Kaoru Chapter 58: New structure

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1 more chapter before changing to Mitsuha and Mira

After 2-3 chapters, I will translate Arge

After that, I will change back to Mile

Kaoru Chapter 58: New structure


Not only Roland but also Francette, Emil, and Bell are also against it as well.
Is that natural?
And, Riette-chan hits my chest with watery eyes.
Because there are no cushions, it hurts a bit …
… Ah, shut up!


『Ah, of course, Riette-chan is coming with me』(Kaoru)

『I agree! Let’s take separate action!』(Riette)


Her palm return to a “raised hand”
This lolita is pretty amazing …


『I can’t agree with such a thing!
Just the day before, you were kidnapped easily!』(Roland)


Roland protested by saying so.


『 The fact I got caught was actually on purpose, in order to save the victims and destroy both kidnappers and accomplices.
At that time, did I get helped by you?
Did you take care of anything at all?』(Kaoru)

『Uuu ….』(Roland)


Yes, I can easily reveal it.
Anyway, if I insist that I am a goddess, I won’t fall into any crisis, Roland can’t refute.
The other three, Francette, Emil, and Bell are in trouble.
They may respect and swear loyalty to me, but they won’t listen to my instruction if it’s is against their desire to be with me.
Well … sorry.


『Then, all of us are supposed to pretend to be a commoner?』(Either Roland or Francette)

『In any case, Roland can’t be seen as a commoner.
If you talk with anyone for a little while, they will realize right away,
You mostly only have the knowledge as a royal family…
Furthermore, if you are pretending to be a commoner,
It will be unnatural to have a sword all the time while you aren’t a soldier or a hired escort.
It’s also unnatural that I, a commoner, was escorted by you.
Anyway, when Roland is with me, you will have a bad influence on my marriage.
In various meanings…』(Kaoru)


Yes, Roland is a handsome guy, many people will misunderstand,
He isn’t a 《sorry man》 like that Prince who only has 《a nice face》
He is full of the original meaning of an 《 Ikemen》, the overall appeal of a man.
If such a man always sticks near me, then no man will dare to come …


『Besides, I am not saying 《Please go back to your country》
No, actually, I do not mind even if you return home』(Kaoru)

『Eh, then …』(Roland)

『Yeah, we will stop the “brother and sister” setting,
I should consider another setting』(Kaoru)

『『『Please leave it to us!』』』(Fran + Emil + Bell)


Three people raised their voice, Emil, Bell, Francette.


『We don’t have any problem to be with you, because we are commoners』(Emil)


Bell nodded in the words of Emil.


『Roland-sama is unnatural,
but since I was originally a commoner,
I should have no problem to be with Kaoru-chan!』(Francette)




『What… Fr… Fran, that is…』(Roland)


Roland can’t hide upsetting with the sudden betrayal of Francette.


『I already vowed my loyalty to Kaoru-sa…-chan. Isn’t that obvious?』(Francette)


Roland knows well about it and on his knees.
And you rephrased, Fran. When you changed 《sama》to 《chan》
There will be no persuade in the word 《swear loyalty》


And the setting conference was held in a quiet manner with five people including me, leaving Roland burned out in the pure white dust.


『After all, it will be dangerous if there are only people who look like children.
It’s absolutely necessary to have an adult here』(Francette)

『Even if you say you are an adult, Francette is 15 to 16 years old,
No matter how people look at us, they might still think that I am older,
So, I do not think there will be any change even when you are staying.
I’m already 16 years old and a fine adult,
And if we need wisdom as a senior citizen, Kaoru alone is enough,
But I don’t mean that it’s better when Fran-nee-san isn’t here』(Emil)



Francette can’t reply a word to Emil.


『We will act with Kaoru-chan,
we will take care of Kaoru-chan,
and if we can’t be a shield for her then there’s no worth in our existence』(Bell)


Hey, hey, Bell, that is a bit heavy, no, it’s too heavy …


『Well, if I only go alone with Riette-chan,
It might be a bit worrisome…』(Kaoru)


Actually, I don’t have any problem,
but they wouldn’t let it go if I went alone with only Riette-chan.

