Mira Chapter 54: Night Guest

Mira Vol 4-6
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Translating Mira’s word to epic/old English words is hard.

That’s why I will just leave the (Japanese word) inside like this.

It seems like the chapter’s narrator included (Mira’s 3rd POV/Author’s POV with “Mira” as subject) and Mira’s 1st POV with “I” as subject)

4000+ words, so long.

Mira Chapter 54: Night Guest


When Mira leaves the tent, there are many people raise their desperate voices.


『I cut the vegetable 』(New color 2)

『Oh, leave it in this bottle』(Red)

『Iron plate, I wash it』(White)

『Frames will be assembled soon, so please wait for a bit』(New color 1)


There are 4 people in sight.
Mira already knows about Red and White, but the other two, Mira doesn’t recognize.
The barbecue preparation was mainly done by Red while the other three helping out.

When Mira was a little puzzled in silent as she didn’t want to bother them while they are still busy, one of them noticed Mira coming out of the tent and talked to her.


『Are you Mira? I’m a Green. Nice to meet you.
By the way, it’s already rather late today, do you want to rest here today?』(Green)


Green is a woman with semi-long brown hair that reaches her shoulders.
She has a bright smile while facing Mira, and her tone is rather high, a lively person.
She wore a camouflage coat that partially reinforced the main parts, and there are a few dozens of weapons (T.N: throwing knives?) inside that coat.


『Hmm, I see (~ ja na). I appreciate it if you let me do that』(Mira)


Certainly, if Mira moved immediately after leaving the Demon Maze, she might have arrived late at night at the Hunter Village.
However, it’s already night time and too late for that.
After thinking for a while, Mira nodded to Green’s words.


『Of course, we will be happy to have you!』(Green)

『But, there are only a few beds, what are you going to do?』(New color 2)


When Mira turned her face to other voice’s direction.

It was the other woman who helped out with the cooking.
She held the vegetables in one hand and cut it with the kitchen knife on the other hand with fast-speed.
Somehow, the vegetable looks like a pumpkin.
This woman is slightly taller than Mira, she has a solid physique overall.
From the woman’s red and black hair, thick eyebrows, Mira realized that this woman is a Dwarf.


『You are Mira-chan, right?
I heard about you from White
And my name is…』(Color 2)

『Wait (~n ja), allow me to guess!』(Mira)


Mira stopped the dwarven woman half-way. And then, Mira thought about the name of other members so far.


(They seem to be called by color. And silver already told me they are “Multi-color”
Silver, Blue, White, Red, Green
The captain is silver, so the top of these is classic gold or silver
then …) (Mira)


And Mira thought “what color is the classic color that is not among these?”
There are several candidates.


(Black … This is not a color of a woman …
Pink … Umu, it’s rather rude and not pleasant to say pink,
And she has this relaxed atmosphere, then she should be…) (Mira)


Complete dogmas and prejudices.
And an arbitrary thought leads to an answer from wrong recognition.


『You must be Yellow (~ja rou)!』(Mira)

『It’s Purple』(Purple)


Mira declared so with full confidence.
However, the answer was the color which didn’t exist even in the corner of her head.


『… That’s a foul play (~ja)』(Mira)


Mira was fallen to her knee, under the lamp in the darkness of the night,
She felt embarrassed and put her hands on the ground.

(T.N:  orz ? )


『… What happened to Mira-san?』(Blue)


Blue came out of the tent.
As he noticed other people were livelily preparing the dinner while Mira was shrunk.
He was surprised and pulled White to the back to ask.


『To put it simply, she wanted to play the detective and declared the culprit, and then she got the answer wrong』(White)

『What is that …?』(Blue)


Blue has a frowning face with an unexpected reply. And in the corner, Mira is trembling.


『In other words, she just put herself in a shameful situation』(White)


While recalling the face of Mira who was self-confident, White laughs with her hand on her mouth, telling Blue the cause in detail.


『It’s … It must be embarrassing … Why did you think it was yellow?』(Blue)

『I also wonder why』(White)


Mira was agony hearing the conversation between Blue and White.

Silver came out of the awning, invited by the fun voice.
And he heard the story about Mira instantly.
Because of the medal thing, his expression was complex when looking at the appearance of the depressed Mira.


