Kaoru Chapter 54: We are multiplying… That’s not it!

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増殖: means “grow/growth/breeding” but I thought FUNA sensei mean “increase/multiply” instead.


Edied by TheDefend 21/6/18

Kaoru Chapter 54: We are multiplying… That’s not it!


The soldiers brought some civilians from the city to this place.
Yes, just as expected, they are the families of those children in the “bishoujo kidnapping case”.


『Literisa!』(Family 1)

『Saaru!』(Family 2)

『Shallize! Where is my Shallize?』(Family 3)

『Yunozato! Yunozato!!』(Family 4)

『Mother (Okaa-san)!』(Lolita 1)

『Esteemed mother (Okaa-sama)!』(Lolita 2)


There are four mothers calling for their children, but only two lolitas answer.
Yes, this isn’t the first kidnapping incident,
there are many other missing children that might be the victims of these type of crime.

2 families hug their children while crying
and 2 other families searching for their children desperately,
They climbed up to the wagon that had been parked nearby, searching all the empty barrels.

The crowds were silently depressed due to the difference in light and dark.
Especially, to the 4th family who seems to be looking for a boy, judging from the name.
Although the victims were only girls of this time,
But there might be kidnapped boys before.
And he might be sold somewhere already.
Looks like the range of the investigation will need to be extended even further, maybe they can rescue him and return him to his family.
I wanted to believe so.


『…My Lord …』(Kaoru)

『I understand! I know …』(Lord)


The Lord understands what I meant with just that and replied so.
Let’s believe in the lord here.

After a while, the four families returned to the city.
There are two families wrapped in a smile and laughter,
two families were down and silent.
And one lolita, about 5-6 years old, left behind alone.


『Eh……?』(Either Kaoru? Lord?)


After asking the lolita, Riette-chan, 6 years old seems to have been sold by her parents.
It’s a family in the rural village, the youngest of 5 siblings.
This seems to be a common story.

And even though it was called as 《being sold》, but actually it was 《a long-term annual service provider》because of human trafficking is banned.
The payment is paid in advance to the parent and the service period is 80 years.
Although treatment was handled as human beings, it’s still not much different from a slave.
And it seems that she was kidnapped while she was traveling with the merchant.


『… What will happen in such a case?』(Kaoru)


Even though she was sold, it would be problematic to return her to her parents.
Her family might think that she ran away, or afraid of complaints from merchants that bought her.
And, above all, because they are the kind of parents who sell their child,
They might sell her to another merchant again to get money.


『How is it?』(Lord)


If I think about it, even though I asked him, but the lord shouldn’t know about such a thing.
Just as I thought, the Lord asked his subordinate to get the answer instead.


『As soon as they received the money and sign the contract,
Her parents don’t have the right left to take over this child.
And even if we return her to her family…
The family that sold their children tends to repeat similar things …』(Subordinate)

『Then it’s no use to return her to her parents, the poor child …』(Lord)

Also, even though the merchant had bought that child, but making such a lifetime contract with a child that might be ignorant of her will.
It’s a suspicion close to human trafficking. But I don’t mean that all of those contracts are related to human trafficking.
And then, there’s no report of damage from the merchant in the last few days
Perhaps, that merchant thought that wasn’t a big deal when he lost a young girl who he bought at a low price, rather than making a fuss with officials.
I think he might have leave the city already and headed to the next destination.
In other words, it would be difficult to find and deliver her to that merchant』(Subordinate)

『Then, what about this child?』(Lord)


To the question of the lord, the subordinate answered the best solution that he can think of.


『The best way for her might be putting her in an orphanage.
Such a young girl who lives without family or adult in a slum will make her die prematurely.
In the orphanage, at least she will be taken care of.
The orphanage hardly takes a new child in, but if it’s an order from my Lord, there will be no problem …』(Subordinate)


Riette-chan listened to the lord and the subordinate talking.
Apparently, she seems to understand the content of the story properly.
She was trembling.


『Okay, I will write the introduction letter later …
It’s a girl saved by the goddess,
I will take care of her properly at the orphanage … afterward…』(Lord)

『Please wait!』(Kaoru)


When I noticed, the words were already said before thinking.


『 That child will be taken over by me!』(Kaoru)

『『『『Eeeeeeehhhh』』』』(Roland + Francette + Emil + Bell)


The Lord and people around me were also surprised, but the one who shouted out was, of course, my companions, including Roland.


『Kaoru-sama, it won’t be good!』(Francette)

『I also thought it’s impossible …』(Roland)


Francette and Roland said so.
Emil and Bell raised their surprise voice but said nothing about my decision.
Is that natural?
Because for the two of them, I am『 the goddess who they devote absolute loyalty』
Although recently, it seems to be a bit heavy …


『Are there any questions?』(Kaoru)


I asked the Lord, and the Subordinate while facing them.
There should be no problem if the involved people don’t have the right about her.
Intimidation? No, no, it is only my expression of free will.


『… There’s no problem.
It can be considered that the merchant already abandoned his right to this girl.
Even he bought this girl, but he also had his obligation to this girl as well.
As the act of kidnapping happened, the merchant must at least report to the soldiers or have some means to help this child out.
A contract will be breached either due to abuse or obligation failure.
Even though the kidnapping case was solved by the power of the goddess,
but you are the person who helped her out not the merchant, the merchant could no longer claim any rights to this girl.
After that, it is only a matter of which this girl who already got her freedom to choose…
Whether going back to her parents, going to an orphanage, living in a slum, choosing another way of life, …or going with you.
And I don’t recommend parents and the slum for this girl』(Subordinate)


The Subordinate explained so, and the lord also nodded.


