Kaoru Chapter 57: The Fanatics are on time

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Kaoru Chapter 57: The Fanatics are on time





Well, even if I explained it normally, Riette-chan was still surprised.


『Ka… Kaoru-sama is a Goddess?
No, since you helped me and even took me in, to me, you were already a goddess,
But I didn’t know you were a genuine goddess!』(Riette)


Riette-chan’s eyes were shimmerring with glitter.
…This is bad. This is certainly 《that》
This is how Emil and Bell looked at me.
Yes, it is 《the eyes of fanatics》
Two zealots are enough!
I don’t want a third zealot.
What I wanted was a healing lolita.
Yes, a healing lolita!


『Riette-chan, this is a secret.
I told you about this because I thought that Riette-chan was a child who could keep a secret or promise and you would never talk to other people about it.
Everyone here already knows about it so it’s okay.
However, don’t speak about this even when there is no other person because I don’t know if there are people nearby that mig ht listened to it.
For now, I am potrayed as Roland’s little sister, just a noble’s daughter』 (Kaoru)

『But,that’s awful…』(Riette)


It is useless even if I ask a lolita for political consideration …
When I thought so, Francette gave me a helping hand.


If Riette-chan is a goddess, everyone is always fascinating and respectful toward you, and no-one ever talks with you like normal,
will every day be fun?』(Francette)


『And every day, a lot of aristocrats and rich people would come, ask you to fulfill their wish,
No, they would make a fuss about who would get their wish first,
Is it fun?』(Francette)


『Well, then you know what to do?』(Francette)



As expected of Francette, truly a wisdom of age!
Her mental age is actually already 30!
… Her physical age is only 20 years because 5 years ago, I turned her to 15 years old.
But, to put it that way, my mental age should be 26 years old when my body age is 19 years old

However, I will remain as an eternal 15 years old …

Well, let’s not think too much about this.
Anyway, with this, Riette-chan speaks normally with me now.
Okay, I will have my healing time …


『Kaoru-sama, please order me however you want!』(Riette)




『How…? Why …? Didn’t you just agree that you would not treat me like a goddess…?』(Kaoru)

『Yes. Even so, as a commoner, I must treat the lady of an aristocrat with respect…』(Riette)


Ah yes, that’s right!
I completely forgot.
Riette-chan is a commoner.
When I’m a noble lady.
We can’t have an equal relationship!
How… How can I have a healing time …?


『… I get it, imouto! Riette-chan from now on will be my imouto!』(Kaoru)

(T.N: only this, I won’t translate this to “little sister”, this is Imouto site)



Even Riette doesn’t look like a daughter of a noble, she looks just like Emil and Bell.
But let just say that she is a child of my noble father with a maid-servant,
Yes, and our sisters are very close!
That’s it!!


『And that’s it!』(Kaoru)


I shouted loudly to everyone around the carriage.
Roland and Francette were surprised and didn’t expect that to do retort at all.
Emil and Bell can’t oppose me.

Well, Riette-chan is decided to be my sister.
It has nothing to do with the will of the person herself.


And after staying one night in a small town, and one-night camping, we reached a town.
I didn’t intend to stay long in that town back then because it’s near the border,
However, we are already pretty far from the border, we don’t need to worry about pursuer from the Brancott Kingdom any longer.

So from now on, we can afford to stay longer in any town,
It’s for my original purpose.
It’s a journey that I don’t need to hurry.


『We will stay in this town for a while』(Kaoru)


Before going into the city, I stop and talk with everyone beforehand.


『Onee-chan, do you have something to do here?』(Riette)


Riette-chan asked so while tilting her head.
… Ah, it’s so cute!

Yes, the way Riette-chan calling me will be decided as 《Onee-chan》from now on.
When we need to disguise toward other people, it will be Kaoru-onee-chan.
When there are only the two of us, it will be just 《Onee-chan》

Actually there’s no need to worry about that, Bell and Francette are always called as 《Bell-nee-chan》and 《Fran-nee-chan》
… Why don’t they have 『o』attached to them?
Well, that does not matter.

(T.N: 『o』is show respect, just like EN  『Oh mighty goddess』)


『 Yeah, it’s an important mission of searching for a marriage partner,
which is the purpose of my trip…』(Kaoru)



Riette-chan’s surprised voice cut my words halfway even though I am still speaking.
Well, it must be surprising that the goddess is looking for a human companion.


『There are a lot of brothers and sisters who intimidate any man who dares to get close to their sister,
And are there any men who dare to come and visit the daughter of an aristocratic that stays in the inn?
There’s no opportunity to become friendly with men, is there?』








『That’s why, it’s a strategy change』(Kaoru)


I have to explain the new strategy to everyone.


『 It turned out that being portrayed as a noble’s daughter will hinder with my marriage.
The common men won’t dare to get friendly with me at all
And I also can’t go out with a noble when I’m actually not a noble’s daughter.
Regardless of that, Earl Adam agreed for me to use his name,
even though I can be called as 《Earl Adam’s men》I’m no aristocrat …』(Kaoru)


Roland cut my words halfway when I said so.


