Kaoru Chapter 56: Chariot (In EN Katakana)

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T.N: Even the name is “chariot”, it’s not the ancient Rome standing chariot type but a Sci-fi type.

And I’m sorry in advance if I made mistakes in the explanation.

I don’t know about science, chemical (Titanium, etc) engineering (Carriage’s structure or the part’s name)

By the way, I will speed up the translation a little to catch up with the time I play Night of Azure 2

Kaoru Chapter 56: Chariot (In EN Katakana)

Edited 22/6/18 by TheDefend


『Come on out, Goddess’ Chariot!』(Kaoru)


A small Chariot appeared with my spell.
No, it’s a 《Container of the potion, shaped like a horse-drawn carriage》
There is a small container inside the chariot that is properly filled with potion.


It’s four wheels, but it’s very small.
Yes, this is not an ordinary carriage but a series called Chariot, a battle carriage, commonly known as 《Chariot》

It’s not the ultra-compact type that appears in the movie 《Ben Hur》but a four-wheel type that somewhat larger in Chariot series.
However, of course, it’s very small compared to a normal carriage.

And its material is specially made, mainly using Titanium and FRP (fiber reinforced plastic)



The cost (per unit weight) performance (strength to be obtained) is very high, it’s the 9th largest among the elements constituting the earth, and it’s the main component of Rutile and Titanite which are everywhere minerals.

Although it exists abundantly, it’s difficult to smelt because it’s low in a matter of integration (ED: Most likely molecule fusing), so it has a long history before it began to be widely used as alloy in the earth. (ED: Titanium has an insanely high melting point, so most of the time in history it was considered as useless metal due to people being unable to refine it)

And FRP.

It boasts the greatest strength among lightweight plastics, it’s an encouraging material used for ships, aircraft, and racing cars.


If it gets damaged, it will be difficult to repair it in this world, but that doesn’t matter to me.
I just need to push it into a corner of an item box with infinite capacity and create a new one.
And I can also use it for some sort of material.


『Th-This is…』(Ed)


Ed and everyone else (human and horse) looked at it with their pupil dilated.
Everyone (human) is somewhat accustomed to me taking out various things from the item box.
And with these members, I’m not a《human being who is the friend of the goddess Celestine》but 《a friend of Celestine, another goddess》
Because they saw me as a goddess, I thought that they would not be surprised by such a thing now.
But looks like pulling a carriage out of nowhere is still too much that it made everyone surprised.

Although Chariot is normally a small two-wheels carriage, this one is a four-wheels type.
With only two wheels, the front-back direction won’t be stable, the angle of elevation fluctuates etc. so I made it a four-wheels one.
There is no roof, the side part also had the height to around the chest level to prevent falling, above it was completely open.
There is an acrylic windshield in the front.

Although the wheels are made large to improve the running performance, nearly half of the wheels overlap in the lateral direction, the rear wheels slightly protrude outward to miniaturize the car body.

In addition, although the seat is made in a high position to make it easy for me to talk with other cavalries while running.
In an emergency, the seat can be lowered down with a single lever and the titanium-made from the rear stretched along the top of the side part
It’s designed to cover the rider like a shutter.


『Not only that …』(Kaoru)


Leaving Francette’s group dumbfounded in the vicinity, I operate a certain lever …


Ga shan! (SFX)


A total of four double-edged swords popped out, the left and right side of the horse-drawn carriage has two swords appeared.



『This is not just a carriage which doesn’t have fighting power in itself.
This is a 《Chariot》, it’s a horse-drawn carriage that fight by itself.
It’s not called as 《chariot》because it carries warriors.
The protagonist of the battle isn’t the person who is riding but the horse-drawn carriage and the horse』(Kaoru)


While saying so, I pulled the carriage lightly and showed the lightness of the car’s weight.
Open top, fearless silhouette.
Compact and light car weight.
With this, it’s not 《military horses》but the 《fighting horse》that fighting by themselves.


『A horse that’s pulling a battle carriage of the goddess.
As the goddess’ horse, your name will remain in future generations …』(Kaoru)

『Let me undertake it!』(Roland’s Royal house)



Cutting my words halfway, the horse that Roland was riding desperately talked.


『 Ed-san, If you don’t like it, that role, I will accept it.
Ed-san can carry my master in my stead 』(Roland’s Royal horse)

『No, I will accept it.
I think that it would be better for Ed to take my master Francette who is much lighter than Roland, you might enjoy it』(Francette’s Royal horse)



Even the horse rode by Francette said so. Ed was taken aback.
The two horses who are proud as the Royal horses exclusive for Roland and Francette.
Even though Ed is only a little older but they have always shown respect to Ed, which is a horse ridden by the goddess, and Ed’s family…
Perhaps they might be aiming for Ed’s daughter.

