Mira Chapter 55: Reunion

Mira Vol 4-2
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T.N: I will translate Mira’s talk to Shakespeare. You can check the English word in ( ) if you don’t know what the Shakespeare word means.

Need name suggestion: ラトリ: Ratori (or Ratri, Latori, Latri) Current use “Ratori”

Mira Chapter 55: Reunion


『It’s about time, I have been in thy(your) care』(Mira)

『The same to you』(Silver)

『I hope you can find the one you’ve been looking for at the headquarter』(Blue)


After finishing breakfast and cleaned up, Mira said her gratitude for the information and the overnight stay.
Silver thanked her for her help, Blue also nodded and wished her good luck.
Mira gave her farewell to other people and summoned Pegasus.
Then she embraced the Pure Rabbit and flew away.
As Blue, Silver watched Mira fly away, they thought that Mira might be a trump card at the time of the decisive battle if they cooperate well.


(Headquarter… Please don’t betray my hope with your correspondence) (Silver)


So he prayed from the bottom of his heart.




After a few hours flying through the sky, when the noon already passed,
Mira has finally reached the only inn in Hunter Village.
And she must have a late lunch with Herb Grilled Chicken, Cheese, Honey Au Lait, Burger with vegetables in between.
As for the Pure rabbit, he eats carrots gently on the table.
While looking at such a figure, occasionally, Mira’s cheeks were loosening.


(This place is … the Forest of Four Seasons.
So the headquarter is in the sacred place of the spirit) (Mira)


As Mira ate a burger, she displayed a map received from Silver and confirmed the location of the Isuzu Federation’s headquarters.
The Forest of Four Seasons is the forest spreading in a basin surrounded by the three mountain ranges that intersect at the center of the continent.
And it is said that the spirits of the four seasons live in this forest.
It is also called Forest of Spirit, and it’s a place where a lot of spirits are gathered and living.


(But it’s quite far to travel there …) (Mira)


[The forest of the four seasons is located far north of the Ancient Forest of Prayer,
and even if I move with Eisenfald it still takes several days.
If I go straight there from now, it will be a long way until I get back home.
In addition to the information about Soul Howl, Seed of Founder.
It is also about the Isuzu brand]

After thinking for a while, Mira decided it would be better to go back to the report.


『By the way, have Alfail already left?』(Mira)


As Mira closes the map, she licks her fingertips that still have the burger’s sauce and speaks to the innkeeper.


『Well, after losing to young miss, he packed up his luggage the day after and went out. I had not seen him again since then』(Innkeeper)


Mira replied with 《I see》to the innkeeper.
And Mira drinks Honey Au Lait, looking forward to the day they meet again.


『Do you have time for a talk…
A customer… at this time of day?
Well, but when I look closely, isn’t she just a child, is she perhaps an adventurer too?』(Young Man) (T.N: He only sees Mira from behind)

『Oh, did you come back?』(Innkeeper)


When Mira turned around, there was a young man carrying a bag bigger than his body.
The young man smiles gently when his eyes meet with Mira.


『That’s my son, Ratori, that I have told you before』(Innkeeper)


The innkeeper explains to Mira who is wondering about the young man.
When she stayed overnight at Hunters Village before, she heard that the innkeeper has a son that absent for hunter work.

Mira looks at the young man, wondering if this young man is as strong as Alfail.
The innkeeper’s son, Ratori wears a light leather armor and a one hand axe on his waist.
His equipment seems worn out by using a lot. It looks like it was repaired many times before.
His ability value is as good as Alfail.


(That is the only thing I can say about him now) (Mira)


As Mira observes Ratori, suddenly, their eyes meet.

At the same time, Ratori was struck (T.N: by lightning)


『My father, apparently, I fell in love with this lolita, what should I do?』(Ratori)


And he seriously asks the innkeeper so.


『 Don’t say such foolish thing. I (hath) heard thee art (you are) still weaker than Alfail.
For now, just training until thee (you) reacheth (reach) his strength』(Mira)


When Mira immediately denied, Ratori got shocked for a moment and then reacted to the name that fits that word.


『Next… Next time I will win!』(Ratori)


Does he fire up just now?
Ratori declares that and raises his round muscles.
Mira doesn’t understand what kind of relationship those two people have,
but it seems that he fires up with just hearing Alfail’s name.


『By the way, why do you care about it?
Maybe you like a strong man, what type do you like?
Please listen carefully … last time I lost …
… No, I was a bit careless, but next time I will win.
I will change it now』(Ratori)


Seeing Ratori began to say extraordinary things, the innkeeper smiled and handed over the mug of honey wine.