I don’t want to stay here and keep arguing again …


『Then, going with us!』(Bell)


I gulped and nodded with Bell.


『I will be in your care then』(Kaoru)

『『『Yes!』』』(Francette + Emil + Bell)


Three voices that raised together clearly.


『Ah, Fran will take separate action』(Kaoru)



Fran raised her voice.


『… Because, if you leave him alone, it will be too pitiful…』(Kaoru)


As I said that, I pointed to Roland.
Fran was now (いまいま: “ima ima”) staring at Roland strangely (忌々: “ima ima”) (T.N: a pun)

No, Fran, he is a great Royalty.
You really should respect him more!
When you came to report to me that you were proposed,
I was pleased, I felt like a school girl who applied for marriage to a super idol!
What’s now? Return my enthusiasm…


『Roland alone can’t do anything,
because he was always taken care of by someone else like changing clothes, connecting shoelaces …』(Kaoru)

『I can do it by myself!』(Roland)


Roland protested loudly and cut off my words.



After a while, we have a conclusion.

I, Riette-chan, Emile, Bell are four brothers sister, I’m the second daughter.
We decided to set up that Roland and the Francette are just some acquaintances, friends who are not related to us, happen to stay in the same accommodation.


『In truth, I’d like Roland and Francette to be a different inn,
somehow, I think it…』(Kaoru)

『It already decided! Please don’t complain anymore!』(Francette)


Francette always listens to what I say,
But it seems she absolutely will not give up here,
She speaks with a strong tone.

Well, it can’t be helped …


『Well, let’s go separately.
You will go apart from us, and don’t speak to us,
Don’t behave like “BORO”, especially Roland!』(Kaoru)

(ボロ Boro: don’t know if FUNA sensei really means “Worn out and useless cloth”
But from the situation, maybe it means like: someone who lacks common sense and ability to read the mood but try to act like they understand it)


As I said that to Roland and Francette who had dissatisfied faces,
I proceeded to the city with Riette-chan, Emil, Bell.

Ah, of course, the Chariot is stored in the item box,
I and Riette-chan are riding slowly on Ed.
It will be difficult to get into an inn with such a carriage.

And together us who move slowly, Emil and Bell accompanying slightly behind us on the left and right accordingly.
Of course, it was for surrounding vigilance and the position to protect us immediately if something happens.

As for Ed, it’s not good when his wife and daughter are in the position to protect him
But he can’t argue because he carried me, the one with the highest priority.
And they understood it properly.


『I’m sorry』(Kaoru)

『Well, it’s my job, It can’t be helped』(Ed)


I was surprised at Ed’s reply to my words that casually murmured.
No, I wasn’t surprised, because Ed really read the meaning of my words.
… It was a job …
I wonder if horses have such concepts like occupations, salaries, etc …

And when I went ahead from the Roland about 50 meters into the city. As I headed to the city center where there might be an inn, I encountered it.


『Kyaa!』(Young girl)


It was a horse-drawn carriage. When it tried to park in front of a shop,
It was hitting a young girl.
Even though it just slightly hits the girl, there are metal parts on the carriage,
The girl was hit, fell on a cobblestone and groaning.
She seems to be still conscious, but her stomach seems bad, I wonder if she has a broken bone or internal injury.
It might be serious, she was struck by a horse-drawn carriage and fell stone pavement after all.
It seems that she got some bruises and scratches on her cheeks.





Ed is hurried walking close to the girl and lowering his posture.
I got down with Riette-chan, left Riette-chan standing up there and took out the healing potion from the item box.

No, when I create it on the spot, it will emerge from nothing, so the impact is decadent.
On that point, when I take out from the item box, it will be taken out from a place you can not see somewhere, the impact will be somewhat …

Sorry, it will not change much.




The girl who seemed to still have her consciousness,
Because of the pain and confusion, she didn’t think much, reflexively received the potion I gave and drank it as it was.
And it will disappear instantly, her pain and scar.