But now, it’s an interesting position, it’s not just《 the riding horse of the goddess》but the 《Goddess’ battle horse》that’s pulling the《Goddess’ Chariot》itself.
I saw this as a chance and played along with another push.


『Well … I wonder what I should do
… If Ed doesn’t like, I wonder if I should ask the other horse.
Roland, Francette, is that okay?』(Kaoru)

『No, even if you suddenly ask me if it’s okay.
I was only hearing you said “blah blah blah” with the horses,
I don’t understand anything at all …』(Roland)


What Roland says is true.
People other than Kaoru can’t understand horse’s words.


『Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for a moment!』(Ed)


Ed is in a panic.
However, I promptly talked about it.


『Well, which one should I ask … ?』(Kaoru)

『I’m telling you to wait!』(Ed)


Ed shouted desperately.
Hmm, this is funny.



And, a chariot with the blade retracted, no, it’s in the normal state, let’s call it a carriage.
If I was asked by someone who knows the performance of this carriage, it would be a source of trouble.

Anyway, Ed was pulling that carriage in a good mood.
All the horses now know I’m a goddess (setting).
Because they are now aware of it, they also hoped to share information with other horses…
Anyway, there’s no worry that information will leak from horses.

Nevertheless, Ed seems to not conscious of being a goddess’ riding horse.
He only helped me because I was a benefactor of his life.
He didn’t forget the grace of purchasing a stable and getting a wife for him.
He was proud of his position and he definitely didn’t allow it to be robbed because that position is now also recognized by other horses.
Even though they are the royal horses, with such a prestigious position, their thought will surely chance.


『It’s lighter than I thought.
Young miss, does this chariot have enough strength?
If I hit the enemy with fast speed, it might break then…』(Ed)

『 It will be okay, even though it’s much lighter than steel but it’s made from a material that is much stronger than wood.
It will not break easily …
Well, think of it as a metal of the goddess …』

『Really. then, do you want to go faster…?』(Ed)


Compared to other carriages, it is much lighter.
Well, with a horse-drawn carriage pulled only by one horse, I must at least do that.

As I keep talking to Ed, Riette-chan is looking at me with an awed face.
Well, if the person who would take care of her from now on is discussing “blah blah blah” with a horse, it’s reasonable to become uneasy.
Because everyone doesn’t want to leave their future to strange people.
She might accept me at that time, but did she regret it now?
This is bad, I must deal with it as soon as possible!


『Ah, uhm… this is …』(Kaoru)

『It’s amazing (~desu)!
You can talk with the horses (~n desu ne)! 』(Riette)


Well, she wasn’t worried, just being surprised.
That’s right.
Because she will be going with us from now on,
it will be better to explain my goddess setting.
It will be troublesome if she knows at a strange timing and makes noise when there are other people nearby.
Well then, how do I explain this…

Kaoru Vol 2
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  1. 『 Ed-san, If you don’t like it, that role, I will accept it.
    Ed-san can carry my master instead 』(Roland’s Royal house)

    『No, I will accept it.
    I think that it would be better for Ed to take my master Francette who is much lighter than Roland, you might enjoy it』(Roland’s Royal house)

    house not horse?

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  2. wow, the translator and proofreader is on fire today. 😀
    thanks for the combo wombo release ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Thanks for the chapters!

    Btw:『Let me undertake it!』(Roland’s Royal house) -> (Royal Horse)
    Also, are there two “Roland royal horse”?
    『 Ed-san, If you don’t like it, that role, I will accept it.
    Ed-san can carry my master in my stead 』(Roland’s Royal horse)

    『No, I will accept it.
    I think that it would be better for Ed to take my master Francette who is much lighter than Roland,
    you might enjoy it』(Roland’s Royal horse)

    Should one of them be Fran’s(Francette’s) horse?

    Even so it is well translated, good job there.

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  4. She solved the primary problems with titanium by skipping the smelting and machining processes. What a cheat. If only I could do the same. Also there are a wide range of FRP but most of them are stronger by weight than titanium.

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  5. I’m pretty sure by now, inside the infinite dimensional storage, there were garbage… which Kaoru had been too lazy to throw away. Or corpses. Who knows.
    Thanks for the chapter.


      • Nope that’s not gonna happen, Kaoru infinite dimensional storage are time freeze inside of it. So if she put corpse inside and take it out after hundred years later it will look like just die in few second. (Sorry for my english)


  6. Suggestion:
    But looks like pulling {}->{out (from nowhere)} a carriage is still too much that it made everyone surprised.

    Even {}->{though} they are the royal horses, with such a prestigious position, {even}->{} their {eyes’ color}->{thought/view (about Ed’s status} will {}->{surely} chance.

    『{}->{It will be} Okay, even though it’s much lighter than steel but it’s made from a material that is much

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  7. so I thought because there was ed, his wife and 3 daughters, that the whole team is riding the ed family, but is it not so? It seems as if the horses ridden by them royals aren’t eddy


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