Because I need to develop as soon as possible, I have to create 《an attractive product truly made of this territory》…
Oh, first of all, is to make a shop directly managed by a lord…] (Mitsuha inner thought)


After that, we will discuss what we want to bring to our territory.
That is the items we ordered, and consultation on the frequency of visits for the time being.
In this area, I would like to hear the opinions of Anton and other servants.
They will be adjusted separately later


Next is Mercenary William.


『How much defensive force do you need?』(Mitsuha)


With my too frank question, William-san has a bitter smile.


『No, since it depends on the enemies that will attack us,
I can’t say anything yet, but geographically, this isn’t a place where other countries will attack,
so the target enemy is a large scale bandit or a small monster group
I might need a team』(William)


[Well …The population of the Yamano’s territory.
The town has 260,
There are 3 rural villages with total 290,
2 Moutain villages are 79,
One fishing village is 47,
Total 676people ] (Mitsuha’s inner thought)

[It is quite small as a viscount’s territory.
No, I wanted it myself. Originally it’s a baron’s territory.
How can I protect it …] (Mitsuha’s inner thought)


『Should we bring soldiers from elsewhere or should we recruit from the citizen?』(Mitsuha)

『Well, hiring in the royal capital, it will be expensive as it is a distant countryside …
And in the first place, there is a problem with loyalty』(William)


They may try to escape when the emergency happens, and those who we hired as defensive force may become bandit as it is.
And as they are not from around here, even if they kill the lord, take away all the money and run away, they will not be caught easily.
Nothing, no pictures, no newspapers, no TV.
Royal guard can’t do a proper investigation either] (Mitsuha inner thought)


[Okay, I will train soldiers from people in the territory!
It will also lead to employment promotion.
I will have William-san train them.
But, I need preparation for a citizen before using … ] (Mitsuha inner thought)

(Ah! I got a good idea!) (Mitsuha)


『William-san will be hired as the commander of the Yamano Valley’s Lord Army.
The scheduled total troops are 4 people under the commander as the permanent officers.
In addition, we constantly call 36 people out of the citizens to work in my family business and temporary military service.
In order to replace these 36 people at any time, please train all 200 men suitable for military service to a certain extent.
After that, I will select some people who are likely prospects as permanent soldiers』(Mitsuha)



William-san surprised.


『William-san will train them a way of handling basic weapons,
But of course, before that, if you can, please mainly train the physical side and the spiritual side as a soldier』(Mitsuha)

『Uh, ooooo…oh ……』(William)

(William-san, are you upset somewhat? ) (Mitsuha)


[Yeah, I think that we will go with a local guard.
There are few people, I can’t maintain a lot of permanent soldiers.
However, with only a few soldiers, we can’t use those permanent soldiers as defense battle.
Therefore, we decided to allocate 《small duration obligation as my family business and military service》on a shift system ](Mitsuha inner thought)

[The target is a male in military service age, excluded sick people, etc.
and those who only have a little influence on family business.
After a period of time, they will be replaced with the next group.
This would not have a major impact on production.
Since it is directly from people themselves, the burden on the lord side is small.
I will only prepare the meals for them ](Mitsuha inner thought)

[36 general soldiers are divided into 4 squads of 9 people.
Each squad is taught to act by acting in groups of three with three people each,
or divided into four groups of two people, one directing the four teams as chief of the team.
On top of them, four officers.
The commander is William-san ] (Mitsuha inner thought)

[I also intend to teach the female team how to use weapons.
Even if they don’t actively enter the battle, it is better for the women to have self-defense measures in this world ] (Mitsuha inner thought)

[Ah, if you say 《national soldiers》, it looks like a militant battle,
Switzerland is the permanent neutral country that is said to be the symbol of peace, that is also a national guard.
Citizens are obliged to train weapons, guns are kept in each household, and in case of emergency they will become hundreds of thousands of soldiers.
Does the Switzerland had a good military forces?
Many military industries are also exporting weapons more and more ] (Mitsuha’s inner thought)

[Sometimes, a weird person says 《Japan is also a neutral and peaceful country like Switzerland …》
but Switzerland is armed neutrally, with military force.
If you want Japan to imitate Switzerland, you must first enroll people as militia and allow them to possess weapons at home and nurture war industry.
Japan won’t be peaceful anymore ]( Mitsuha’s inner thought)


[Oh, I must first make families register. Even military service, taxes, welfare programs.
What to do, first of all, we need a family register management.
Because I have a laptop computer, it’s not a big deal to manage about 700 people or so.
Of course, I will output it to paper media in preparation for an emergency.
Also, it is time to go back to the capital soon to tell me about the shop or things like that…] (Mitsuha inner thought)

[Also, back to Japan,
I have something I want to do as soon as possible …
Oh, so busy!
It should have went leisurely,
how did it become like this?] (Mitsuha’s inner thought)

[I reap what I sow? Was that it … ?] (Mitsuha’s inner thought)

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  2. Suggestion:
    [Besides, I also have to make sure about {the safety of my body}->{my own safety/security}.

    [And the next thing {is improving}->{to improve is} the living environment.

    [Eh, why {I can’t}->{can’t I} bring those things in?
    If I do so, then the servants who

    Even {}->{though} they are《people who worked seriously and do nothing bad》

    {When}->{during} the former lord’s time, the senior chef was in charge of the

    Pez-san and {Willam}->{William}-san reply so.

    Before he returned to the capital, he has to sell all the unsold goods {in Bozes’ territory and Yamano’s territory}->{that} he had purchased from the capital {}->{in Bozes’ territory and Yamano’s territory} even with a lower price.

    [If{’s}->{we (Mitsuha and Pez) can make} sufficient profit this way, the value coming directly to Yamano’s territory will increase drastically and the number of {visits}->{visitors} may {}->{also} increase.
    However, this is {}->{only} temporary {surpass}->{solution/measurement}.

    And {}->{as} they are not from around here, even if they kill the lord, take away all the money and runs away, they will not be caught easily.

    [Okay, I {}->{will} train soldiers from people in the territory!
    It {also leads}->{will also lead} to employment promotion

    (Ah! {It flickered!}->{I got a good idea!}) (Mitsuha)

    In addition, we constantly call 36 people out of the citizens to {make}->{work in} my family business and {}->{temporary} military service {concurrent}->{}.

    《{duration concurrently serving}->{small duration obligation/work/serving} as my family business and military service》

    Since {the direct from the house}->{it is directly from people themselves}, the burden on the lord side is small.

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    this explains it pretty well i guess


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