『Hey, miss … you don’t have to show a face like eating spicy food.
If it’s only that, there’s nothing to embarrassed about.
Even Blue might be good looking and bravery in a fight.
Even so, look at how his dignified figure has become right now』(Silver)


Silver walked closer to Mira who was depressed in the corner and spoke with a small voice which other people couldn’t hear.
Mira raised her and looked at the direction Silver pointed to.
There was Blue’s appearance, he helped with the barbecue preparation with a relaxed look.


『Okay, young miss… Do you see how Blue is now…』(Silver)


Silver told so when pointed at Blue.
As Mira heard it, she stood up with a somewhat cheerful look.


『I was embarrassed with something of this extent. I was weak (~jatta)』(Mira)

『Yes, we don’t need members of our team that will be ashamed with something of that degree』(Silver)


Silver smiled when said that, next to him Mira also looked at Blue with warm eyes.


『Captain and Mira. We will soon begin so please come over here』(Red)

『Oh, coming』(Silver)


Red, who has finished preparing for the barbecue, calls out to the two.
Silver raised his arm and replied. Mira nodded and went there together with Silver.


『First of all, it’s a toast.
Captain will be sitting at the usual place.
Mira-san is sitting next to the Green』(Red)


Mira received the cup and was guided by Green to the side where the female group who waved their hands “over here, over here”

The barbecue is set with a large circular iron plate in the center, there are wooden dishes with ingredients placed around. It was a stand-up type.

And when Silver arrived at his usual position, Red began taking the lead.


『Today, we captured one member of the Chimera, this is the best news ever.
It’s all thank to Blue and White’s hard work, and above all, Mira’s help.
So we have a barbecue party this time, I will use all of my best meat I have.
Please eat it without holding back.
Kanpai (Cheers)!』(Red)

『Kanpai (Cheers)!』(Everyone)


A chorusing voice echoes in the evening sky, and people raise their cup.
The droplets that were fallen by that momentum vaporized violently on the iron plate.
And then, the ingredients began to be burned one after the other, the area was covered in fragrant smells and noises.


And then the barbecue ended. When it was kinda late, the members returned to their respective tents.
The awning was divided for men and women.
Mira who seems to have been over-eating. And when she was being guided by White to back to the female tents.


『Nu …?』(Mira)


In the forest where light does not reach.
From there, I heard a small sound of the grass, and I could feel the eyes of someone lurking and watching me.


『It’s small, no problem in particular』(White?)

『 Umu… is that so (sou~ ja na)』(Mira)


They both could sense it with biography sensing
And they judged that it is just a small animal living in the forest from a small reaction, there was no danger.
But as they tried to enter the tent, that animal jumped out of the forest,
Heading toward Mira in a straight line


『This is …!?』(Mira)


It leaped against the feet of Mira with the agility that extremely difficult to capture.
Its identity is the blue rabbit, the symbol of good fortune Pure Rabbit.

Seeing the blue rabbit who kept crying to Mira, she squatted and lifted him up with her hands.


『I see it for the first time. This is a Pure Rabbit,
I’ve heard that it is very cautious.
It rarely appears before people.
Is this one familiar with people?』(White)


White said so while looking at the Blue Rabbit that Mira held on her chest.
However, as it saw the appearance of White, it twists its body like frightened and dives deeply in the chest of Mira.
At the same time, White shrugged her shoulder and realized that this rabbit wasn’t used to human.

Originally, Pure Rabbit never shows itself in public.
However, the one was held in Mira’s arms had a relieved expression.


『Did you… follow me all the way here?』(Mira)


Mira only remembers an animal which she is accustomed to, the Pure rabbit which she has enjoyed herself with at the entrance of the Demon Maze.

As Mira remembered that, she immediately summoned Catsith
An innumerable kittens pop out from a small magic pattern and show off the line dance, and when they disappear, Catsith appears in the middle.
While keeping his finish pose, Catsith looks up at Mira with an eye of expectation.


『Hmm, well… well… that’s fairly okay, 8 points (~ja na)』(Mira)

『A high scores appeared (Kita ~nya)!』(Catsith)

Mira Vol 4-6

Catsith was dressed in a magician style costume while holding placard written 《Impressed! Proudly pose》
And then, a voice rose behind Mira.


『What a cute child …』(White)


White’s eyes were sparkling when she saw a kitten suddenly appeared with a magic trick.
Although Catsith is slightly surprised, he soon regains his composure, puts his elbow on the raised placard and said《look in awe》
The placard is shining with the characters 《everyone’s idol》decorated.


『Hurry up (ja~ ga), The First Member, can I ask you to be his translator』(Mira)


As Mira says so, she shows the Pure Rabbit in her hand to Catsith.


