Kaoru Chapter 55: New equipment. “I’m not a carriage drawing horse!”

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4 more Kaoru chapters for this traveling.

After that, it will be a new city, Atelier Riette’s arc.

But I still stop after 4 more chapter and translate 2 or 3 Mitsuha chapters, 2 or 3 Mira chapters.

14 chapters of Arge to end Devil continent’s arc and then go back to translate Mile chapters.

Edited by TheDefend 22/6/18

Kaoru Chapter 55: New equipment. “I’m not a carriage drawing horse!”


『What is it, I wonder?』(Kaoru)


As I asked, the Lord straightened his back, tightened his face, and said to Roland, not to me.


『I would like to invite you to the manor horse, wouldn’t you like to have break after your hard work?』(Lord)


The Lord up until now was still talking like a superior, but right now, I felt that his tone became polite.
Well, we called ourselves as the Earl’s men,
but even if he mistook that, we are still only the Earl’s children.
But the Lord, who is the head of the horse, is higher social rank than us.
Besides, this is his territory.

We also are not embassies who came for a courtesy visit, that made he responded to a younger person with humble attitude.
Moreover, we had bothered him with the kidnapper and the guards, the manifestation of the goddess, both are a major incident.



For the Lord to suddenly have a polite way of speaking.
Yes, there are reasons to do so.
He had a favor to ask of me, a beautiful noble girl from another country, who was kidnapped, witnessed the goddess manifestation, talked with the goddess, and relayed the goddess’ words.
Yeah, I’m a《Bishoujo》
The 《Bishoujo》 kidnappers have proved it.
By the way, it’s not an abbreviation for 《 a girl with a little beauty》but 《a beautiful young girl》!
Well, the Lord might want to use this chance well.
There is a possibility that it can be used as a trump card for something later…

Roland looked towards me, so I became the person who replied again.


『No, I’m in a hurry for traveling…
I only saw the goddess for a short time, and I already said all the words of the goddess …』(Kaoru)


Regarding kidnapping and the goddess’ case, the Lord thought it was natural for me to reply as I was present at the scene.
However, regarding everyone’s future actions, the lord, of course, thought that Roland had the right to decide.
So when he saw Roland, who looked at me to ask what we would do and I was the one replying, he was surprised with his eyes opened wide.
Well, maybe he thought he made a big mistake trying to persuade Roland while ignoring what I say or something.


『Ah, that’s right, among us, I’m the one who has the final say on things.
My esteemed brother has been asked by our esteemed father to be my escort,
And also, from old days, my esteemed brother could never go against me.
O ho ho ho … (Blonde Noble girl laugh)』(Kaoru)

Kaoru O ho ho ho.gif

Everyone decided beforehand with such a setting, even Roland also agreed.
And, the lord looked even more surprised but he was still convinced.
Yeah, noblemen, there are many cases where they often dote on their sister (Sis-con),
That kind of thing is never a rare story.


『No, I wasn’t implying that …
I just want to ask more about the kidnappers, and the word of the goddess,
I want to check it again.
Also, are you planning to travel around our country?
I can teach you various things about our country …』(Lord)


Now, a strike prepared by the Lord as I anticipated this could happen.


『No, I was bored (having so much free time?) while I was waiting for my Lord,
so I’ve written down all the words from the goddess and the kidnapper group.
Besides, if I learn everything about this country, the enjoyment of this trip will be gone.
I think that I want to experience and learn it slowly by myself.
Otherwise, I can’t study anything from this trip』(Kaoru)


As I said so, I offered several sheets of paper to the Lord.
Of course, paper and writing instruments are constantly put in large quantities in the item box.
Ah, as I was afraid of the criminal’s death,
I wrote properly the instruction of the goddess not to perform unreasonable torture, extortion of confession, punishment for innocent people, etc.
Otherwise, it would be outrageous.




The Lord opened his mouth wide while reflexively receiving the paper I pressed on him.


『Please excuse me!』(Kaoru)


When I said so, the Lord wasn’t able to speak anything and his brain couldn’t keep up with the sudden turn of event.
And after I put Riette-chan on Ed, I got on Ed who had been waiting by my side.
Ed had properly paid attention and lowered his posture beforehand.


『Hiyo, Silver!』(Kaoru)

『Like I said, whose name is that!?』(Ed)


As usual, Ed complains unpleasantly.
And contrary to his retort, Ed slowly started walking.
Even though I alone may ride with fast speed, but right now, I’m riding with Riette-chan, who are on the first time riding on a horse without decent riding equipment.
And after I start riding, Francette and everyone are also riding in a hurry to follow after me.


『Ehh, wait …』(Lord)


The Lord hurriedly tried to stop us, but it was already too late.


『Well, for capture and punishment of kidnappers and stakeholders, please do your best
And, ~ Please be careful not to anger the goddess~!』(Kaoru)


As I looked back and shouted so, the Lord hurriedly instructed his men and other people also began shouting something.