『Ratori, calm down a little.
This Young Miss is an Art user.
Alfail also interested in her and challenged but already lost』(Innkeeper)

『No way… you must be lying…』(Ratori)


As Ratori heard that, he was surprised that he dropped the mug on his hand. Ratori looked at the girl sitting at the counter seat again carefully.
A young and beautiful face, glittery silver hair like an angel,
and a white thin leg peeking through a short skirt
Every part of her is so beautiful that he has never seen before.

However, Ratori can’t find anything that can be superior to Alfail who was known as Fighting Maniac.


『 An Art User…?
I don’t think that my father will lie…
Alfail had told that he was lost to an Art User before, they are extraordinary people』(Ratori)


Art User is someone whose ability can’t be judged by their appearance.
Ratori who had experienced the power of Alfail before and Art User is even stronger. For some reason, he feels hot. Maybe it was the Honey wine he drank.


『I was worried about it a while ago. I don’t think I’m drunk yet. Is that a Pure Rabbit…?』(Ratori)


Ratori observes the blue rabbit with Mira.
It’s pretty cute when trying hard to eat in a carrot with a small mouth.


『Aye (Yes), that’s right』(Mira)


As she says so, Mira gently strokes the Blue Rabbit.
Ratori has his eyes shine with 《as expected》
He gave up chasing or challenging Mira like Alfail, and asked 《Can I stroke?》 instead.
When Mira nods, he watches the pure rabbit eat the carrot waiting for a chance to stroke.


『 Speaking of which, it’s really nice that you return soon this time, “that” may come soon』(Innkeeper)

『Oh, this time I got more prey than usual,
It was a lot, so we should have a good deal for that』(Ratori)


Ratori said so proudly and put his hand on the big baggage.
There are various materials such as fur, fangs, and nails of prey hunted based on the forest.


『What wilt (will) cometh (come)?』(Mira)


Mira was concerned about the words of the innkeeper.
She wonders what will come.
Right after that, she heard the noisy sound from the outside.


『It seems like “that” just came. You might as well see it, it’s very lively and fun』(Innkeeper)


The shopkeeper gently smiles and encourages Mira. While Ratori checked his big baggage on his shoulder again.


『Oh well, I will be back soon』(Ratori)


And he quickly jumped out of the store.
Mira just stands up slowly, murmurs  《fun and lively》and leaves the Pure Rabbit that is still eating there and chasing after Ratori.
Today is a special day in Hunters Village, which is crowded all night long once a month.
There are multiple crowds in the main street of the village.
Just as Mira came out of the inn, looked at the noisy sight, and understood what just came.


(Is that merchant caravans? I see, it seems that he returned to sell loot to this caravan) (Mira)


From those carriages, there are shelves on which numerous items are displayed and arranged side by side.
Mira looks at it and finds Ratori at the end of the line of sight.
He has already shown his luggage and started negotiations with a man wearing elegant costumes, maybe he is a merchant. The man confirmed the loot and raised the admired voice.


『… …』(Mira)


At that time, Mira found an acquaintance next to the merchant.

And she called out the person from behind who instructs the carriage.


『If it isn’t Cero, how nostalgic』(Mira)


A tall man with red long hair. That guy was the guild who met in the Karanak city, the guild leader of Ecarart Carillon.

A red-haired young man whose name was called turned his back and he smiled as saw the pretty girl.


『If it isn’t Mira-san, it’s nostalgic indeed』(Cero)


Cero is surprised, but if he answers happily, the carriage behind him shakes violently.




It was Flicker, she jumped out of the carriage with the surprised voice.
However, she was caught by Emella who showed her face after that and Flicker’s demonic hand never reached Mira.


『Just like always』(Mira)

『Mira-chan, it’s been a long time. Please wait for a moment』(Emella)


Emella only shows face, greetings, returning to the carriage and doing something before coming out again.


『I never thought of meeting you in such a place』(Emella)

『Either way, art (are) thee (you) coming hither (here) with everyone?』(Mira)


Mira turns her eyes towards surroundings while returning a smile to Emella who makes a delightful voice.
It seems that the villagers who came to buy the goods they are selling with the lively merchants.
Just like Ratori, other hunters also came here to negotiate loot items side by side with the merchant.


『Zeff is here, he is away from now』(Emella)

『Huh, wast (was) that so ?』(Mira)


Although Mira can look pretty far and have a good hearing, she gives up instantly and returning her line of sight to Emella as she can’t find Zeff.

And Then, Flicker has appeared again from the carriage.


『Mira-chan is here … it wasn’t a dream after all』(Flicker)


Mira confirms the appearance of the girl who she was once wary of,
Flicker keeps calm while watching Emella and approaches.


『Mira, may I have a feel?』(Flicker)



Flicker broke down with her two hands which were readying to hug Mira on the ground. (orz)
Cero apologized with 《I’m sorry》, Emella bitterly smashed Flicker back into the carriage.