『Too easy (~desu nya)』(Catsith) 


And Catsith hits his chest and answers《Well, you ask and I will do my best》

And then I asked Pure Rabitt why he was here, across Catsith.
If we put in several words, Mira seemed troubled, but she gladly and gently stroked the head of the Blue Rabbit.
The Pure Rabbit came this far, chasing after Mira.

And he said that he showed himself when the number of people was reduced.
The reason is only one.
It was that he wanted to be near Mira.

Mira is anxious in her heart with realistic thoughts.
Because she carried out the task of searching for people, sometimes she will enter some dangerous places.
She shouldn’t be able to take him to such a place.


『I really glad and appreciate it (~n ja ga),
but sometimes I will go to some dangerous places (~aru node na)…
In some cases, I can not guarantee that I can protect you (~n no ja) …
that’s why (Ja kara)…』(Mira)


Catsith tells Mira’s words to Pure Rabbit.
And then his pupil with the expectation gradually changed to depressed and raised a voice like crying.
His ear fell down, it seems to be happy until the hope change to despair.
The Pure Rabbit was down like he was lonely.

Mira’s mind was intensely conflicting.
She might carry it along, but when she went to the dangerous places where she couldn’t handle with just her power alone.
At that time, the Pure Rabbit might die
Mira felt that she would suffer from my heart even more than now.


『Would it be okay if I left you with someone else at that time (~wa nai kashira)?
You could stay with Pinya-chan (~wa yo).
Ah, Pinya-chan is my pet cat, she is cuter than the cat here』(Mira)

『What… (Nyan desu to)』Catsith)


White speaking in a sweet voice as if talking about melancholy.

Catsith who was suddenly compared, he shrugged his shoulder and dropped the placard written with 《 It’s too much nya…》

Mira finally noticed.

Yes, the Pure Rabbit didn’t have to be with Mira all year round, there is another way.
Even the conversation was possible thanks to Catsith, he had hidden the idea of that unconsciously (jelly?).
Originally, to live with small animals means that they will have the relationship between owner and pet.

Having thought of it, Mira tells Catsith the condition to tell again to the Pure Rabbit.
Even though he can’t always stay together, but he can live in Mira’s home.
There’s another one there, so listen to him carefully and behave like a good boy.
In that case, they can meet any time.

The last one is Mira’s hope.
Mira would like to be together if possible, but she didn’t want to get the Pure Rabbit involved in danger, so it should stay at home.

That is the meaning.
When Catsith told the words, the Pure Rabbit lifted his face and jumped into Mira’s chest.
Then, he raised his voice and cry, he has full of spirit eyes.


『He was saying “that’s fine” (~nya)
Because he will listen to anything, so please take of care of him.
It’s alright (~desu nya)』(Catsith)

『I’m glad, I’m really glad (~wa ne)』(Mira)


Catsith tells Mira the reply of the Pure Rabbit.

Somehow, White was nodding with tears for some reason.
Mira recalled Catsith and embraced the Pure Rabbit, which became cheerful pet of Mira.

And then she entered the tent with White.

Green, who was preparing to sleep, but when she saw the Blue Rabbit, she rushed over to Mira without a sound and faces the Blue Rabbit.
The Pure rabbit, which is held by Mira and completely bound, it’s a little frightened but it never escapes, and he was fully loved by Green and White.
Purple is sleeping before Mira comes in.
Today, she got a job earlier than anyone, so her limit came in the middle of the barbecue.
She was breathing comfortably now.


『You only have to lend me a corner, because there’s superior fur, that’s enough (~jūbun ja)』(Mira)


Each multicolor squads moving in a platoon has minimal luggage like a small circle.
So they don’t have bedding for guests.
Then, what about Mira intruding someone’s bedding.
White and green will welcome Mira with a welcoming attitude.
But Mira refused it and slept in the tent corner with fluffy fur brought out for air travel.
Though it’s bedding, it’s not like a bed, it’s a big sleeping bag that is simple and comfortable.
Although there are 2 adults, there will be plenty of room for Mira’s small body.


『It’s rather cold at midnight (~wa yo)』(White)

『Yes, and if you sleep in such a place you will get pains tomorrow.
Just sleep with me, it looks fluffy, I bet it will feel comfortable』(Green)


White and green invite so, but Mira shakes her head stubbornly.
It was because she still felt somewhat awkward feeling to go to bed with a woman.
Eventually, White and Green gave up.

