Mitsuha Chapter 35: Offline party … A bit ahead

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T.N: This chapter is mostly in Dr.McCoy’s POV and FUNA’s 3rd person POV.

Because it’s just 2600 words, I translated it faster than I expected.

Chapter 34 translated by “Oniichan was shinpai desu” so it’s not on my imouto site


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Mitsuha Chapter 35: Offline party … A bit ahead


《Sorry! That’s copper ore! It’s not a gold ore.
If you collect one gold ore or five silver ore, won’t that be like you get canned food at a rice cake shop?》(Internet’s user’s comment)


I wrote a bad news on the 《Mining consultation》topic, in the recent post《I found a gold ore!》
Yeah, this topic is about ore and wood manufacture!

However, this is a really funny blog 《Everyone help! It seems that a long time has passed since I found the territory》

At first, it was a girlish sentence 《I suddenly became a figurehead and I have to manage the territory. Everyone, please help me!》

It was a management of fictional territory full of dreams and disorder.
Well, as the start, it was “I want to plant rice”, “making money with marine products”, “where to collect precious metals”


The materials are well thought out, it’s strangely real.
Everyone thought it was funny and gave expert’s advise,
her reports are so real that the experts are impressed,
professional people said 《Oh, you misunderstood it! Oh, amateurs do it so wrong, certainly!》

Surprisingly, she really tried a serious report,
the attached pictures are also amazing, even the professional CG creator also praised them.

And now, there are posts with the real problem of the territory.
There are emergency events like 《 Please help this sick girl!》Or 《Help me! Pests on rice!!》
No, she is a versatile person.

I was invited because I had posted some good advice as a regular of the blog.


《Thank you for always helping with my Viscountess’ territory development.
I’d like to invite 4 people, who were given particularly good advice to my territory. It’s as a small 3 holidays off-line party started 2 weeks later.
I would be pleased if you could use this visit as a reference for future advice by seeing the territory directly with your eyes.
We are planning to stay for 2 nights and 3 days.
As for your preparation, you will need some underwear to change during this time.
Everything else will be prepared on our side.
For the convenience of preparing your clothes in my territory, please tell me your approximate size of clothes.
Gathering time: Saturday 13:00
Returning time: Monday 1300》(Mitsuha’s blog’s notice)



Of course I will.
Regardless of the rural area, if it’s an off-line party for 3 days and 2 nights.
It might be a hot spring trip.
Maybe her parent is a retired rich-person that making a small field in an unpopulated village.
So, it’s not wrong to say her territory, and so on.
Also, it’s worth visiting 3 other people who I only know the internet name, and meet that girl.

I guess she must be a pretty wealthy person, it’s a big burden for 3 days and 2 nights for five people, including herself, after all.
Well, I can understand how money is handled just by looking at that CG processing.
Because she doesn’t want to spoil everyone’s mood, she borrowed money to arrange this trip.
Then whether she is an elderly woman or an elderly man who can afford time and money after retirement …
I wonder what kind of person is the blog’s owner …


***Saturday 12:55***


At a certain department store rooftop playland
There were four men and women gathered there.
McCoy,  《Resident consultation》topic’s adviser
Yamaou, 26 years old male, 《Mining consultation》and 《Forestry consultation》topic’s adviser
Himono, 27 years old female, 《Marine consultation》topic’s adviser
Endou, 23 years old woman, 《Agriculture counseling》topic’s adviser

(T.N: ヤマ王 Yamaou is [ヤマ]Mountain King[王], this is internet name)

Somehow, 4 people gathered here, naturally think that 《they are participants》
At first, they thought that someone in this group was the owner, but apparently, they all seemed to be the invited guests.


***And 12:59 50 seconds***

Mitsuha Greeting.jpg

『Everyone, thank you all for coming here today, I’m Mitsuha von Yamano』(Mitsuha)

『『『Bishoujo, Kita~~~ !!』』』(3 people) (T.N: It means like A wild beautiful young girl appeared)


3 other experts other than McCoy shouted out loud.


『 The reason why we gathered here, is that this place almost has no people at all and that there are many spaces where the visibility is blocked by large play equipment』(Mitsuha)


As she said that, Mitsuha guided everyone to the shadow of the playground equipment.
Only McCoy has expected what will happen from now on, but the other three don’t know the meaning and they follow after Mitsuha with suspicion.
And when everyone’s figure was completely hidden behind the playground equipment.
There was no one there anymore, it’s just a weak wind blew.


