Kaoru Novel Chapter 52: It’s “Nyantro People”, no, it’s a goddess’ work

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Nyantro People

the alien who came from the Nyantro stars

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Kaoru Novel Chapter 52: It’s “Nyantro People”, no, it’s a goddess’ work



『What’s going on?』(Guard captain)


They seem to be the security guards who came from stations somewhere, there are about dozens of soldiers.
Well, it’s natural.
This city is the castle town near the border.
And now there is a loud explosion around the gate together with a strange golden smoke.
Of course, the soldiers will come rushing.
It will be strange if they don’t come.


Although there shouldn’t be a sudden invasion because they have a good relationship with the neighboring countries.
There shouldn’t be a raid either, because this town is holding a rather large number of troops.
In the town that near the border, there’s usually a lot of soldiers.


『What’s going on? Can anyone explain the situation?』(Guard captain)


A man seems to be the captain of those soldiers shouted loudly when other soldiers surrounded the wagon.

Several security guards were checking the wagon and the men who were rolling around on the ground.
The other guards looked at an armed man, a young boy, and 3 young girls.

Normally, the guard might start arresting without asking questions.
But the man from the other side has a noble appearance, he doesn’t look like a commoner at all.
The beautiful swordsman girl has expensive equipment.
A young girl with sharp eyes. A young boy and a young girl.
There are also 3 other small girls in the wagon.


No matter how you look at it, these people don’t seem like someone who tried to break through the gate.
In the first place, if that was really the case, they shouldn’t be waiting here until the soldiers arrived but already took some actions (repel intruders or hold the ground).
Whether those people tried to escape from the city or intrude into the city
Looks like the captain of these soldiers isn’t an idiot, as expected from someone who is responsible for dealing with the emergency event.
They surrounded the wagon just to be sure, but they didn’t do anything before hearing the situation.


『Who can explain the situation?』(Captain)


The captain spoke to Roland, who seems to be the superior among us.
But as I saw Roland-san had a troubled face, I decided to explain instead.
Yes, as always.


『 The merchant who is the owner of this wagon is a serial “bishoujo kidnapper”!
And the guards who are fallen here, even though they saw that the kidnapped girls were being carried out in the wagon but they still let it passed.
They seem to be the accomplices!』(Kaoru)


Well, I will not forget to emphasize the 《bishoujo》part …
The surrounding people’s gaze hurts, but I can’t yield here.
Because the glory of 《Being aimed by the Bishoujo kidnappers》, this may be the first and last time.
I won’t yield it to just 《kidnappers》, it must be 《Bishoujo kidnappers》




The captain was surprised, and he looked like he just heard of a disaster report.
He probably knew that kidnapping cases were occurring frequently.
And if it was just simply that the culprit got caught, he might be appreciated it as a soldier.
People might think the soldiers are incompetent for failing to catch the criminals but that was no big deal.

However, in my explanation, it was a very serious problem.
Yes, I said 《The guards were kidnappers》.
Not just one or two, but the whole six people who were in charge of guarding this gate.
This is an incredible scandal.

It will become a big problem if this news is spread.
After all, this is the place in contact with the neighboring country, it’s somewhat like the 《face》of this country.


『… Are you saying that they were knocked down by the people here,
One armed man and a girl.
Even when facing 6 soldiers and escorts,
Without giving those men a chance to take the young girls as the hostage …』(captain)

『Oh, no, that’s wrong』(Kaoru)


As Roland didn’t give any excuses, I replied so quickly.
Anyway, the captain will demand to listen to the situation from other witnesses as well.
It’s a big problem, and it can’t be done with only one testimony…


『Well, then who …?』(Captain)



『No, as I said, it’s the power of the goddess.
In order to save these children, the goddess had punished the bad guys.
With the power of the Goddess, there was an explosion roaring sound and golden clouds to lead her faithful servants here…
Are you all the 《goddess’ faithful servants》?』 (Kaoru)

『Well …, uhm.
There is no doubt that we are the faithful servant of goddess Celestine.
It’s might be true that she caused that roaring explosion and golden smoke to lead us here…』(Captain)


He is a little confused but he also seems to be proud.
It really seems so, to be called as the 《goddess’ faithful servants》
Anyone would be excited, it won’t be just a mere achievement.
It might be more than just getting the medal or the like from the country.


『… have you seen her. The goddess …』(Captain)

『Oh, yes.
She was really beautiful.
However, her breasts… compared with the statue of the temple…
It was quite modest though…』(Kaoru)


It’s not a lie. I merely omitted things.