Mira takes off her coat and lies on her fur.
I can’t say that this is comfortable, but there’s no problem to sleep,
And when Mira closes eyes, she immediately invited by her drowsiness.
The Pure Rabbit is also cuddling with Mira.
As soon as Mira started sleeping, White and Green carried her gently to their bed.
The Pure rabbit noticed it but it just stayed in Mira’s chest while looking at Mira being carried.
And when Mira was pushed down to White’s bed, White immediately secured her place.


『…have been caught …』(White?)


Mira and the Blue rabbit caught in the middle of the bed.
White and Green went to bed in a posture that hugged Mira from both sides.




When the night is over and Mira wakes up, she looks around when she is still sleepy.


『Ah …, that’s right (sou jatta)…』(Mira)


I murmured while remembering the event and the sleeping over yesterday with the Isuzu Federation,
I tilted my head to the place I was asleep.
I should have been wrapped in fur in the corner of the tent, but right now, I was on the bed.
And The Pure Rabbit seems to be comfortable sleeping.
But White, Green, and Purple are no longer in the Tent,
I could hear a small talk from the outside.


(The colored people group (~ja na)) (Mira)


Mira smiled and put the coat that was folded down at the bedside, thank for the nice sleep and quietly leave the tent, not to wake the Pure Rabbit.
The one talking outside was the female team preparing for breakfast. And they stopped their hands in a moment when they saw Mira.


『Oh, good morning, have you slept well?』(White)


White said so while trying to fix Mira’s disarrayed clothes and hair.


『Hey, we have breakfast soon, does Mira have any dislike food?』(Green)


Green grabbed and showed the container of the ingredients while asking Mira so.


『Good morning. Since I prepared the shower over there, why don’t you use it?』(Purple)


Purple said so and pointed to a place covered with cloth hanging from the branches of a big tree.


『Well, good morning.
I’m grateful to you for the good sleep last night.
Also, I don’t dislike anything in this container, so it’s okay』(Mira)


As Mira answered so, she received a bigger towel from Purple.


『There is the towel for the bath. You can hang it there when you finish using it』(Purple)

『I understand. Allow me to thank you for letting use it (~moraou)』(Mira)


Mira after saying her gratitude, she enters the tent with shower.
In the deep green tent, it was divided into two layers.

It is a dressing room and a shower room.
Mira takes off in order: her coat, dress, underwear.
And there is also a table, so she puts her clothes there.

There’s a hot water mechanism when twisting the lever, and when Mira operates it, the water drops with a comfortable and suitable warm temperature.
The morning lights illuminate Mira’s white soft skin.
As she gets wet, the water drops drip from her cheek to the neck, to the chest, and then run down to the lower abdomen.

As her limbs which are the femininity, youthfulness became moist, it filled with more glamorous luster.
While feeling the stimulation of the shower which gradually shakes off her sleepiness, Mira stops the water mechanism.
The sound of the water droplet which was falling repeatedly became less and eventually stopped.

Mira finished her bath and gently wiped her body with the borrowed towel.
And then removed the bag from the item box, picked out an undergarment and wore it.
When Mira got out of the shower tent, all the female members were enclosed and surrounded the shower tent.


『I’m sorry, have I kept you waiting?』(Mira)


When Mira calls out so, White looks back and denies it.


『Okay, because men are still asleep.
You still have your hair wet, I will help you dry them』(White)


As she said so, White put Mira sitting on the chair and started to comb Mira’s hair from behind.
Then, Mira’s wet hair inside White’s palm starts to become warmer, as it dries, the wet hair lost the weight and falling out of White’s gently hand.


『Eh …  Is this Spiritual Art (Mukei-jutsu)?』(Mira)


As White combs her hair, Mira asks White so.


『Yeah, that’s right … maybe, you do not know about it?』(White)

『Well, I saw it for the first time』(Mira)


The Art used by White is one of the Spiritual Art classified as a Life Art System.
There are many such as drying hair, drying clothes, creating water, lighting…
But most of them are Art developed only in the last 30 years.
Because back when this is a game, there’s no worry about getting your hair or clothes wet…
Therefore, Mira still hasn’t acquired the Spiritual Art classified as a Life Art System.


『You had better dry it properly.
Because your hair might be easy to damage when it’s wet.
Even though you have such beautiful hair …』(White)


While staring at Mira’s hair, White mutters so…
She might be jealous or something.
As Mira understands that White somewhat feels disturbed, Mira put her fingers in her own silver hair.