『Welcome to my Yamano Territory!』(Mitsuha)

『『『Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh!』』』(3 people)


3 people made a fuss about the real true ocean shore territory, but gradually calmed down and asked Mitsuha.


『 Eh, was that planned with my advice?
Those paddy fields in the new style are really here!
In the situation reported, in the form of CG photos!』(Endou)

『The pictures were taken by ordinary digital cameras rather than CG,
but yes, we were doing that in the plain part of the mountainside…』(Mitsuha)


『Were… were you using… Small all-around net fishing boat?』(Himono)

『I was just prototyping it, but it was used temporarily in the fishing village
It is a bit stalwart …』(Mitsuha)

『What’s the problem you had? Where is the boat, let me see it!!』(Himono)


The women team grab Mitsuha with excitement.
In contrast, the men are.


『A… ha… ha … as for me, there’s no mine and wood processing is difficult without large machines …』(Yamaou)


McCoy lightly taps on Yamaou’s shoulder.

At that time, a young girl who came running past the slow mother, she jumped to McCoy’s foot and clung tightly.




Dr.McCoy was surprised, Mitsuha told him with a smile.


『Margaret-chan, the life that you saved, Dr. McCoy』(Mitsuha)


The mother who finally caught up with her child lowered her head to McCoy.




McCoy faces upward.


『Aaa ………』(McCoy)


Tears are running on his cheek.




He squatted hugging the young girl.
Daughter, even he couldn’t help his daughter, but at least he could save someone else …
McCoy’s stagnation continues.



『Eh? I’m the only one who doesn’t have anything?』(Yamaou)


Yamaou was depressed.


『Yamaou-san, I’d like to go to the mountain now. May I ask you for ore exploration and timber investigation?』(Mitsuha)


『If it’s possible, please give me advice for charcoal grilling and iron making?』(Mitsuha)


『Or Tatara Steel as well?』(Mitsuha)



Thinking of distant people, Mitsuha set meeting time in the afternoon, after afternoon break and talking, it was early twilight.

Endou-san runs around the fields and investigates the problem.
McCoy with Mitsuha as the interpreter, talking with the butcher with the weight 120 kilos.

Himono-san has Mitsuha as the interpreter, was shouting before a new type of ship in the shipbuilding place.
Himono also confirms the processing of marine products and shellfish,
She looks at what seems to be a seaweed.

And Mitsuha took Yamaou to the mountain.
By the time they came back, it’s already dark, 5 people returned to the Viscountess’ house.

After they entered the bath and changed into the clothes Mitsuha prepared, a social gathering began.
Everyone tried to stop Mitsuha when she talked about alcohol,
But Mitsuha claimed that 《I am already 15 years old and an adult》and they were forced to back out.
I wonder if she is always drinking in this way.

The people who directly saw the territory were passionate.
Having a hot debate about the results of today’s survey, laughter, and they all collapse.
Because they drink and make noise a lot.

Among them, McCoy was quietly sipping a cup with a pondering face.
She knew McCoy was thinking, but Mitsuha wanted to ask the doctor at this opportunity.

So, she approached McCoy and talked to him.


『Doctor, is it okay?』(Mitsuha)

『Yes, somewhat』(McCoy)


McCoy heads towards Mitsuha.


『Well, if there’s a thing called 《any kind of wound will be slow but absolutely and completely healed without any kind of defect》
does it mean that there are other things than just cure the injury?』(Mitsuha)


Actually, Mitsuha had something she worried about recently.
McCoy thought with a head that got a little drunk.
Unlike usual, I think that the drunk head is thinking fast.


『Well, absolutely and completely cure anything?
Then, isn’t that body supposed to be not degraded by oxygen, copying deterioration of DNA transcription, loss of telomere length, whatever… anything?
Could that body even grow up, then?』(McCoy)


Patari* and Mitsuha collapsed on spot.

Mitsuha Facedesk.jpg

『Because you drink alcohol with a child’s body …』(McCoy)


McCoy was looking at the Mitsuha who collapsed with stupid eyes, muttering like being hurt.


『Uuu… the money for my old age… 80,000 gold coins may not be enough …』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha Crying.jpg

[Oh, it’s shocking, isn’t it?
I didn’t think about it.
Plus, the “old age” might not come true anymore …

Mitsuha began to think for a while with《I am not growing at all》.
Even though she was already 18 years old, her height etc is no longer growing when it should be somewhat better.
In addition, there should have been somewhere else could expect growth.
My chest, my chest, my chest… (T.N: Mitsuha repeat it a lot of time)

It doesn’t even grow as much as 1 mm.
When I had a bad feeling and asked McCoy, I got that answer.
No, that is just a guess.
Still! It’s still a painful truth!