『I… I see!』(Captain)






It hurts!
Suddenly, a washtub fell from the sky on top of my head.
It looks like she was watching.


『For now, please forget about the thing I told you earlier…』(Kaoru)


The captain desperately nodded with a blue face.


As I touch the painful head, there’s a bump.
Celes didn’t go easy on me, because my injury can be healed with the potion.
It’s not an aluminum wash basin! But a heavy Wooden basin!

She only copies things from earth halfway!
Did she hear about it from the god-senpai of the earth?
Or did she peek through the earth to look at her senpai …?
She is a goddess, chest or anything, she can change it however she wishes!
Unlike me, who get stuck with this small statue, Celes you Idiot (Bakayaro!)
… Ha ha ha.

Oh, well, it seems that the captain totally believed it, so it’s okay.


『Well, could everyone come with me to the military headquarters?』(Captain)

『No, thank you!』(Kaoru)



The captain had a blank face to as his instruction was dismissed casually.


『No, I mean, I have just seen 6 soldiers who were the accomplice of the 《Bishoujo kidnappers》
I don’t even know how many soldiers are their companions,
I won’t follow you, because I’m not stupid』(Kaoru)



The captain was silent and couldn’t talk back.
However, he wouldn’t back down that easily because he was told so.


『Well, that’s not going to do!
We have a mission, too …』(Captain)


Indeed, the soldiers couldn’t mistreat those who goddess Celestine saved directly.
Therefore, the captain had a troubled face but didn’t yield.
However, it’s certainly would be troublesome if we were brought into the military building or the lord’s mansion.
Well, I was in trouble.
What should I do… (Kaoru’s POV)

Oh, that’s right!
I could use the same method as I did before!


『Well, then would you please take me to an unobtrusive place like the square or the plaza,
I will refuse a private, secluded place because I don’t know anything about you.
I don’t want to spend too much time because we want to go to the next town as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, you can ask us in the plaza there.
That’s why please tell your boss so.
Well, we will leave before noon, so please ask us before that.
Also, please contact the families of these kidnapped children…
My family is already here…』(Kaoru)


As I said that, I pointed to Roland’s


『Well, that is …』(Captain)

『Oh, if you don’t want to ask, may we leave right away?』(Kaoru)

『Wait, wait! Wait!』(Captain)


The captain was in trouble and tried to stop us in a hurry.


『Because I treasure my life,
so, I definitely will not yield.
So, instead of wasting time staying here, I could use that time for the departure preparation…』(Kaoru)


And then, the captain left after thinking for a while.
Of course, he left behind a lot of guards.
… Well, even if he didn’t do that, I wouldn’t deceive and run away secretly. It’s true.

Oh, because he went away in hurry, he left the kidnappers behind as well.
But, all the soldiers who stayed here, are watching them.
Watching over the culprits who are rolling on the floor!

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  1. Suggestion:
    In the first place, if that was really the case, they shouldn’t be waiting here until the soldiers arrived but also {moved}->{take an action (repel intruders or hold the ground)}.

    {Look}->{looks} like the captain of these soldiers isn’t an idiot, as expected from someone who is responsible for {coping}->{dealing} with the emergency event.

    Watching over the culprits who are rolling {}->{on} the floor!

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        • I look at oxford dictionaries (“onto” or “on to”). I prefer “on to”. Before i want to add “onto” but auto correct does his job.

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        • Isn’t ‘fell on my head’ OK? I never found it to be a problem, for example ‘all of a sudden, a tree branch fell on my head’. It seems all right as a sentence structure.

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        • “suddenly, a branch fell from the tree on my head” does it sound correct?

          We need the source it coming from, that is from the sky. If you just use “on”.

          the meaning will be “tree that grow from my head” and not “the branch fell directly to my head”.

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      • I think because “the” isn’t really a word that can be part of the abbreviation, and more like part of the “the floor”. So it’s like “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”.
        Or maybe the ones who did that were illiterate random people in the internet, who forgot that they still need “the”, it’s not like memes created by oxford’s graduates.

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      • Nah it is exactly like the abbreviation ROFL
        Rolling On Floor Laughing
        Rolling The Floor Laughing


  2. Does Night of Azure 2 have female protagonist And Yuri? 😀
    If so I know what I get from steam summer sale =D
    Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The main character is a Pony tail girl (she wore a really hot transparent clothes when Level up)
      The heroines are:
      – a short silver hair deredere priestess childhood friend.
      – a long wavy blonde hair, tsundere lady knight childhood friend
      – a sexy doctor
      – an emotionless assasin
      – a loli chocolate merchant
      – a fallen to the dark side former female knight captain

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