『Eh……!?』(Young girl)

『You are okay now, I think that the injury has healed,
but the clothes are torn a bit…』(Kaoru)


The surrounding is making a fuss.
And I can hear from people’s words, “miracles, goddesses etc …”

Not good. This isn’t good!
I carelessly do something like the habit of the last 4 years!
After the descent, in the Capital of the Kingdom of Balmoa, Gurua, I kept doing that almost everywhere because I already reveal the ability to make the potion.

Because I kept living such a life for 4 years, when I look at an injured child,
I get a habit of cure with potion without thinking deeply, almost reflexively …
But when I do it here.


『You, you … who on earth are you!』(Noble-like Middle age man)


And a middle-aged man like a nobility came down from the carriage who was somewhat scared said so!



『Yes, coming!』(Ed)


We have a long relationship that makes us understanding fast. I jumped on Ed’s back, who lowered his posture.
Of course, I didn’t forget to put Riette-chan before me.





Although it’s far less comfortable than the latest equipment of the modern earth, the saddle.
It’s still attached to the horse properly.
And I get away from the scene at the maximum speed that Riette-chan can handle!
Of course, Emil and Bell are also coming after.
Roland and Francette saw an irrelevant swing, keep track of us at an interval.
Maybe they somewhat look like pursuers.

There are noises and cries in the back, but I don’t know anything.
Now I just want to leave this place as soon as possible!

If I do not hurry, there might be some pursuers coming after us.


After running a bit far from the city, we stop temporarily at the place where there are no eye-catching points.
And I pull out the chariot from storage.
I mean, if I put this carriage, it will give extra information.

And then I attached it to Ed, holding Riette-chan and putting her on the chariot together with me.
With this, we can run at full speed.
If it’s Ed, who has dramatically increased muscle strength after drinking potions many times, there will be no horse that can catch up.
Besides, the people back there only see my figure for a moment,
and it’s 3 horses that ran away.
It’s not a horse-drawn carriage and four horses cavalry escorting it.


『Okay, we are leaving!』(Kaoru)


Roland rode the horse close to us again because we already got into a carriage (end of setting)


『…… Perfect setting … whoever looks at the public』(Roland)




『 “Don’t behave like a boro, especially Roland!”…』(Roland)

(T.N: As you can see, when Roland repeats this, everyone is laughing)




『Fu… Fu ha ha!』(Roland)




『Fu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!』(Roland)

『Ha ha ha…』(Francette)


Francette also joined in…


『『『『Ahahahahahaha!』』』』(Roland + Francette + Emil + Bell)


Bell and Emile, you too…
Come on, damn it!!

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  1. Lets bet on the type of person the noble was! (Good noble, neutral, or corrupt)
    My bet is on corrupt because he didn’t care about the girl, but to be fair i’d pay more attention to the potential Goddess/saint in my town too than a girl who has been healed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I guess she will be cursed to never find a decent guy. I wonder if the goddess is making it that way until her relation with the God of earth bears fruit.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. thanks for the chapter

    missing mile the most

    and try catching up mira for now
    haven’t try arge yet but it looked interesting too

    waiting for kaoru , mitsuha , anri , maine , laura , kazane , tilea for another update
    do you another more suggestion for this kind of novel ^^?


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  4. So I tried to figure out what “boro” was and if it’s not referencing something the singer did/said, then it’s probably “rag / tattered clothing(something useless or inconvenient to have around?)” being used in a similar way to calling someone a doormat, battleaxe, or some other pejorative.

    Also, It seems you translated “gendō'(speech and conduct)” only as speech the second time it came up near the end of the chapter, but as behave/behavior(more accurate) the first time. I don’t know if that was on purpose or not. Anyway~ thx for the chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think “Boro” is worn out. But this sentence.『 “Don’t behave like a boro, especially Roland!”…』can be mean ” don’t just moping around, especially Roland! ” Upset, regret, gloomy about the current condition.


  5. Suggestion:
    Roland can’t hide {upsetting}->{to be upset} with the sudden betrayal of Francette.

    Roland protested loudly and cut {off}->{through} my words.

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  6. I think Kaoru might have developed a God Complex. She’s actually referred to herself as a goddess a few times now and not while thinking up a cover story.


    • It’s not really a “God Complex” when the Goddess herself has basically admitted “yes due to your circumstances you are about as close to a god as you can get”


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