Well, in fact, I don’t care about it that much. Because I have thought that I can’t grow anymore when my height stops at 17 years.
On the contrary, it’s rather good to be eternal youth.

I don’t worry about something such as “I can’t die forever”
Because I just need a fatal wound like “break my neck, stop my heart” to die,
and even if I fall into a blast furnace, I will still die.

There is no point in thinking deeply.

Let’s have fun until I get tired of living.
Also, of course, 《that》may come to see me ] (Mitsuha’s thought)


***Sunday Morning***

Everyone other than Mitsuha got a hangover.
Is hangover also subject to recovery?
I can’t even get sick now.

On the second day, I plan to go to the capital in the afternoon.
Until then, everyone should do everything they want to do here. Let’s finish it.


***Sunday 13:00***


Everyone change to 《 the clothes that inconspicuous with this country》that I prepared according to their size

And then we transferred to my shop in the capital.

No, I’m still not resuming business here yet!
That date is unknown.
By the way, we still haven’t eaten lunch yet.
I will go to that place.

Yes, it’s《Paradise Pavilion (Rakuentei)》
As the people at the capital heard that the friends from Mitsuha’s home country come to play, they wanted to challenge authentic people whether their own Yamano cuisine pass or not

Anel-kun, Arina-san, Bernd-san, and Marcel-san also participated.


Everyone protests 《Eh~? why did we come to a different world to eat some ordinary Earth cuisine?》

It seems that they are dissatisfied with it. But it’s just a meal.
I will also make dinner with these dishes.

Wait, why are you here, Sabine-chan?
The whole Bozes family.
The King and the Prime Minister as well.
And one princess. Especially the last person!

I had no choice but to introduce everyone here to my group from Earth for the time being.


『Mitsuha, you are a viscountess, aren’t you?
But I feel like the Earl family treat you like a family’s member
You also casual talk with the princess … and especially the king …』(Endou)

『Please, do not ask me …』(Mitsuha)

Mitsuha Sweat drop.jpg

Mitsuha held her head with the question of Endou-san, the one who’s responsible for agriculture.
Cooking, everyone got a passing point, all the cooks were crying.


Sightseeing the kingdom.

This is just sightseeing,
I also told them to declare as soon as they can find something for the net to be profitable money.


『Hey, why is everyone in the capital waving their hands or screaming with the glittering eyes to Mitsuha?
What are they saying?』(McCoy?)

『Please, do not ask me …』(Mitsuha)


Although the most place they want to visit is the royal palace, we will not go into the royal palace,
I will give nothing other than photographs just like the sights of the earth,
And they should be familiar with it because they are net people,
It’s only an old cobblestone tends to be found in Western Europe, it is only an old brick building.
Well, there is also a barrier.
…I’m lucky that it won’t happen.
It would be dangerous if the Royalty thought 《 Good. Let me show you the  Royal Palace》


We have dinner at 《Paradise Pavilion (Rakuentei)》again, this time we have this Kingdom’s cuisine.
Even if my party asking, it’s not a common thing …
… Unlike a manga, there’s nothing like a dragon steak …
The possibility of eating that on the earth is now higher.
I bet they preserved it frozen,… probably.


After dinner, Dr. McCoy came to me this time.
He has a serious face.


『Viscountess, do you think that I can live in this world forever?』(McCoy)


Well, he must be thinking about it for a while …


『Yes, If you ask me it’s possible or impossible, the answer is it’s possible.
But I do not know when I die or when I lose the power of transfer.
Do you think you can live when you were left alone in this world?
But what can you do without any medical equipment or medicine?
You have to remember the words from now on, and can’t talk about something advanced because there’s no applicable word here.
Doctor, can you explain CT scan by words alone to medieval people?
And you must use the language that you still don’t learn yet』(Mitsuha)


Dr.McCoy walked away from me while thinking again.


Well, I guess I was mean.
The probability that I will die sooner than Mr. McCoy is low, and my transferring ability may never go away.
However, the possibility isn’t zero

It will be troublesome if he relies all of their life on my transferring ability.
Even I myself also took a safety measure in consideration of the unexpected situation of losing the transferring ability.

That’s why I chose the plan 《 Saving 80,000 gold coins for my old age》


We returned to the store with drunk feet and returned to the Viscountess residence with my transferring ability.
No, I will not take an accommodation and the third floor of the shop is a private space.

