Kaoru chapter 51: Pop* (snap/getting mad)

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T.N: Special thank for KAGEJIN for the title meaning.

Edited by TheDefend 21/6/18

Kaoru chapter 51: Pop* (snap/getting mad)


『So, we have to stay here for the time being?』(Kaoru)

『Yep, that’s how it is. We will be leaving soon at dawn』(Man 3)


Did he want to talk a little more?
Was he feeling bored?
Or did he like to play and talk with girls?

Lolicon …

In addition, the girls will be carried to some strange place without a trace left behind, there’s no problem if he talks this much with her.


『Actually, because the other two seem to be a little emotionally wounded from a while ago, they don’t want to keep guarding you girls. We can’t stay here for long.
That’s why we are going to hasten the schedule this time and even ask for support.
A moment ago, the leader said so』(Man 3)


Alright, keikaku doori!

(T.N: this is a meme, which means “Just according to the plan”)


It seems like the men need to wake up early, so after saying “later, then”, the third man tries to go to sleep quickly.
I had listened to various things.
Now, I needed to consider a lot of things.
… Now that I think about it, I will be moved tomorrow, so I needed to stay awake all night!
I can rest while staying awake without any problem.
And even if I wanted, I couldn’t sleep because I was excited at what would happen tomorrow.
The other three?
They slept quickly a long time ago, leaving the talking with the third man to me!


And around dawn, I noticed the noise coming from outside.
4 other men included the leader, were entering the prison room.
5 kidnappers in total, they are a group.
It seems like they plan to move now.
The leader opened the cage with the key in his pocket and the 4 other men tied each of us individually, pushed the cloth out into our mouth as a gag.

They didn’t tie our legs, they made us walk to the next room, and then went up the stairs to the outside.
When I climb up the stairs, I don’t forget to leave markers quietly by using my potion making ability.


And then, when we left the slum building or something, there’s a wagon waiting ahead.
After making us walked into the loading platform of the wagon, they also tied our legs this time.
On the loading platform, there are 6 empty barrels…

How would the kidnapper use it?
You can bet a single gold coin.
… But there’s no one here to bet.
They put 4 《Bishoujo》 in 4 barrels and leave the 2 empty barrels near the outside, and then the wagon starts moving.
…towards the gate.


As they closed the barrel lid, I immediately took out the knife from the item box.
Because it’s painful in this posture, so first of all, I cut the ankle rope, and then the wrist.
I also thought about using the liquid to melt the rope, but I was afraid my skin or my clothes will also melt, so I didn’t use it.
Even if I got some cuts on my hands, I can easily heal myself with a healing potion.
The rope was cut easily because I used a single molecule ultra high-speed vibration knife.
Of course, there is a potion in the handle. It’s a 《Knife type potion container》
And of course, with a sharp knife like that, my hands were also got a deep cut.
It hurts!
Potion, potion!



After a while, the wagon stopped and I heard people talking.


『What is your cargo?』(Guard)

『Yes, there are only six empty barrels. I’m going to purchase wine later …』(Man?)

『Let’s check it …
Well, there are actually six barrels, okay!』(Guard)


Ehh, why didn’t he check if the barrels are empty?
But now is the time!
I broke through the lid that had been scratched in advance with the knife and shouted from the barrel.


『They are a kidnappers! Please help us!』(Kaoru)

『Well, it’s no doubt that they are just some empty barrels, good, now go!』(Guard)

『Thank you』(Man?)



The guard grins while looking into the wagon.
I don’t think I see the other man before, he looks like a merchant.
And the merchant signals to his escorts coming aboard the wagon to tie me back.
I see, so they are accomplices…
I think I lure out enough of the enemies now…
Okay, I shall do it.

I created another liquid potion with a gourd-shaped glass container over the carriage.
Yes, the one that I used against the Arigo Empire westward invasion army.
《Nitroglycerin-like》 and 《Concentrated sulfuric acid-like》 mixed together …


And, explode.
Furthermore, as a marker, I make a golden cloud on top of the wagon.
Roland and Francette will come flying now.

