Kaoru Chapter 53: Eloquent

Kaoru Vol 3 Cover
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Kaoru Chapter 53: Eloquent

Edited by TheDefend : 21/6/18


And about an hour later.
Many soldiers were coming from the center of the city.
Maybe the captain just came with the soldiers available in the station before.
After judging that the problem was too much to handle, he reported to the higher up and dispatched the main force.
I guess he came with a great man this time…

We are standing in front of the gate, at the square for carriage checking.
There are lots of people.
No, because the story that the goddess has appeared here spread,
there was no one who departs from this place.
A lot of people came from the town after listening to the rumors.

And during the waiting time, Emil and Bell returned to the inn, finished paying money, collected the baggage, and bringing Ed’s group here.
So we can leave this place anytime after this.


『Are you the one who met goddess Celestine?』(Lord)


It was a man around 50 years old, he got out of the carriage that just arrived and talked in a loud voice to us.
Yes, from clothing and equipment, he is obviously the lord.

Well, that’s natural.
It was a criminal act that involved the guards, that was spoken loudly in front of the people.
And the appearance of the goddess Celestine.

It would be rather weird if the lord didn’t come and personally deal with this problem.
If he did it poorly, it will be a big scandal that might affect the honor of the royal palace, it might spread to the neighboring countries as well.
There’s no way the lord would let his subordinate to deal with a serious problem that affects his future and the country.


『Yes, that’s right』(Kaoru)


Even though the opponent is the lord of this town, I must not use polite word “de gozaimasu” like an idiot.
Roland and Francette were angry with me before.
“Even though you are falsifying your identity, we can’t ignore the fact that the goddess is acting so humble before a human!” … something like that
… Especially with Francette.

Well, in the current setup, I am the daughter of a nobleman in another country.
Even when talking with a nobleman, if I am a nobleman from another country, I don’t have to be humble.
I’m supposed to be a 15 years old girl even with the height of child 12 to 13 years old anyway.


『So, what do you mean, explain the circumstances!』(Lord)


Apparently, it seems the lord doesn’t mind the surrounding people.
No, it is already known that the guards are the accomplices of a kidnapping organization.
So, the lord might fear the possibility of other nobles might be involved.
He chooses to avoid it by listening to the story of 《descending of the goddess》instead.

In this world, everyone believes in the existence of goddess Celestine and worships her.
Sometimes she shows up and the most recent time is only about four years ago.
All the great men of each country had gathered in large numbers.

They were surprised to learn the fact about her.
Celes is rather ruthless and she might give the goddess’ punishment to a country and doesn’t care if she involves the unrelated people in it.
And the fact that she already punished a country that pissed her off and involved the neighboring countries as well.

There was no one in this world who has the courage to spit lies using such a goddess’ name.
Including criminals.
So, my story is believed and natural.
Besides, the captain and people here also witnessed the 《washtub fells from the sky》…

That’s why, although he had received a preliminary report, he still needed to confirm the fact.
And also made us explain it at this place again to appeal a large number of people.
There are a lot of merchants, not only local merchants but also other territories and other countries as well.
Of course, there is also someone other than the merchant, for example, a spy from another country …

It’s unlikely that the lord is involved somehow, this country banned on human traffic.
He might get a death sentence, there’s not enough profit to meet such a danger.
He is a lord of a territory this size, he has no problem to get beautiful girls as lovers or mistresses.
So, maybe the lord really has nothing to do with the kidnapper.

So, I can just do it… to the root.


『Yes, coming from Kingdom Balmoa, We are Earl Adam’s men.
I was kidnapped suddenly in this town and was imprisoned in the dungeon of a private house together with some girls.
And this morning, we were carried out to be sold as a slave …
When I asked the guards for help at the town gate, they just smirked and ignored me.
While talking with the kidnappers …』(Kaoru)

『Wha… what …』(Lord)


That information has already been reported, but the lord is still surprised, it’s somewhat exaggerated.
He might be a good actor.
Ah no, maybe he didn’t know the victim was related to an Earl of another country.
Well, it seems a bit bad.


『…and just before being brought out of the city
The goddess was manifested and the criminals were knocked down with goddess’ punishment for those 《 who dare to sell the cute little girls as slave!》』(Kaoru)

『So, how is the goddess doing?』(Lord)

『After talking a little to me, she descended』(Kaoru)


To the Lord’s question, I responded with what I had thought in advance.