『In addition to my position as a royal family member, I also have a rank as a duke,
Francette also has been granted a rank with the recognition of her achievement in war.
In the sense, we are a group of aristocrats, it’s not a misrepresentation』(Roland)

『So, Kaoru can’t say that you are not a noblewoman,
If I reveal my status when you are portrayed as my sister, it’s not wrong to say you are a noble…
It has the same meaning as 《brother in law》
Also, as I have said many times before, if Kaoru wants, just say a word,
I will immediately contact the National government and give you a rank.
Earl, no, how about a Marquis?』(Roland)


Yes, it is normal for royalty to have several distinctions for convenience.
It’s useful not only as a royalty but also when strolling as a nobleman,
When it’s necessary to use a pseudonym, no pseudonym, a pseudonym, or when leaving a royal family register. (ED : WTF?)

And Francette was also given a rank.
But even she wasn’t given a rank, she was still the Great Hero of the Kingdom and the goddess’ guardian who was given the goddess’ sword.

There’s no one who dares to oppose her marriage with Roland


『…No thanks』(Kaoru)


However, I declined that proposal by Roland on a prompt decision.
After that fight, no, the descent of the goddess Celes,
The Royal Palace has kept trying to grant me a rank many times, but I refuse every time.
Roland also keep repeating it every time.

Well, if he makes me a noble of his country,
I will become a citizen of Balmoa Kingdom,
a citizen of his Majesty the King of Balmoa Kingdom,
Was that what he wanted to do?

I guess I don’t think they will try to order me or something,
But that will make me belong to the Royalty of Balmoa Kingdom,
It can be a powerful card for other countries.


『Well, if you ever want a rank, just say the word, because it only takes about 3 minutes for the Royal Palace to ready the necessary document』(Roland)


Eh, was he pre-ordered so that I could be awarded anytime?

However, rejected. It will be troublesome.
If I got a rank, I would be bound by my status, my position, my citizens,
and I wasn’t obliged to be carried on various things. (ED: I have no idea how to fix this line)

But I want to live happily and freely!
Well, I turn it down, I concluded.


『So, from now on I would like to take separate action』(Kaoru)

『『『『Eeeeehhh!!』』』』(Roland + Francette + Emil + Bell)


Eh, is it really that surprising?


『If you do that,
I can not disturb the marriage of Kaoru with other people …
Ah… nothing …』(Roland)


Unintentionally, Roland said out loud what he thought but stop halfway.


『… … What did you just say, what did you say?』(Kaoru)


Looks like I have an enemy among friends!!

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        • Impossible, her original gene and 15 years old (that directly made by Celes, Goddess) can’t be changed.
          Her potion is just a cheat, only part of Goddess’ power.

          Change hair color is just pigment/dye hair.

          In latest raw chapter, Kaoru wanted to disguise, her potion can only change color of her hair, eyes, skin. (In reality, we can also change color of those)
          her breast can’t grow biggest (she cries and uses pad)
          her eyes can’t become normal (she must use make up)
          her height can’t be change (cries)

          Liked by 2 people

        • Lol that’s some spoiler
          The translation isn’t out yet and I’ve pitied her already XD


        • The potion did change fran’s age and appearance, so it’s because of kaoru’s body probabbly


  1. I know it, almost let the Riette-chan become one of “the eyes of the goddess”. It has almost same condition evolution as Emil, Bell and another kids before.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suggestion:
    … Physical age is only 20 years because 5 years old {}->{ago} , I turned her to 15 years old.

    we don’t need to worry about the {chasing}->{pursuers} from the Brancott Kingdom any longer.

    There’s no {opportunitie}->{opportunities} to become friendly with men, is there?』

    In the sense, we {}->{are} a group of aristocrats, it’s not a misrepresentation』(Roland)

    But even {}->{though} she wasn’t given a rank, she was still the Great Hero of the Kingdom

    But, dismiss {}->{it}. It will be troublesome.
    {}->{If} I got a rank, I would be bound by my status, my position, my citizens,
    and I {wasn’t obliged to be carried on}->{was obliged to do} various things.

    Well, I turn it down{,}->{and} I concluded.

    『… … What did you just say{}->{?}, what did you say{?}->{!?}』(Kaoru)


    • Stilll have typo:
      other person because I don’t know if there are people nearby that {mig ht}->{might} listened to it.


  3. she knows she’ll be forever 15 and cant die, why the hell she still trying to marry and have “normal” life, there’s nothing normal about her in the first place

    she’s forever young, well it’s lucky for the guys but it’ll be mortifying for her later on, when everyone keep leaving her

    people know she’s related to the goddess, yes they want to take advantage of her, but at the same time they will also scared of what celes will do if something bad happen to her

    and commoner will definitely freaked out with the difference in status, they can’t even defy mere nobility, no way they have the guts to try standing equally with divinity

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