And …


『Have a look at the sunshine』 (Kaoru)


As I say that, I create the light of the rising sun from the back of the loaded platform…
I get out from the barrel and create a super small spray can in my palm.
Finish thing off with style is important.
Of course, this is it.
As the men heard a sudden explosion, they were surprised and still didn’t move again yet,…


『Death blow! Goddess’ breath!』(Kaoru)

『『『『Aaaaaaa ~!』』』』(Men)


I shouted an unknown magical name for a deadly strike while spraying the capsicum extract, capsaicin spray.
No, actually the goddess’ breath isn’t such an intense smell.
If such a rumor is spreading, I don’t know what to do with Celes.
… It might be better to change the name of this Special Move.

Other escorts and guards who came running after noticing the fuss also got sprayed as well.
No, even though I was trying to shout looking for help before, but they didn’t react, so they might be guilty as well.
At least, I can’t believe in those guards at this place.
I won’t leave anyone un-harm even if there are innocent guards as well,
I just need to use a healing potion to heal them after they can prove their innocence.
For now, I just have to wait for decent security guards to come …

Oh, I have to take other lolitas out of the barrels.
… Actually, I didn’t forget.
… If they were taken hostage I wouldn’t be able to use the capsicum spray …
… I’m sorry, I have forgotten!

Also, for safety, I created a spray medicine that makes human beings lose their strength in contact and sprayed around the people rolling around…
… I should create this from the beginning.
Well but, as punishment, capsicum spray is a good choice!
I will keep that kind of thing.



***And after 10 minutes***



When merchants and travelers wondered why the waiting queue to go out wasn’t advanced at all, 4 (wild) people appeared from the center of the city and ran with full power toward the gate.

They are coming closer…


『Oh, Fran!』(Kaoru)


The one who ran ahead is the most powerful among the four, Francette.
A little behind her are Roland, Emil and Bell were also running.


『IT’S NOT “Oh” !』(Fran)


Somehow she seems to be really angry.
I shouldn’t go against her at the moment.


『 Do you know how worried we were!

We went searching for the whole night …
So just what were you doing?』(Fran)


Yes, she was seriously angry.
Francette really raised her voice while questioned me.
She always shows respect to me.
For now, I decided to answer honestly.
It will be bad otherwise.


『No, about that, I got kidnapped yesterday.
The criminals are those men who are rolling on the floor now,
There are also other victims other than me.
And those guards who are rolling around are the kidnapper’s accomplices!』(Kaoru)


I shouted so loudly so that people who were gathering around also heard it…
… I might have a sore throat later.


『『『『Eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh!』』』』(Francette + others)


Not only Francette but also people who gathered around waiting raised their surprised voices.
Even though this isn’t a big town, but if there’s a kidnapping group present, the rumor will spread.
And, if the guards of this town are accomplices, it will be an incredible scandal to the lord.
It is also a big crime, kidnapping plus slave trading.
Furthermore, considering the location of this town, there’s a high possibility that those who came from neighboring countries were also damaged.
…if they deal with it poorly, it’s an international issue.

And then, a lot of figures come from the center of the city.
Yeah, that’s right, I guess that is the security guard’s main unit.

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  1. Couldn’t Karou use her item box to store the ropes binding her? She could store a living girl jumping in to a well… Unless her wrists and ankles are her weakness and anything touching them are immune to her skills.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yo dawg! I heard you like kidnapping
        So we kidnap a loli then
        We got kidnapped by that loli
        After we kinapped that loli while kidnapping other lolis.

        Sorry can’t help it😅

        Liked by 2 people

    • maybe the author didn’t think of it? cause ain’t ultra fast vibrating knife is a romance for some author? so they can make it seems cool


      • One old book of Battletech actually gave a very good operating principle of a ‘vibroknife’, it doesn’t really cut, the vibrations cause the blade to heat up through friction and it then burns through the material.