Ah, when we teleported to the Capital today, we left the shop right away,
but they were able to see the inside of my store on the way home.


《High~! 》

《What a profiteering act!》

《Price of madness!》

《Devil of assortment!》


Said the “Boro” group. (T.N: “Boro” might be the people who don’t understand other place’s common sense)

U…, urusai wa! (Shut up)


***Monday morning***


They were all asleep until quite late.
Well, there’s no rush because they need a rest before coming home.
Their clothes when they came here are all cleaned while they went to the capital with me.

After waking up, they washed their face, having breakfast. We also plan to have lunch at noon.
They can also rest until the last minute but…

The boat~ (Himono)

The field~ (Endou)

This is my pyrite~! (Yamaou)

They don’t look like want to rest


***Monday 13:00***


On a certain department store rooftop playland

The trip ended.
People return to their original world, their original life.

Mitsuha Mangaka signture
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  1. You know you would think that the doctor would be more worried about one of them being a carrier of a disease that could be potentially a population wiper, those can be dormant in them because earth humans, but well why spoil the fun.

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    • You’d gotta be very level-headed in my opinion to be thinking about the microcosm while experiencing a large change in the environment.

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  2. Suggestion:
    T.N: This chapter is mostly in Dr.McCoy’s {MOV}->{POV} and FUNA’s 3rd person POV.

    However, this is {really a}->{a really} funny blog 《Everyone help! It seems

    At first it was a girlish sentence 《I suddenly became a {senior figure}->{figure-head} and I have to manage the

    It was a {fictitioua management tree}->{management of fictional territory} full of dreams and disorder. Well, as the start,

    《Oh, you misunderstood it! Oh, amateurs {do so wrong so}->{do it so wrong}, certainly!》

    the attached pictures are also amazing, even the professional {about CG}->{CG creator} also praised them.

    It’s as a small 3 holidays off-line party {}->{started} after 2 weeks{}->{later}.

    At first, they thought that someone in this {}->{group} was the owner, but apparently, they all seemed to

    3 people made a fuss about the real true {navy}->{ocean shore} territory, but

    『What’s the problem you had? Where is the boat, {let’s}->{let} me see it!!』(Himono)

    『Eh? I’m the only {me}->{one} who doesn’t have anything?』(Yamaou)

    The people who directly saw the territory were {burning}->{passionate/excited}.

    does it mean that there {is something other}->{are other things} than just {the injury will cure}->{cure the injury}?』(Mitsuha)

    Actually, {Mitsuwa}->{Mitsuha} had something she worried about recently.

    I had no choice but to introduce everyone here to my {party on}->{group from} Earth for the time being.

    I also told them to declare as soon as they {the net of}->{can find something for the net to be} profitable money.


    • First line at start is being said by “yama ou”(net name), the one who specialie at mining and lumbering not dr.McCoy.


  3. Now it is confirm that Mitsuha will become half immortal cause by her perfect regeneration cell.

    Her cell will be perfectly return to its original state and never increase more which mean no more growth for her

    The ability was give by “it/that” at chapter 5

    “A healing function?”
    {Yes, it’s a very weak one, so it’s not going to heal immediately on the spot, but will gradually and surely recover. In other words, it is something for wounds that are likely to remain as defects or scars, after taking some time they will neatly heal.}

    “When this planet has rotated tens of thousands of times, I will come to see your state. Until then, I live in a lively way. ”
    After thinking about {it}’s last words tens of thousands times it is more than 100 years! I wouldn’t be alive anymore! Wait, by rotate did it mean not spin but revolution. Well, either way, I will not be alive.

    And Mitsuha is wrong, she is half immortal who never age, she will be able to meet “it/that” again


  4. Oh my god Mitsuha is at it again. I wonder if any of her guests brought a camera, those photos will surely generate attention.
    This chapter got me thinking, if there is a Funa crossover, Mitsuha will be the key piece for it to happen.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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      • Mile wouldn’t want to return for sure.
        Kaoru is loved on earth but Celes will be against sending her back (Kaoru is her ticket to talk with Earth’s administrator), and I doubt the Earth’s admin will accept her back due to reasons stated back in chapter one.
        I guess it will end with common sense’s corpse floating somewhere between worlds…

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      • Now that I think about it among the 3 Funa MCs, Mitsuha is the only one who wasn’t reincarnated. (Though her almost dying started her adventure)

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    • As the mineral and woodworking maniac, yamaou mined at Mitsuha’s territory and brought pyrite back as his hardwork. The pyrite is the souvernir for him.


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