(This is Spiritual Art…
It certainly will be useful if I have such Art, I should learn…) (Mira)


Spiritual Art.

It is a generic term for Art that does not belong to any of the currently classified Art: sacrifice, summoning, sacrament, Yin Yang, Necromancy, Exorcism,…

There are more than just one learning method, there is even Art that Mira can use without learning.
Mira already acquired one of that Spiritual Art, the ability to make light as an illumination.
It has lights such as a torch, and it can be used 10 hours in the dark.

There are varies of them from simple to hard. Spiritual Art, it’s a system with the most types of art.


『Uhm… this Art…』(Mira)

『Absolutely… you’d better learn this to dry your hair.
I will teach you… No, let me teach you』(White)


White spoke even before Mira finished asking how to learn
She could not bear Mira’s beautiful silver hair got damaged due to careless maintenance.
Mira nodded in reflect before White’s momentum and also received a fine care lecture besides the Spiritual Art to dry the hair.


『When washing the scalp …
When you rinse the hair …
When you dry …
When you go to bed …
When you wash a little rabbit …』(White)


After White’s lecture ended, Mira kept staring at the empty air like getting a brainwash while murmuring randomly what she heard.
On the other hand, her hair was already beautifully arranged on both sides, at first glance, she looked like a (T.N: Tsundere Twintails) noble lady.

Mira vol 5

And behind the scenes, White had a full smile from the satisfaction that she had accomplished something.
At that time, the male team is also awake, and they see what happened to Mira’s condition.

And as the breakfast started, suddenly something jumped out of the tent of the ladies.
The men were surprised for a moment, and the something blue rushed up to the knee of Mira and cried.


『Oh, you already woke up (~ja na)』(Mira)


As Mira say so, she strokes its head, then moves to the torso.
When White and Green reach out from the gap, Purple also touches its fur with caution.
The men were just looking at it.


『Is that the rumored Pure Rabbit?
May the luck be with us as well』(Silver)

『It’s really blue, I feel like meeting a close friend』(Blue)

『In addition, it also looks delicious』(Red)


Almost everyone’s eyes stared at Red at the same time as he spoke those words.
Slightly later than everyone else, White also glared at him.
Especially Mira’s eyes, it’s two steps from Hell’s demon eyes.

Mira Demon Eye.jpg

『No … it’s a joke …』(Red)


Red felt the danger and hurriedly turned away, grasped the rest of the salad by hand,
and handed some of it to the Pure Rabbit.


『 Hey, you must be hungry. You can eat a lot』(Red)


The Pure rabbit moves his nose, sniffs and then bites that leaf a little.
He is eating it little by little,
Everyone else looked at it with their loosen cheeks,
Only Red stroked his heart greatly that he escaped death.

Author Hiroshi Ryuushi ‘s Note: The Elder Scroll Online trailer is unbearable!

Mira Vol 4-7
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    『Hurry up (ja~ ga), The First Member, can I ask you {for an interpreter with him}->{to be his translator}』(Mira)

    『{Too cheap}->{too easy} (~desu nya)』(Catsith)

    His {the}->{} ear fell down, it seems to be happy until the hope change to despair.

    Even the conversation was possible thanks to {Ket-Sea}->{Cat-Sith}, he

    Even {}->{though} he can’t always stay together, but he can live in Mira’s home.

    There’s another {}->{one} there, so {listening}->{listen to him} carefully and behave like a good boy.

    so it should stay {home}->{} at home.

    It’s alright (~{desy}->{desu} nya)』(Catsith)

    , which became {a sunny}->{cheerfull} and pet of Mira.

    she rushed over to Mira without a sound and faces the {Blue}->{Pure} Rabbit.

    {it’ss}->{it’s/it got} a little frightened but it never escapes, and

    It was because {I}->{She} still felt somewhat {backward}->{awkward} feeling to go to bed with a woman.

    And when Mira closes her {}->{eyes, she immediately} invited by her drowsiness.

    White and Green carried {gently her}->{her gently} to their bed.

    Mira and the {Blue}->{Pure} rabbit caught in the middle of the bed.

    When Mira got out of the shower tent, all the female members were enclosed and surrounded {the gills}->{the shower tent}.

    『Okay, because men are still asleep.
    You still have {their}->{your} hair wet, I {have to}->{will help you} dry them』(White)

    and {the blue something}->{something blue} rushed up to the knee of Mira and cried.

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