        • vibration cutters already exists in some ways, like in surgery, they have vibrating bone saw and harmonic scalpel, the saw is just a fast saw, while the scalpel use the fiction to cauterize as it cut

          you can buy construction versions of the bone saw with other types of blade depending of the material to cut too, however, as for now, they can’t really make a vibration blade without a bulky rotor engine that wouldn’t fit in a normal knife/sword handle


        • Used in the aerospace industry also. Many high-tech materials are difficult to cut with conventional blades, but a probe vibrating at 40 KHz can do it with a clean cut.


        • Also, i’m pretty sure that she got way over the top. If cutting edge of the knife is single-molecular, you don’t need vibration. It will slice everything anyway, without any resistance.


        • I think that if the cutting edge is single molecular it most likely will slip through the rope without cutting it.


    • There’s a lot of “couldn’t she just…” situation from the very beginning of the kidnapping.
      I think she’s just weird in the head. I mean she thought the kidnapping was a compliment…

      Liked by 1 person

        • the Japanese word is literally “petit”, written phonetically, they do that when they try to say words in another language

          so basically the title is intended to be the latin/french word “petit”, so leaving it without translating in english is fine

          btw, the french word “petit” also mean “petty”, not just “small”, i think it’s a good word play for Kaoru who is small and petty

          that’s also why i’m not saying to write “petite” instead, which is the female version of “petit”, because it would lose the “petty” meaning

          Liked by 1 person

      • Isn’t it a sound effect? I feel pretty sure it translates to something like “Pop” (Puchi= pop/snap. And “To” can be used to mark a thought/quote)

        If I’m wrong then please pardon my shabby Japanese skills~

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry for this double reply, but “ぷちっ” can also represent the sound effect for a person snapping/getting mad, which feels a little more appropriate here.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well if the if the title is only “ぷちっと” It’s literally just the sound of something popping (often used as the sfx for veins in someone’s forehead). I think anything more than that is just up to interpretation

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Suggestion:
    Actually, because the other two seem to be a little {emotional instability}->{emotionally wounded/unstable} from a while ago

    They slept quickly a long time ago, {leave}->{leaving} the talking with the third man to me!

    When I climb up the stairs, I don’t forget to leave {a souvenir gently by}->{traces/markers quietly by using} my potion making ability.

    {It’s hurt}->{it hurts}!
    Potion, potion!

    『What is your {shipment}->{cargo}?』(Guard)

    『Well, it’s no doubt {}->{that they are} just some empty barrels, good, now go!』(Guard)

    And, {roar}->{explode}.
    Furthermore, as a marker, I make a golden cloud on top of the wagon.

    I {swung}->{get out from the barrel} and created a super small spray can in my palm.

    As the men heard {the sudden roar}->{an explosion/a sudden explosion}, they were surprised and still

    Other escorts and guards who came running after noticing the fuss also got {a spray}->{sprayed} as well.

    No, even {}->{though} I was trying to shout {before but}->{looking for help before,} they didn’t react{,}->{so} they might be guilty as well.

    I won’t leave {any un-scratch}->{anyone unharm} even if there are innocent guards as well,

    beings lose their strength {within one shot}->{on contact} and sprayed around the people rolling around…

    Well {well}->{but}, as punishment, capsicum spray is a good choice!

    Even {}->{though} this isn’t a big town, but if there’s a

    It is also a big crime, kidnapping plus slave {trade}->{trading}.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now it is time for capsaicin to rule, before at Mile’s now at Kaoru’s. So will there be also pepper spray at Mitsuha ?

    Indeed this will become international issue because the one that they kidnapped is Kaoru “goddess’ friend”, her deed and action during this accident will rise her name in that country

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So she CAN make potions that change strengths of ppl but, just doesn’t do it for herself. ???? Um, okay. Also, she couldn’t make a potion that just corroded rope only? Um, okay again. Seriously, the author is really forcing thos story along huh? Yeah, they tend to do that on their books but man the forcefullness in this one is on a whole other level. Kaoru has to, at times, lose any sense of logic or basic wit to have the story develop the way it does.


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