Anyway, it was too risky for us.
Just thinking, a party with the children of a nobleman from another country, a remarkable son, and a proud daughter who was loved by her family.
And one of the four girls who got helped from the goddess that doesn’t seem to care about the destiny of each human being.
There must be something about them more than it seems
It’s scary.
It’s too scary.


『Kaoru-chan, why did you do such a frustrating thing?
If you want to make a name for the goddess
Saying Kaoru-chan was an angel from the beginning would be easier …』(Francette)


When we were a little away from the town gate, Francette came closer to me asking.
Francette, after various changes, she seems finally able to call me as《Kaoru-chan》
Unlike Emil and Bell, she can hardly change the way she called me until now.
Well, it’s (normal) average to call your fiance’s sister so.
Depending on the situation, I should call her《Francette》or omitting 《Fran》
Well, although the way she called my name is nice, I can’t accept the content of her question.


『No, no, if we do such a thing, they will become more persistent.
They might follow us after our departure, spread the news to other people.
Since it would become troublesome!』(Kaoru)



It seems like Francette wanted others to worship me, although she never speaks about me as “a goddess”
But she still wanted to advertise me as “an angel”
As expected, it was bad.



… It is almost time.



『Ed, I have a small request to ask of you…』(Kaoru)

『What was that…
Young miss is my savior,
I will listen to everything you say!』(Ed)

『Thanks! Actually, I’d like you to draw a carriage…』(Kaoru)

『No, don’t be silly!!』(Ed)


Ed is furious.
… It’s different with what you just said!


『I am a venerable horse!
My kind is an elite horse for flourishing battle! We are the elite who grew up on a dedicated ranch just like the royal horses.
Well, if you treat me like an average horse…
Even though young miss is my benefactor, I still can’t forgive it』(Ed)


He is seriously angry …
His wife and daughter are also having an unpleasant face.
Is this so important for horses …?

Maybe it was like pilots of fighter aircraft and pilots of transport aircraft?
I think both are equally important …
Oh, but the other two horses are not related to this, right?


『But this is not related to the horses ridden by Roland and Francette』(Kaoru)


『It’s only Ed who will draw the carriage』(Kaoru)



Ed is even more shocked.


『Hah? Only me?
Only I will become an average horse, and you want me to draw the carriage alone?』(Ed)


Roland’s and Francette’s horses  also looked at Ed with a pitying eye.


『But, Even though it might be fine for me, I think that riding on a horse will be painful for Riette-chan…』(Kaoru)



Yes, a long journey on a horse was hard for a young 6 years old girl.
Instead of having a sophisticated saddle like the modern earth, in this world, we put a covering cloth on the horse’s back or laying the cushion on it
And we just tied with a rope or a belt so as not to fall off.
Even so, the rope and belt are just for me, Riette-chan is just hugging me.
The risk of falling from the horse is quite high.
Besides, her buttocks, hips, and crotch will be hurt as well.

Until I finally get used to it, the vibration were strange as well.
Even now, I already get accustomed a little, I still find it pretty hard to ride horse for a long journey.


『But, but …』(Ed)


In order to convince Ed, there is no choice but to pull out the actual thing.


『Everyone, temporarily stop!』(Kaoru)


Well now, how will I convince Ed …?

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    • Sage disciple, a man get stuck in game world but with body of lolita which he try to make before in the game just for fun and not seriously. His character before is an elder mage mage that resemble gandalf in LOTR


    • saddle would be glass and hard and not move with the horse… plus horses have to be trained to accept saddles…and she probably has no experience from Japan to envision one.


      • oh wait she can choose the “bottle” material???… can she choose leather? or canvas (modern trail saddles). but still probably just doesn’t have the knowledge of the shape…


  1. Hi,

    I think there is a typo in the chapter name. It should be “horse” not “house”, since there is kanji “馬”.

    And I think, 「俺は馬車馬じゃねえぇ!」 should be translated as “I’m not a carriage drawing horse!” (“ja nee” === “ja nai” – negation), or better as “Iheeem not a carriage drawing horse!” where “Iheeem” is imitation of horse sound. I’m not so sure how to write it in english to preserve the pun. This sounds more like the sound of horse in my country.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She couldn’t just hand over some truth serums or something to get full confessions easily instead of making up a bunch of rules that would inhibit them from getting confessions?


  3. ok so I owe an apology to the author as NOW he/she? tells us that they do not use saddles in this world… I still do not understand what the author means by “the rope and belt are just for me” … I can find very few references to riding with only a blanket and assuming the rope is the reins, I am not sure what the “belt” is as a belt would keep the blanket on the horse and have nothing to do with the rider. ………….. it seems almost all civilizations use saddles of some type except bareback bronc / horse breaking and leisure bareback (no pad) but the is some reference to a bareback pad but not a lot of pictures. (but generally no pad or blanket is used).
    When riding bareback it is the upper thighs that get used for balance (assuming no stirrups) and yes you will be sore if you are not use to it so pass the potions liberally. So not sure why hips were mentioned in the other chapter though I imagine inner thighs, inner buttocks area would also get sore. (unfortunately this suburb inhabiter has never ridden with out a saddle)


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