『Well, what art (are) thee (you) coming hither (here) to doth (do)?』(Mira)


After that Mira asked them so,
Cero points to the merchant in middle of negotiating with Ratori


『We are being hired by him as an escort and we are planning to go as far as the Ozstein (オズシュタイン: ozushutain) territory of the continent』(Cero)


As he said that, Cero waved hand to the said merchant, telling the girl in front of him is his acquaintance.


『Well, the escort of the merchant team, it’s valorous to beest (be) like adventurers!』(Mira)


Mira is slightly excited and looks up to Cero as she reminds of the past game experience.
Cero, who is familiar with that feeling, also smiles happily with 《I guess it true》


『By the way, is Mira going anywhere with errands?』(Cero)

『Well, I wast hath (was) asked by mine (my) acquaintance, now lest (that) I on the way back home』(Mira)

『Well, the other day it was the deepest part of the underground dungeon,
so where was it this time?』(Cero)

『The Elders and Demon Maze … Oops, the content is classified 』(Mira)


As Mira is the Wiseman Danbalf’s disciple, Cero is concerned about Mira and talks about exploring.
Nonetheless, that comes from simple interest, without any other will.
Mira also decides that it isn’t necessary to hide the place, but responds with the purpose as the national secret.


『Demon Maze? I heard that you are not allowed to get in without permission』(Cero)


Cero isn’t persistently pursued but as he heard about the Demon Maze, which is designated as a forbidden zone as one of the destinations, he raised a surprise voice.


『 The acquaintances of mine use various hands in various ways, in order to press the troubles to me』(Mira)

『It seems like a lot of people, though, Mira is a pupil of that nine Wisemen,
so if you consider it from that … I can agree that』(Cero)


Cero, who seems to be almost convinced that the person who is moving Mira, adds 『It seems tough』after saying so.
Mira nodded silently and sighed.
A merchant walks close to the two people.


『Sorry to cut in the middle of the story, it seems that the negotiations will be prolonged for a while,
why don’t you tell the escorts to take a break?』(Merchant)


And he asks Cero for a message.

He confirmed that the quantity and quality of Ratori’s loot were superior, so he decided that he needed some time to talk.


『Okay, I will let them know』(Cero)



When Cero acknowledged, the merchant took Ratori to one of the carriages.
It’s in order to negotiate in more detail.


『Apparently, we are taking a break from now, so how about we go together, Mira-san?』(Cero)


Cero invites Mira with a shining smiling face that may make other women fainting.
When Mira says 《I guess so》, people shout again from the carriage.


『Agree!Let’s talk a lot.
There are also things about (Takuto) Tact-kun as well!』(Flicker)

『Well, I don’t mind …』(Mira)


To make Mira agree, Flicker mentions about Tact-kun as well.
Either way, Mira agreed because she also wanted to talk again, and she answered to the desperate Flicker.



The place Mira chose is the inn where she stayed because the pure rabbit is still waiting there.
Mira who came back to the inn before Cero tells other members of the escort group to take a break.
As she came back, the Pure Rabbit jumped and greeted, Mira picked him up and arrived at the seat.


『Mira, that child is …』(Flicker)

『 Isn’t he cute』(Mira)


Flicker fells down on the table as Mira hugs the Pure Rabbit, half jealousy, half envy 《cunning …》, and so on.
After a while Flicker calms down and talks about Tact-kun after being urged by Mira.
The story about what happens after Mira returns, it seems Ecarart Carillon’s people are concerned.


『 Just like that, he got the conscience from his grandfather to become an apprentice of Ecarart Carillon Guild.
Regardless of our beliefs,
Even though there are a lot of hardship but there are also a lot of people who can protect him and make him grow as well, he is welcome』(Flicker)

『 Hmm, is yond (that) so, I guess I’m causing ado (trouble) to thou (you) guys.
Thank thou (you) very much and prithee sendeth mine most wondrous (please send my best) regards to Tact-kun 』(Mira)


Mira who was able to grasp the current status of Tact-kun from the story of Flicker.
It seems like Tact-kun was working hard under Flicker, he passed the requirement for a child and was studied from the foundation
Tact-kun decided to become a priest who can support and heal his friends. He is spending his days as an apprentice of Ecarart Carillon now.

As Mira feels nostalgic, she remembered the smiling face of Tact-kun and she became happy and patting the Pure Rabbit.
When Flicker seemed about to have her limit break seeing Mira like that, Cero, Emella, and Zeff showed their face.


『Wow, it’s really Mira, and she has become even cuter than before』(Zeff)


Zeff said out loud a straightforward impression on Mira’s beautiful twin tails silver hair and more refined design clothes.
However, at the same time, he was sharply shot by two women.