『Eh… But isn’t it hasty to think the guards are the kidnappers’ accomplices just because they did not notice the call for help …』(Lord)

『I had already broken the barrel’s lid in front of them and shouted for help loudly.
If they couldn’t notice something with such degree right before their eyes,
Can the guards from the main gate of this town notice bandits and robbers that try to sneak in and stop them?
Do you want such rumors spread?』(Kaoru)


As I said that, I looked around the surrounding crowd,
The lord is quiet, the other security guards are also quiet,
Even if there are criminals inside, the army still doesn’t condemn.


『In the first place, the fact that the goddess’ punishment was also fallen on security guards, is the most reliable evidence, wasn’t it?』(Kaoru)


The lord had no choice to nod too.
I don’t know if the guards are guilty or not, but with this,
Other soldiers would not be able to condemn me.


『And, according to what the criminal said.
The dealer seems to be a local lord of this country or a medium-sized merchant in this country, etc.
It seems that they don’t deal with the prestigious aristocrats or big merchants』(Kaoru)



Even though he was surprised, the lord’s complexion had improved a little.
Well, it might be true.
If other countries or influential aristocrats, and big merchants of this country are involved, it will become complicated.
And if he doesn’t do it well, it will become an international problem or the nation’s foundation will be shaken.
And in the worst case, in order to protect the influential people, the country might dispose the local responsible person to deny all of their responsibility.
The local responsible person…
Yes, it’s about this lord.

However, if the other party is just a rural lower aristocrat, an intermediate aristocrat, or a medium-sized merchant,
He can easily do what needs to be done.
He might not be able to deal with it directly but he can go through the royal palace.
And by chance, if he uncovers those aristocrats and merchants’ wrongdoings in this territory.
He will be recognized as the lord of righteousness, the land of justice by the royal palace
There is even the possibility that his Majesty will remember his name.

Well, I guess he would be motivated to do it. Here comes another push.


『And I will tell you the message from the goddess Celestine』(Kaoru)

『『『『『Wh… wh… wh… what… what did you say!!』』』』』(Lord + People)


Not only the lords but also the people around me all screamed.
Well, now that I think about it, of course, it is.

There aren’t many papers and cardinals, or such that were giving words from the goddess.
Of course, people would be surprised that the goddess’ message was given to a local lord.
However, there is no one who thinks that it’s the gospel in this case.
The lord’s face is also puffing a bit.
Well, then, I will go with the message time.


『Those foolish mortal who dared to kidnap girls and sold them as slaves, which is a banned action from the country.
The criminals and those who take the bribes or overlooked it. You all have the same sin.
I won’t tolerate this. Heed my words.
If you don’t dispose of this properly, I will dispose of them myself…
Well, something like that』(Kaoru)

『What’s that?』(Lord)


The lord was shaking when asked that. It was a scary story.


『Celestine-sama is rough, she doesn’t really care about each human being so much.
I guess she only cares about individuals that she liked …
That’s why, when Celestine-sama says 《to dispose》, it must mean to turn the manor residence where offending criminal remains or the fortified town where the roots of kidnapping organization remain into the whole sea of flame.
That’s what she meant …』(Kaoru) (T.N: Kaoru use Celestine-sama here, not Celes or Baka Celes)

『No …………』(Lord)


The Lord becomes pale.
The surrounding soldiers and the crowd are even paler.


『W… w… w …w …w …』(Lord)


The Lord gave out a mysterious voice like a construction site.
Perhaps, what he was trying to say is 《how》or 《why》

Should I give him a little relief?


『There is no need to worry, as it’s enough to capture and punish all the kidnappers,
the mastermind, the one who took bribery and everyone involved.
Well, let’s catch every single one so that there will be no more abducting kidnappers or slave trader …』(Kaoru)

『Yet it is, but …』(Lord)


Perhaps, he tried to say《But, if I do things bad…》…probably.


『Tightened up the captured guys,
And as they were planning to deliver us to the buyer, you might find the buyer’s information from them.
Make them talk everything about the sold slaves until now,
Also, taking back the sold children to their parents,
Maybe so…』(Kaoru)


It is an order of the goddess. If the royal palace hears of this story, they will do it with full power.
There is no room to doubt whether it’s a lie.
With this many witnesses and many merchants from other countries, explosive sounds and golden clouds were heard and by people in the street.