『……what will you do?』(Kaoru)


So I asked the girl, no, the young girl who was 6 years old,
Riette-chan caught up and clung to my legs at once.


『I want to go together!』(Riette)


Alright, welcome aboard cute lolita!
With this, I can show off to the two couples, I don’t have to feel lonely!


『Well, that’s it!』(Kaoru)

『What do you mean by that!?』(Francette)


Francette protested through.

And I don’t think just words can be useful in such a case.
I need some officiallq document as proof.

In preparation for the emergency, I asked the Lord to prove Riette-chan’s identity.
That is the brief history of this time, accepting Riette-chan as a free civilian from this territory.
And write it all on a document with his signature.
Paper and writing instruments were offered by me.

Of course, the person who wrote the text was the Subordinate and the Lord just signed it.
Normally, the lord won’t bother to prepare or sign such document.
I don’t know if he pitied Riette-chan, or was worried if there was anything wrong with treating the girl who was saved by the goddess…
There’s no need to think, it’s absolutely the latter.
You can bet one gold coin.
Perhaps, there’s no-one who will accept such a bet.

But with this, if I meet the merchant who bought Riette-chan, there’s nothing to worry.
If he demands to hand over Riette-chan, I will present this document and call out the authorities with a big fuss.
And if I say something like we are going to check if his contract is related to human traffic, he will not dare to involve with us anymore.

Also, even if I meet Riette-chan’s parents, they will never dare forcibly taking her back unless Riette-chan wants it.
They already sold her for money.

On the contrary, I have the right to ask them to return the 80 years wage of Riette-chan to Riette-chan herself.
Because the person who should get that money is Riette-chan herself, not her parents.
If I use it, I will easily drive them away.
And if they really did something wrong, they would become the criminal slaves for human trafficking.
They would definitely want to avoid making a fuss with a government official.

… If Riette-chan wants to go back to her parents?
That time, it’s her own freedom.
Nobody can force another person’s life.


『Well then, I will excuse myself』(Kaoru)

『Wait, wait! Wait for a second!』(Lord)


The errands were over, so I decided to depart quickly, but the lord retained me.
Well, I guess so. I will stay for a while.
And although the text was written by the subordinate, the Lord himself still didn’t mind the trouble to sign the document at such a place.

I’m thankful for him, so I don’t mind staying here for a while …

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        • Timeskip a few years and the loli has turned into an oppai oneesan while our potion-making MC is still unchanged for some reason…

          Liked by 3 people

        • Couldn’t she make a potion to let her body mature to a desired shape? She made Francette eternal 16, though unintentionally.


        • No, her cheat that she asked Celes is “a body with her Original Gene that rejuvenate back to 15 years old”
          which means, she can’t change her gene nor her age, even she change her age, her body will grow only 1 more centimeter (she is already a legal-loli back on earth at 20+ years old)


        • Forgive me if I got the wrong impression but when he said “for some reason” It sounded like he didn’t know and why I liken her ability to immortality even though it’s never directly claimed to be is because she will not die and does not age (and by age I mean will never look like a grandma or die by old age) Which if I recall correctly is practically the same thing as immortality. Feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes.


        • Mile, Kaoru, and Mitsuha have the same problem.
          Become immortality without their will.

          Mile wants to become “Average”, but the average of god’s age is still immortality.

          Kaoru asks for a body of her original gene at 15 years old but her body will stay at 15 years old forever = immortality.

          Mitsuha gets healing, her body cell will be healed without getting old = immortality.
          “That” creature also said he will visit her again after a few dozens of thousand years later.

          Liked by 5 people

        • Huh, I never realized Mile was immortal. When you put it like that yeah it makes sense, but never thought of her total lifespan before.
          Also TY for the translations!


  1. Suggestion:
    『Shallize! Where is my {Shalize}->{Shallize}?』(Family 3)

    2 families hug their children {why}->{while} crying

    Especially, {what}->{To} the 4th family who seems to be looking for a boy,

    But there {maybe kidnapping}->{may be kidnapped} boys before.

    And it seems that she was kidnapped while she was {transporting to}->{travelling with} the merchant.

    But with this, if I meet the merchant who bought {Rayette}->{Rietto},

    And if I say something like we are going to check if {the original}->{his} contract is related to human traffic,

    Because that is {}->{the} money that Rietto-chan herself should receive, not her parents.

    They {should}->{would} definitely want to avoid making a fuss with a

    I’m thankful for him {so}->{}, so I don’t mind staying here for a while …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For Emil and Bell, Kaoru is『 the goddess who they devote absolute loyalty』 but they also already have experience as strayed child at the slum before.

    They already know how hard it is for a child to survive without parents. They also know about orphanage.

    So they thought that it is Kaoru’s kindness toward Riyette (Rietto) because she is being sold by her parents.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Me pregunto si Kaoru querrá formar un harem de lolis por el resentimiento de que ella se quedara como loli toda su vida… puedo participar en eso?


  4. Since she is now ready to head back, I guess this means her journey to find a husband has instead become satisfied with becoming a mother via adoption.

    Thank you for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

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