『After all this time, he still isn’t healed ….』(Emella)

『Would you please stop looking at MY Mira with such eyes?』(Flicker)


Zeff replied with  《I don’t mean that …》on the ground.
Cero agreed that 《Mira is certainly cuter than before》 but he kept quiet about it, unlike Zeff.
And just like that, Zeff was alone gotten all the hate.

And then everyone is greeting each other because it has been some time since they last met.
The Ecarart Carillon also have lunch late.

Meanwhile, everyone also got excited about the Pure Rabbit while chatting.
Zeff, who knew that the Pure Rabbit’s fur is a lucky charm, begged Mira for some of it.
Mira, on the other hand, said that she could get the fur with a comb, and then gently brushed the pure rabbit’s fur.

Whether it was luck or not, everyone got blue lucky fur and also included Tact-kun relay by Flicker.


『When I return, I will make sure to hand it over properly』(Flicker)

Mira Vol 4-2

Flicker succeeds in grasping Mira’s hand casually while receiving the Pure Rabbit’s hair.
Flicker’s virtuosity acquired through several difficulties was gradually powered up.


『Yond reminds me, thou guys did do sayeth thou art going to the west, dost yond cullionly thou wend through the Ancient Forest of Prayer, then?
(That reminds me, you guys said you are going to the west,
Does that mean you go through the Ancient Forest of Prayer, then?)』(Mira)


If they are aiming for Ozstein, west of Hunters Village,
They most likely must be going through Ancient Forest of Prayer.
However, there is a chance they will meet the disturbing peers in the Ancient Forest of Prayer.


『Yes, that’s right.
We will leave for the forest tomorrow morning and for a few days traveling through it…
… Is there something in the forest?』(Cero)


Cero briefly answers the upcoming schedule and asks Mira’s intention.


『Did you hear about the Spirit of the wind that Emella’s group came across on the way back from the underground dungeon?』(Mira)

『I am listening, it’s about Chimera Clausen,
I have some information from the union on that matter』(Cero)

So thou did do, then ’twill beest quick (So you did, then it will be quick)(Mira)


When I talked about the attacks aim at spirit with Solomon, I heard that information is disclosed to adventurers who have rank A or higher to seek cooperation.
That means that Cero is rank A or higher.

Even so, Mira nods without any surprise.
It is because she can judge that he has enough abilities.


『I met one of that Chimera Clausen yesterday in the woods,
but at the same time, I met those who are opposed organization.
We caught the Chimera member and left him with them…
It seems that it will take time to hand that man over to their headquarter.
Perhaps, the Chimera fellows may get into the forest to help their friend.
Because they are some fanatics, I thought you’d better keep vigilance』(Mira) (T.N: This is rather long so I skip Shakespeare translate)

『So there was such a thing.
It’s amazing, but we should be better to keep vigilance like you said.
Thank you, Mira-san』(Cero)


Chimera Clausen is a hidden organization that is rather strong and aiming only at the spirits.
If there was a possibility that such people were lurking somewhere in the woods, it would be to watch out.
Cero talks to the merchant about the information he just heard but then he realized he doesn’t have anything to return.
Cero took a sip of herb tea and sighed.


『In return, I also want to tell you some information,
but … I haven’t got anything new since the date I last saw Mira-san』(Cero)

『I don’t mind. And I don’t expect yond they wilt cometh out anytime lief  (I don’t mind. And I don’t expect that they will come out anytime soon)』(Mira)


Based on the date they received the request from Mira, Cero had moved several guild’s scouts into search, but there is no useful information yet.
As for Mira, she also doesn’t think that there will be new clues so soon,
So, she doesn’t mind it. And she just slowly drank the third cup of Honey Au Lait.
And it just by chance she met a Chimera Clausen and got some valuable information.
As for Cero, he wanted to return something. And suddenly, he remembered.


『By the way, does Mira-san like fantasy’s classic stuff?』(Cero)


That’s right. Mira has not fully visited this world yet.
Then, Cero thought that she might be pleased with something like that.


『If I don’t like it, I shouldn’t be here』(Mira)


In other words, Mira wouldn’t have played this game.
It’s because she fell in love with a magical world.
However, this is common recognition of Mira and Cero.
Emella’s group doesn’t know about that and they only occasionally tilt their heads on these words of Cero.


『That was nice. Then, instead of the information you were seeking, I got three rumors』(Cero)

『Hoo … rumor isn’t it … It looks fun』(Mira)


When it was about fantasy classic and gossip,
Players will have high expectation about the hints of quest or flag
Cero is serious, but also somewhat has a childlike expression, telling Mira the first rumor story

Mira Vol 4-8
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