And if the goddess became angry with the people of this country for ignoring her message.
She might《snap and destroy》not only the Lord’s house and territory here but for the country itself which didn’t eradicate the kidnapping case …
It is not the case that power, connection, bribery can solve.
There is no way other than catching and punishing all those involved in the kidnapping case without delay.


『Capture them, catch everyone who is rolling on the floor here and tie them up!
Absolutely don’t let them escape, don’t let them get harmed before they vomit everything!
Failure is forgiven … no, it will not be forgiven!』(Lord)


Yes, since the lives of all the people including himself are involved, he will be desperate, too.


『 My Lord, in fact, the goddess has taught us the hideouts of the criminals.
It was shown with the red smoke column over there.
I think it’s from the slum…』(Kaoru)


Yes, I placed a “souvenir” before I was taken out from that private house. (T.N: Kaoru mean a marker)
Well, after a certain period of time, a hypnotic gas will keep coming out,
That gas is lighter than the air. (Flare smoke?)

If no-one notices and moved my souvenir, the red smoke would have risen from that house, which is the hideout with the criminals sleeping.
It’s not very flashy, it’s a thin smoke line, but if you try to find it, it will be somewhat easy.
This is the first time I come to this town and seeing these streets, it was impossible to guide everyone back to that house.
Not to mention I was pushed into a barrel on the wagon.
I did that so I could trace it later.
Well, it would be enough if the soldiers can capture the culprits and get the information.


『…Go, now!』(Lord)

『Yes, my Lord!』(Soldier)


A captain-like soldier who seemed to be a high-ranked soldier moved with the instructions of the lord.

He took about half of the soldiers and hurried toward the town.
When I was looking at it, I saw another group came running from the town towards here.
The group was civilians and soldiers was approaching.
…Ah, that must be the family of the kidnapped children.

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    • Suggestion:
      Even {}->{though} the opponent is the lord of this town, I must not use polite word “de gozaimasu” like an idiot.

      who has the courage to spit lies using such a {goddess’ s}->{goddess’} name.
      Including criminals.

      He might get a death sentence, there’s not {be}->{} enough profit to meet such a danger.

      『Yes, coming from Kingdom Balmoa, We are Earl {Adan}->{Adam}’s men.

      Ah no, maybe he didn’t know the victim was {}->{connected/related to} an Earl of another country.

      Can the guards from the main gate of this town notice bandits and robbers that try to sneak in {to}->{and} stop them?

      I don’t know if {I wanted}->{} the guards are {irrelevant}->{guilty} or not, but with this,

      If other countries or influential aristocrats, and big merchants of this country are involved {are involved}->{},

      country might dispose {of all}->{all of} responsibility against the local responsible person.

      The criminals and those who {were bribery}->{take the bribes} or overlooked it. You all have the same sin.

      {Get they telling}->{make them tell} everything about the sold slaves until now,

      Yes, I placed a {souvenir}->{marker} before I was taken out {of}->{from} that private house.

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  1. Kaoru is putting words in Celes’ mouth. Considering the fate of the former sacred coutnry, is that really wise? Yes, Kaoru’s her friend rather than a random group of people who are descended from folks Celes didn’t like, but still.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Celes already give Kaoru the divine punishment
      (Falling washtub) for saying her chest is modest.
      Which means, whenever Kaoru makes Celes angry, Celes can essily punish Kaoru by herself.
      Celes has never had any friend before, so she copied the Earth (Japan) ‘s method.

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  2. That’s some dangerously broad strokes she used there… assuming all the guards are accomplices.

    If a poor innocent guy was involved he is going to have a bad life because of her.

    Not to mention the contradiction of the goddess is ruthless and doesn’t care but she won’t do the same with the guards…


    • ALL THE GUARDS (several guards at the gate) must be innocent, for they ALL SMILED with the Kidnapers and Ignored the Kidnapped Girl Screams like nothing happens.
      ALL of the guards must be INNOCENT for they don’t even know that kidnapping is a crime so they let the kidnappers go like nothing.

      FUNA-sensei make this NOVEL solely for Kaoru to destroy the people who took advantaged of their position to do bad thing.
      Be it a guard, a noble, a royalty, a Pope, a country.

      Even this series is really interesting but it only has a narrow plot “DESTROY BAD AUTHORITY PEOPLE”

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